Peloton Not Connecting To Wifi – How To Fix It

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/29/2022

Most Peloton classes are going online, and members have to connect their Peloton to the Internet if they want to join. However, people sometimes complain that Peloton not connecting to wifi. In this article, we will go through the reasons for this issue as well as how to fix it.

Stay tuned till the end to find out the solution for your Peloton!

Reasons why your Peloton doesn’t connect to Wifi

Even though the wifi icon is on the screen, the Peloton may still not connect to the Internet yet. We have to know that Peloton machines are not as smart as our smartphones or computers. They don’t have a proper Wifi modem or have some software bug that causes issues like Wifi connection problems.

Here is the list of the possible reasons that make Peloton not connect to WiFi.

  • Hidden SSID that can’t be detected easily.
  • Weak WiFi signal.
  • Max connections have reached.
  • The router is unable to assign DHCP IP.
  • Bug in the Peloton software.
  • Freezing Peloton software.

Reasons why Wifi is essential to Peloton members

Peloton offers more valuable features when it is connected to wifi. If it doesn’t have an Internet connection, you have to pre-download the class to join later which takes so much time and data.

Wifi is essential to Peloton members, especially those who own a Peloton machine. Here’s why.

  • Constantly Update

The Peloton gets frequent updates (2-3 a month) because Peloton constantly adds more classes and programs to the content library. You will be missed a lot of exciting content if you don’t connect your Peloton to the Internet.

  • Peloton Community

You can interact with your friend by using a chatting or video call function during the live class or even see each other’s metrics on the leaderboard. Also, making friends becomes easy since members can add others on social media (which has been linked to their Peloton profile) and share results.

  • Tracking performance metrics

Without wifi, Peloton can’t show all the metrics like calories burnt, output, and ranking on the leaderboard, it is hard to notice if you have made any improvement or if you need to put more effort into the class.


Peloton tracking metrics

How to connect the Internet to Peloton machines?

Instruction to connect the Internet to your Peloton

You can connect your Peloton to the Internet by using both Wireless (Wifi) and Wire (Ethernet) networks. Scroll down here to see the suitable instruction for your type of network.


You should place your Wifi modem near the Peloton to avoid the freezing screen while joining any specific class. Also, you have to make sure the connection speed has to be fast enough. If you are already well prepared, check out this Wifi connecting instruction.

Step 1: Tap the 3 dots on the bottom right-hand corner.


Peloton Connects To Wifi step 1

Step 2: Tap “Device Settings”.


Peloton Connects To Wifi step 2

Step 3: Tap “Wifi” under the Wireless & networks section.


Peloton Connects To Wifi step 3

Step 4: Select your Wifi network, type the correct password and you’ll successfully connect your Peloton to the Internet.


Peloton Connects To Wifi step 4


First of all, The Peloton Tread and Bike+ need a USBC to Ethernet accessory to be able to access the Ethernet port. Also, you have to make sure that the cable is long enough to reach your Peloton without being too stretched or underneath it.

Now here is your simple 3-step instruction:

Step 1: Plug the Ethernet cable into the router/wall jack.


Peloton Connects To Ethernet step 1

Step 2: Plug the Ethernet cable into the touchscreen port (on the back of the Peloton touchscreen).


Peloton Connects To Ethernet step 2

Step 3:  Go to the Wireless & networks section as Wifi instruction above and check if your Peloton has successfully connected to Ethernet.


Peloton Connects To Ethernet step 3

Instruction to test your Internet connection

For the best experience, Peloton recommends a minimum connection speed of 10-15 Mbps download dedicated to the touchscreen and 2.5 Mbps upload. Follow the steps below to check if your Internet speed meets the standard.

Step 1: Tap the 3 dots on the bottom right-hand corner.


Peloton Speed connection test step 1

Step 2: Tap “Device Settings”.


Peloton Speed connection test step 2

Step 3: Scroll down until you notice the Speed Test section.

Step 4: Tap “GO” to start the Speed Test.

The final result will be shown on screen once the Test is completed. If the results say your wireless connection speed is not good, replacing it with an Ethernet network is a good idea.

Troubleshooting Internet connectivity

During the time you use the Peloton, you can’t avoid problems happening to your machine. That’s why Peloton created many Troubleshooting articles for fixing problems, one of which is troubleshooting Internet connectivity.

Before moving to this section, you should have done the Speed Test, placed your Peloton near the WiFi router, and tried to connect your Peloton to the Ethernet network. If it still encounters internet connectivity issues, you have to restart both your Peloton and your router.

To refresh your network connections to and from your Peloton, please follow the steps below.

Peloton Bike/Bike+/Tread

Step 1: Follows the instructions above to go to the Wireless & network section.

Step 2: Tap on “Wifi” then tap on your network, and select “Forget”.

Step 3: Turn Wifi off on your touchscreen.

Step 4: Shut down the touchscreen and unplug the power cable from the wall.

Step 5: Restart your router.

Step 6: Plug your power cable back in and restart your touchscreen.

Step 7: Reconnect to your network again.

If the issue still remains, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Peloton Guide

To restart the Peloton Guide, you just have to unplug the power cable from the back of the Peloton Guide and wait for 30 seconds. Then you plug the cable into the Peloton Guide again and press with a light pressure to make sure it is fully inserted.

If the issue still remains, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Troubleshooting Internet connectivity effort will not be in vain when you ensure the following notes:

  • Your Wifi router is on and connected to the internet.
  • Your Wifi network is not “hidden”.
  • Your Wifi is not a public network
  • Your Pelotons are near the Wifi router.

You can try to restart your Peloton, modem, and router again if it still encounters internet connectivity issues.

For further help, you should connect with Peloton Support following information below:

The Peloton Member Support is online every day from 9 AM to 9 PM.


Peloton Support

Peloton preloaded classes

What are preloaded classes?

Preloaded classes are actually pre-downloading most data in a specific class which helps you avoid lagging issues due to weak Internet signals. A 30-minute class usually takes around 800 MB of data.

Since preloaded classes are just preloaded most data, you still need an active internet connection to start one, even if it is a weak internet connection. Also, metrics and leaderboards are not available offline.

How to preload them?

Every class on the Peloton App can be preloaded. Now you don’t have to worry too much about Internet connection, especially those in remote areas.

Follow the 4-steps instruction below to preload your Peloton classes

Step 1: Choose a class that you want.

Step 2: Click on the Preload button.


Preload Peloton class 1

Step 3: Accept the confirmation modal that pops up next

Step 4: It will be a checkmark saying that it is ready to take when the class has been downloaded.


Preload Peloton class 2


Peloton Internet Connection problems are probably the most common ones. It can be due to many different reasons but hopefully, with the instructions above, you can fix it and continue to enjoy Peloton’s exciting classes. Also, Do not forget to constantly check on your Peloton to detect the problem and quickly handle it as soon as possible.


1. Do I need wifi to attend Peloton On-Demand Classes?

Yes, you always need Wifi or any other Internet connections to attend a Peloton On-Demand class, even when you have already preloaded the classes.

2. Can you use Peloton with a hotspot?

Yes, definitely you can use a Peloton to connect to your personal hotspot, as long as you have enough data. Peloton classes run in HD and consume a lot of data. If you have a mobile service pack with unlimited data, you can use it for Peloton rides.

3. Can you preload classes on the Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can. Through the Peloton app, you will be able to preload classes. However, you will need to have a minimum WiFi or internet connection in order to gather your metrics and display the Leaderboard.! Please click on the preload button below the class name and description.

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