Compulsion Series Overview ’08

Compulsion Series Overview '08

Released in 2008, the Compulsion series is the second category created by Felt that relies on an innovative suspension technology named Equilink. The technology was created to provide riders with the complete full-suspension experience, a full package of all the qualities they want from a bike. The Compulsion series is designed for technical riding as … Read more

FIT Woman (FW) Series Overview ’08

FIT Woman

It is estimated that around 25% of the regular cyclists all around the world are female – quite a small percentage. Hence, it does not mean that women do not love biking – on the other hand, the number of female riders is increasing day by day. A lot of progress has been made for … Read more

Nine Series Overview

Nine Series Overview

Felt launched the Nine series in 2008 specifically for those riding on roads with a lot of obstacles. To deal with obstacles on the road, it’s a rule of thumb that you need larger wheels. However, the process of creating a new bike series is not as simple as just increasing the width of the … Read more

Q Series Overview ’08

Q Series Overview '08

The original Q Series bike was created for daily rides only but its technology was extraordinary. All the models in this series came with 6061 aluminum tubing. For 2008, however, the Q Series was redesigned to lower weight and capitalize the latest tube forming tech. Now, all models of the Q Series Overview ’08 have … Read more

Carbon Fiber Technology And Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Technology And Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Technology Overview Carbon Fiber technology When it comes to constructing bicycles, carbon fibre is the ideal material that most brands would choose. There are many reasons why carbon fibre is preferred. Firstly, it is arguably lighter than aluminum and feels much more robust compared to steel.  Secondly, it is more likely for engineers … Read more

Z Series Overview ’08

Z Series Overview '08

A road bike is a good start for all cyclists, be it pro, hobby, or casual riders. It has a lot of advantages and is more well-rounded than the specialized types for certain types of surfaces. Pavement or mountainous road, a road bike can easily help you to conquer it. Nonetheless, the hunt for your … Read more

F Series Overview ’08

F Series Overview '08

The FELT family takes pride in making the most powerful and renowned racing bikes, and the moment that FELT bike rode Chris Horner to the victory in the 1996 Tour DuPont, we know our mission is to bring the championship to all FELT riders. The F1 is the pioneer in racing bikes, and we will tell … Read more

Aluminum Alloy Overview ’08

Aluminum Alloy Overview '08

The frame can decide largely about the look, the quality, and the ride of a bike, thus having the right and proper bike frame is the key to all the champions. Whatever purposes you may have with your bikes, getting a decent build of frames is always the best option. Bike frames can be made … Read more

Felt Da Design

Felt Da Design

Felt Da Design And Development Over The Years Felt Da Development Overview Overview FELT BICYCLES is not only known for its track bikes, particularly the TK1 that carved its name into history, but also for its time trial or pursuit bikes. Every bike is designed in a way that the riders’ as well as the … Read more

Fitness & Speed Series Overview ’08

Fitness & Speed Series Overview '08

Cycling has been with the people for several centuries and has never lost its charm. Many people ride bikes just for fun, others race with passion, and there are those who consider bikes as a means to maintain health. Nevertheless, aiming for speed is one of the true joys of cycling. When you paddle your … Read more

Equilink Suspension Overview ’08

Equilink Suspension Overview '08

The Challenge Started with a clean paper sheet to develop Felt’s new full suspension design platform, we knew more than anyone about the challenges lying ahead. At the moment, there are three big “obstacles” that we have to face: 1) The existing patents are difficult to protect. 2) The fresh concepts are hard to prove … Read more

Track Overview

Track Overview

Track Overview ’08 Track racing is nothing new, but it is widely loved by all of the riders. Exciting, thrilling, and energetic, the world shines bright when you engage in track racing. Track racing is not only a hobby, it is now a prestigious sport with thousands of awards all around the world. How Did … Read more

Virtue Series Overview ’08

Virtue Series Overview '08

For the rider who wants the ultimate trail bike, whether you’re doing 24-hour races or doing longer cross country rides, even aggressive trail riding, the Virtue is designed to suit all of those categories. It’s a very versatile bike! Development Process & Achievements The Virtue category was Felt’s first line of bikes that utilized our … Read more

Urban Alternative Overview ’08

Urban Alternative Overview '08

Out of many good reasons, the biggest one that forces us to create a new specific category for these bike models rather than aggregating them with others is unconventionality. (Yes, unconventionality in design!) And that unconventionality element is the downright key that allows our models to meet various needs of different riders; even of those … Read more

TK1 and Aerodynamics: All You Need To Know

TK1 and Aerodynamics All You Need To Know

Sarah Hammer Wind Tunnel Testing Her TK1 Sarah Hammer – the world’s most decorated track athlete – is now testing the Felt TK1 in her Wind Tunnel debut, but got her clavicle broken in the women’s points race final. What is Felt? To start off, Felt is a well-established bicycle company founded by Jim Felt … Read more

CycloCross Overview

CycloCross Overview

CycloCross Overview ’08 A cyclocross race is probably one of the wildest and most exciting bike races that you could possibly try, and it has gained huge fame since the first race. Being in a winter race, wheels sink deep in the mud and your heart beats fast with every cycle that you paddle, this … Read more