Peloton Walking Classes – An Effective Workout For Everyone

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/02/2022

Walking is a kind of cardio exercise that makes you sweat a lot, but it is not too difficult to be assumed as an advanced exercise. You can take a walk to relax, enhance cardiovascular health, have a better body shape, and have many more practical benefits. That’s why walking is added to Peloton Fitness Program – structured classes organized in a progressive way each following week.

Peloton has optimized the Walking Class with many sessions suitable for any group of members. This is because Peloton Walking Classes are so effective and fun, from indoor to outdoor. So, let’s learn more about this Peloton Class Serie with this article and check it yourself!

Does Peloton have Walking Classes?

Since Walking is so underrated as a form of physical activity, a few may assume that Peloton doesn’t have this class. Actually, update to July 2022, there are more than a thousand Peloton Walking Classes. They are divided into two main programs: Outdoor Walking (Audio only) and Indoor Walking Classes (Treadmill required).

Peloton Outdoor Walking Classes

Peloton Outdoor Walking Classes include walking exercises on many levels, especially you can take the class wherever you want. In addition, these classes in the Outdoor Section are audio only, which allows you to connect the class to whatever sound-compatible device and then go outside for a real walk.

Some said that they take Peloton Outdoor Walking Class while walking their dog, so convenient and interesting!


Peloton Outdoor Walking Class

Peloton Indoor Walking Classes

If you have a treadmill, Peloton Indoor Walking Classes are perfect for you when they optimize many factors of a walking session. This program is really fun and diverse. It is not just a walk-walk, but you will notice a hike, walk-run, or power walk in Peloton Indoor Walking Classes.

You don’t have to own Treadmill from Peloton, just a normal one is fine. There are thousands of classes for you to choose from. Only If you want a full library of Walking content, you can consider the modern Peloton Tread+ or Treadmill to have full access.


Peloton Indoor Walking Class

Does Peloton have a Walking Program

There is not a Walking focus program but Peloton just released one called “Just Work Out” (2022) with Walking exercises included. It is on the Outdoor Activities Section of the Peloton App. However. since it just released this expanded exercise, it is not yet available to all users – only a few select users seem to have it.

“Just Work Out” on the Peloton app will allow you to track your fitness plan with a walk, run, or ride outside included. You would have to start and play any random Peloton class on the app with your own music. The instructor’s playlist in those classes is not available for this program.

It is really interesting to see how Peloton is trying to offer members such a diverse fitness program. They just keep creating new, funny things. Even the laziest can’t resist taking at least one Peloton class.


Peloton Just Work Out program

How to access Peloton Walking Classes

There are more than a thousand classes about Walking, so it may be difficult to find. Instead, follow our instructions below to find your favorite Peloton Walking Class.

1. Peloton Outdoor Walking Classes

These classes are available on the Peloton digital app and audio only. So remember to have your sound device connected. Now, let’s see how to find them.

Step 1: Choose “Outdoor” class in the “Classes” Tab.


How to access Peloton outdoor walking class

Step 2: Choose the “Filter” tool on the right of the screen, under the “Classes” Tab.

how-to-access-Peloton-outdoor-walking-class (2)

How to access Peloton outdoor walking class

Step 3: Filter Class Type as “Walking”.

how-to-access-Peloton-outdoor-walking-class (1)

How to access Peloton outdoor walking class

Step 4: Filter the Length, Music, and so on.

how-to-access-Peloton-outdoor-walking-class (3)

Filter the Length, Music, and so on

Step 5: Pick your favorite Outdoor Walking Class and get started.

how-to-access-Peloton-outdoor-walking-class (4)

Pick your favorite Outdoor Walking Class and get started

2. Peloton Indoor Walking Classes

A treadmill is required in these Peloton Indoor Walking Classes. However, it can just be a normal one, not from Peloton. Some even said they join the class without a treadmill and take it outdoor with them, just to see how the class is going, which is totally fine.

Here is a specific instruction to look for the Walking class you want.

Step 1: Choose the “Walking” class in the “Classes” Tab.


How to access Peloton walking class

Step 2: Choose the “Filter” tool on the right of the screen, under the “Classes” Tab.

how-to-access-Peloton-walking-class (1)

Choose the “Filter” tool on the right of the screen, under the “Classes” Tab

Step 3: Filter everything you want, such as Instructor, Type, Length, and so on.

how-to-access-Peloton-walking-class (2)

Filter everything you want, such as Instructor, Type, Length, and so on

Step 4: Pick your favorite Walking Class and get started.

how-to-access-Peloton-walking-class (3)

Pick your favorite Walking Class and get started

What are Walking Classes’ Benefits

Don’t you think that Waking can’t make you sweat enough like running or another exercise? It is so wrong. Remember that walking is a Cardio exercise and it can be taken on many levels.

