Understand Everything On The Peloton Leaderboard

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/30/2022

How long have you been riding on your Peloton bike? Have you been thriving on your bike? If yes, then you must know your bike so well, and you may care a lot if you have made any progress with your workout as well. Today we will introduce you to the Peloton Leaderboard. So, please take a look at this article with us!

What is a Peloton Leaderboard?



Peloton Leaderboard definition?

Peloton Leaderboard is a leaderboard displayed on the screen that shows the current status of you and other people in a class. The total output will be used for your rank.

What is the Leaderboard for?

By basing on the Leaderboard, you will know clearly how you are doing, whether you improve or not, or where you are in the class. It is essential to adjust yourself while working out. Then you can adjust yourself and the numbers on the screen will motivate you to perform even better.

Numbers on the Leaderboard and its meaning

What do numbers on the Leaderboard mean?

There will be a lot of data on the Peloton Leaderboard to take a look at. So, let’s read the following sections to understand the Leaderboard better!



Status Bar

This Status Bar will help you know your position and others’ position as well. Moreover, you can know their other information such as gender, name… or even you can high-five them. Based on the image above, from left to right, these are what you will see:

  • The position on the ride: The number 44th in the image is your ranking compared to other users in the class you and them are taking based on total output.
  • The avatar in the circular: The avatar in the circular: A circle next to the ranking position is an avatar installed in your profile. As you are working out with any exercise, a circle will be fulfilled clockwise. You can see other riders’ avatars and their circles too.
  • Your Leaderboard name: The name next to your avatar is your username. Below your username is some of the basic information, including your gender, age group, and location label from your Peloton profile. You can choose to hide the data, and these factors will not affect your rank on the Leaderboard.
  • Total Output: The far-right number (e.g. 308) is your total output at this point in the ride. This number will determine your rank on the leaderboard.

Personal Record Information

This part is on the top line, beginning with a star displaying your record in the current class.

In the above image, we have the numbers 45 minutes and 512. That means you have achieved the highest output of 512 KJ in the 45-minute classes you have attended so far. The highest output number is also called your Personal Records (PR).

The number 396 on the right side of this bar is the personal record at that point in the ride, so if you are in the middle of the ride, this number gonna show you what you were at that point in the ride when you achieve your personal record. You can compare that to your current output (e.g. number 308 in the below status bar) to see if you’re training to beat your current record or if you are behind and you need to work harder.

Total Output



The output will be the metric that determines your rank in the ride you are taking. The larger the output, the higher your rank.

The following two stats will affect your output:

  • Resistance: It is the heavy or light pressure when cycling. The lighter the resistance, the faster you can pedal, and the higher the resistance, the slower you pedal.
  • Cadence: It is the rotational speed of the pedal. It usually ranges from 50 to 120. In case exceeding 120, you have to pedal very fast. However, this case is rare because it causes a high risk of overturning.

These two metrics affect the Peloton output because it calculates the total number of seconds you complete the ride as well as the average output you get.

The formula for calculating the output is as follows:

Output = (The average output X the number of seconds in the ride) / 1,000

For example:

  • Your average: 100 Watts.
  • The number of seconds in the ride: in a 2,700-second ride (45 minutes).

⇒ Your output = (100 X 2700)/1000 = 270 KJs

Filters, Followers, and High-Fives



By looking at your account, you can know a lot about your current status. For example, in this screenshot, by looking at the user’s account, you will see two numbers, 2 and (69).

  • Number 2 means you are in second place on the filtered list.
  • Number 69 in parentheses means you are the 69th person among the available riders.

Also, you can see other users’ statuses if you follow them. If you take a look at the account “MightyUnicorn”, you can know where she is as well. Her clock circle has been filled more than half, which means she has worked out more than half of the process.

One of the interesting functions we have in Peloton is the high-five. So, you can be high-fived or high-five any users that you like. There are even some Peloton riders who shared that they had tried high-fiving some famous Peloton users, and they high-fived them back!

How to decode Leaderboard



As can be seen in the example image above, the 312th rank is too far from the remaining top 5 participants. Maybe, this ranking is the motivation for you to try harder to surpass yourself.

But don’t worry too much about ranking high or low. Don’t be too disappointed when your ranking is at the bottom of the list because it’s just a number. But, more importantly, when your ranking isn’t high just because you’ve just started the ride, while the people with a higher rank ended the ride.

