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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/19/2022

At the end of 2020, Peloton officially undertook its journey in the Pilates category and has never stopped attempting to expand its library every day.

Peloton Pilates classes are listed as some of the most effective Peloton training classes. With the publication of over 50 sessions, Peloton has not only helped lots of people “lay the groundwork for a lifetime of functional fitness” but granted them numerous advantages as well.

Just keep reading this article to grasp a full understanding of Peloton Pilates classes.

Does Peloton have any Pilates classes?


Peloton pilates cover

Pilates is demanding, yet newbie-friendly. Thus, Peloton users can take comfort in joining classes under this category regardless of their levels and backgrounds.

At Peloton, pilates revolves around spinal alignment and core stability by regularly integrating mindful moves into the lessons. This explains how Peloton Pilates can set you, especially your major muscle groups, up for all other exercises.

What Benefits Can You Gain from Peloton Pilates Classes?


A woman practicing peloton pilates

Developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, the exercises are well-known for their integration of movements and breath. In that way, Pilates can help you gain

  • Core strength

As Kulkari et al. (2020) stated, Pilates can substantially foster core functioning, thereby lessening back and hip pain and boosting explosive movements.

  • Better posture

Junges et al. (2012) and Krawczky et al. (2016) both claimed that partaking in Pilates sessions could significantly improve posture, meaning such conditions as imbalanced muscles, shoulder pain, or neckache will be alleviated.

  • Injury rehabilitation

Cruz et al. (2016) and Buckthorpe et al. (2018) stated that Pilates training increases injury rehabilitation thanks to its impact on balancing muscles and promoting dynamic strength.

  • Enhanced cognitive health

Memmedova (2015), Küçük et al. (2016), and García-Garro et al. (2020) conducted research to evaluate the performance of relevant variables and noticed that Pilates training betters cognitive functioning, leaving practitioners more attentive and active.

  • Flexibility and mobility

Pilates integrates both stretching and strengthening activities into one class, so it remarkably enhances mobility while still equalizing strength and flexibility (Bullo et al., 2015, Oliveira et al.,2016).

How to Find Peloton Pilates Classes

After logging into the foregoing platforms, you should follow this recommended list of steps to join Peloton Pilates classes.

1. Go to the “Classes” section


Choosing classes section

2. Choose “Strength


Choosing strength section

3. Select “Filter


Choosing filter

4. Click “Class Type


Choosing class type

5. Filter your results by “Pilates


Filtering pilates classes

Peloton Pilates Classes’ Overview


A girl practicing peloton pilates at home

Since Peloton Pilates sessions match well with everyone, they have become more popular and one of the top picks for users. Now, let’s jump into details and find out what these classes are composed of.


Pilates sessions at Peloton vary in length.

  • 10 minutes 
  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

As a whole, the longer the classes are, the higher level of difficulty they offer. Let’s look at the picture below for more information.


Pilates classes length


There are many instructors responsible for Pilates at Peloton. Here is a compilation of their names.

  • Kristin McGee
  • Aditi Shah
  • Anna Greenberg
  • Emma Lovewell
  • Ally Love
  • Jessica King
  • Rebecca Kennedy
  • Kendall Toole
  • Sam Yo
  • Hannah Corbin

Such a great number of instructors are in charge of Pilates classes mainly because their backgrounds in cycling, strength, and yoga are closely relevant to Pilates. Their names are all in the two pictures below.


Pilates instructors


Pilates instructors 2


Peloton Pilates classes are available for all levels of fitness.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Though in general, Pilates is for everyone, you still need to process things in order. You can see details in the following picture.


Pilates levels of difficulty


Pilates sessions at Peloton are only delivered in English. Though English is global, Pilates contents are still expected to be published in other languages by Peloton.


Pilates language


Seven different genres of music are used in 52 Peloton Pilates classes.

  • Alternative
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock

You can look at this picture for reference.


Pilates music

Top 5 Peloton Pilates Classes Recommended For You

Partaking in the right Pilates sessions not only ensures your strength growth but also cuts down on potential injury risks. But, how can you know which of the 52 Pilates classes available at Peloton is the one for you? (updated in July 2022)

Here are the top 65 recommended Peloton Pilates classes, and all you need to know about them before making up your mind.

1. Intro to Pilates


Intro to pilates series

“Intro to Pilates” series with Sam Yo, Emma Lovewell, and Aditi Shah lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and draws all your attention to the fundamentals. You will not be required to carry out challenging calorie-burning moves, yet you will be asked for full concentration on the basics of Pilates.

These classes are a part that practitioners, especially beginners, should never skip. Besides getting you more familiar with the general concept of Pilates, they improve your strength, posture, and breath control as well.

Not demanding any equipment or previous experience, Pilates is widely utilized as a therapy to foster rehabilitation for diverse problems, such as backache, neckache, and bone loss after menopause (Byrnes et al., 2018).

Thanks to its low-intensity and short length, the Intro to Pilates series at Peloton is cut out for everyone to practice every day. Amazingly, these classes are that they can also be blended into your cycling program to strengthen your core before riding.

Here is the list of classes in the series:

2. Beginner Pilates


Beginner pilates

This series includes 7 full-length foundational classes. They are delivered in 20 to 30 minutes by 7 different professional instructors, making them appropriate for both novice and seasoned students.

These Pilates sessions for beginners put pressure on various muscles with stably growing intensity as well as adjusted alternatives.