There are so many benefits when taking Peloton Walking Classes for a specific period. In general, these classes will not only helps to maintain your overall health, and mental health but also increases cardiovascular fitness. The full benefits list is:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Burn calories and lose weight.
  • Build a tone, and fit body shape.
  • Stimulate neuroplasticity, increase synapse activity, and promote neurogenesis.
  • Slows down the cognitive decline and atrophy in the brain.
  • Increases the number of new brain cells.

Who should take part in the Walking Classes?

Walking Classes is for everyone on every level. Depending on your specific health situation, you can choose which type of Walking is the best for you.

  • You are young and overweight, taking walking classes will help you lose weight and maybe have a nicer body shape as you want when combined with other exercises.
  • Elderly and kids: Walking exercises will help the elderly to strengthen their health and improve their metabolism. To the kid, walking will improve their mood, promote concentration and relaxation, then improve learning ability, and stimulate the imagination too.
  • Pregnant women: Walking is low-impact, so it can keep their hearts strong. Moreover, it is a really good solution to reduce back pain, which is common in pregnant people. Walking even maintains or improves their fitness level throughout pregnancy.

Peloton Walking Class

Peloton Walking Classes’ overview

Since Peloton Outdoor Walking Classes have the same type as Indoor Walking Classes, even less, we decided to focus on the Indoor Classes. So, now you can have an overall look at Peloton Walking Classes in the sections below.

Walking Class Types

Many think Peloton Walking Class must be just regular walk-walk exercise while it is not. Besides the regular walk, there are Warm Up/Cool Down, Walk + Run, Power Walk, Hike, and other interesting sessions.

Warm Up/Cool Down

Before or after every fitness class, Warm Up/Cool Down exercises are a must. Without them, you’ll easily be injured since your body is not ready yet to jump into the exercise or is too strained after a fitness session.

Regular Walk

It is the walk-walk exercise you always talk about. It’s good for beginners, kids, or older people since super low-impact and at a basic level.

Power Walk

A power walk class is much like a combination of running and hiking when you have to walk at high speed or even raise the inclines, just like those hiking classes. Power Walk can be done either on the treadmill or outdoors. The class duration range from 20 to 45 minutes.

Walk + Run

Walk + Run exercises in the Walking program may surprise many members since they hardly think of this combination. It can be mostly running or balance between running and walking like 45 seconds walk, 45 seconds run.


If you are not new to the Walking Series anymore, Hike Class in the Walking program is the perfect choice for you. Don’t underestimate these classes because they are considered hard exercises which make you sweat a lot. You can also easily burn over 200 calories thanks to these classes.


Besides the types of Walking classes above, Peloton also has Music, Theme, and Peloton Studio Original classes. These classes are extended sessions for the Walking Program, which make members feel delighted when they have many options to choose from.


Peloton Walking Class Types

Walking Instructors

The list of instructors for this series of exercises is well worth the wait. They are 21 passionate fitness professionals who will help you achieve your fitness goals. In the Walking Instructor list, Robin Arzon, Matty Maggiacomo, and Marcel Dinkins are the most stand our names.

(Update in July 2022)

Robin Arzón (127 classes)

Robin Arzón is an expert in Running and a standout name in Walking. She believes that sweat transforms lives. Robin Arzón loves to see her members pass their limitations and fitness goals.


Peloton Robin Arzon Instructor

Matty Maggiacomo (132 classes)

Matty Maggiacomo is a Peloton Fitness Instructor and Director of Fitness Programming. He always brings his passion for fitness and entertaining teaching style to every Peloton class. That is why he is very famous and has become a dream instructor for many members.


Peloton MATTY MAGGIACOMO instructor

Marcel Dinkins (124 classes)

Marcel used to be in the Army and has an exceptional athlete background. She always wants to empower women and push them to work for their goals. Maybe that’s why her energy in every class is incredible.


Peloton Marcel Dinkins Instructor

Walking Class Length

Walking Class Length

Peloton Walking Classes take place in a variety of periods, from 5 minutes to 60 minutes to meet all the needs of members. From 5 to 10 minutes is Warm Up/ Cool Down classes, 60-minute is the advanced Waking Class. 20 to 30 minutes is the most common time that a Walking class lasts.

