Peloton Yoga Classes – Finding Balance And Harmony In Life

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/18/2022

Are you feeling stressed from work and lost in the hustle and bustle of life? Are you losing relationships and finding it hard to be happy? Yoga is the best way to find back peace and balance in your busy life.

First introduced in 2018, Peloton Yoga Classes has attracted a lot of members of the unique program and outstanding sessions. In these classes, under the guidance of expert instructors, you can feel more deeply about yourself and find out what you need at the m

Does Peloton have Yoga Classes?

Peloton knows well about the indispensable relationship between Fitness and Yoga, which is related to the mind and body. So, besides the Fitness Program, Peloton offers members Yoga Classes with a variety of content.

First launched in 2018, Peloton Yoga Classes are created at all levels for many kinds of members, whether they are at the beginner stage or professional. Based on 5 elements, this yoga program allows members to curate their own practice to match their interests, experience, and ability.

Peloton Yoga Classes asks you to have focus and a clear mind to get yourself into many yoga postures. It is all about helping to connect your body and soul and strengthen your mind to achieve any goals when bringing this into practical life.

With such amazing benefits, Yoga classes always secure a spot in the list of must-try Peloton classes.


Member practices Peloton Yoga Class

How to access Peloton Yoga Classes?

Peloton Yoga Classes are available on the Peloton digital app and website, both live and on-demand. There are thousands of classes from many fitness programs. That’s why some members find it hard to search for their specific yoga class. Here is the detailed instruction that you need:

Step 1: Choose “Yoga” class in the “Classes” Tab


How to access Peloton Yoga Classes

Step 2: Choose the “Filter” tool on the right of the screen, under the “Classes” Tab

How-to-access-Peloton-Yoga-Classes (1)


Step 3: Filter everything you want, such as Instructor, Type, Length, and so on.

How-to-access-Peloton-Yoga-Classes (2)

How to access Peloton Yoga Classes

Step 4: Pick your favorite Yoga Class and get started.

How-to-access-Peloton-Yoga-Classes (3)

How to access Peloton Yoga Classes

What is Yoga Classes’ Benefit?

Having originated thousands of years ago in India, yoga is an ancient practice focusing on breathing, flexibility, and strength. It is composed of a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices to boost mental and body strength by connecting them together.

You can also seek mental stability in Meditation, but Yoga involves more physical exercises. That’s why Yoga is a better choice for training both the body and mind.


  • Releasing bad energy and regaining spiritual strength by special methods of breathing and the meaning of movements.
  • Easing your mind and bringing calm.
  • Help to find balance and clarity in everything. Once you find that state, you will have peace and harmony in life.


  • Building muscles and a toned body.
  • Losing weight.
  • Improving energy.
  • Stronger and more flexible body.
  • Avoid any unexpected injuries.

Who should take part in the Yoga Classes?

Yoga’s main focus is not just physical or mental, and it is all about the connection of both. Yoga is the whole process and may take more time than other programs. So, if you want to work out with a powerful music playlist or want to lose fat as soon as possible, Yoga is not for you.

They can be every member of a family, pregnant women, or old grandparents as long as they appreciate the mind-body connection and want to build a healthier and happier life, while physicality is just a minor factor.


Peloton Yoga Participant

Peloton Yoga Classes’ overview

After discovering some basic information about Peloton Yoga Classes in the sections above, let’s dive into details about them.

Yoga Class Type

Peloton Yoga Class Types are the combinations of 5 Peloton Elements designed to help members find the most suitable classes. There are more than 4.000 Yoga Classes in total, under 9 types of class (update in July 2022):

  • Flow (2000+ classes)
  • Focus Flow (878 classes)
  • Slow Flow (354 classes)
  • Restoration (263 classes)
  • Theme (186 classes)2
  • Yoga Anywhere (313 classes)
  • Yoga Basics (138 classes)
  • Family & Pre/Postnatal (113 classes)
  • Beyond The Pose (52 classes)

Peloton Yoga Class Types

Yoga Instructors

With the amazing yoga instructor list, you can totally set high expectations for experiences in any class. Just get on the map and let Peloton Yoga Sessions guide you to the land of calm and inner peace.

Who are they?

There are 9 Yoga Instructors at Peloton. In some places, Yoga Instructors are usually Indian, especially men. But in Peloton, most of the Yoga Instructors are women, and only of them is from India, creating diversity and uniqueness in the Yoga program from what you usually see.

You can find your favorite Yoga Instructor with the list below (update in July 2022):

  • Aditi Shah (660 classes)
  • Anna Greenberg (695 classes)
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts (431 classes)
  • Denis Morton (439 classes)
  • Kirra Michel (268 classes)
  • Kristin Mcgee (760 classes)
  • Mariana Fernández (328 classes)
  • Nico Sarani (289 classes)
  • Ross Rayburn (650 classes)

Peloton Yoga Instructors

Who is the best?

