How To Name Your Peloton Account Right

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/04/2022

Are you a new user of Peloton? Or are you just simply indecisive about your username for the Peloton account? If you want your username to sound cooler, to appear more impressive to thrive on your workout, setting the right username will be a great start. That is why we are here to help you choose a name that can fit you best!

Why Would My Peloton Username Matter So Much?



We really believe that if you have a good username, you will be  about exercising on your Peloton bike. So, why not have a username that can motivate you to ride with pride? Moreover, according to a survey, it would be more likely that you can make friends on social media for having an interesting username. That is why we suggest choosing your username carefully if you want to find some workout buddies.

Note that if you are a celebrity, you can consider choosing a different username from your real name to avoid unwanted attention.

What Kind Of Name Would Fit You The Most?



First of all, a username you like must be the one that relates to you. So, at least you have to have an idea of how your username style is going to be. Take a look at the sections below to see how to have the perfect username for yourself!

For Those Who Love Cool Names



Maybe consider setting your username after your favorite characters. It will not be a bad idea to use a villain’s name as your username, IamDarthVader, for instance. Isn’t it cool that even a bad guy also cares about exercising? Other people will be so afraid to see such a terrifying and badass villain like you.

For Those Who Need Motivation

If you need the motivation to exercise, try setting your username to something that will lift you up. Here are some motivative names we think you might like:

  • Imfastnotfat
  • Icandodisallday
  • Nodoublechin
  • Runmakeslifefun

If you find yourself much more hard-working after setting the username, you know you have set the right one.



For Those Who Share Your Bike With Someone

There are many ways to set your Peloton username if you share your Peloton account with the others. You can base on how you want to treat your workout partner to find out the best username for you two:

1. If You Are A Warm-Hearted Person:

Name your account using good words. It can be either a wish or some words of encouragement, for example:

  • Yougogirl
  • Runboyrun
  • Runawaywithme

2. If You Are Fond Of Jokes:

Name your account something that associates with you two’s in-jokes that you both will understand. Try to think of some keywords to put in that fit username length. It is good that every time you exercise, you chuckle a bit because of a username that reminds you of something funny between you two.

3. If You Two Are Having A Cold War Or Just Simply Too Lazy To Talk:

How about, what if you and the other shared partner do not feel like talking a lot today? Maybe try changing your username to what you want to tell the other one, or something associated with a reminder, for Instance: dolaundrytoday. You will be excited about the other’s upcoming messages, which makes you hop on the Peloton bike more often, and that is how you are going to exercise more. Moreover, it can break the silence between you two.



For Randomness Lovers:

If you are totally confused about what to do with your Peloton username, we are to tell you, that is okay too. The below steps are how you are going to have a username:

Step 1: Go to websites that suggest baby names to pick up some random names you see.

Step 2: Go to a site to spin the wheel, and put down the names you picked.

Step 3: Take the result the wheel gives and make it your Peloton username.



Surely, no matter what the name is going to be, it is a good name because it is from a website for parents to decide on their baby’s name. It is very simple for you to have a name following these steps, and yet interesting when someone asks you how you came up with the name too.

The Conditions For The Peloton Username



Make sure you know all of the conditions to set an appropriate Peloton username:

  • You can use any alphanumeric characters, including the alphabet from A to Z, Arabic numbers, and common symbols like # and @.
  • Your username can have 15 characters in total at maximum.
  • Your username should not resemble other users’ usernames.

Peloton Username Generator

However, if you want your username makes sense a bit, you can use these websites below to create a username that bases on some of your facts:

By using these sites, you do not have to take much time to create a name. As a result, your username will not be so random but really sensible.

What To Do When You Regret Your Username



Do you not like your current username anymore? No worries, you can always change your username. So, take a look at the following steps to see how:

Step 1: Go to the home screen, and click on your profile at the right top.

Step 2: Find “My Account” and select it.

Step 3: Go to the username edit section, and type down your new username following Peloton’s conditions.


You are at liberty to set your username to whatever you want. Just make sure that it will sound appropriate and fits how you are. We hope the above suggestions help you choose one suitable username for your Peloton account.


1. Which Name Will Show Up On The Leaderboard?

Your username will also show up on the leaderboard. So, make sure the name you choose is the one you want people to see.

2. Is It Possible To Hide Your Peloton Username?

Yes, you can. If you do not want your real identity to be revealed, you can use a name that is unrelated to your real name.

3. Can Friends Look For Me By My Username?

Definitely! Here is also how you can find them back:

Step 1: Go to your account, and click on the three white dots at the right bottom.

Step 2: Click on “Find Peloton Members” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Find your friend by typing down their username.

You should note that you can also utilize the “Find Peloton Members” option to look for other riders by their username.

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