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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/22/2022

Meditation appears to be a simple concept: sit, breathe, and reflect. Yet, it is believed to have arisen thousands of years ago. The practice of meditating has been expanding throughout the world unceasingly thanks to its immense benefits.

Thus, it has become a substantial part of the Peloton library among other on-demand exercises. Without any equipment, Peloton meditation sessions bring about pleasant changes to your body and mind in different ways.

Keep reading to explore what is really inside Mediation Class at Peloton.

Does Peloton Have Any Meditation Classes?

Generally, meditation at Peloton revolves around mindfulness, where we learn how to anchor ourselves here and now by concentrating on our breath. Peloton applies various techniques to each class, ensuring the effectiveness of the whole meditation category.

With 1,000+ sessions available, Peloton meditation can be practiced everywhere, at home, while waiting, or even in the office. Besides, Peloton also offers a program named “The Power of Sleep” and a collection called “Discover New Mediation” to spice things up. So, let’s roll down to learn more about them.

What Benefits Can You Gain From Peloton Meditation?



Taking part in meditation classes at Peloton helps you

  • Enhance mental well-being

Stress reduction (Madhav et al., 2014), anxiety-relieving (David & Vernon, 2014), and emotional health promotion (Laura & Natalie, 2014) are some of the most popular effects that meditation casts on practitioners.

Studies have shown that meditating boosts neuro performance, thereby assisting in preventing age-related memory loss and dementia (Tim et al., 2014, Robyn et al., 2014, Dharma, 2015).

  • Confront addictions

By establishing mental discipline and improving self-awareness of addictive behaviors, the practice of meditation helps you overcome dependencies and manage to have a healthy lifestyle. (Shawn et al., 2014, Eric & Matthew, 2018, Jan et al., 2018)

How to Access Peloton Meditation?

For Peloton meditation classes:

  • Go to the “Classes” section
choosing-classes-section (1)

Choosing classes section

  • Choose “Meditation

Choosing meditation

  • Select the “Filter” button
choosing-filter (1)

Choosing filter

  • Seek sessions with your favorite instructors or music genres

Filtering options

For “The Power of Sleep” program:

  • Go to the “Programs” section
choosing-programs (1)

Choosing programs

  • Choose “Browse
choosing-browse (1)

Choosing browse

  • Scroll to find the “The Power of Sleep” program

Choosing the power of sleep program

For the  “Discover New Meditation” collection:

  • Go to the “Collections” section

Choosing collections

  • Scroll down to find the “Discover New Meditation” collection

Choosing discover new meditation collection

Peloton Meditation Overview

Though simple, the practice of meditating may still seem to be a bit confusing for newbies. With such a huge collection of sessions, there are many things for us to explore about Peloton meditation.


Meditation classes are classified into ten different types at Peloton.

  • Meditation Basics
  • Emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • Relax & Sleep
  • Fitness Focus
  • Audio Only
  • Meditation Anywhere
  • Breathwork
  • Zen in Ten
  • Beyond the Pose

Each of these exploits certain themes, including breathing, sleep, empathy, deep relaxation, and so on, with guidance to achieving a calm state. You can find some references in the picture below.


Meditation class types


With Peloton, you can practice meditating in five durations.

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes

There are no difficulty levels in this category. Thus, just freely go for your preferred length of practice. Details are in the following picture.


Peloton meditation sessions are delivered by ten experienced instructors.

  • Aditi Shah
  • Anna Greenberg
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Cody Rigsby
  • Denis Morton
  • Kirra Michel
  • Kristin McGee
  • Mariana Fernández
  • Nico Sarani
  • Ross Rayburn

Their names are all listed in the picture below.


Meditation instructors

Among these instructors, Aditi Shah, Anna Greenberg, and Ross Rayburn are some of the most highly rated ones.

  • Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah

She is one of the first instructors on the list to launch Peloton meditation. With a calm and relaxed tone, Aditi Shah’s name always pops up when Peloton users need to mention a meditation instructor.

Some of her recommended meditation classes:

To know more about Aditi Shah, come visit our article.

  • Anna Greenberg

Anna Greenberg

Anna has successfully established a deep connection between her mind and body and wants to spread that energy to more and more people through Peloton meditation sessions.

Some of her recommended meditation classes:

To know more about Anna Greenberg, click here.

  • Ross Rayburn

Ross rayburn

After his sports-related injury, Ross Rayburn has become a physical healing expert and developed a comprehensive understanding of our body’s inner workings.