Everyone on the Peloton Yoga Instructor list is very excellent. They can teach all kinds of levels and are experts in many yoga specializations. But here are 6 of the most outstanding ones:

  1. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (Best for beginner, intermediate, and slow flows)

Before joining her class, make sure you know something about Chelsea Jackson Roberts first: Chelsea Jackson Roberts Peloton

  1. Aditi Shah (Best for intermediate, advanced, power flows)

Read more about her in my review article : Everything About Aditi Shah – One Of The Most Influential Peloton Instructors

  1. Anna Greenberg (Best for beginner, intermediate, prenatal, and postnatal yoga)

Curious about her personal life? You can find out what you need here: All about Anna Greenberg – A Peloton Yoga Instructor with Music Passion

  1. Kristin McGee (Best for intermediate, advanced, pop, and rock playlists)

Let’s discover some facts about this popular yoga coach: 9 Facts about Kristin Mcgee – A Peloton Yoga Instructor 

  1. Ross Rayburn (Best for intermediate, advanced, focus flows, restorative yoga)

Read some background information about Ross here: Ross Rayburn

  1. Denis Morton (Best for beginner, intermediate, indoor cyclists, slow flows)

Perhaps you can find some compelling reasons to join his class in my review article: 1 Click to Understand Your Peloton Instructor – Denis Morton

Yoga Class Length

Yoga Class Length

Peloton Yoga Classes take place in a variety of time periods, from 5 minutes to, 75 minutes to meet all the needs of members. Intermediate-level classes are the most common and usually last from 20 to 30 minutes.  Choose the class with the most suitable length depending on your goals and abilities.

(Update in July 2022)


Peloton Yoga Class Length

How much time is enough or good?

It’s hard to create standards of time you should do yoga. It all depends on your goal and body ability. However, there are three levels of Yoga that you can consider yourself to join, and which yoga class offers a reasonable session length.

  • Beginner: join classes that last from 5 to 15 minutes to get acquainted with your body first, then upgrade the class level later.
  • Intermediate: classes last from 20 to 30 minutes are the most common. 20-30 minutes of a yoga session can totally help you improve flexibility.
  • Advanced: When you have many Yoga experiences and want to explore more about your limits, you can consider 45 to 75 minutes.

Yoga Classes’ Language

Yoga classes are taught in three languages.

(Update in July 2022)

  • English (4000+ classes)
  • German (281 classes)
  • Spanish (201 classes)

Most sessions are instructed in English since this is the most common language. German and Spanish are spoken in nearly 500 classes too. This created a more diverse choice list allowing members to choose what is best for them.


Peloton Yoga Class Languages

How about the music?

Music is one of the indispensable tools in every yoga class. Not only gentle beat but the music list is expanded with many genres suitable for the specific session:

(Update in July 2022)

  • Alternative (179 classes)
  • Country (36 classes)
  • Electronic (251 classes)
  • Hip Hop (39 classes)
  • Latin (122 classes)
  • Pop (639 classes)
  • Indie (3 classes)
  • R&B (165 classes)
  • Rock (102 classes)

Peloton Yoga Class Music

Best Peloton Yoga Programs and Classes for You

Peloton has some special Yoga programs that offer members the most detailed instruction. They are the “Beginner Yoga” and “Power Restorative” Program.

Beginner Yoga Program

What is it?

If you are a Newbie to yoga and don’t know where to start? Don’t hesitate to join the 3-week Beginner Yoga Program with Aditi, Anna, and Kristin. You’ll learn all the basics of Yoga and find out the true meaning of this field which is all about the connection between mental and physical. Start your Beginner Yoga Program here!

Schedule and Class List weekly

In this first week of the program, you will explore the foundations of movements in Yoga. When you know the basics, the next Yoga step will be easier.


Day Class Instructors
Day 1  Class 1 10 min Intro to Beginner Program with Multiple Instructors
Day 1 Class 2 20 min Foundations of Movement  Anna Greenberg
Day 2 20 min Foundations of Movement Kristin McGee
Day 3 20 min Foundations of Movement Anna Greenberg
Day 4 20 min Foundations of Movement Aditi Shah
Day 5 20 min Foundations of Movement Kristin McGee
Day 6 20 min Foundations of Movement Aditi Shah
Day 7 30 min Foundations of Movement Anna Greenberg

After having a basic foundation about Yoga movements, you will step into the connection between mind and body lesson in the second week.


Day Class Instructors
Day 1 20 min Foundations of Class Aditi Shah
Day 2 20 min Foundations of Class Anna Greenberg
Day 3 20 min Foundations of Class Kristin McGee
Day 4 20 min Foundations of Class Anna Greenberg
Day 5 20 min Foundations of Class Kristin McGee
Day 6 10 min Foundations of Class Aditi Shah
Day 7 30 min Foundations of Class Kristin McGee

In Week 3, you will learn about the foundational philosophy of yoga, the importance of breathing, and it relates to life.


