BY James Roland

Update on Aug 29, 2022

Every device needs renovation at a certain point. So do Peloton ones. Thus, questions revolving around Peloton troubleshooting are always the point of discussion.

This article is going to cover all the common troubles that Peloton users usually encounter and their most effective solutions. Just roll down till the end to catch up with all the helpful information.

Metrics Do Not Show On Peloton Screen


Peloton metrics

Peloton metrics, namely resistance, cadence, and output, are perfect indicators demonstrating how hard you are working out.

Yet, occasionally, they do not show up on the screen and, thus, you cannot keep track of the progress towards your fitness goals.

In such cases, you must first make sure that the connection between the monitor cable and the touchscreen is firm enough. After that, several techniques to bring the Peloton metrics back to the screen may be applied, such as resetting the metrics, calibrating the bike, and so on.

Peloton Bike Needs Maintenance


Peloton bike maintenance

Maintenance is essential for enhancing the longevity of the Peloton Bikes. Many users think that regular cleaning is adequate. In fact, there are certain notices during bike maintenance checkups.

Particularly, when it comes to Peloton Bike Maintenance, you should acknowledge the red blinking light on the device, the usage of the Peloton bearings, and many other things. Otherwise, you may witness device malfunctions.

Peloton Bike Makes Annoying Noise

peloton-bike (4)

Peloton bike

Peloton Bikes are near-silent in nature. Thus, when you notice any sound coming out from them, it means adjustments need to be made right away.

There are numerous ways to make your Peloton Bike back to near-silent status, and ensuring that your cleats nicely fit with your training shoes is among the most important steps.

Peloton Cannot Connect To Wifi


Peloton wifi connectivity

Questions regarding wireless network connectivity are one of the most frequently asked ones. When the device loses connection to your Wifi, a notification will immediately appear on your console.

Such situations demand you to follow appropriate steps to gain back Wifi connectivity. Besides, you also have to pay attention to several things, namely your Wifi activation status or the distance between your Peloton Guide and your Wifi router.

Peloton Screen Do Not Turn On

peloton-screen (1)

Peloton screen

If your Peloton equipment suddenly cannot be activated, don’t panic. There are quite a few ways that you can utilize to switch your Peloton screen on again.

Apparently, your Peloton screen crashing is caused by various factors. Among them, loose connection and bad power cord are the most frequently seen issues. Hence, before reaching out for mechanical support, you can instantly check these ones first.

Peloton Screen Keeps Blinking White


Peloton screen 2

After turning the Peloton equipment on, you may find their screens flashing white and even not displaying any alert or notification.

This circumstance requires advanced troubleshooting steps. Generally, they include shutting down the equipment and pressing the volume button. You can read some methods to fix the blinking screen of death.

Peloton Downloading Update Gets Stuck At 100

peloton-tread (3)

Peloton tread

Peloton updates stuck in a loop of “Downloading” and “Downloading Complete At 100%” is a problem that many users encounter.

Though the company has not announced the official solutions, you can still try these Peloton software downloading approaches suggested by other Peloton members. You can rest assured as they work for most cases.

How To Change Peloton Wheel Bearing


Peloton wheel bearing

Bearings going bad usually happens after a while of operating. When they break down, you can easily hear unpleasant grinding or rubbing sounds being made.

Right away, you should call the Peloton Support Team to ask for new bearings. They would cost about $10 – $15 or would be free if your device is still under warranty. After receiving the new bearings, you can follow these steps to replace the wheel bearings.

How To Calibrate Peloton Bike


Peloton bike 2

Fine-tuning every 6 to 12 months is necessary to ensure that your Peloton equipment is accurately reflecting your performance. The procedure of calibrating your Peloton Bike may take you quite a long time at first, yet it is totally worthwhile.

With the Peloton Bike+, you can exploit the auto-calibration feature to facilitate your fine-tuning tasks. Yet, you still have to follow certain steps to successfully carry out proper calibration, thereby boosting your workout effectiveness.

How To Put Cleats On Peloton Shoes


Peloton cleats

For indoor cycling, Peloton has provided its users with special shoes, accompanied by special cleats. When ordering a new pair of cleats which costs you $25, you will then need to learn how to attach these cleats to your Peloton shoes.

