Rebecca Kennedy – One of The Best Strength and Tread Peloton Instructor

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/05/2022

Rebecca Kennedy is considered a top-choice instructor at Peloton. This beautiful woman has her own way of connecting with Peloton joiners and her class followers.

If you are interested in this Peloton trainer, the following article will let you know more about her. How about Rebecca Kennedy’s personal life? Why did she become a Peloton instructor? Is there any reason to convince you to participate in her classes? Let’s check!

All You Need to Know About Rebecca Kennedy’s Personal Life

In this section, we will discover interesting things about Rebecca Kennedy’s personal life, including her childhood, biography, relationship, family, social media accounts, hobbies, and daily diet.



The early life of Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca Kennedy grew up in Boston, and she studied at Dean College. Since she was a student, Rebecca has had a strong passion for physical activities. She graduated from college with a Bachelor of Dance and Business minor.

Rebecca Kennedy’s Summary Information

Below is general biography of Rebecca Kennedy:



Rebecca Kennedy’s Relationship and Family

Recently, Rebecca Kennedy shared on her Instagram that she was dating Andy Speer. She said that She felt incomplete without revealing this relationship with the Peloton community.

Interestingly, Rebecca’s boyfriend is also a famous Peloton instructor. He is now working as a Tread and strength professional trainer at Peloton.

Rebecca Kennedy did not reveal much about her family.



Rebecca Kennedy’s Social Media Accounts

Rebecca Kennedy works excitedly on social networks. She has many social media accounts on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. She even has a Tiktok account with 16,800 followers. On Rebecca Kennedy’s Instagram, there are more than 178.000 followers.











Rebecca Kennedy’s Hobbies

Rebecca Kennedy is a dog person. She has a dog named Sunny Kennedy. She usually shares photos with her dog on her Instagram.

In addition, Rebecca is a big fan of traveling and cooking. She shared meeting strangers, trying new cuisines, and exploring cultures are what she loves.



Rebecca Kennedy’s Daily Diet

Perhaps you will think that Rebecca Kennedy must follow a strict diet to keep her perfect physique. However, the truth is exactly the opposite. Rebecca said: “Life is too short for diets.” Therefore, she will eat what is good for her body, both inside and outside.

Moreover, Rebecca Kennedy always combines diets with workouts in an intelligent way. Every day of the week, she will combine the main meals with snacks like Post-Workout Snack and Workout Drink.

Her favorite Post-Workout Snack is smoothies, and she usually drinks water with BGAAs during her workouts.

How about Rebecca Kennedy’s Career Path?

In this section, let’s see how Rebecca Kennedy become a Peloton instructor. How about her previous career? What does she do in Peloton? Check it out!

Before Becoming A Peloton Instructor

Rebecca Kennedy has a solid background in track & field, dance, and gymnastics. After graduating from the Dean College, she started her professional dancing career with a Dance Agency called McDonald Selznick Associates in New York in 2008. Rebecca Kennedy was also a former NFL Cheerleader.

After that, Rebecca Kennedy worked as a master instructor in several reputable organizations, including Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike, from 2012 to 2017. 

Rebecca Kennedy as a Peloton Trainer

Rebecca Kennedy became an instructor at Peloton in 2017. Until now, she has been one of the best Peloton tread and strength coaches. Her classes attract numerous followers to take part in. Additionally, Rebecca also has a lot of fans and loyal students.

In particular, Rebecca Kennedy is the instructor of several fitness categories at Peloton, including:

  • Strength (383 classes)
  • Cardio (53 classes)
  • Stretching (39 classes)
  • Outdoor (30 classes)
  • Running (149 classes)
  • Walking (99 classes)
  • Tread Bootcamp (105 classes)


Why Are Rebecca Kennedy’s Classes High-Appreciated?

In this section, we will take a glance at Rebecca Kennedy’s Peloton classes.

Overview of Rebecca Kennedy’s Classes

Because Rebecca Kennedy’s power classes have the most quantity (with 383 classes), we will only see the overview of the classes in this fitness category.



