Peloton Bike Vs. Treadmill: How Many Differences Can You Spot?

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 06/05/2022

Spin bikes and treadmills are the top choices for at-home workouts. Thankfully, Peloton offers you both.

Although these products come from the same brand, they work differently and yield different outcomes. So if you can only afford one, what should you choose?

In this article, we will help you compare a Peloton Bike vs. a Peloton Treadmill. So please check our guide carefully and determine which works better for you!

What Is A Peloton Bike?

Peloton bikes are the most popular products of the brand. Since their debut in 2013, these items have become common solutions for indoor workouts worldwide.

These products are spin bikes, helping you cycle at home. They also come with extra features, such as a screen, speakers, and a Peloton app for accessing Peloton community and workout classes.


You can do a lot of things with these machines, such as:

  • Cycling and spinning
  • Joining live and on-demand classes
  • Connecting with your instructor and the Peloton community
  • Monitoring performance-tracking metrics on the touchscreen
  • Playing videos and music 


Peloton has established two bike generations: Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike Plus. Each comes with specific features.

Specifications Peloton Bike Peloton Bike Plus
Dimensions 59″ L x 53″ W x 23″ H 59″ L x 59″ W x 22″ H
Weight 135 pounds 140 pounds
Weight capacity 297 pounds 297 pounds
Screen 21.5-inch adjustable HD touchscreen 23.8-inch HD touchscreen with 360-degree movement
Speakers 2×10 watt sound system and 2-channel audio 4-channel audio, 2×3 watt tweeters, 2×10 watt woofers, and full-range drivers
Memory storage 16 GB 16 GB
Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 5.0
A Peloton bike

A Peloton bike

What Is A Peloton Treadmill?

Peloton treadmills came out in 2018. They are making their way to becoming reliable companions for those who love workouts at home.


A Peloton treadmill shares a lot of uses in common with the bike, except for its exercises. Here is what you can do with the treadmill:

  • Running and walking
  • Attending live and on-demand classes
  • Communicating with professional instructors and the Peloton community
  • Display performance-tracking metrics on the touchscreen
  • Streaming videos and music


If you like Peloton treadmills, you will have two options: Peloton Tread and Peloton Tread Plus.

Specifications Peloton Tread Peloton Tread Plus
Dimensions 68″ L x 33″ W x 62″ H 72.5″ L x 36.5″ W x 72″ W
Weight 290 pounds 430 pounds
Loading capacity 300 pounds 300 pounds
Running belt size 59″ L x 20″ W 67″ L x 20″ W
Inclination 0 – 12.5% 0 – 15%
Screen 23.8-inch HD touchscreen with 50-degree tiltation 32-inch HD touchscreen with 30-degree tiltation
Speakers Soundbar with 80Hz to 20KHz frequency response.

Placed at the top of the screen,

Soundbar with 70Hz to 20KHz frequency response.

Placed at the bottom of the screen

Memory storage 16 GB 16 GB
Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Camera 8-megapixel (8.0MP ) 4-megapixel (4.0MP)
A Peloton treadmill

A Peloton treadmill

Differences Between A Peloton Bike Vs. Treadmill

These products have some similar features. However, since they aim for different purposes, there are more differences.


You can easily tell the differences between the two models by observing and inspecting their construction. Here are some of their key points.

  • Material

A Peloton bike has a welded steel frame. It also has a powder coating for extra durability and longevity.

On the other hand, the treadmill’s frame is made of carbon steel, making it robust enough for even the most intense exercises.

  • Size

The treadmill is undoubtedly bigger than the bike, especially when it comes to height. While a Peloton bike is only 22 to 23 inches high, a Peloton treadmill is up to 62 or 72 inches in height. Hence, you have to work with the ceiling when placing your Peloton workout machine.

  • Capacity

A Peloton bike can bear a maximum weight of 297 pounds. On the other hand, the weight limit of a Peloton treadmill is 300 pounds. The gap in their capacity works for the extra pressure applied on the treadmill.

The bike is smaller

The bike is smaller


Both products work nicely and can last for a long time, making them great long-term investments. Yet, since they aim for different purposes, their performance is different.

  • Noise

Peloton bikes and treadmills have a smooth operation within their frame, but the treadmills are noisier. The noise comes from the contact of your feet and the running belt instead of the motor.

  • Frame

Welded steel and carbon steel are famous for their durability. Your machines can remain potent and solid for years, thanks to these robust materials.

  • Exercises

Peloton bikes offer spinning and cycling exercises with many choices, such as low-impact activities, climbing, or pro-cyclists. In addition, you can choose the bike Bootcamp to enhance your performance.

Tread Bootcamp is also available to help you train your running skills and strength simultaneously. Other options include hiking, warm-ups, and walking/running classes.

A lot of exercises for both products

A lot of exercises for both products


Peloton bikes are quite safe and cause almost no accidents or injuries. You may only get hurt when you overwork.

Meanwhile, you have more things to bear in mind when practicing with a Peloton treadmill. For example:

  • Overpressure on your joints: Running at high speed can promote your training efficiency. However, it introduces more pressure on your joints. If you maintain this habit and do it with improper skills, you will suffer from long-term consequences.
  • Slipping accidents: You may slip or even fall out of the machine when you can’t control your pace.

Health benefits

We use the treadmill for running and the bike for cycling. Hence, this section will discuss how these two exercises benefit your health.

  • For bone

Weight-bearing exercises, such as running, are the best options for your bones because they force you to work out against gravity. You can even apply more impact on your bones by adjusting the inclination level of your treadmill.

On the other hand, cycling is a non-weight-bearing activity. As a result, cyclists often have lower bone density than runners.