Though it may seem simple, you still need to be careful with all the steps if you aim at maximizing your comfort and your outcomes. Moreover, appropriately putting the cleats on also promotes your ride smoothness and safety.

How To Change Peloton Pedals

peloton-pedals (1)

Peloton pedals

Peloton highly recommends that its bike pedals should be frequently replaced to prevent potential failures. There are two key things that determine whether your pedals are properly changed or not: the right tools and the right technique.

Without any one of these two factors, you will find the whole process confusing. Removing and installing pedals are the same with most spin bikes, yet things are different when they come to the Peloton bikes as they have reverse threading.

Peloton Headphone Jack Is Not Working


Connecting headphones to peloton

Music plays an important part in any workout. With Peloton, you can even listen to your own playlist while working out.

Therefore, problems relevant to the audio jack are really commonly raised by Peloton users. Among them, having trouble connecting or activating audio jacks is the most concerning one.

There are several solutions when your Peloton headphone jack is not working. Amazingly, they are all easily implemented, and you just need to follow them correctly.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Is Not Working


Peloton heart rate monitor

Your heart rates, especially the maximum and resting ones, are great measurements of your cardiovascular response to the workouts. Yet, in the middle of the rides, you may notice that the Peloton heart rate monitor abruptly ceases to function.

When this happens, you should examine a list of diverse elements to put the Peloton heart rate monitor back into operation. Don’t worry! Although there are many reasons that your heart rate band is not working, they are all basic and ask for little effort.

Apple Watch Cannot Connect To Peloton


Pairing peloton with apple watch

With a digital subscription, you can directly pair your Apple Watch with Peloton. However, you may occasionally have trouble doing so. Don’t worry! You can fix issues of connecting your Apple Watch to Peloton by easy steps.

Yet, before performing this process, you need to check the compatibility of your Peloton equipment and your Apple Watch: your Apple Watch is operating with iOS 14 or higher, your Peloton devices are running with the latest app version, and so on.

Peloton Screen Needs Replacement


Peloton screen 3

Your Peloton screen may be too old or may fail to work as it is supposed to. In these cases, you should contact Peloton to buy a new screen at the price of $500 or for free if your equipment is still under warranty, then substitute it with the old one.

This replacing procedure is quite simple, Peloton states. Yet, it may demand the teamwork of two people. So, go ask for help if you need it.

Peloton Cannot Cast Classes To Smart TV


Streaming peloton classes to smart tvs

With the availability of the Miracasting feature in their touchscreens, the Peloton devices are enabled to stream classes to smart TVs. Yet, sometimes, you may find your Peloton equipment failing to mirror the touchscreens to another screen.

Fixing steps are simple. However, you need to consider certain aspects, namely the exclusive accessibility of Miracasting in the second-generation Peloton Bike and the limited access of Miracasting to some smart TVs.

How To Cancel Peloton Subscription

peloton-digital-membership (1)

Peloton digital membership

Peloton membership is effortlessly obtained and canceled. Always remember that you have all the right to terminate your Peloton App Membership whenever you want to.

There are different cancellation instructions for different platforms. Thus, you need to be really careful and follow the appropriate ones to ensure that your membership is officially ended.

How To High Five On Peloton


Peloton high five

Peloton warmly encourages interaction among its members. Therefore, a special feature is added to the Peloton app which enables users to high five with others while training.

You can send high fives during Peloton cycling sessions with some easy steps. Also, you can receive high fives from your instructors in live classes. So, always try your best and receive this motivating award.

Peloton Does Not Track My Movements


Peloton guide

Movement Tracker on your Peloton Guide, which is a small camera plugged into your TV, is one of the most useful and affordable features available up to now.

However, this new AI product may crash and you cannot keep track of your moves. Such situations require immediate responses to bring the feature back to normal functionality.


As you can see, every problem has its own solutions. Hence, when having any issue, just stay calm and patiently follow recommended steps.

If this article misses any hot trouble that needs clear guidance, you can message our team or leave a comment below.