Selena Samuela – “The Peloton instructor who has lived a million lives”

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

Selena Samuela is always presented as one of the most popular instructors in Peloton. Not only by her unique technique of leading the class but also by her inspiring life stories. “She has lived a million lives” is a statement you hear all the time in any conversation about Selena Samuela, especially in her Peloton Classes. She truly has, but when you know her story about what happened, it all makes sense.

She truly has, but when you know her story about what happened, it all makes sense. So what are those stories? Are those inspiring like anybody is talking about? Let’s find out!

Who is Selena Samuela?

Selena Samuela, who can speak four languages, is currently a Peloton Strength and Running Instructor. She has always dreamt of being a performer since she was just a teenager. It was such a long journey to become a fitness instructor while she used to follow a stunt career. Before going into details about the whole story, let’s get to know her first.



The early life of Selena Samuela

Selena Samuela was born and raised in Northern Italy. When Selena was 11, her family immigrated to America, which set the foundation for her ability of languages. They once lived in Elmira, a city in the South of New York, where Selena spent her “decent share of drama” period as a teenager.

Little that you can ever guess that Selena used to be a super nerdy kid and was bullied a bit in school. She wasn’t very social and became anti-establishment early on as well as had rebel vibes.

Many things happened that made Selena always want to leave the place. That’s why she immediately took the opportunity to fly to Hawaii for college. She lived with the locals in a shared household and had a full-time job.

She surfed every day and fell in love with sports. That foundation led Selena to be an amateur boxer and then Peloton Fitness Instructor despite her first teenage dream of a performing career.



Selena Samuela’s summary information

Full Name Selena Samuela
Birthday June 22, 1986
Birthplace Italy
Nationality American
Education Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Marital Status Married
Previous Professions Amateur Boxer, Fitness Boxing Coach
Current Professions Peloton Strength, Running, and Bootcamp Instructor

Selena Samuela’s Interesting personality

Selena Samuela is a gorgeous lady with a unique personality. She is wild, inspiring, and gives everyone around something like “Hawaiian/Aloha” energy. Although Selena has gone through many obstacles in life and can be called a successful woman, she has never been flashy, or what many consider “gimmicky”.

She is not a big personality, but maybe that is the lovely thing about her.

Many people might be considered overacting or too chatty during the motivational speech but Selena always stays calm, genuine, and authentic to who she is. She’s super chill, too. Maybe she has been influenced by her time living in Hawaii.

Selena Samuela’s motivation

To overcome so many challenges, Selena Samuela must have had some source of motivation that gave her the power. Looking back on her background and the way she went through things, it was her passion for sports and self-motivation that made her achieve what she is today.

Passion for sports and fitness

Born in a family of professional soccer players, Selena Samuela was exposed to a passion for sports from a young age. Not only that, the time Selena lived in Hawaii has grown her love for sport and fitness. Only by that special love did Selena stop her acting dream and become an amateur boxer, now a Peloton Fitness Instructor.




Selena is always an enterprising woman. She went through a lot of failures to be as successful as she is today. However, one of the most important factors in her success is her ability to motivate herself. She tries to build a better version of who she was yesterday, and here she is, a successful woman with a dream marriage.



Selena Samuela’s hobbies

Selena has many hobbies such as surfing, golf, meditation, and reading books. But since sports were always a part of her life, they are her favorite things to do of all time. Outstanding from the list, we definitely have to mention Surfing and Golf.

Surfing: Selena first approached this kind of sport when she moved to Hawaii for college. Playing with the ocean and riding waves makes Selena the happiest person on earth. The time in Hawaii is her living dream.

Golf: Selena has been playing Golf since she met her now-husband. Golf has even become saved heaven because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When playing Golf, Selena finds harmony and balance. That was the state she was always looking for in her daily life.



Selena Samuela’s Social Media Account

Selena Samuela is one of the best Peloton instructors helping thousands of members achieve their fitness goals. That’s why her social media account is popular too. Not until having become a Peloton Fitness Instructor did Selena Samuela become well-known in the world of fitness and sports, but when she started her boxing career. Besides Social Media Accounts, Selena has her own website to promote herself to fitness lovers.

Twitter: Selena Samuela ( 2,6k followers in July 2022)

Facebook: Selena Samuela – Peloton (29,7k followers in July 2022)

Instagram: selenasamuela ( 163k followers in July 2022)







Selena Samuela’s Relationship and Family


Selena’s family has a history of professional soccer players. Though the family has gone through many difficulties, love always exists between them as a special connection to the family.

