Peloton Scenic Rides: Travelling Around The World

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/03/2022

Peloton has the best Fitness classes at home, and members want to see more than just instructors in the same background class. That’s why Peloton offers the idea of making cycling workouts more fun by virtually riding around stunning places around the world.

If you want to work out in different places around the world but can’t afford to make it happen? Try it virtually with Peloton Scenic Rides! Let’s have a full look at these interesting Classes.

Does Peloton have Scenic Rides Classes?

What are Scenic Rides Classes?

Peloton Scenic Rides are cycling classes that can give you the experience of cycling in different parts of the world, virtually, like Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States. These classes will make you more motivated to practice and give you a sense of fun, which is different from regular classes with normal backgrounds.

The landscapes are all very beautiful, and they can be footage of the countryside, mountains, or beautiful roads. You will be fascinated by the view and may be distracted from the exercise. Somehow you can break your limits without trying or knowing that you did.


Peloton Scenic Ride Class

How are these classes made?

With the desire to bring a real and interesting experience to members, all the scenes in Peloton Scenic Rides were filmed and edited by the company called Virtual Active Fitness. First, they went to beautiful places which were suitable for cycling in many parts of the world, then started filming.

They film scenic rides using cinematic drone shots and car cameras to frame the rider from many angles and distances. Some Peloton Scenic Rides include an Instructor who will also be filmed in the video. You will see them as a companion, interacting with you throughout the ride.

Peloton-Scenic-Ride-Class (1)

Peloton Scenic Ride Class

The Old Edition

You may notice that Peloton Scenic Rides in the old version has limited content. They are quite basic and not diverse at all. The old version of Peloton Scenic Rides is available on all platforms, such as the Peloton Digital App, Website, and Peloton Bike. You have to buy an all-access membership to join these classes.

Since the 2021 homecoming event, the Peloton got rid of Scenic Rides for app users and added some updates to diversify the program. You can’t find the old Peloton Scenic Rides anymore.


Peloton Scenic Ride Old Edition

The Update

Peloton deleted all drone-like rides, like the Las Vegas strip in 2020 and so on. Instead, they send instructors to many places in the world to film Guided Rides and load those new Scenic Rides onto the Peloton hardware.

After the latest update of Peloton Scenic Rides, the classes are much more diverse, with more scenes and types to choose from. In addition, members can experience some other interesting features like more specific cycling metrics, a leaderboard, and an instructor guide.

You can’t access Peloton Scenic Rides from Digital App or Website anymore. The reason is that Peloton changed the interface of the rides, including a leaderboard and metrics with a power bar. However, you still need an All-access membership, and the only way to join those classes is from Peloton Bike, Bike+.

There are three types that you can choose, which are Guided, Distance, and Time-based Scenic Rides.


Peloton Scenic Ride 2022 Update

More scenic rides coming?

Peloton promises to add new locations often to keep the content fresh, but no official announcement exists about when or where.

However, you can guess through Instructors’ social media sharing. Like stories from one of the most famous instructors – Selena Samuela and the inspiring – Ben Alldis in Iceland, or information about many instructors somehow both in Greece, maybe they were there to film scenic classes.

Peloton Scenic Rides Locations

Locations are one of the keys that make Peloton Scenic Rides different from other classes. While doing cycling exercises, you can capture the epic view of the Italian Alps, the Iceland Peninsula, or many familiar places like national parks, bridges, and canyons.

Below is the location list of Peloton Scenic Rides.

Country Location
Portugal Algarve (Serra De Monchique, Vicentine Coast)
Thailand Bangkok (Night Ride)

Khiri Khan

Chiang Mai

Australia Sydney






France Corsica




The French Pyrenees



Iceland Reykjavik

Iceland Peninsula

Spain Andalusia




Castile-La Mancha

Italy Tuscany

Dolomites (Pale Mountains)

Italian Alps

Lake Garda

California Newport Beach


San Diego

Santa Monica Beach

San Francisco

Utah Snow Canyon

Antelope Island State Park

Red Canyon

Zion National Park


Antelope Park

Argentina Patagonia



Peloton Scenic Ride Place

Peloton Scenic Rides Benefits

Since Peloton Scenic Rides have diverse content, you may find doing cycling exercises at home is fun and interesting when starting the rides in beautiful places. You can choose easy-going in the Time-Basedased Classes or challenging in the Distance-Based Rides.

Besides the feeling of traveling around the world that Peloton Scenic Rides gives you, here are some Fitness benefits for your body:

  • Increasing cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increasing muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Decreasing stress levels.
  • Improving posture and coordination.
  • Decreasing body fat levels.
  • Building a toner body.