(Update in July 2022)


Peloton Walking Class Length

How much time is enough or good?

You do not have to walk for hours or overthink about the walking time. Just do it when you feel relaxed, and add a little intensity if you need. Walking will help you burn calories and make your heart healthier.

A relaxing 10-minute daily walk and then a 30-45 minutes walk is recommended. Maybe you can spend more if you want on the weekend which is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health.

Walking Classes’ Language

Walking Classes are taught in two languages, which are English and German (Update in July 2022). You can turn on the subtitles of these languages if you want. Attending a walking class that is not only taught in English is so convenient for those who are not good at this language.


Peloton Walking Class Language

How about the music?

Peloton Walking Classes have such a diverse music playlist. It can be many music genres and your favorite must be included.

When you want to sweat as much as possible in a random Hike Class, you may hear strong beats of Alternative, Classic Rocks. When you just want to relax, then an R&B or country playlist is perfect. There are some artist series that you can join too, like Beyonce Walking Classes.

(Update in July 2022)


Peloton Walking Class Music

Best Walking Classes for you

Peloton offers a thousand Walking Classes with a variety of kinds for all members to join. All aim to achieve customer satisfaction, but some classes are standing out. So, let’s check it out!

Peloton Outdoor Walking Classes

Since these classes are audio only, standing out ones must have interesting audio, and music is included. Here are some of those:


Kristen Ferguson 20 minute BHM Black Power Walk

Recommended classes

Besides the classes above, you can try this Walking class list if you do not find them suitable for you.


Olivia Amato 20 minute Power Walk

Peloton Indoor Walking Classes

Here are the most standing-out classes. Remember, in these classes, a treadmill is required. If you are well prepared, let’s check out this list:

Tobis Heinze’s 30-minutete Reggae Walk

Tobis Heinze’s 30 minutete Reggae Walk

Other Recommended classes

We recommend some other classes that hope you find suitable for your goal. Here is a more basic recommended list for you. These classes last from 10 to 60 minutes for all levels.

Jess King’s 20-minute Pop Walk

Jess King’s 20 minute Pop Walk

Necessary Equipment/Accessories Need To Have During Peloton Walking Classes

Since Peloton has both Outdoor and Indoor Walking Classes, there are some different required types of equipment, accessories, and clothes. Check this listed board below to well prepare for your Peloton Walking Class.

Indoor Walking Classes Outdoor Walking Classes
Equipment Compatible audio device x x
Treadmill x
Clothes/accessories Sweat-wicking walking pants x x
Sweat-wicking walking shirts x x
Hats x
Sunglasses x
Sunscreens x



Peloton Treadmill

Power Walks vs. Hikes

Many members are confused about why Hike Classes are under Walking Program, and what the difference between Power Walk and Hike Classes is. Seek your answer right here.

Power Walks Hikes

Cardio exercises that burn a lot of calories

Occur on flat paths  Occur in areas of high elevation
Walking at high speed walking on a specific incline rate



Peloton Power Walk Vs Hike

Power Walks vs. Cyclings

It is hard to compare these two Peloton Fitness Programs. They are both cardio exercises but at different levels and techniques. So it actually depends on your health situation and fitness goal to define which one is more suitable, not better.

Power Walks Cyclings
Cardio exercises
Burn calories and make body toner Burn more calories, make body toner, and lose fat
Relaxing and building healthy lifestyle kind of people  Typically for overweight people
Treadmill can be or can be not required A bike is required

Peloton Power Walk Vs Cycling


Peloton Walking Classes are for everyone at any level. Don’t hesitate to work out for your healthy body. Then add the Peloton Walking Classes to your routine, If you love to walk. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and don’t need any special gear.

Set your fitness goal and start the journey with Peloton now! Beginning with some Walking Classes will be a good idea. Whether you’re inside or outside, Peloton Walking Classes are always available to reach.


1. How do I track my walk on Peloton?

You can track your walk on Peloton by using GPS Tracking. Once you start an outdoor running, walking, or bootcamp class, you can enable these features by tapping ‘Location’ and allowing access to ‘While Using the App’.

2. What are Peloton hikes like?

Found in the Walking section, our hike classes range from 15 to 45 minutes and are perfect for days you want more than a walk but less than a run.

3. How do you do a scenic walk on a Peloton treadmill?

Scenic Runs are only available on the treadmill. Click on the bottom of your treadmill screen where it says “More Runs”. You will see the option “Just Run” or “Scenic Runs”.

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