Is your score good enough already?



So, after reading everything on the Peloton Leaderboard, are you satisfied with your result? Let’s see the sections below to know where you are at and understand what that means:

How is my score compared to the others?

You may want to check the average score of the Peloton users to motivate yourself and more importantly, to know how much progress you have made so far. Most Peloton users will be at the 50-70 band, so if your score is in this range, you are a regular rider.

Does your position on the leaderboard really reflect you?

Even though expecting improvements from yourself is necessary, sometimes you can improve a lot while not climbing to the top of the Leaderboard. Some people will always stay on the top of the Leaderboard, while some remain at the bottom. In terms of workouts, everyone will be different. Everyone’s body features will make it easier or harder for them to follow a certain sort of exercise. So, if you are not on the top of the board, there is still nothing to worry about!

Ways to improve my scores



Generally, if you want to improve your scores, obviously, you need to increase your output. So keep on increasing training frequency, intensity, and time, or maybe find another kind of workout that suits you. Practice makes perfect!

We also have a video tutorial on how you can improve your workout output. Check it out:

On The Leaderboard With Peloton – Peloton’s New Series



Recently, we have introduced a brand new series called “On The Leaderboard With Peloton”, which welcomes celebrities and famous athletes to be on air. The series is now streaming on Youtube. Hopefully, by seeing your favorite person working out on their Peloton bike, you will be inspired and motivated!

See what the series really is here:


The Peloton Leaderboard is important because it helps you know how well you have been working out on the Peloton Bike. But, not being on top does not mean that you are a weak ride. The most important purpose for using Peloton is to be healthy, keep fit and stay positive.


1. Do digital app users have a leaderboard too?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. So far, the Leaderboard is only available if you own a Peloton bike. When you use the app with your own other brand’s bike, you will not see your position on the Leaderboard.

2. Are there any instructors on the Leaderboard?

Yes, there are! Here we have some of the instructors’ names and their usernames, you can follow them and learn how to climb on the top with those amazing people:

Coach/Instructor Leaderboard Name / Username
Aditi Shah diti22
Adrian Williams AdrianWNYC
Alex Toussaint MrToussaint25
Ally Love AllyMissLove
Andy Speer AndySpeer23
Anna Greenberg agreenberg and/or annag918
Becs Gentry BecsGentry
Ben Alldis BenAlldis
Benny Adami BennyAdami
Bradley Rose bradley_rose
Callie Gullickson ItscallieG
Camila Ramon milamariana
Charlotte Weidenbach
Chase Tucker chasetucker
Chelsea Jackson Roberts CJRLovesYoga
Christian Vande Velde ChristianVV
Cliff Dwenger clifforddwenger
Cody Rigsby codyrigsby
Daniel McKenna theirish_yank
Denis Morton Denis__Morton
DJ John Michael DJJohnMichael
Emma Lovewell emmalovewell
Erik Jäger ErikJäger
Hannah Frankson HannahFrankson
Hannah Marie Corbin HannahCorbin
Irène Scholz IreneScholz
Jeffrey McEachern
Jenn Sherman JennSherman
Jennifer Jacobs JMethod
Jermaine Johnson
Jess King jesskingnyc
Jess Sims jesssims
Jon Hosking Hosky
Joslyn Thompson Rule JoslynThompsonR
Kendall Toole fitxkendall
Kirra Michel Kirramichel
Kirsten Ferguson KirstenFerguson
Kristin McGee krimcgee
Leanne Hainsby LeanneHainsbyUK
Logan Aldridge itsjustanarm
Mariana Fernandez tiamariananyc
Marcel Dinkins OfficialMarcelF
Marcel Maurer Marcel2Coach
Marina Andresen Marina_Andresen
Matt Wilpers MWilpers
Matty Maggiacomo mattymaggiacomo
Mayla Wedekind Mayla_Wedekind
Mila Lazar MilaLazar
Nico Sarani nicosarani
Oliver Lee Oliver__L
Olivia Amato olivia_amato
Rad Lopez radlopez
Rebecca Kennedy RKSolid
Robin Arzon robinaarzon and/or RobinArzon
Ross Rayburn Yogaross
Sam Yo SuperYOda
Selena Samuela selenasamuela
Susie Chan SusieChanRuns
Tobias Heinze
Tunde Oyeneyin tune2tunde


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