When Selena Samuela’s family immigrated from Italy to the US, her mom, Sonia Simeoni, worked tirelessly to raise her and her sister. She taught them English to go to school, get a degree, and become who they are today. As Selena talked about her mother, she has a lot of energy and is an absolute firecracker.



Her father loves Shakespear and science, so he shaped Selena into another version of him about Shakespear and sci-fi things. Selena is a total nerd about these today.

Bianca is both Selena’s sister and her best friend. She is the one Selena can count on and share anything with. Her sister never missed her phone call, even when she called just to say how lovely Dolly-Selena’s dog was.

Selena Samuela has traveled a lot, lived in many countries, and connected with different people, but she always thinks of her family and gets back home whenever she can.




Selena Samuela’s first love is named Lexi. He is a native of New York. Lexi is an actor and a gifted singer. They first met at Stella Adler Studio of Acting, after Selena had left Hawaii to pursue her acting dream, and fell in love.

In their 4-year relationship, not everything was on their track. When Lexi struggled with the mental illness and addiction problem, Selena took care of him so much that she even lost herself.

She was in her 20s at that time. Lexi passed away in a rehab facility in 2014, and that was Selena’s biggest breakdown.



After a long healing process and development, Selena found love again in a tech CEO – Matt Virtue in 2018. They met because of the setup of her friends. At that time, Selena was totally focused on the new role at Peloton, and she didn’t think of finding new love.

But she did. After three years of being together, Selena and Matt Virtue engaged in May 2021. Under one year from that day, they just got married in March 2022.

Congratulations were for Peloton instructor Selena Samuela when she announced during a live Arms & Shoulders Strength class on Sunday, June 5, that she was pregnant! That was such great news from her.

Everyone congratulates the new husband and wife, especially Selena Samuela, because she has overcome such a breakdown from the last relationship and found true happiness.



Selena Samuela’s Career Path

Before Peloton

Acting career

Since Selena was a teenager, she always wanted to be a performer, which is a writer, director, producer, or actor. Although she was living her dream life in Hawaii, she still decided to leave and move to New York and pursue her acting dream. Selena chose to attend the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

After Selena’s biggest breakdown in a relationship, she started a dog walking business. She also continued her dream and tried to get in the door with Hollywood by doing stunts.

After stunt driving school, Selena realized she has always been so good at being physical. That is the moment that led her to the world of fitness.



Amature Boxer

At first, Selena came to Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn just to practice her acting for the stunt roles in movies. She was always looking for a stunt audition or whatever acting role at that time. Little did she know that she met the sisterhood here and developed a love for boxing.

Selena Samuela was convinced to be an amateur boxer after a while from her first going to Gleason. She even became a boxing coach after a boxer career.



At Peloton

Selena Samuela is one of the most popular instructors at Peloton. She is in charge of hundreds of Running Classes helping to improve your fitness level. Also, she is an instructor for Peloton Strength classes which help your muscle grow fastly.

Selena Samuela teaches in Bootcamp Classes as well because she is one of the only three Peloton instructors who has a boxing background.

She is a star here. Many members look up to her as a fitspiration because of her fitness knowledge and amazing life stories.



Selena Samuela’s story of becoming a Peloton Fitness Instructor

Selena always wants to be a performer but becoming an amateur boxer and a boxing coacher is her meant to be. Born in a family with a history in sports, and having a time in Hawaii, she has developed the foundation for her successful career today. Sports and Fitness have always been a part of her life.

After being a boxer, Selena worked in a boutique fitness studio and did one-on-one personal training. She was a boxing coach then. Rebecca Kennedy – a Peloton Tread instructor, was one of the avid attendees of Selena’s fitness classes. Rebecca obviously knew Selena’s talent and potential, so she encouraged Selena to go to the audition of Peloton.



Why say Selena Samuela lived a million lives?

Growing up between multiple identities

Selena Samuela was born in Italy, but her family had to move back and forth many times when she was in fifth grade until they finally lived in the US. Selena was still a young girl to experience the self-question: “Am I Italian or American?”. She really struggled to understand her identity at that time. She lost  Italian quickly as she didn’t want to be seen as an outsider or as different. Now, she has American nationality.

Selena’s family didn’t move to Italy again but once moved to Elmira, New York. Selena spent her teenage time here being an anti-establishment and had rebel vibes. She was also a super nerdy kid and bullied a little bit. Then, she left Elmira to move to Hawaii for college.



Inspiring life journey

There’s no doubt that Selena Samuela is very brave and enterprising. During her childhood, she knew herself so well that she dared to choose Hawaii and left Elmira – where her family lived. She dreamt of being a performer, and without hesitation, she worked for her dream.

