Everything you need to know about Peloton Cardio Classes

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/26/2022

Cardio is a popular exercise for those who regularly do workouts. The benefits of this exercise can be seen as fat loss, weight loss, and improved heart health.

Peloton offers many Cardio classes with various sessions taught by experienced Peloton instructors. Thanks to that, Peloton Cardio classes have attracted many members to access every day.

So what exactly is this class like? Let’s read the article below to understand it better.

Does Peloton have Cardio Classes?

Yes, Peloton designed 477 Cardio classes which last from 5 to 30 minutes per class. Most classes are done on workout mats so you do not prepare bikes or treadmills. Peloton Cardio classes involve a lot of jumping and moving around to maximize the calories it burns and get your heart rate up (Updated in July, 2022).


Peloton Cardio Classes

How to Access Cardio Classes on Peloton?

You can easily access Cardio classes on the Peloton homepage. Following these below instructions:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Cardio” class on the “Classes” Tab.

Cardio Classes at Peloton

  • Step 2: Categorize your needs or preferences through the “Filter” function on the right of the screen.

Use Filter to find your class quickly

  • Step 3: Or if you have the specifics of the Cardio class you’re looking for or the exact name of the class, fill out the search bar for the fastest results.

Use search icon if you know exactly the name of your class

Cardio Classes’ Benefits

As a whole, Cardio will increase the heart rate of the practitioner and is one of the effective methods for weight loss or athletes who want to burn excess body fat without spending much time.

Physical activities involving Cardio may burn excess fat, lose weight, and strengthen your Cardiovascular. Cardio expands both large and small blood vessels in the body, helping oxygen to be circulated through each cell. As a result, it improves muscle elasticity and enhances blood circulation and nutrients to each cell.

Moreover, by releasing endorphins, Cardio makes you feel excited after each class so it can faster and promotes REM sleep. However, you should make sure that your Cardio session is not too close to your bedtime since you can be too energized to count sheep.


Cardio Classes’ overview

With a ton of benefits, Cardio classes have been attracting a lot of interest. So what are these classes designed for? Here is some general information about Cardio classes at Peloton.

Cardio Classes’ Type

Here are Peloton Cardio Classes categorized into 6 class types. With a large number of class types, Peloton allows you to freely choose the type of workouts for the whole week and still bring the expected results. You will not worry about being bored when constantly repeating a single exercise.

  • Warm-up  (22 classes)
  • HIIT (333 classes)
  • Music HIIT (47 classes)
  • Shadowboxing (46 classes)
  • Dance Cardio (64 classes)
  • Family (33 classes)

Cardio Class Type

Cardio Classes’ Instructors

23 instructors take responsibility for Cardio classes. All of these trainers are well-trained, physically fit, and have inspirational teaching. Here are two of the most loved Cardio trainers at Peloton.

1. Rebecca Kennedy

More than just a trainer at Peloton, Rebecca Kennedy is also a Nike master trainer. She always builds a class with a passionate and energetic atmosphere. She has all 54 Cardio classes at Peloton (Updated in July 2022).

Some Rebecca Kennedy’s classes you can take:

  1. 20 min 90s HIIT Cardio
  2. 20 min Hip Hop HIIT Cardio
  3. 20 min HIIT Cardio


2. Selena Samuel:

She owns 47 Cardio classes (Updated in July 2022) in Peloton and this number is growing. Students at Peloton love Selena Samuel for her optimistic spirit and strong and liberal teaching style. Some of her featured classes are as follows:

  1. 20 min Shadowboxing
  2. 5 min Boxing Warm Up
  3. 30 min EMINEM Shadowboxing


Here are other five outstanding Cardio instructors with their classes at Peloton:

Instructors Suggested Cardio Classes
Ben Alldis 20 min House HIIT Cardio, 20 min HIIT Cardio
Jess Sims 15 min Fit Family Fun, 5 min Fit Family Brain Break
Callie Gullickson 30 min HIIT Cardio, 20 min 2000s HIIT Cardio
Logan Aldridge 30 min HIIT Cardio, 20 min HIIT Cardio
Rad Lopez 20 min Mood Shadowboxing: Energized,

20 min Shadowboxing

Cardio Classes’ Length

Peloton Cardio does not have 75-minute or 90-minute classes. Instead, Peloton focuses on 20-minute classes (202 classes) (Updated in July 2022). In addition, they also have other classes, as shown below:

  • 5-min (36 classes)
  • 10-min (117 classes)
  • 15-min (35 classes)
  • 20-min (202 classes)
  • 30-min (87 classes)

As such,  Peloton Cardio classes are most suitable for those who have good health standards.