Day Class Instructors
Day 1 10 min Foundations of Practice Aditi Shah
Day 2 20 min Foundations of Practice Aditi Shah
Day 3 20 min Foundations of Practice Anna Greenberg
Day 4 20 min Foundations of Practice Kristin McGee
Day 5 20 min Foundations of Practice Anna Greenberg
Day 6 30 min Foundations of Practice Kristin McGee
Day 7 30 min Foundations of Practice Aditi Shah

Power Restorative Yoga

This is the one-week “Power Restorative Yoga” program led by Ross Rayburn. There are 7 classes in total during the week. This program will enhance your mind and body relationship and slowly bring you into a healthy routine.

The Power Restorative Yoga program is described as “In order to achieve peak performance, our bodies must take time for rest and recovery”. In this 7-day, you will learn how to use the power of the mind connected with the body to speed up the healing process. Join here.


Peloton Power Restorative Yoga Program

Schedule and Class List weekly

During this 7-day program, Ross Rayburn will teach you how to use the power of connection between mental and physical to speed up the healing process.


Day Class Instructors
Day 1 Class 1  5 min Intro to Power Restorative Ross Rayburn
Day 1 Class 2 30 min Foundational Space
Day 2 30 min Core Redefined
Day 3 30 min The Symmetry Strategy
Day 5 30 min The Symmetry Strategy: Lower Body
Day 6 30 min The Symmetry Strategy: Upper Body
Day 7 45 min Embrace, Integrate, and Thrive

Other Best Peloton Yoga Class We Want Recommend You

Peloton offers more than 4.000 Yoga Classes with a variety of kinds for all members to join. Each yoga class offers different experiences but all aim for perfection to achieve customer satisfaction. Some classes have stood out from others since they are suitable for most members. You can find the class’s link below and jump into the yoga session right away:

The Five Elements of Peloton Yoga You Need to Know

Peloton Yoga Classes are designed to help members regain spiritual strength and connect their outer body with their inner spirit. Based on these core values, 5 elements of Yoga were created to help members understand the essence of Yoga with a specific Yoga level. This helps them in choosing what is suitable for their goal and ability. The five elements are Foundation, Power, Focus, Recovery, and Unity.


Foundation Collection includes Yoga Flow, Yoga Basics, and Yoga Anywhere which are fundamental yoga classes. A strong base is a first step that must be built before you jump into any random Yoga classes. Even if you are a professional in doing yoga or have already had some yogi sessions, this collection is still for you.


Peloton Yoga Foundation Element


If you have already had some experiences in Yoga Classes and loved challenges, this Power Collection is for you. In contrast to the Foundation Collection mentioned above, this one will push you to the limits of your mental and physical.

Classes will emphasize strength and stamina postures. Postures are getting harder and faster. Instructors will cue each pose with less detail than in the Foundation class.


Peloton Yoga Power Element


Focus Collectionis designed to help you practice more focus on a specific aspect based on your own experience.

You’ll find very detailed tutorials on poses in some particular body areas, or dive deep into specific movement series such as sun salutations. For example, some classes focus on the stretching poses, which can relieve back pain effectively.

Whether your body and mind are telling that they want relaxed moments or powerful feelings, you’ll find it in this collection.


Peloton Yoga Focus Element


Recovery collection is the perfect choice for you if you are feeling too stressed because of work in this hectic life or after finishing a random strenuous Fitness class.

The  Recovery Collection includes class types such as Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga. These classes will help you re-align your mind and body, find calm, and inner peace, then refuel your energy tank for your next activities.


Peloton Yoga Recovery Element


Little do you know that “yoga” literally means “union”. So, with this Collection, Peloton will bring you into the practice’s true meaning when it features yoga in the Artist Series. You can also join Fit Family Flows to practice Yoga and strengthen the bond in your family.


Peloton Yoga Unity Element

Necessary equipment/accessories need to have during yoga workouts

Before jumping into any Yoga Classes, you have to prepare everything well, starting from a comfortable yoga mat to durable blocks and straps. See the list of necessary accessories here:

  • Yoga leggings/pants
  • Yoga tops
  • Sports bras
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga straps.

Yoga Accessory


In any Peloton Yoga class, every instructor respects the traditions and philosophies of yoga. That foundation lets them teach other members the true meaning of this ancient practice. For many people, yoga provides a retreat from their chaotic and busy lives. By finding the balance and connection between the mental and physical, you’ll find the harmony that you are looking for.

Peloton Yoga Program will continue developing to help many members find the balance between this hustle and bustle of cities. Excellent instructors and unique sessions are the best reason for you to join Peloton Yoga Classes today. Let’s get on the journey to reconnect yourself!


 1. What should you not wear to yoga?

It’s best to avoid wearing shorts or ones that are super loose. When doing yoga, you want to make sure you’re free and able to move without any worries.

2. What happened to some Peloton yoga classes?

At the beginning of 2021, Peloton refreshed its collections & programs. While several new collections were added, the “Yoga Basics” and “Welcome to Yoga” programs were removed with no replacements.

3. How much do Peloton yoga instructors make?

Although Peloton is not officially disclosing salaries, it is believed that the instructors make $500 to $750 per class. With 10 to 15 classes taught in a week, an instructor could rake in up to $585.000 annually (52 weeks/year * 15 classes/week * 750$). (Updated in July 2022).

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