Some of his recommended meditation classes:


Meditation sessions are available in three languages at Peloton.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

With eight English, one German (Nico Sarani), and one Spanish (Mariana Fernández) instructors, practitioners from many parts of the world can comfortably enjoy Peloton meditation sessions. Especially, for those who understand English, there will be more diverse choices as the language is used in most of the classes.


Meditation languages


Overall, all Peloton meditation classes feature soft and relaxing music. Hence, there is no special option for you to opt for in the filtering section.

Best Peloton Meditation For Morning

Practicing meditation in the morning cuts down on cortisol levels, enhances neuro performance, as well as suppresses stress factors (Brand et al., 2012).

So, what are some best Peloton meditation classes you can participate in and their benefits? Keep rolling down for detailed answers.

Body Scan

  • What is Peloton Body Scan Meditation?

Known as one of the most well-received mindful techniques, Peloton Body Scan Meditation can significantly boost your self-awareness both inside and outside. The practice begins with scanning your head to scanning your toes, inch by inch.

  • Why is Peloton Body Scan Meditation good in the morning? 

Starting a new day by becoming conscious of what you think and what you feel helps you ease both emotional and muscle tension. Such ten-minute sessions not only save you time but are cut out for everyone as well.

  • Suggested Peloton Body Scan Meditation classes:
  1. 10 min Body Scan Meditation – Aditi Shah
  2. 10 min Body Scan Meditation – Kristin McGee
  3. 10 min Body Scan Meditation – Anna Greenberg

Peloton body scan meditation

Gratitude Meditation

  • What is Peloton Gratitude Meditation?

As a whole, you will spend 5 – 15 minutes of a Peloton Gratitude Meditation session reminiscing about 1 to 3 things (e.g., achievements, family, and pet) for which you are greatly thankful.

  • Why is Peloton Gratitude Meditation good in the morning?

Practicing Gratitude Meditation with Peloton in the morning uplifts your mood as well as consolidates your appreciation for everything in life. Thus, you will be more relaxed and ready for a whole long day ahead.

Moreover, by regularly showing gratitude, your cognitive performance and physical brain structure will improve (Lardone et al., 2018, Puderbaugh, 2021). This, as a result, leads to better decisions and higher parasympathetic responses.

  • Suggested Peloton Gratitude Meditation classes: 
  1. 5 min Gratitude Meditation – Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  2. 10 min Gratitude Meditation – Ross Rayburn
  3. 15 min Gratitude Meditation – Anna Greenberg

Peloton gratitude meditation


  • What is Peloton Visualization Meditation?

This technique instructs you on how to create sounds, sights, and places before they occur. Hence, you will be well-prepared for all the upcoming circumstances.

  • Why is Peloton Visualization Meditation good in the morning?

Visualization Meditation sessions at Peloton help remove negative thoughts from your head and apply your mind to things in order of priority. The practice also heals your traumas, maintains good health, and cures certain ailments (Giacobbi, 2017).

Besides, Visualization Meditation is suggested to be combined with Gratitude Meditation by directing your attention from blessings in your life to goals you wish to pursue.

  • Suggested Peloton Visualization Meditation classes: 
  1. 5 min Basics: Visualizations – Aditi Shah
  2. 5 min Basics: Visualizations – Ross Rayburn
  3. 5 min Basics: Visualizations – Anna Greenberg

Peloton visualization meditation

Best Peloton Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation for anxiety at Peloton involves both mind and body practices. Sometimes, they even require stiffening your muscles to stimulate deep relaxation.

Breathing Meditation

  • What is Peloton Breathing Meditation?

In general, this mindfulness practice makes your breath deepened and slowed down to its natural pace, thereby adjusting your autonomic nervous system and relaxing your body.

  • Why is Peloton Breathing Meditation good for anxiety?

Being in good control of your breathing rhythm prompts parasympathetic functions, lessens cortisol extents, as well as eliminates stress and anxiety. One outstanding research has proposed that healthy respiration is a potential method to soothe depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Brown, 2009).

  • Suggested Peloton Breathing Meditation classes: 
  1. 5 min Breathing Meditation – Kirra Michel
  2. 10 min Breathing Meditation – Cody Rigsby
  3. 15 min Breathing Meditation – Ross Rayburn

Peloton breathing meditation

Deep Relaxation Meditation

  • What is Peloton Deep Relaxation Meditation?

This relaxation technique entails periodic contraction and relaxation of certain muscles to build connections from them to your mind.

  • Why is Peloton Deep Relaxation Meditation good for anxiety?