Class Length

Rebecca Kennedy operates her strength classes in a wide range of durations, from short to long. However, she has the most 20 minutes classes for this category. In addition, Rebecca does not create 60-minute strength classes.

  • 5 minutes (12 classes)
  • 10 minutes (106 classes)
  • 15 minutes (20 classes)
  • 20 minutes (147 classes)
  • 30 minutes (51 classes)
  • 45 minutes (47 classes)


Class Type 

Rebecca Kennedy focuses on training Full Body and Core classes. In addition, she also has a lot of strength classes for Upper Body, Lower Body, and Bodyweight.

However, there are no strength classes for Adaptive, Boxing Bootcamp, Resistance Bands, Arm & Light Weights, Barre, and Pre/Postnatal. 

  • Warm Up (10 classes)
  • Full Body (104 classes)
  • Core (96 classes)
  • Pilates (4 classes)
  • Bodyweight (60 classes)
  • Upper Body (79 classes)
  • Lower Body (29 classes)
  • Strength for Runners (1 class)


Class Language and Subtitles

All of Rebecca Kennedy’s strength classes come in the English language. Furthermore, you can find 373 classes with English subtitles and 22 classes with German subtitles.

Class Music

Hip Hop and Pop are the two music types used most in Rebecca Kennedy’s strength classes. Moreover, she also has other music playlists in her classes. Specifically, Rebecca has:

  • 2 classes with Alternative
  • 27 classes with Electronic
  • 27 classes with R&B
  • 1 class with Latin
  • 106 classes with Hip Hop
  • 100 classes with Pop
  • 10 classes with Rock


Rebecca’s strength classes have no Classic Rock, Indie, and Country music types.  


Most Rebecca classes are for people at the Intermediate level. Specifically, she has:

  • 23 classes for Beginner level
  • 239 classes for Intermediate level
  • 35 classes for Advanced level


Top 3 Reasons for Participating in Rebecca Kennedy’s Classes

Below are the three most important factors making Rebecca Kennedy’s training sessions the top outstanding and impressive strength classes.

Rebecca Kennedy’s Special Training Style

As a professional coach in the field of fitness, Rebecca Kennedy always tries to devote his experience and knowledge to every training session. She not only helps you conquer new challenges every day but also gives you precious body awareness.

Moreover, Rebecca Kennedy’s classes all bring positive and fun energy. She knows how to stir the training session’s atmosphere with challenges for students.

In addition, Rebecca also often provides useful instructions throughout the lesson. For example, she will show you how to set foot and tilt exactly during walking sessions. This training style helps her become one of the best Peloton instructors for beginners.

The way Rebecca Kennedy motivates

Rebecca Kennedy believes moments are the most important thing in every practice session. Therefore, she helps practitioners have more motivation by creating special and wonderful moments during her class.

In addition, Rebecca also regularly posed interesting challenges for her class participants. That way, you will discover the real power inside your body.

Rebecca Kennedy’s Classes’ Playlists

Music is a factor that makes success in Rebecca Kennedy’s classes. She knows how to create music playlists that attract listeners, making them fascinated to practice and forget the fatigue.

In each fitness category, you will have the opportunity to enjoy different types of music. While Rebecca’s strength classes come with high-energy music playlists such as Hip Hop and 2000s, her walking classes will bring chill vibes with 90s Pop or soft R&B playlists.

Rebecca Kennedy’s Famous Quotes

Here is the most reputable quote from Rebecca Kennedy:




In conclusion, Rebecca Kennedy was born for exercise. With more than 10 years of experience in training, Rebecca is devoted day by day to helping members of the Peloton community better understand their body and health.

There is no reason to ignore Rebecca Kennedy’s training classes if you are looking for effective, professional, and energetic Strength and Tread classes.


1. How long has Rebecca Kennedy been on the peloton?

Rebecca Kennedy started her work as a Peloton instructor in 2017. As such, she has been at Peloton for 5 years.

2. Is Rebecca Kennedy a dancer?

Yes, she is. Rebecca Kennedy is a professional dancer. She even received a bachelor’s degree in Dance.

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