Essential Things About Peloton Products Delivery Time

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BY Jim Felt
Updated on 05/30/2022

Peloton bikes and treadmills are increasingly popular in the workout community because of their effectiveness and benefits. At the same time, Peloton has to improve its delivery time and supply chain to satisfy customers. Nevertheless, a lot of customers have complaints about the Peloton shipping time due to the delays and issues.

Hence, this article provides everything about Peloton Products Delivery Time you need to know before buying Peloton devices. This advice will ease the anxiety and answer some questions that you are wondering about Peloton’s services and equipment.

Peloton Products Delivery Time

How long does the Peloton shipping time take?

The first important thing when considering purchasing a Peloton product is that Peloton does not have a fixed delivery time for any product. Delivery time depends on many factors such as time of purchase, product weight, inventory, and many other reasons. You may only need to wait a week or two, but it could also take months. Here are two important factors that affect Peloton’s delivery time mostly:

  • Order interval
  • Number of orders at the time of delivery

The demand for Peloton products increases during special occasions, and the delivery time is delayed. On holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year, or summer vacation, orders pile up. Peloton cannot process orders quickly even though they have contracted with many different carriers. In case the inventory runs out, you will have to wait for the next batch.

Peloton Bike in your home

Peloton Bike in your home

Is Peloton delivered on time?

As we said above, Peloton’s on-time delivery rate is shallow. One to two days after you confirm your order, Peloton contacts you directly to confirm some of the required paperwork and set a suitable delivery date.

However, even if you receive your delivery date as soon as possible, you still have to wait at least a few weeks after payment, possibly a few months later. You can call Peloton customer service to ask about the nearest delivery date and fastest shipping method, so you can take a chance to have the proper schedule.

Peloton Shipping Time: Delays and Why?

There are 3 reasons why Peloton’s delivery times are slow:

First, many people quickly decided to buy this new device because of its prominent features when Peloton’s Bike Plus product line was launched on the market. Besides, this is a personalized product line for each exercise stage. Therefore, when the number of orders increases, the supply chain is overloaded, and people have to wait a long time to receive the product.

Second, the supply chain in the past three years has been severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, domestic and international deliveries have been postponed. Peloton has tried to overcome this difficulty by acquiring Preco, a fitness equipment company to move its manufacturing operations from abroad to the US states.

Third, people’s fitness needs are increasing. This is also a reason why Peloton’s orders have increased significantly in recent years. Especially on special occasions, people tend to buy health devices to give to their loved ones. Peloton products fit that desire.

Delayed Delivery

Delayed Delivery

Compensation for customers affected by delayed delivery

Faced with massive shipping delays in the fall of 2020, Peloton has come up with a policy to compensate customers:

  • For customers experiencing delays and rescheduling due to changes in the delivery process: refund partly of the order.
  • For customers with scheduled repairs or swaps: offer a one-month waiver for Unlimited Membership
  • The customer’s refund or abandonment will be processed automatically. The clients do not do anything.

However, improving the supply chain and delivery system is Peloton’s sustainable solution to satisfy consumers.

Can I change the delivery time?

Yes, you can. You can completely change your delivery time if you want. There could be many reasons you want to change it, such as you are not at home at the time of delivery, or you have a long-term trip with family and want to receive it later, etc. However, please check your order situation on the website to see if your order has been shipped or not.

If not, you can directly change your delivery time with Peloton’s support team or the website.

The delivery time change will become force majeure if your order has been shipped.

Guides for Faster Peloton Delivery

All you need to faster Peloton Delivery is to RESCHEDULE YOUR DELIVERY. Unfortunately, there are many canceled orders while you are waiting. So let’s bring your delivery forward. How can you do that? Follow these steps.

Step 1: Check for delivery slots. You have to click on the red line “Schedule your delivery” in your confirmation email.

Check for delivery slots. sure the Pthe screen on the bike

Check for delivery slots. sure the Pthe screen on the bike

Step 2: Now, you can see your previous scheduled delivery. Click on the button “Reschedule” at the bottom of the page.

