Slipstream/Chipotle powered by H3O Pro Cycling Team

First of all, we are honored to introduce the Slipstream/Chipotle which includes the great members with the extremely amazing winning and achievement during past years.

2008 General Information

Team Slipstream was initially built as a development model and nominated as the USA’s youngest pro cycling team. Nowadays, it is known as Team Slipstream directed by Chipotle.

The team has proudly won 17 USA championships since its establishment. Team has the strategy to select and retain young, gifted cyclists.

Also, the good thing is that Team Slipstream matches young and seasoned riders such as: Mike Friedman, Brad Huff, Danny Pate, Mike Creed so that they can offer their leadership and the skills to mentor and boost the strength of the squad.

There are more wonderful events for the team to compete this year when they have a Pro Continental license, including: Tour of California and the Tour de Georgia, and even the bigger European events such as Tour de l’Avenir, Tour of Denmark or Tour of Normandy.

The most wondrous thing is they have entries in ProTour events Paris-Roubaix and the Criterium International. It is so important for the team.

When referring to Team Slipstream, you will see the vital role of Felt Bicycles. Our brand is absolutely outstanding over the USA. Felt has not only decided to sponsor the team, but also supported the track team and offered the junior development program which is really necessary at that time.

Speaking of the partnership and support, Jonathan Vaughters said: “ Bikes provided by Felt are fast, durable, light, and make sense from an engineering standpoint. The guys love them, they test fast in the wind tunnel and they don’t break. It’s refreshing, and we’re thrilled to work with such a superior partner.”

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We will now describe more about the track team and the junior development program.

Firstly, I believe you all want to know further about the track team with 3 competent riders: Creed, Huff and Friedman. They are primed for the 2008 Olympics taking place in Beijing.

Of which, Creed and Huff qualified automatically by winning both the National Track Calendar and the National Championships (Huff in the Madison and Creed in the points race) while the remaining rider: Friedman qualified automatically as the National Track Calendar winner and National Champion (with Huff) in the Madison.

Those three riders are also in the USA elite talent pool. Therefore, they will be foremost in the selection process for all major international events for the 2006/7 season.

Regarding the Junior development sponsored by Felt for Slipstream, the riders will be trained and they work from the youngest level in cycling toward a spot on the professional Slipstream squads.

Felt seems to be excited about the team since they all develop day by day and fit seamlessly with the Felt’s model. It fits in perfectly with Felt’s model – to build the best bikes in the world for our riders, regardless of whether they are already of pro caliber, or whether they dream of winning medals.

In trial days, the Team Slipstream will race the DA and B2 but they are going to take the training on the CA1 and race F1 and Z1 frames later. On the track, the team will train on the TK2 and custom Pursuit frames

2008 Team Roster

Magnus Backstedt

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Road Bikes
The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Road Bikes

Magnus is a Swedish. He was born on January 30, 1975. Magnus started his road cyclist professional career in 1996. He was considered as the strongest member in 2003  when he joined the last team.

He was a member of Team Slipstream in 2008. He was the winner of Paris-Roubaix in 2004. This was the most outstanding prize in his past years.

Blake Caldwell

Blake Caldwell is another American professional road cyclist. He was born on March 27, 1984.

He has become professional since 2005. Blake Caldwell joined the team in 2008 and also won the first prize from the Tour of Utah in the same year. Before coming to the team, he was also the winner of the Tour of Utah in 2006.

Steven Cozza

Steven Cozza is a good American road cyclist with tons of prizes. He was born on March 3, 1985.

He turned professional in 2004 and obtained first prize in the Tour du Haut Anjou, Time Trial. In 2007, he got 1st best young rider, 1st team overall at the Tour of Missouri. He helped his father to co-found the Boy Scouts at his 12-year-old. It is so amazing!

Tom Danielson

Tom Danielson is another talent of the team. He is a professional road racing cyclist. He joined the team in 2008 and is expected to have big success. He proved that he is super talented by winning the 2005 Tour de Georgia and the 2006 Tour of Austria.

