How To Pick Your Ideal Peloton Leaderboard Names

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/13/2022

Peloton is growing in popularity, and people started asking questions about everything related to the platform. As Peloton leaderboard names are crucial in activating your Peloton accounts, let this article help you find an ideal one.

Do you want to put effort into creating your leaderboard name? Or do you just want to get over with it? Either way, this guideline has solutions to your problems.

What are Peloton Leaderboard Names?


Get friends with funny peloton names

The leaderboard name is one of the public information of your Peloton account besides age and location. It is one of the first things you will see on your leaderboard.

How long can a Peloton leaderboard name be, you might ask? Its length is limited to 15 characters (letters and numbers all the same), plus the underscore.

Why do you need a fancy Peloton name to kick-start your journey with Peloton?

Whether you want to follow an instructor, add someone to your friend list, or race against your friends, you would need to search them up first. To do that, you have to know their leaderboard names.

What if you want strangers to reach out to you? There is no faster way to do that than having a quirky username.

Indeed, intriguing names tend to catch the attention quickly. One fact is that many Peloton users often wander around the website in search of new faces. So, there will be times when a name is all it takes for you to get more followers.

In other words, having a great name rewards you with chances to make new friends and get more fun on Peloton. Can you see how important leaderboard names are now?

Does that sound like a deal to you? If the answer is yes, keep reading to learn tips for choosing a leaderboard name.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Peloton Leaderboard Names

Make sure your name is unique

Follow the below steps to search for taken leaderboard names that may be similar to your ideas.

Step 1: Go to the Log-in page and sign in.

step-1 (1)

Step 1

Step 2: Now that you’re at the Profile page, click Find Members.


Step 2

Step 3: Enter a keyword that you want to include in your leaderboard name. The search engine will show you all user names containing that word.


Step 3

That is how simple it is to make sure your name is original. Some can be so confident about their names’ uniqueness that they skip these steps. Yet, the Peloton community is expanding rapidly and the choices of leaderboard names are getting fewer, so better be safe than sorry.

Stay simple

Technically, there is nothing like going overboard about naming leaderboard names. It is totally fine if your name is a bit strange, as long as it matches your vibe. Having peculiar names is actually a very effective way of drawing attention.

However, if your priority is to make new friends, being relatable is the number one strategy. What would happen if your name is tricky for people to remember or read? People would probably feel less motivated to look you up. So, your name should not be complicated.

This also means your name should be easy to pronounce, too. Imagine joining the streaming of an instructor. Would the instructor shout out your name if it is something like JeremyXoX7177? Pretty much no. And I dare say such a name would trouble your friends when they try to remember it.


Instructors will avoid complicated names

Show the world who you are

A crucial step in making new friends is to vibe-check the others. In a virtual society like Peloton, there are only a few particular ways you can do that. One of these is to express your interest in your leaderboard name.

Are you a keen football player? Why not try including that in your leaderboard name? From sports, movies, music, to traveling, etc. All kinds of hobbies connect people. Don’t be surprised if you see yoga enthusiasts start following your BellaLoveYoga account.

How about making a brief introduction of yourself with the leaderboard name? What is the best word to describe you as a person? What is that one memorable event that changes your life forever? Whatever sparks joy to you, tell that to the world with your username.

Even if you want to get a bit personal, do it. Some choose to tell their life stories with their leaderboard names and descriptions. Yes, Peloton is all about being fun and healthy, but it can get touchy sometimes, too. Many wouldn’t mind getting chicken soup for their souls here on this platform.

So if you want the right people to reach out to you, tell them exactly who you are.


Leaderboard name helps you find your tribe

Get some help with a name generator

It could be much less fun if you start overthinking your leaderboard name. This name creator might be helpful for you:

Using a username generator is undoubtedly convenient, but there are certain drawbacks, too. Firstly, don’t expect too much of its ability to create a quirky name (after all, they are algorithms, not human beings).

Another thing is that the site won’t tell you if the name has been taken or not. You would have to manually double-check with the steps provided above.

Nonetheless, don’t get stressed out with this naming work. Leaderboard names are changeable, and unlike Facebook or other media, it costs no time between changes. If you are not satisfied with your name, you can change it anytime you want.

Examples of Peloton instructors and celebrities’ usernames


Peloton instructor names are simple

Instructors or famous people, in general, don’t usually use complicated names. It is because the more simple their names are, the easier for users to look them up.

Here are some leaderboard names of Peloton instructors:

  • Matt Leinart/mattyice111
  • Jay Cutler/Cutler6
  • Patrick Mahomes/2PM
  • Billy Horscel/BillyHo23
  • Christine Vande Velde/ChristineVV
  • Erik Jager/ErikJager
  • Jess King/jesskingnyc

You can see that celebrities’ usernames are usually simple, using common combinations like name + underscore, or name + location. A few exceptions are:

  • Ally Love/AllyMissLove
  • CallieGullickson/ItsallieGJennifer
  • Jacobs/JMethod
  • Kendall Toole/fitxkendallLogan
  • Aldridge/itsjustanarm
  • Marcel Maurer/Marcel2Coach, etc.

The latter group chooses to add a tiny bit of persona, but their names still sound pretty simple in general.

Funny ideas for Peloton leaderboard names


Funny names that entertain your friends

Below is a collection of funny Peloton leaderboard names. Some of them might not be available anymore by the time you discover them here in this article. Yet, reading them only will make you giggle and also inspire you, I hope, to come up with an impressive name on your own.

  • Pedal2daMetal
  • Cake_2_5K
  • Marco Dnt Say Polo
  • Bad karma
  • Loonisee
  • NoCalzoneZone
  • Haulin_Gas
  • Kokonuts
  • Timmy Toots A Lot
  • Xmas Beer Pong
  • Mazel Tough
  • Not in sync
  • The Brainy Fools
  • BondnoNotBond
  • TourdeMerlot
  • Jalapeno Hotties
  • Spinster Wife
  • The Drunken Pirates
  • FreddieSpinzeJr
  • Not really me
  • Spingelina Jolie
  • Bud Lightyear
  • Gin And Pelotonic
  • The A Team
  • Brat face

Final thoughts

Choosing Peloton leaderboard names is the very first step of your Peloton journey. Staying simple is the key to an awesome name, but a witty punchline will also make people remember you just as easily.

The bottom line is, don’t get stressed out. Even when your name does not satisfy you, remember that Peloton leaderboard names are not permanent.


1. What should I NOT do when naming my Peloton leaderboard names?

First of all, don’t get a name that is longer than 15 characters.

Secondly, don’t use names that violate Peloton’s Community Guidelines. Sure,  Peloton can’t detect whether your name violates Community Guidelines or not, but other users will notice and report you.

2. Can instructors read out loud inappropriate usernames during streaming?

Instructors are required to follow certain guidelines, which make them refrain from reading sensitive leaderboard names out loud during streaming.

3. Why should I not change my name too often?

Although it is simple to change names on Peloton, you should not do this too often. Peloton is getting more and more users every day, which means the options of names are decreasing. Adding up underscores might solve this problem, but your name will get a bit harder to remember then.

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