Again and again, Selena made so many mistakes, but she never gave up. Even when she was on her knee after the first biggest breakdown because of her ex-boyfriend, she still had the ability to self-motivate and strive for a better version of herself.

Although she chose another path, not the acting dream anymore, what important is she found true happiness and who she meant to be. In the role of Peloton Fitness Instructor, Selena Samuela inspired many members with her stories and has helped them achieve their goals, both in fitness and practical life.


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Why you should join Selena Samuela’s Peloton Classes

All you should know about Selena Samuela’s Classes

Selena joined the Peloton in 2018 and became a Peloton Running and Strength Instructor. She is in charge of most of the Peloton Running Classes and 251 Strength Classes. She has 3 Bootcamps Classes as well because she is one of the only three instructors with a boxing background.

Her Running Classes have the largest number, so that will be what we focus on right now!

Class type (Updated in July 2022)

Selena’s Running Class with the types below will help you strengthen your body as well as improve endurance. Choose whatever class that you find perfectly fits your goal.

  • Warm-Up/Cool Down (12 Classes)
  • Intervals (78 Classes)
  • Endurance (24 Classes)
  • Speed (16 Classes)
  • Music (177 Classes)
  • Theme (10 Classes)
  • Heart Rate Zone (3 Classes)


Class Length (Updated in July 2022)

20-30 min classes account for most of Selena’s classes. You can choose shorter or longer sessions if you like. Selena can teach all kinds of lengths the classes require.

  • 5-min (3 Classes)
  • 10-min (17 Classes)
  • 15-min (2 Classes)
  • 20-min (133 Classes)
  • 30-min (113 Classes)
  • 45-min (49-Classes)
  • 60-min (3 Classes)


Class Language and Subtitle (Updated in July 2022)

Selena teaches all of her Running Classes in English since it is the most common language in Peloton. She can speak four languages, actually. You can turn on English subtitles in 319 classes or German in 9 classes. Choose what makes you comfortable and ready to burn on the Treadmill with Selena Samuela.



Class Music (Updated in July 2022)

Most of Selena Samuela’s members find her music playlist amazing. One of the reasons maybe is there are many genres of music that diverse members experience in Selena’s classes. Let’s check out!

  • Alternative (17 Classes)
  • Classic Rock (2 Classes)
  • Country (36 Classes)
  • Electronic (31 Classes)
  • Hip Hop (20 Classes)
  • Latin (10 Classes)
  • Pop (76 Classes)
  • R&B (4 Classes)
  • Rock (68 Classes)


Reasons for Participating in Selena Samuela’s Classes

Selena Samuela’s Special Training Style

Selena’s multicultural and multifaceted background and skills give her a distinct ability to inspire and empower every class member.

She’s chill but funny and plays great music. She used to be a boxer, so she put many boxing movements on the Treadmill, and it is so much fun.

Many members also find her voice very calming and love her relaxed coaching style, and the fact that she doesn’t over-rely on motivational speech. She also tells great stories about her time living in Hawaii and surfing.

The Way Selena Samuela Motivates

Selena always wants members to know that she is always by their side if they need anything in class. Every day, Selena will push you to new standards, get a little stronger, run a little faster, and show a little more power with the best output.

Selena Samuela’s Classes’ Playlists

Selena Samuela has good taste in music. There are various kinds of music played depending on which and how long Selena’s classes are but they all can make your body move better.



Inspiring quotes of Selena Samuela

From such an interesting life journey, Selena Samuela has many quotes to inspire people. One of the most she frequently uses at Peloton is:




It all makes sense now how she is said to live a million lives after going deep into her inspiring stories. So, it’s good for her to find who she is meant to be, first a boxer, then a Peloton Fitness Instructor. Good music, good programming, and motivational but not annoying make Selena Samuela one of the most popular instructors here.

Do her interesting stories inspire you? Let’s check out her latest class and join right now!


1. What nationality is Selena Samuela?

Selena Samuela was born in Italy, but since she moved to the US when she was eleven, she has American nationality now.

2. How many languages can Selena Samuela speak?

Selena Samuela can speak 4 languages.

3. When did Selena Samuela join Peloton?

Selena Samuela joined Peloton in 2018 by passing the Fitness Audition, which Rebecca Kennedy encouraged her to join.

4. What did Selena Samuela do before Peloton?

She used to be an amateur boxer and taught boxing.

5. Did Selena Samuela get married?

Yes, she did. Selena Samuela married tech CEO Matt Virtue in March 2022 after their 4-year relationship.

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