Cardio Class Length

Cardio Classes Language

All Peloton Cardio classes have the English language and 12 German classes. It has 99 classes with German subtitles, no Spanish subtitles classes, and 459 classes equipped with English subtitles (Updated in July 2022).


Cardio Class Language

Cardio Class Music

Cardio Classes have one of the best diverse classes in terms of music. These classes are multiplied as music as below:

  • Alternative (9 classes)
  • Electronic (103 classes)
  • Country (1 class)
  • Hip-hop (73 classes)
  • Latin (4 classes)
  • Pop (111 classes)
  • R&B (6 classes)
  • Rock (16 classes)
  • Indie (1 class)

Cardio Class Music

Best Cardio Classes

HIIT Cardio

HIIT Cardio is a high-intensity interval training session that does not require a bike or tread. You just need workouts mats or dumbells if necessary. You have a total of 311 classes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. Most of them are high intensity.

As one of the highest intensity workouts including intermittent bursts of vigorous activity, followed by active rest periods, HIIT Cardio obtains a lot of merits to help you enhance your health:

  • Burn numerous calories in a short time.
  • Flexible your body.
  • Make your muscle more elastic.

However, if you are a beginner, you should be attentive and consider carefully before participating in HIIT Cardio. Peloton does not specify HIIT classes for beginners, so if you train hard, it will affect your knees and joints.

We also suggest some HIIT Cardio classes you should take part in:


HIIT Cardio Class

Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio involves dancing moves, some basic choreography, and a combination of salsa, cha-cha, hip hop, and reggaeton moves. The enjoyable dance cardico classes are for both exercise and stress reduction. Members can come to dance cardio classes after hard-working days to look for new positive energy.

According to the recent research conducted by Dr. Young-Ja Jeong, there are three benefits you can attain from Dance Cardio:

  • Make you feel happier and more positive.
  • Speed up recovery.
  • Reduce emotional stress.

You should join one of these suggested classes below to take the first step in losing weight:


Dance Cardio

Low-impact Cardio

Warm-ups and family fit breaks are the common classes you can meet in Low Impact Ride Peloton Workout. Since Peloton does not have specific low-impact Cardio so you have to filter the whole class to find out which one is suitable.

As a whole, low-impact Cardio is suitable for everyone because these classes are less strenuous. However, it does not mean that low-impact Cardio cannot bring considerable advantages. The low-impact Cardio classes are especially effective on the rest day.

Here are five benefits of low-impact Cardio:

  • Reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Improve blood lactate clearance.
  • Reduce muscle soreness.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Control weight.

Beginners should attend these suggested classes here:

Other Cardio Classes

Besides the three classes we suggested above, Peloton also offers other categories for Cardio. Here are four remaining Cardio classes and some specific classes we suggest you attend:

Class Type Suggested classes
Warm-up 5 min HIIT Cardio Warm Up by Marcel Maurer, 5 min Boxing Warm Up by Jermaine Johnson, 10 min Shadowboxing Warm Up by Becs Gentry
Music HIIT 20 min Pop Punk HIIT Cardio by Callie Gucllickson, 20 min House HIIT Cardio by Ben Alldis, 20 min EDM HIIT Cardio by Rebecca Kennedy,
Shadowboxing 20 min Shadowboxing by Selena Samuela, 20 min Mood Shadowboxing: Energized by Rad Lopez, 30 min Mental Health Shadowboxing by Kendall Toole
Family 15 min Fit Family Fun by Jess Sims, 5 min Fit Family Brain Break by Jess Sims

In short, each Cardio exercise will have its intensity of training and therefore also bring different effects. So, choose and research carefully before participating in Cardio classes.

