Peloton Extended Warranty: Should or Shouldn’t?

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/30/2022

Peloton has excellent customer service and after-sales policies. With products such as Bike, Bike +, Tread, and Tread +, Peloton always offers the right policies for customers to have the best perfect experience even after many years of use.

While Peloton Limited Protection Plans gives customers full coverage, users still have a lot of doubts about Peloton Extended Warranty. So is the Peloton Warranty really worth it? The following article will partly help you answer this question.

Peloton Protection Plans

Peloton customers can purchase Peloton Protection Plans to protect their products from environmental hazards such as lightning or unexpected accidents.  In addition, the coverage period can be extended to 12 months from the end of the old plan.

  • For Bike, Bike +, and Tread, Peloton offers a 48-month comprehensive insurance plan. This coverage lasts longer than 12-month the manufacturer’s limited warranty of 36 months. It also includes accidental damage and surge protection from the purchase date.
  • For special components including Bike / Tread frames, Peloton will support longer manufacturers’ limited warranties but only include the labor coverage extension.
Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike

Protection Plan Coverage

Protection Plan Coverage protects your products from

  • Mechanical and electrical failures.
  • Normal wear and tear failures.
  • Power surge failures.
  • Accidental damage from moving such as drops, spills, or tip-overs.

You will receive some benefits when buying Peloton Protection Plan:

  • Peloton-authorized Technicians are in charge of your products’ fixes.
  • Peloton is committed to providing genuine replacement parts.
  • Peloton Member Support Team is responsible for your claims.
  • Peloton supports on-site service and in-home repairs.
  • No payment for deduction fees and costs incurred.
  • Transferable insurance is allowed.

Protection Plan Coverage does not cover:

  • Errors do not affect product functionality: appearances, scratches, peels, paint colors, plastic pads, etc.
  • General hardware maintenance.
  • Affected by extreme weather such as storms, floods, and earthquakes.
  • The influence is caused by the customer moving the product out of the pre-installation position.
Extreme weather

Extreme weather

Peloton’s limited home use warranty

Peloton’s limited home use warranty is the minimum period Peloton allows customers to use for products after purchasing. The warranty package covers the repair and replaced components of the device in case of damage. Customers tend to use this insurance warranty to feel more secure in using the device.

It is notice that Peloton Limited Warranty only supports first users of the Bike products line, including used products. The owner of the original owner is the only person entitled to use a limited warranty. However, the Peloton Extended Warranty would be the solution to this problem.

In fact, Peloton Extended Warranty offers a warranty of up to five years for some parts. This is a crucial reason many people decide to buy their Peloton Extended Warranty.

However, it is important to understand the Peloton limited home use warranty before deciding to buy a Peloton Extended Warranty, as many customers still consider whether the Peloton Extended Warranty is worth the money.

Some of our analyses below will help you make precise decisions.

Peloton Bike and Bike+

According to Peloton customer support, Peloton’s limited home use warranty is divided into two main periods of twelve months and five years, depending on the components. As follows:

  • Twelve months: HD Touchscreen, Bike, and Bike+ components and pedals, and Labor
  • Five years: Bike Frame

In addition to pre-designed parts and components for the Peloton Bike and Bike+, Labor is what includes the cost of the staff to repair and ship it within twelve months of product purchase.

The above warranty conditions apply only to the original owners of Bike and Bike +. If you buy these as gifts, the premium packages go to the original subscriber. Peloton’s limited home use warranty does not apply to transfer or used cases.

Bike and Bike+ components and pedals

Bike and Bike+ components and pedals

Peloton Tread and Tread+

Similar to Bike and Bike +, Peloton Tread and Tread+ also have some incentives as follows:

  • Twelve months: HD Touchscreen, Tread + Components, Labor
  • Five years: Frame, Drive Motor, Walking Belt

As can be seen in the Tread and Tread+ product line, Peloton remains the same but longer limited terms of coverage. This may be due to some outstanding features of this product line. In addition, some insurance package rules, such as product transfer issues, stay the same.

Genuine replacement parts

Genuine replacement parts

Peloton Extended Warranty

What is Peloton Extended Warranty?

In addition to Peloton’s limited home use warranties, Peloton also provides extended warranties for customers to have a better and longer experience with the brand. Peloton extended warranty is a broad grease insurance package to support and handle any damage during use when the limited warranty package ends.

As mentioned above, the 12-month limited insurance package is enough for customers to enjoy the best services of Peloton. Therefore, customers can completely spend more time and money to enjoy that comfort.