Click on the button “Reschedule” at the bottom of the page.

Click on the button “Reschedule” at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: If you have no options that are earlier than your previous delivery, select “Keep my current delivery time”. Try to repeat the above three steps on the following days because you are not the only person in a rush.

You have no options

You have no options

Select “Keep my current delivery time”

Select “Keep my current delivery time”

Step 4: If Peloton offers you an earlier delivery time, click “SUBMIT” and your delivery time will be changed.

Click “SUBMIT” and your delivery time will be changed.

Click “SUBMIT” and your delivery time will be changed.

Step 5: You receive the reschedule confirmation. Click “SEE ORDER STATUS” to keep track of your delivery now.

You receive the reschedule confirmation.

You receive the reschedule confirmation.

You can watch the video for details:

Peloton Products Delivery Team Service

Peloton Delivery Team Members: Who are they?

Peloton sends at least two delivery men to set up your bike. You should determine the place for the bike before the staffs arrive. These men just have to put the bike in the location and install some related equipment.

Peloton has a dedicated bicycle and tire products network throughout the United States. However, with the number of orders increasing, the company is also working with outsourcing carriers to improve delivery speed and supply chain system. XPO Logistics is Peloton’s partner in transportation and assembling equipment.

Peloton uses its delivery team to process orders in major states and cities. For rural areas far from the center, XPO Logistics is the main method of transporting goods. You can keep track of which company is shipping it to you because Peloton will notify you.

The Peloton will include this information in your shipment email if it hires a third-party delivery company. However, third-party freight businesses will not be disclosed if they deliver the shipment by themselves.

Can I Choose the Delivery Team?

No, you don’t have the right to choose the delivery team. However, Peloton is in charge of identifying which delivery agency is the most suitable for your order. Fortunately, Peloton’s customer service is pretty good. And even if Peloton hires a third party to deliver your goods, the company will ensure full service and treatment for customers.

The JB Hunt is one of the 3rd transports that Peloton has used. According to some comments on the website and social network, this agency performs very well as maintaining a good attitude when serving customers.

What will the Team do to place equipment in my home?

The whole process will take about 20 minutes, including the basic steps below:

1. Place the bike in the predetermined position.

Place the bike in the predetermined position

Place the bike in the predetermined position

2. To ensure that the bike is stable, balance it on its transport wheels.

Balance it on its transport wheels.

Balance it on its transport wheels.

3. Attach the touch screen and make sure it works properly and connects to the Internet

Attach the touch screen

Attach the touch screen

4. The bolts on the frame and pedal are tightening

The bolts on the frame and pedal are tightening

The bolts on the frame and pedal are tightening

5. Test ride a few times before making sure you can use the bike right away.

Test ride a few times

Test ride a few times

If the bike is located on a high floor or difficult location or depending on each home’s situation and characteristics, the process may take longer than expected.

Should I help Peloton Delivery Team?

You should have to give the delivery team hands during your bike setup.

First, you are required to stay at home to receive the goods. The bike is quite big, and bringing them back to the warehouse is very time-consuming for both sides.

Second, clean the house neatly to limit the possibility of delivery men falling while transporting products.

Third, make sure to connect to the Internet so that the deliverer can start the devices, and check the necessary information. In short, the setup is not simple and it depends a lot on the characteristics of your house. So make sure you stay home when the product arrives.

Peloton Delivery Tracking and Status

Delivery Methods

As mentioned above, Peloton currently has the following shipping methods:

  • Peloton’s Delivery Team
  • XPO Logistics
  • Other Third-party Deliveries (for example JB Hunt)

Each shipping company handles a different area. Peloton takes responsible for communicating how your bike is being shipped via shipment emails.

XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics

Delivering Real-time Order Status

For each shipping method, you can choose from different ways to keep track of your order:

  • Peloton’s Delivery Team: visit the “Order Status” link in your order confirmation email.
  • XPO Logistics: search on Google for “Where is my Peloton bike” and XPO, then go to the XPO Tracking page.
  • Other Third-party Deliveríes: With this method, depending on the delivery agency Peloton hired, you have many other ways to check your order.