Though both focus on the basics, the Beginner Pilates series is pretty more challenging owing to longer durations and more complex moves. Those who already have experience with core strengthening will find them ideal for additionally boosting their endurance.

You can join Peloton Pilates classes for beginners here:

3. 20 min Silk Sonic Pilates


Silk sonic pilates

Unlike the two aforementioned series, this Silk Sonic Pilates is one single 20-minute session taught by Emma Lovewell. She mainly stresses abdominal endurance, hamstring flexibility, and coordination through extensive moves.

One special thing about this class is how Emma only goes for a few necessary exercises and digs into the details of each one. Hence, it would be a perfect choice for anyone who just starts their journey with Pilates as they have enough time to fully engage in improving breath techniques and muscle endurance comprehensively.

Several studies have been conducted about muscle endurance. An excellent one stated that with only 2 hours of Pilates training per week, practitioners could remarkably foster muscle endurance besides correcting their posture (Kloubec, 2010).

Participating in her class here.

4. Advanced Pilates


Advanced pilates

In general, there are four classes available at this level of difficulty. Each of them is instructed by a different trainer, and to recommend, the one with Kristin McGee would be a good option.

This class takes place for 30 minutes and combines challenging positions with the aim of enhancing both the core and the upper body. It exploits isometric hold, gravity, and lever to develop resistance and spinal alignment.

Advanced Pilates workout with Kristin is a splendid match for those wanting to boost strength and mobility without weights. You can solely join this session or integrate it into a routine with other exercises, such as riding or yoga.

Those four classes on the list are:

5. Intermediate Pilates 45-minutes


Intermediate 45min pilates

This type of Pilates class includes four sessions guided by four instructors. Their primary purpose is to promote core stamina, body awareness, and mobility.

Upon joining these workouts, you will realize that there are a lot of repetitions and less rest between positions. This means that you can spend more time working on every target muscle group as well as recognize the difference between two sides with unilateral exercises.

These asymmetric activities, namely side planks or single-leg bridges, help stimulate abdominal and spinal muscles separately (Saeterbakken et al. 2019).

All in all, these classes will only work for those who are competent enough in Pilates. You can access them here:

6. Themed Pilates


Themed pilates

You can now find some Pilates classes specially designed in a theme as Peloton has been trying to expand its collection of themed Pilates since May 2021.

Below are some typical themed Peloton Pilates workouts available up to now (July 2022).

Equipment for Peloton Pilates Classes?


A woman practicing pilates at home

Dressing properly is a must for Peloton Pilates! To perform all the twisting and stretching activities, you should choose outfits that can absorb your sweats (cotton, nylon, or polypropylene) and support you well enough (leggings and a tank top are highly recommended).

Besides, you may also need to pay attention to these accessories:

  • Peloton yoga mat to maximize the training effectiveness
  • Socks to prevent injuries caused by your slippery floor

Yet, practicing Pilates with bare feet is still totally fine. As you notice, Peloton instructors also teach Pilates without socks.

Peloton Pilates vs. Core Training

“Pilates is not just core strengthening, but also core activation awareness”, put forward by Sam Yo. The table below illustrates more clearly what he means by this.

Peloton Pilates Core Training
Few repetitions Numerous repetitions
Low-intensity High-intensity
Strengthening every muscle group Mainly aiming to strengthen the core
Enhancing body and breath awareness Drawing all the attention to the core

Besides, according to Emma Lovewell, the terminology used in Pilates is also different from that used in core training.

Peloton Pilates vs. Barre

Both Pilates and Barre classes at Peloton are low-intensity and low-impact. However, there are still key differences between them. Let’s look at this table for more details.

Peloton Pilates Barre
Involving the whole body Isolating body parts
Getting results faster Getting results slower
Stretching the whole body with a primary focus on the spine and the core Primarily focusing on the butt, hamstrings, calves, and the core

Though both Pilates and Barre work well for every fitness level, you should still choose the one which makes you feel more comfortable practicing.

Peloton Pilates vs. Yoga

Peloton yoga classes are another type of low-intensity workout, which is also frequently mistaken for Pilates. So, how can we tell them apart? This table could definitely help you.

Peloton Pilates Yoga
Being created to assist injured athletes Being created to enlighten spiritually
Emphasizing strength and flexibility Emphasizing overall wellness
Being highly recommended by doctors for injury rehabilitation Some requiring substantial mobility, thereby limiting for those with pain

Same as when comparing Pilates to Barre, you should also consider your personal preference between Pilates and Yoga to choose between them.


Peloton Pilates classes are offered in many forms and, therefore, will be suitable for everyone at every fitness level. So, whether you desire to tackle all hidden spots, recover after injury, or improve posture, this low-intensity and full-body workout can still help you in one way or another.


1. Does pilates support other exercises in my fitness program?

The answer is: YES.

Practicing Pilates strengthens your abdominals, thereby avoiding getting hurt during running, riding, lifting, or stretching activities.

Moreover, the focus of Peloton Pilates sessions is the core and spinal alignment, which both play a significant role in supporting every movement.

2. Are more pilates classes being added to Peloton library?

Although Pilates is not as popular as some other Peloton classes, the company still managed to expand its library quite regularly. Thus, the answer to this question is: YES. You can expect more and more interesting Pilates brought to the table.

3. Can I get Peloton badges through these pilates sessions?

The answer is: YES.

You can totally get Peloton badges which have been exclusively launched for Pilates. Yet, because Pilates classes are in the Strength section, you cannot gain Pilates Century Club or other similar milestones.

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