How to access Peloton Scenic Rides Classes

You can only access Peloton scenic rides directly through the Peloton Bike or Bike+. Since they are not on the main screen, some of you may struggle to find the Scenic Rides Section. Here is the specific instruction for you.

Step 1: Turn on your Peloton Bike or Bike+


How to access Peloton Scenic Rides 1

Step 2: Go to the menu and scroll down to select the option “More” in the bottom right corner.


How to access Peloton Scenic Rides 2

Step 3: Tap “View Routes” in “Scenic Rides” on the right with the picture of the mountain.


How to access Peloton Scenic Rides 3

Step 4: Choose from Guide, Distance, or Time in the top center menu.


How to access Peloton Scenic Rides 4

Step 5: Select and start your favorite Scenic Ride.


How to access Peloton Scenic Rides 5

Who should take part in Peloton Scenic Rides Classes?

Some said every Peloton Cycling class is at a hard level but not Peloton Scenic Rides. The pace of most of the Scenic Rides is not really fast which somehow makes you put less effort into doing the exercise. So these classes are actually for everyone.

Because of that, you may want to bring your whole family to Peloton Scenic Rides, like your kids, parents, or even pregnant women. Doing low-impact indoor cycling not only keeps them fit and strong but also boosts mood and energy.


Peloton Scenic Ride Participant

Peloton Scenic Rides’s overview

Peloton Scenic Rides’ Type

There are over 90 different available Peloton Scenic Rides (Updated in July 2022), and currently divided into three categories: Guided, Time-based, and Distance-based.

Guided Peloton Scenic Rides

This is the new type of Peloton Scenic Rides. Besides the epic views, you will have an instructor as your companion to different destinations on these rides. The rides are filmed realistically with the instructor at the side of the screen.

The special feature of this new Scenic Ride type is that you can both experience cycling in a realistic frame and be motivated by the instructors. They will appear on camera, then talk to you to guide, and motivate you to complete the whole ride, just like in the regular class. The playlist is also curated and hand-picked by them.

However, there are only five Guided Peloton Scenic Rides to choose from. Members expect Peloton to add more content to these classes.


Peloton Guided Scenic Rides

Distance Peloton Scenic Rides

The most advanced feature of these Rides is the “responsive video.” Depending on your pedaling speed, the scenery will scroll faster, slower, or even stop if you stop pedaling. These are so realistic and have become most members’ favorite Peloton Scenic Rides.

Currently, you can ride for 5 km or 10 km across thirteen locations in unlimited time in these classes.


Peloton Distance based Scenic Rides

Time-based Scenic Rides

(Update in July 2022) Time-based Scenic Rides have 78 classes (most of Peloton Scenic Rides). These rides can last 10 to 60 minutes. Many said Time-based Scenic Rides are good for warm-ups, cool-downs, active recovery, and anything in-between. However, despite other Peloton Scenic Rides, these are considered to be quite basic and boring.


Peloton Time based Scenic Rides

Peloton Scenic Rides’ Instructors

Only Guided Scenic Rides has instructors as a companion. They will talk and motivate you during the ride (recorded voice), which is pretty fun. However, there are only 5 instructors (classes) to choose from. They are:

(Update in July 2022)

  • Emma Lovewell
  • Becs Gentry
  • Adrian Williams
  • Ben Alldis
  • Denis Morton
  • Matt Wilpers

Peloton Scenic Rides Instructor

Peloton Scenic Rides’ Music


Most of Peloton Scenic Rides Music is chilled and relaxed. In the past, they had more diverse music which included popular pop, instrumental songs, and so on. You can change the music if you want to hear your own during the ride by connecting to your headphones,  Spotify, or Apple Music.

Peloton Radio

Peloton created Peloton Radio as a “station” for members to select many genres of music when taking Scenic Rides. There are multiple choices for you to choose from:

(Update in July 2022)

  • Dance Party
  • Hip-hop Gold
  • Latin Wave
  • Pop Escape
  • Rock On
  • Retro Road

Peloton Scenic Ride Radio

Peloton Scenic Rides Leaderboard & Challenges


Peloton Scenic Rides have a leaderboard in all types of classes where you can see your ranking. For some people, this is what motivated them to put more effort into the ride. However, if you just want to do the exercise to relax and wanna take it easy, just turn off the leaderboard option.


Peloton Scenic Ride Leaderboard


Currently, Peloton doesn’t have any challenges for Scenic Rides.