However, you can always call Peloton’s customer service center to ask about the real-time order status. This solution applies to all methods of delivery.

Peloton Delivery Checklist

There are 9 points in the Peloton delivery checklist you have to notice when you buy a Peloton Bike.

  • Keep track of your order by using the Peloton support service or XPO website.
  • Find the place where your Peloton bike stands appropriately.
  • Keep everything away from the Peloton bike’s hardware. The hardware is the most important part of the bike, please store it carefully.
  • Do not let any pets approach your device.
  • Make sure that you tip the delivery team.
  • Ask the delivery team to check your bike, its connection, and the on/off system before leaving.
  • Prepare your information to sign in and confirm that your login works.
  • Request that Peloton delivery staff bring all cartons and plastic containers after fully assembling the equipment.
  • If you are not satisfied with Peloton’s service, you can contact the Peloton Customer Service Center to complain.


Tips to Prepare for Peloton Bike Delivery

Peloton’s delivery is always delayed, sometimes you have to wait a whole month. So what do you need to prepare during that time? Here are some essential tips to get your Peloton treadmills ready when they arrive.

  • Prepare a space: A Peloton bike is quite big, so you have to make room for it. Most bike from Peloton is indoor workout bike, so you should choose an area in which you are not disturbed and do not move frequently.
  • Get away from the sunshine: If you don’t have a bike cover, please put your bike in an area where the rays from the window can not reach it.
  • Keep your constant Internet: Wifi speed of 10MBPS or more is best for your Peloton connection. What’s more, you can instantly set up a Peloton account to receive remote personal trainer instructions when the network speed is reasonable.
  • Keep the space clean and dry: Clean the floor or carpet where the bike is placed to make sure it’s dust-free and safe from moisture.
  • Keep everything away from the bike passage: Keep your house as tidy as possible so that the bike can be built up most conveniently. Peloton Deliver Men will reduce the chance of tripping during device setup.
  • Keep your tips ready: Peloton Delivery Team will have a lot of bikes to set up. So, prepare all the above tips for the fastest and most efficient assembly.

What should I do while waiting for a long time?

There are two solutions to what you should do while waiting for your Peloton bike or treadmills to arrive.

  • In the short term: Determine where you want to place your equipment or devices in your home. The delivery men want to know where it should go on the day of delivery.
  • In the long term: Invest in the best accessories and subjects to help you appreciate your Peloton workouts. You should consult a few courses using Peloton products or shop for the necessary equipment to use the Peloton Bike most effectively.
Peloton Shoes

Peloton Shoes


Peloton Delivery Time is still a controversial topic because even though the company has done many ways to improve its shipping service and has compensation policies with customers, delayed delivery will still make a bad impression on users.

However, putting aside the slow delivery, we cannot deny the benefits Peloton Bikes brings and how Peloton takes care of its customers. So take consideration and make your own decision.


What is the shipping time frame?

The Peloton Tread now takes 1 to 6 weeks to arrive in the United States.

Will my order be placed on a scheduling hold?

Tread orders are no longer being held in a scheduling hold as of Friday, October 29, 2021. After you place your order, you’ll receive an email with instructions on scheduling your delivery.

Does Peloton have threshold delivery?

We are unable to offer a threshold delivery because of the Peloton Tread’s size and weight.

How much is the Peloton Delivery Fee?

The delivery fee was included in the price of orders, however as of January 31st, 2022, Peloton began charging for delivery in select areas. In markets where free delivery is still available, the product price was simply increased by the same amount.

Should I Tip the Peloton Delivery Team?

This is optional, but you should also tip delivery men. Approximately 20 bucks are okay to thank the guys for the delivery and installation or whatever you feel generous with.

Can I ask the delivery team to install the device?

Installing the device is the responsibility of the carrier. You can ask them to clean up all the trash after installation.

I’m shy to interact with strangers, so what should I do when the delivery arrives?

I’m sorry, but you must contact the transporter to assist them with the installation process. You can stand from a distance, so you can help when needed.

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