All about Sam Yo – One of The Most Talented Cycling Instructors at Peloton

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/05/2022

Peloton is one of the largest home fitness platforms, bringing together a large number of instructors from many places. With a large number of guides, members can meet many instructors from interesting backgrounds.

Sam Yo is one of the hardest trainers at Peloton because he used to be a monk. Let’s read the article below to discover this instructor’s life and career path.

Who is Sam Yo?

Sam Yo is a Peloton cycling instructor from a monk background. He is interested in many areas and also has several achievements in them. Fitness and the arts are specific things that Sam has always would love to pursue and master.



The early life of Sam Yo

Sam Yo is the first generation half-breed with Thai and Chinese, growing up in East London. His father took him to Thai lessons in Wimbledon, London, where he had a chance to communicate with monks. Then, Sam decided to become an ordained monk when he was 23 years old. He considered that way effective in connecting with his heritage. 



Sam Yo’s Past as a Buddhist Monk

He started a new day with the sound of the gong at 4 a.m. Then he prayed and meditated in the temple, giving offerings in the village. Besides, he merits and blessings to people with other monks in the monastery.

Sam Yo appreciated the period he was living in the monastery because he could be able to acknowledge many meaningful lessons and understand more about himself. One of the most important lessons he got is “in relishing the simplicity of a daily routine bringing a sense of serenity.”



Sam Yo’s Relationship and Family

Sam Yo has a close relationship with his father and mother. He often shares pictures of himself and his parents on social media. He talked about his mom: “My mum is the best, to put up with a lot of boys in the house. First, my brother and I”

Sam Yo’s father was raised by a river. His grandfather was from Hainan in China and then moved to Thailand. He built a house by a stream, out of wood and palm leaves. After that, he upgraded it to aluminum. Sam’s father used to fish in the river to prepare meals for the whole family.

Sam Yo and dad used to have happy moments together when they used to play soccer. This time had nurtured Sam Yo’s love for football from a young age, thus growing up, Sam always tries to maintain his passion for ‘Thai UK Football’.

Not only that, Sam’s father always reminded him of his origin. His father once pronounced, “I’m Thai.”, in front of someone who mistook him for being Chinese and meant to be racist. Perhaps this was also a motivation making Sam wanted to acknowledge his heritage when becoming a monk.

Sam’s parents always supported his decision. When Sam was asking himself, “Do they think I’m wasting my life?” while Sam was living in the monastery. Sam’s parents just laughed, “They cried at my ceremony because they were so proud,” Yo says.



Sam Yo’s summary information

Full Name Sam Yo (Sam Santhaveesuk)
Hometown Thailand
Age 43 years old (updated in 2022)
Birthday March 17, 1979
Zodiac Sign N/A
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight N/A
Hobby Catching up with drama or comedy series
Favorite Stuff 🍦🍿, LEGO, Deadlifts
Favorite music’s genre Pop music
Nationality Thai
Ethnicity Thai-Chinese
Education Graduated from LABAN in 1999

Diploma in Movement and Dance

Relationship Status Single
Current Job Cycling Instructor
Previous Job Theatre actor, TV/Feature Films, Monk
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Sam Yo’s hobbies

Sam Yo once shared that he owns a house that contains all the posters of his favorite movies like Lord of the Rings and Superman. Plus, Sam’s massive LEGO collection is admirable as well as there is no room to put any more LEGO sets.

About Superman, he immediately assumed that Red Son helped him deepen and love the character. When asked if he prefers DC or Marvel, he said that he prefers the current Marvel movies but thinks that the animation of the DC shared universe years ago was suitable for it. That’s why he has a Superman Symbol Tattoo on his shoulder.

He talks about playing the Ghostbusters theme song at his birthday parties growing up and has an obsession with Lego. Lego has been Sam Yo’s pastime from childhood to adulthood.



Sam Yo’s Social Media Account

Sam Yo regularly shares his daily life and works on social networks such as Facebook (24k followers), Twitter (12,8k followers), and Instagram (129k followers) (updated in June 2022). With his positive spirit, the content he shares always attracts a large number of fans to interact and discuss. In addition, he is also a fitness and health influencer, so there is a lot of effective information about healthcare on his social network accounts.

Here are three social media accounts you can visit:



Sam Yo’s Career Path

Before Peloton


The incredible performance of “The King & I” was come out in 2000 shortly after Sam Yo graduated LABAN in 1999. With talent demonstrated by Diploma in Movement and Dance, the play took place very successfully at the London Palladium.

“Sonnets at the Shakespeare Globe Theater” was the next play Sam Yo starred in. This was a remarkable change and progress in his artistic career. Along with that is the appearance in a series of famous plays such as Aladdin, Mulan, Anything Goes, etc.

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” was a testament to his passion and serious attitude toward acting. Sam Yo spent only about 4 weeks learning to sing in Mandarin and Cantonese to successfully complete his role in this musical. As expected, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” left an unforgettable impression on audiences.

To end his theater career, Sam Yo returns with his first work – “The King & I” 2018 at the Palladium. Sam Yo was so proud of this last performance: “It was emotional to come back and finish my theater career at the same place I started. So many amazing memories.”



TV and Film

Sam transferred his talent from the stage to TV / Feature Films after the end of his theatrical career. Then, he was starting with a collaboration with Tom Hiddleston in the movie “Victoria Cross”.

When participating in the movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ directed by the Wachowski siblings, Sam Yo treasured this opportunity because it was his dream for a long time. He has a chance to work with the producers of the film Matrix.

Another prominent role for Sam is in “Re-Kill”. A movie about zombies that gave him many new experiences.