Peloton Extended Warranty Service Plan Coverage

Here is the service plan coverage for both product lines of Peloton (Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Tread+)

  • Genuine replacement parts and Peloton-authorized Technicians
  • Peloton Support Service Center with easy agreements
  • Mechanical and electrical failures, Normal wear and tear failures, and Power surge failures
  • Accidental damage from moving such as drops, spills, or tip-overs
Replacement parts

Replacement parts

How Much is Peloton Extended Warranty?

Costs for Peloton Extended Warranty packages will vary, ranging from $145 to $325 depending on replacement parts, customer service required, and the duration of the extended coverage. Specifically, the costs are clearly planned as shown in the table below:

24-Month-Warranty of All Coverage (Including 12 extended months) 39-Month-Warranty of All Coverage (Including 27 extended months)
Bike $145 $185
Bike+ $175 $230
Tread $175 $230
Tread+ $270 $325

For the Bike insurance package, it costs $ 145 for twenty-four months of total coverage. You only need an extra $ 40 for an additional twenty-seven months of the warranty covering the total coverage. This is a very good remuneration policy of Peloton to customers.

For Bike+, the amount you have to pay for the insurance ranges from $ 175 to $ 230, quite cheap compared to the general ground.

With the Tread and Tread+ product lines, prices for insurance services are higher. However, compared to the quality and value of this product line, it is not a large amount for users to consider many times.

How do you purchase Peloton Extended Warranty?

There are four ways to buy Peloton Extended Warranty:

  • Direct Contact: Peloton is always available from 9 am – 9 pm ET every day, seven days a week. You make a phone call at 1-866-679-9129.
  • Live chat: You are able to chat with the Peloton Support Team directly here.
  • Physical Store: Bring your Peloton product proof of purchase and serial number to the nearest stores. The staff will support you immediately.
  • Get Support: Peloton will solve any problems when you contact them via the Customer Support Center by phone, website, or email.
Peloton Physical Store

Peloton Physical Store

Benefits of Peloton Extended Warranty

Peloton’s sales center is very good at taking care of customers and has a complete list of alternative products. This will make it possible to quickly and accurately replace the parts of any product. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you buy the Peloton extended protection pack:

  • A one-year warranty covers replacement parts during the valid Peloton extended warranty.
  • Peloton fixes your device’s normal wear and tear failures or power surge failures.
  • Customer support accepts your complaint or request by phone or text message. The process is fast and effective.
  • Take care not to repair or change any part of the device by yourself. If there are any problems, wait for the Peloton-authorized Technicians.
Peloton-authorized Technicians

Peloton-authorized Technicians

Should I buy the third-party warranty instead? Its disadvantages?

Nowadays, in addition to the equipment insurance plans offered by brands when customers buy their products, there are a few platforms that specialize in offering coverage for all electronic devices at affordable and multiple prices. Among them, the Upsie platform is becoming quite popular recently.

Upsie is a platform providing extended warranties on all kinds of products on phones, TV, bikes, treadmills, etc. It is also connected to fitness devices like Peloton products. This platform offers 36 months of total coverage, which is 24 months of extended coverage.

However, there are some disadvantages when you use platforms like Upsie.

First, who will come directly to your home and repair the products when needed? With a Peloton warranty, customers will be assured that all devices are replaced and repaired by professional engineers. So, you do not need to worry about whether the repaired product will be affected or not.

Second, does a third-party warranty guarantee the customers’ interests and understand your products? Peloton product lines have quite complex functions and structures. Genuine accessories also require replacement. Therefore, it is risky to use a third-party warranty.




Peloton’s extended warranty is a valuable investment if you want the best experience from Peloton’s products. In addition to minimizing costs, Peloton will help you have warmhearted care, so your training will be a lot easier. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any damage to the equipment during the training process.

After all, you still need to spend a fair amount of money to have a Peloton extended warranty. So, think and choose carefully before making a decision.


1. Can I purchase a Peloton Protection Plan if I’ve already bought my Peloton equipment?

Yes, you can buy a Peloton Protection Plan if your purchase is less than twenty months.

2. Can my Peloton Protection Plan change its ownership if I give the product to other people?

Since April 5, 2022, all the transferable contractions have been acceptable. So you just keep your Peloton product proof of purchase and serial number and then ask the Support Team.

3. Can I still apply for the Peloton Warranty if I move to other countries?

No. Peloton Warranty is only allowed to use in the original country according to Terms and Conditions

4. Is there a deductible or a limit to the number of claims I can make with Peloton Protection Plans?

There will be no restrictions on your complaints or claims regarding products with Peloton. It is Peloton’s responsibility to process and accept your request.

5. Do 3rd party accessories and attachments affect the warranty?

No, the 3rd party accessories and attachments do not make limit the warranty even if the devices are not harmed or failed by 3rd party accessories and attachments.

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