Julian Dean

The Trek Domane 2.0 Compact Road Bikes
The Trek Domane 2.0 Compact Road Bikes

What we can say about Julian Dean is he took many key tour races and gained the reputation after riding. He achieved the first prize at the 2007 and 2008 New Zealand National Road Race Championships.

Jason Donald

The next member is Jason who is known as a competent professional road cyclist from Colorado. He was born on January 30, 1980.

He has joined the team since 2008. Jason rode on the Tour of California and Tour of the Bahamas. He won stage 5 ofTour of the Gila.

Timmy Duggan

Timmy Duggan is another elite American professional road bicycle racer. Timmy placed first prize in the Tour de Georgia. He was super good at racing at school and decided to pursue the professionals after graduating.

Huub Duyn

Huub Duyn was born on September 1, 1984. He officially rode as a professional cyclist in 2006.

Huub Duyn is a Dutch professional racing cyclist who joined the team in 2008. He got the best result in his career when winning the Paris–Tours Espoirs in 2006. He also competed in several races to sharpen skills.

Lucas Euser

The Madone SLR 9 Disc Trek Bikes
The Madone SLR 9 Disc Trek Bikes

Lucas Euser is an American professional racing cyclist. He came to the team in 2008 and got the main achievement by placing first place in the Univest Grand Prix. Earlier, he won first prize in Mount Tamalpais Hill Climb twice.

Tyler Farrar

Tyler is one of the most famous professional road racers in the country. He started professional racing in 2003.

Although he accidently crashed near the finish of the Circuit de la Sarthe, he is back with the best performance for this season. He is expected to bring about lots of good performances in the coming time.

Michael Friedman

Michael Friedman is an American professional racing cyclist. He turned professional in 2005.

They knew Michael as a talented American professional racing cyclist. He began his career in 2003. Recently, he won in Beijing and the National Track Championships and some other tour races all over the world.

Will Frishkorn

Will Frishkorn is another professional road bicycle racer in the country. He comes from West Virginia. His professional started considerably soon, compared to other cyclists at the same age. He joined a lot of tour races over the US. Will just won the Univest Grand Prix and other honored prizes.

Ryder Hesjedal

The Madone SLR 9 Disc Trek Bikes
The Madone SLR 9 Disc Trek Bikes

This is a Canadian professional racing cyclist. Ryder Hesjedal can compete in both mountain biking and road racing. The best achievement of this cyclist is that he won a silver medal at the 1998 Junior, 2001 Under-23, and Elite world championship.

Christophe Laurent

Christophe Laurent was born on July 26, 1977. He is a French professional road cyclist.

Christophe Laurent is a French professional road cyclist who achieved the important prize and rewards recently. He won the first position at the Mountains classification Tour of California.

Trent Lowe

Trent Lowe is a good Australian professional road bicycle racer. He is one of the only two Australian riders in Team Slipstream. He is considerably talented. He won 1st U-23 Rider Competition in the Overall Herald Sun Tour.

Martijn Maaskant

Martijn Maaskant is a Dutch professional road racing cyclist. Maaskant has competed professionally since 2008. He took part in many different racing competitions. The most highlighted thing in his career is the 1st prize in Stage 3 Olympia’s Tour so far.

Dan Martin

The Trek X-Caliber 7 Mountain Bikes
The Trek X-Caliber 7 Mountain Bikes

Dan Martin is an Irish professional road racing cyclist. He is a gift racer in many stages. He won British under-18 national road race champion in 2004. After that, he accomplished other racing and got the bigger achievement as well.

David Millar

David Millar was born January 4, 1977. He became winner of four stages of the Tour de France, five stages of the Vuelta a España and one stage of the Giro d’Italia.

David Millar joined the team in 2008. He is a Scottish professional road racing cyclist. David Millar became the British national road champion and the national time trial champion in 2007.

Danny Pate

Danny Pate is an American professional bicycle racer. He has competed professionally since 2000. The most recent achievement he got is 1st Stage 1 Giro d’Italia. He also got many other nice prizes in the country.