Sam has also participated in one of the UK’s biggest soap operas, “Eastenders”, born in London’s East End. In the play, Sam has to play an East Londoner for TV, which is a “meta experience”.




Intending to discover his heritage and culture, Sam Yo has made the biggest change in her life to become a monk. Although his period as a monk was not long, it gave him many new experiences and helped him enlighten many things.

Above all, this is also an opportunity for him to understand himself and acknowledge everyone’s wishes. Sam said: “When you have nothing of physical value it heightens your personal wealth in mindset and knowledge”.




It can be said that football is an indispensable part of Sam Yo. This passion was aroused by Sam’s father who was a coach. From an early age, he was taken to many pitches by his father. Thanks to that, Sam soon became aware of the importance of health and fitness.

Growing up, Sam decided to form a community organization called ‘Thai UK Football’. This organization was founded by Sam’s father 20 years ago. They served as a bridge for the Thai community to connect with others from both Thailand and the UK.

Along with the growth of this organization, Sam and his associates have attracted more than 500 soccers from all over the world annually. Football matches are even held at many major stadiums such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Leicester City, Liverpool, and Everton.



At Peloton

At the end of 2019, Sam Yo was noticed by Peloton and was recruited into the official Peloton Team.

Below is a list of classes that Sam Yo undertakes:

  • One-on-One Personal Training
  • High-End Group Classes
  • Boxing Combat
  • Kettle Bell Flow
  • Primal Flow
  • Precision and Skillmills Running
  • Power Plate Conditioning and Rehab
  • Bootcamp
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Barrs Conditioning

When he was invited to Peloton for the first time, Sam had no idea what Peloton was: “When I first did my first Peloton ride I literally said like, ‘Hi. What’s up Peloton? You’re probably wondering who is this British guy with a shaved head who talks like the queen with a Superman tattoo. Well, in these 20 minutes you’re going to find out.”



Why Should You Join Sam Yo’s Classes?

All you should know about Sam Yo’s classes

Sam Yo has 709 classes in total. Most of which are about cycling (652 classes). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of his cycling class.

Here is some general information about Sam Yo’s cycling classes:

Class Length: 

Sam Yo does not have 75-minute or 90-minute cycling classes. Instead, he focuses on 30-minute classes (330 classes). In addition, he also has other classes, as shown below:

  • 5-min (20 classes)
  • 10-min (47 classes)
  • 15-min (24 classes)
  • 20-min (176 classes)
  • 30-min (330 classes)
  • 45-min (53 classes)
  • 60-min (2 classes)

As such, Sam Yo’s cycling classes are most suitable for all members. 



Class Type:

Here are  Sam Yo Cycling Classes categorized into 7 class types:

  • Warm up/Cool down (31 classes)
  • Beginners (22 classes)
  • Low Impact (79 classes)
  • Climb (33 classes)
  • Theme (17 classes)
  • Music (303 classes)
  • Intervals (167 classes)


Class Language and Subtitles:

All Sam Yo’s cycling classes have the English language. However, she has 69 classes with German subtitles, no Spanish subtitles classes, and 648 classes equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Sam Yo has one of the best diverse classes in terms of music. His classes are multiplied as music as below:

  • Alternative (62 classes)
  • Classic Rock (13 classes)
  • Electronic (79 classes)
  • Country (2 classes)
  • Hip-hop (10 classes)
  • Pop (501 classes)
  • R&B (116 classes)
  • Rock (193 classes)
  • Indie (1 class)


Top 2 Reasons for Participating in Sam Yo’s Classes

Sam Yo’s Special Training Style

Sam Yo is a trainer with many fitness certificates such as Advanced Level 3 Diploma (YMCA), Level 3 NASM CPT, Pilates Comprehensive Mat Training (KANE School), etc. So we can be confident about the knowledge and skills Sam also provides during teaching.

Sam once said: “When we’re cycling, if you lack the stability in the saddle and constantly moving over 30 minutes, you’re losing all this power”. So he often focuses on intense exercises, in the long run, to help his members improve their physics.

Sam also said: “I especially encourage spin-lovers to add the new format into their workout schedules to improve their results on the bike”.



The Way Sam Yo Motivates by Music

Living in London nurtured Sam Yo’s passion for pop music. He said: “It’s nice that I can bring that to my teaching style.” He uses music from famous editors in movies and shows like Top Gun, Scarface, The A-Team, and of course, all of the Rocky movies.

Sam will prioritize the selected tracks in his classroom:  Ed Sheeran, Guns and Roses, David Bowie, and Bon Jovi. In addition, you can refer to some songs below: Sweet Child O ‘Mine, Starman, Castle on the Hill, etc.

As soon as a track plays such as “The Power of Love from Back to the Future”, Yo would like to push his members up and finish workouts with the highest spirits.




Cycling seems like a simple subject, but it actually takes a lot of skills and specialized lessons to bring good results. Participating in Peloton cycling classes is a quick and effective solution.

Sam Yo is one of the best Peloton cycling Instructors that has inspired many Peloton members to train. His training spirit has supported many people to have better bodies and a more flexible life. With a good combination between entertainment and fitness, Sam Yo promises to produce a variety of cycling classes in the future. So let’s try his courses if you want to be better and get him motivated.




1. What ethnicity is Sam Yo?

Sam Yo is Thai-Chinese. However, Sam grew up in East London, so he was influenced a lot by pop culture.

2. What is Sam Yo’s real name?

His real name is Sam Santhaveesuk. Sam Yo is the intimate name that people usually communicate with him.

3. What is Sam Yo’s relationship status?

It seems Sam Yo is single now. Currently, Sam Yo is still pursuing his hobbies and passions. In particular, he would love to fulfill the role of a Peloton Instructor perfectly.

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