In the past, the Scenic Route Challenge ran for two weeks (between October 29 – November 12, 2021) and worked out from the mountains of Patagonia, Chile to the streets of Alberta, Canada, and beyond. You can take any of the 3 types of scenic classes: Guided, Distance, or Time-based to count, and earn a badge. Of course, the challenge will track the activity on only Bike, Bike+.

Peloton-Scenic-Rides- Badge

Peloton Scenic Rides Badge

Best Peloton Scenic Rides Classes

Time-Based Scenic Rides

Peloton currently offers a total of 78 Time-based Rides with scenery from 5 continents, including Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania. Below is the best Time-based Scenic Rides list for you:

(Update in July 2022)

  • 20 Minute Andalusia, Spain
  • 45 Minute South Island, New Zealand
  • 30 Minute Medoc, France
  • 10 Minute Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • 10 Minute Antelope Island State Park, Utah, United States
  • 20 Minute Adelaide, Australia
Peloton-Time-Based-Scenic Rides

Peloton Time Based Scenic Rides

Distance-based Scenic Rides

Without time limitations, you can do the exercise at whatever length you want. The scenery in the video will move depending on your actual speed in real life. Some said Distance-based Scenic Rides are easier to track for the fitness goal than others.

Here is the stand-out Distance-based Scenic Rides list:

(Update in July 2022)

  • 5K Savannah Wetlands Ride
  • 5K Oregon Wasco County Ride
  • 5K Iceland Ride
  • 10K Pūpūkea Forest Ride
  • 10K Oregon Painted Hills Ride
  • 10K Georgia Longleaf Pines Ride
  • 10K Aguirre Spring Ride

Peloton Scenic Rides in forest

Guided Scenic Rides

Currently, in 2022, there are five Guided Peloton Scenic rides with instructors to choose from while there were only four in the past. Check it out:

(Update in July 2022)

  • Adrian Williams – 20 min Savannah Ride
  • Ben Alldis – 30 min Iceland Ride
  • Denis Morton – 30 min Big Sur Ride
  • Emma Lovewell – 30 min Oregon Ride
  • Matt Wilpers – 30 min Hawaii Ride

Peloton Scenic Rides in Iceland

Necessary equipment/accessories/clothes need to have during Peloton Scenic Rides Classes

Peloton Bike or Bike + is the must-have equipment to join Scenic Rides since all the features and scenic videos can’t work on a digital app or website. In addition, you can prepare a compatible audio device if you want to play your own music during the rides.

If you are wondering what to wear, you should choose a fitness outfit that makes you comfortable and easy to pedal. The clothes are suggested to be:

  • Spandex or tighter-fitting shorts.
  • A sweat-wicking t-shirt or tank top.
  • Sports bra.
  • Stiff-soled sneakers.

Peloton Bike

Peloton Scenic Rides vs. Regular Rides

The Peloton Scenic Rides and Regular Rides are in the same workout category but have some differences. In addition, each of them has its own pros and cons. Here is the comparison table between these two riding workouts.

Peloton Scenic Rides Peloton Regular Rides
Available leaderboard
Monitoring all metrics like cadence, resistance, and power output
Displaying power zones and heart rate zones
Realistic scenery on-screen Regular fitness background
Limited content More diverse content
Mostly low-impact Any intensity levels
More focus on relaxing purpose Focus on Fitness purpose
Actually on-demand classes Have both live and on-demand classes


If you want to do cycling exercises at home, you can choose to switch between live classes and on-demand classes. But the best choice may be the Peloton Scenic Rides, you can never really get bored. Changing scenery on the screen can make you go a long way.

Peloton Scenic Rides is one of the most interesting classes. They offer members the most unique and fun experiences. Members always expect Peloton to expand the program to have more classes to choose from.

Try them today from your touchscreen!


1. Do Peloton Scenic Rides Have Resistance?

No, Peloton Scenic Rides don’t automatically adjust the resistance. They work at your own pace type of ride. You can adjust your resistance as you please, but there’s no guide to follow.

2. Do Peloton Scenic Rides count towards my totals?

In general, the Peloton Scenic Rides do count as a regular class on the Peloton. However, you do not get any milestones for this class category.

3. Do Peloton Scenic Rides have badges?

There is only one challenge to join and get a badge. However, that challenge is no longer available, which means you can’t earn any badge right now.

4. Can you change the music on Peloton scenic rides? 

In short, you can’t change the music on the scenic rides. The music is set, but you can always mute the bike and play your own Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Music.

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