Peloton Encore Rides – A Must-Read Before You Join

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/01/2022

Peloton live rides can stimulate your motivation and maximize your productivity. But what if you can’t follow these classes? Don’t worry! The Peloton will get you covered with its encore courses.

So what are Peloton encore rides? Do they differ from live and on-demand ones? To answer all relevant questions, please follow our post!

Does Peloton Have Encore Ride Classes?

Yes. Although Peloton is famous for its live and on-demand classes, you can easily find the encore lessons in its vast library. 

Encore ride classes are live classes recorded and then aired at a specific time. In other words, they have the same lessons as the live ones but are not real-time.

Although the airing time is different, encore rides will offer you all the benefits of live and on-demand rides. In addition, you can expect your improvement in strength and endurance after following these classes.

Peloton also provides encore classes for other disciplines, apart from riding. Hence, you can rejoin your live strength or running classes.


Encore Ride On Peloton

How Do Peloton Encore Classes Work?

Here is how Peloton creates an encore class:

  • Step 1: Record a live class
  • Step 2: Set a schedule to stream the recorded class
  • Step 3: Create a leaderboard for the class
  • Step 4: Stream the class at the set time

Because an encore session is a recorded live class, you can’t give your instructor high fives or shoutouts. Moreover, what the instructor says in this class may not suit your situation. For example, if the morning is cold and your trainer jokes about the weather, you can’t feel it in your afternoon encore class as it is hot.

However, such things don’t affect your productivity. The key is to follow your trainer’s movements and instructions.


Live Classes Are Recorded

Benefit Of Peloton Encore Classes

Peloton encore classes are beneficial in many aspects. For example:

  • You can ask your friend to join the courses with you for more motivation.
  • The exercises are the same as live classes.
  • These options allow you to remain flexible. So even when you are busy, you won’t miss your live classes.

Peloton offers both live and encore courses, giving you more choices for your workout sessions.

Features Of Encore Rides

Encore rides are an excellent choice if you can’t find a live class that fits your timetable. So, let’s check their features to learn more about them.


You can see the schedule of your encore class and join it, similar to how to join a live class. Although there are fewer options, you can also pick the most suitable course.


Encore rides also have a leaderboard displaying all the participants’ names. This feature allows you to interact with your fellows and make a video call.

No pause button

You can’t pause your class once it has started. The lack of a pause button will make you feel like joining a live class.

Peloton bike

Peloton cycling classes require you to work out on your Peloton bike. So, whether they are live, on-demand, or encore, you have to prepare the spin bike.


You Need A Peloton Bike

How To Find Peloton Encore Rides?

If the features of Peloton encore classes attract you, please follow these steps to join them. The instructions apply for all encore classes, including rides, runs, yoga, or strength classes.

Step 1: Select “SCHEDULE” Tab on the upper section of the screen. Then, you will see “Live & Encore” and “Your Schedule” options underneath. Simply click on the “Live & Encore” button to check the available classes.


Choose Live And Encore

Step 2: Choose the date you want to take the class.


Choose The Date

Step 3: Check the type of class under the class time. You will have two options: Live and Encore.


Choose The Type Of Class

Step 4: After choosing the class, click “SCHEDULE” to book your spot.


Click On Schedule

Step 5: You can check your reservation by clicking on the class. You successfully scheduled it if you see “YOU’RE IN” confirmation.


You Are In

Step 6: Another way to check your slot is to access the “Your schedule” section. Your class list will show up below.


Your Set Schedule

How To Cancel Your Scheduled Encore Class?

If you don’t want to join the scheduled class, take the steps below to cancel it:

Step 1: Remove the class from your list by tapping on “You’re in.”


Cancel The Class

Step 2: Confirm your cancellation by choosing “REMOVE.”


Confirm Your Cancellation

What Is The Peloton Encore Ride Schedule?

There is no fixed schedule for Peloton encore rides. However, you can check the class list within several days.

For example, the schedule of encore rides from July 27, 2022, to August 2, 2022, is as follows:

  • July 27: 5:00 PM
  • July 28: 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM
  • July 29: None
  • July 30: 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM
  • July 31: 7:00 AM, 3:00 PM, and 4:30 PM
  • August 1: 4:00 AM and 5:00 PM

Peloton Encore Ride Schedule

Differences Between Encore vs. Other Workouts

First-timers may find Peloton live, on-demand, and encore classes confusing. So we will help you distinguish these three phrases.

Encore vs. On-Demand Classes

Both encore and on-demand classes are recorded live courses. However, you will have different experiences because their features are not the same.

Peloton on-demand classes are available to air at any time. Peloton also records live classes and saves them in the on-demand list. Some instructors record their classes specifically for on-demand.

Here are some differences between the two types of Peloton classes:

Encore On-demand
Airing time At a scheduled time Any time
Progress tracker A live leaderboard No leaderboard
Sound No sound options to play Your favorite playlist
Pros – More energetic workouts

– Interaction with other riders

– More options

– Access to previous Peloton lessons

Cons Unable to play your own music No competition feeling

Encore vs. Live Classes

The only difference between encore and live classes is that live classes are real-time, while the encore ones are not. It leads to other differences, such as:

  • You can interact with your instructors in live classes, but recorded sessions don’t have this feature.
  • Real-time lessons are more fun.

Are All Live Classes Recorded for Encore?

Unfortunately, no. The Peloton will let you know if your live classes have encore options. And you can see them a few days after the live ones were aired.

Users can request for their favorite classes to be encored. However, these cases are rare, so you have few choices to re-take your missed live classes.


Not All Live Classes Can Be Encore

Are There Encore Runs on Peloton?

Yes. Like the rides, encore runs are recorded live runs. So you can expect the same thing as your encore cycling classes on your running ones.

As mentioned earlier, Peloton offers encore sessions for other class disciplines. So do not worry if you miss your live strength, yoga, or stretch classes.


Peloton has always been working on its way to improving users’ experience. Encore rides are among the most outstanding examples, as they help you track what you miss due to your busy schedule.

Hopefully, you can find what you need on Peloton. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do encore rides count for Peloton?

Yes. Peloton counts encore rides the same way it counts live and on-demand sessions. Moreover, your output will be noted, which may impact your maximum and average output.

2. Do you pay for Peloton encore classes?

Yes. You must purchase the Peloton membership to access encore classes on its digital app.

3. Is the encore ride of Peloton suitable for everyone?

No. To use the bike for the encore ride, you must be at least 14 years old and 4’11 inches tall.

4. Can the instructors see you on Peloton?

No. All things the Peloton instructors see is the leaderboard with the users’ names listed. They can also monitor their metrics during the workout.

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