Tightening then loosening the muscles calms your nerves and provokes parasympathetic responses. By following the cues Peloton instructors give, you can always keep track of which part of the body you need to work on.

Additionally, a study has stated that symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress were all alleviated after practicing deep relaxation meditation (Merakou et al., 2019).

  • Suggested Peloton Deep Relaxation Meditation classes: 
  1. 10 min Deep Relaxation Meditation – Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  2. 20 min Deep Relaxation Meditation – Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  3. 30 min Deep Relaxation Meditation – Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Peloton deep relaxation meditation

Best Peloton Meditation For Sleep

Sleep Meditation

Enhancing sleep quality is one of the most well-known benefits that meditation offers. So, let’s figure out how Peloton sessions are differentiated from others.

  • What is Peloton Sleep Meditation?

At Peloton, you can find diverse techniques employed in sleep meditation classes, namely: breathing, tension, visualization, mantra, humming, and gratitude.

  • Why is Peloton Sleep Meditation good for sleep? 

Within up to 30 minutes, this practice clears your head from all the thoughts and puts your body at rest to help you fall asleep faster. It, besides, also reduces your heart rate as well as bumps your melatonin levels up.

  • Suggested Peloton Sleep Meditation classes: 
  1. 10 min Sleep Meditation – Anna Greenberg
  2. 15 min Sleep Meditation – Ross Rayburn
  3. 15 min Sleep Meditation – Aditi Shah

Peloton sleep meditation

Some Other Peloton Meditation Classes For You To Consider

Apart from the aforementioned classes, you can also opt for what suits you most among these highly recommended ones.

Equipment for Peloton Meditation

Basically, you do not have to prepare any special equipment to partake in Peloton Meditation, as these sessions are designed for you to practice anywhere and anytime.

Yet, if you want to create a space specifically for meditating, a yoga mat is something you may consider.

Peloton Meditation vs. Calm Meditation

Calm is known as a leading app that features both meditation tools and sleeping aids. Thus, sessions in this app are usually compared to those offered by Peloton.

Overall, meditation sessions at Peloton are different from those at Calm in many ways.

Peloton Meditation Calm Meditation
Suitable for beginners Suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators
Fewer meditation themes and classes More meditation themes and classes
Explanation of the fundamentals In-depth explanation of mindfulness

(the reason and science behind it)

Fewer masterclasses More masterclasses

All in all, if you aim to take your meditation to the next level, Calm is a better option. However, if practicing meditating is just your occasional routine, then Peloton is suggested.

Peloton Meditation vs. Headspace Meditation

Founded in May 2010, Headspace provides meditation sessions to its registered members with the goal of mindfulness. Though quite similar, meditation classes at Peloton and Headspace still have their own distinct features.

Peloton Meditation Headspace Meditation
Less variety of themes and courses More variety of themes and courses
Offering only guided sessions Offering unguided sessions
Not designing a specific section for techniques and common challenges Designing a specific section for techniques and common challenges

Generally, Peloton is more of a workout app with a meditation component. So, if you want to blend meditation into your training program, Peloton is obviously an ideal choice.


For those whose purpose is utilizing mindfulness for relaxing and achieving a calmer state of mind, Peloton Meditation will be a perfect match. With 1,000+ classes being expanded every day, practitioners can freely choose whatever they like.

By applying various techniques to cast impacts on your physiology, meditation sessions at Peloton can help you energize yourself, overcome anxiety and depression, as well as enhance your overall health.


1. Is meditation at Peloton really effective?

The answer is: YES.

The practice can effectively alter your emotional state within a short period of time. At Peloton, the instructions are cued in detail, from how to breathe and think, to which part of your body needs flexing and loosening.

2. Does Peloton have any Meditation programs or collections?

The answer is: YES.

Peloton has a two-week meditation program named “The Power of Sleep” and a meditation collection named “Discover New Meditation” with more than 50 classes (updated in July 2022).

To find out how to access and participate in these sections, roll back to part “3. How to Access Peloton Meditation” of this article.

3. Can I earn badges for taking part in Peloton Meditation classes?

The answer is: YES.

Though there is no Peloton meditation badge, you can still get Peloton theme badges by joining such sessions as World Meditation Day or API Heritage (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Meditation.

4. Who can join Peloton Meditation classes?

Meditation is for everyone regardless of age, gender, or health status.

Yet, if you want to join in sessions designed for family time, seek classes exclusively taught for pregnant women, or find best workouts for seniors, you can visit our other articles.

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