Kilian Patour

Kilian Patour is a French professional cyclist riding. He got such impressive achievements in past years. There are some outstanding such as:  1st Grand Prix de la Ville de Nogent-sur-Oise or 1st Brussels-Zepperen from U23 National Road Race Champion.

Tom Peterson

The Extrbici Cyclocross Bikes
The Extrbici Cyclocross Bikes

Tom Peterson is a well-known American professional road racer. The most important milestone to him is from 2004. He won 1st prize at the National Junior Road Race Championships in 2004. After that, he also got some other remarkable achievements.

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton was an Australian professional cyclist from Australia. Chris Sutton rode professionally since 2005. He had ridden the UCI ProTour for the Cofidis team. He gained a lot of reputation in career since he started to ride professionally. The best prize should be the 1st Châteauroux Classic.

Christian Vande Velde

Christian Vande Velde joined the Team Slipstream in 2008. He is an American professional road racing cyclist of Belgian descent. He decided to ride professionally in 1998. He has proved his impressive performance.

David Zabriskie

David was born on January 12, 1979. He turned professional in 1999.

David Zabriskie joined the team in 2008 as well. He started professional racing in 1999. His strength is individual time trials. It is so exciting to know that he won in all three Grand Tour stage races.

Pat McCarty

The Schwinn Volare 1400 Hybrid Road Bikes
The Schwinn Volare 1400 Hybrid Road Bikes

Pat McCarty is an American professional racing cyclist. This cyclist was inspired by the passion toward cycling from his family. He won 2nd prize in the national championship. It could amaze us so much.

Team Videos

VIDEO – Introducing Team Slipstream

Amidst the changes in the team, there might be some concern about the team’s performance. Let’s check this video presentation of the team at the 2nd Tour of California. There are also pre-race questions with members of our team along with this – “Why Argyle?”

VIDEO – The Prologue of the Year

When you check this video, you will find out more interesting things about the Prologue.

You will get to know who Jason Donald is? Let’s check out the man who had a relatively short career but made the last second memorable.

VIDEO – First day of stage racing

The Alton Corsa Mammoth 26 Fat Tire Bikes
The Alton Corsa Mammoth 26 Fat Tire Bikes

There are lots of things that happened on the first day of the race. You would see Danny Pate off the front on stage one. Besides, Tom Peterson was in the KOM jersey and Taylor Tolleson was in the Young Rider’s jersey. The scoop was provided by boys, the families and the fans.

VIDEO – A day in the life of a Slipstream soigneur

And this one shows the Soigneur Experience. Generally, a soigneur of a professional cycling team is not easy. By watching this video, you would totally know their daily jobs. It could be considered as a 24/7 servicefor the likes of Jonny Coln and Lara Pate…

VIDEO – Mechanical madness!

Another cool video about mechanical jobs. As a rider, you will definitely need a person to fix your flats, tweak your gears and follow you around on your club ride.

It would be awesome to have that support. And we will show TT day at Solvang. This video is mostly referring to ‘El Daimo’, the wrench-wielding action man in the team car.

VIDEO – Inside the team car

It is amazing to have this experience when we ride shotgun with DS Jonathan Vaughters, Team Owner Doug Ellis and Head Mechanic Daimeon Shanks. The video will provide you with more details inside the team cars. It would be a meaningful thing to listen to the radio on your way to work.

VIDEO – Inside the ASE Anti-doping Program

The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bikes
The Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bikes

Yes, anti-doping is always the priority to have fair and clean racing. You would see Doug Ellis share about how Slipstream’s collaborate with the Agency for Sporting Ethics program to ensure the green light. It would be helpful..

VIDEO – The Final Wrap-up

Here you are: we did catch up and follow the riders on the final day in Long Beach. In the video, we show the highlights of the race – the jerseys, the breaks, the home towns. And you know what, the team compete the first big race of the season with the world’s newest and unpopular faces.