Accessories/Equipment in Cardio Classes

Prepare suitable gears

For intense exercises like Cardio, suitable gears help you feel satisfied, resist the effects of muscle tension, retain heat or reduce stress when exercising. You need to prepare some gears that meet the following requirements:

  • Clothes that fit well and have a snug, stretchy, and comfortable.
  • Good elastic materials and hugging body curves.
  • Protective belts such as knees or elbows.

Cardio Clothes

Equipment for Cardio classes

As a whole, equipment for home Cardio classes is quite simple and easy-prepared. On Peloton, Cardio participants just prepare the equipment below:

  • Workout mat
  • Dumbells 
  • Heart rate monitor

When To Use Peloton Cardio Classes?

Cardio is a flexible exercise that doesn’t require a lot of equipment, so you can do it anywhere.

  • Traveling

A 20-minute Cardio workout is a suitable choice for long breaks. It would be bad if you couldn’t maintain your exercise routine away from home. Therefore, short Cardio exercises that still burn a lot of calories will make your body slimmer.

  • Business Trip

Similar to long vacations, you won’t be able to spend much time practicing during busy business times. Refer to short Cardio sessions of about 15 or 20 minutes to stay healthy and get the job done.

  • Early Morning

Are you an occupied white collar? Do you usually get home at 8-9 pm and cannot go to the gym or attend Peloton’s live sessions? Do not worry, the on-demand Cardio classes at Peloton will help you optimize your day. Thanks to that, you can still do your daily workouts and ensure your office job.

  • Combining with other classes

Cardio is an interesting option that helps you diversify your training sessions. For example, you could do a Cardio session for about 15 minutes before taking a Core Strength class and ending with a Yoga class.

Suggested Peloton Cardio Class Workout Plan

When building a Cardio workout plan, especially for beginners, you should keep one of the following things in mind:

  • Alternate different exercises during the week.

The practitioner should divide the training time evenly among different exercises, each exercise should be repeated only two to three days a week. Daily Cardio practice can lead to long-term consequences of muscle loss.

Hence, try refreshing your Cardio sessions with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or a few laps of water swimming.

  • Change the tempo when exercising.

An intense Cardio workout will consume a lot of your energy. If maintained for a long time will lead to exhaustion or fainting. Hence, you should not do Cardio as the main exercise in your weight loss or muscle gain process.


Change the tempo when exercising.

Therefore, changing the intensity of exercise depends on your capacity and physical condition. You should have exercises with weights to strengthen muscles and add enough protein to your diet every day.

We suggest an example of 10-day Cardio routines to build your workout plan.

Days Peloton Class
Day 1 Tread Bootcamp
Day 2 30-min Cardio HIIT + Yoga/Stretching
Day 3 10-min Dance Cardio + Bike Bootcamp
Day 4 Outdoor Walking
Day 5 Full Body Strength + 30-min Cardio HIIT
Day 6 Tempo Run + 20-min Shadow Boxing
Day 7 Dance Cardio
Day 8 20-min Music Cardio + Core Strength
Day 9 HIIT Cardio
Day 10 Outdoor Walking + Restorative Yoga


In conclusion, if you want to lose weight, and burn body fat quickly, doing Cardio is the best solution. Not only brings great efficiency but also helps you save time and relieve stress.

However, combine it with muscle group exercises and follow a healthy diet so that the body still maintains the necessary amount of muscle.


Who should take part in the Cardio Classes?

Everyone can take Cardio classes at Peloton. Depending on your fitness and training experience, you can choose from low to high-intensity Cardio classes.

How many calories does Peloton Cardio burn?

A Cardio workout can burn 200-400 calories on average in 20 minutes. The number of calories you consume depends on many factors such as exercise intensity, body condition, health, age, and current weight.

Should I take Peloton Cardio classes as my main workouts?

No, you should not. To optimize muscle hypertrophy and maintain a lean physique, you should take Strength classes as your main session instead of Cardio.

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