  • For weight loss

Often, you have to use more strength for running than cycling. Hence, practicing with a treadmill may have a faster weight loss effect.

One hour on the treadmill burns about 550 to 830 calories, while these figures for cycling are from 490 to 730 calories.

Running is better for weight loss

Running is better for weight loss

  • For glucose oxidation

Glucose is a form of sugar in your body. We transfer it into energy, and this process is called “glucose oxidation.”

Our sugar level shouldn’t be too high. Hence, we exercise to release excess glucose. But, which exercises should we choose?

As aforementioned, running requires more strength, making it an excellent idea for glucose oxidation and balanced sugar content in our blood.

  • For endurance:

Two factors determine your workout endurance:

  • Resistance

Resistance indicates how long you can work out. Since you have to use more strength to run, cycling is a better option for endurance.

While cycling, you pose less pressure on your bones. This exercise also activates more blood lactate content, allowing for longer workouts.

Of course, working on a Peloton bike for hours is not an easy task. Although it demands a lower force, it does need you to train your cycling skills and resistance.

  • Exercise economy

The key to endurance is that you have to keep yourself from getting exhausted for as long as possible, and that’s what exercise economy means.

Running helps you burn more calories per hour. Yet, it makes you sweat more quickly. Meanwhile, you can cycle for longer because this activity asks for less strength.

Cycling is better for endurance

Cycling is better for endurance

Peloton subscription

No matter which product you choose, Peloton gives you access to the Peloton community. So what will you have from this policy?

  • You can join live and on-demand classes.
  • Professional instructors are available to support you.
  • The workout lesson library is huge, allowing you to practice different exercises.
Peloton subscription

Peloton subscription


A big advantage for Peloton treadmill users is to run on it with any running shoes. Some people even try running barefoot.

However, barefoot running is not advisable because it causes discomfort and injuries.  You also have to adjust your running posture.

Meanwhile, Peloton bikes only work with one type of shoes: clip-in shoes. Of course, you can also use your sports sneakers, but they should come with toe clips.

Extra features

Peloton aims to bring users the best workout experience. So, the company includes extra features, such as screens or speakers, in their products. However, Peloton bikes and treadmills come with different characteristics.

  • Screen:

Peloton products feature a touchscreen for streaming live classes and other entertainment content.

  • Size

The screen size of a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Bike Plus is 21.5 and 23.8 inches, respectively. While the Peloton Tread screen has the same size as the Peloton Bike Plus, the screen in a Peloton Tread Plus is much bigger, at 32 inches.

  • Rotation

The Peloton Bike Plus is the winner in this round with its 36-degree rotation screen. You can also adjust the screen of the other three models, but only vertically.

Screen of the Peloton Bike Plus

Screen of the Peloton Bike Plus

  • Speakers:

These products include different sound systems.

  • Peloton bikes

The bikes use speakers to produce sound. In terms of quality, the Peloton Bike Plus is superior with 4-channel audio, 2×3 watt tweeters, 2×10 watt woofers, and full-range drivers. On the contrary, a 2×10 watt sound system and 2-channel audio are what a Peloton Bike offers you.

  • Peloton treadmills

The treadmills have built-in soundbars. A Peloton Tread Plus has a soundbar that works with a frequency range of 70Hz to 20KHz. This range is wider than a Peloton Tread’s, only 80Hz to 20KHz.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Both models are compatible with your home Wi-Fi, boosting your experience to the next level.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

The Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread Plus can handle Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Meanwhile, you can use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for the Peloton Bike Plus and Peloton Tread.

Compatibility with Bluetooth and Wifi

Compatibility with Bluetooth and Wifi


The warranty policy is identical for both products:

  • HD touchscreen: 12 months
  • Frame: five years
  • Components: 12 months
  • Labor: 12 months
  • Pedals of the bike: 12 months
  • Running belt of the treadmill: five years


Peloton treadmills are more costly than their competitors. You will pay $1,495 for a Peloton Bike. A Peloton Bike Plus, with upgraded features, costs more, at $2,195.

Meanwhile, the gap in price between a Peloton Tread and a Peloton Tread Plus is huge. For example, you can buy a Peloton Tread for $2,495 but pay up to $4,295 for a Peloton Tread Plus.

Comparison table


Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Treadmill

Peloton Bike Vs. Peloton Treadmill

Criteria Peloton bike Peloton treadmill
Products Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike Plus Peloton Tread and Peloton Tread Plus
Material Welded steel Carbon steel
Size Bike: 59″L x 53″W x 23″H

Bike Plus: 59″L x 59″W x 22″H

Tread: 68″L x 33″W x 62″H

Tread Plus: 72.5″L x 36.5″W x 72″W

Loading capacity 297 pounds 300 pounds
Weight Bike: 135 pounds

Bike Plus: 140 pounds

Tread: 290 pounds

Tread Plus: 430 pounds

Exercises Cycling, spinning, and bike Bootcamp Running, walking, and tread Bootcamp
Peloton subscription Yes Yes
Special shoes Sports shoes with toe clips Any running shoes
Screen size Bike: 21.5 inches

Bike Plus: 23.8 inches

Tread: 23.8 inches

Tread Plus: 32 inches

Screen adjustment Bike: vertically

Bike Plus: 360 degrees

Sound system Speakers Soundbars
Wi-Fi connection Yes Yes
Bluetooth connectivity Bike: 4.0

Bike Plus: 5.0

Tread: 5.0

Tread Plus: 4.0

Warranty HD touchscreen: 12 months

Frame: five years

Components: 12 months

Labor: 12 months

Pedals: 12 months

HD touchscreen: 12 months

Frame: five years

Components: 12 months

Labor: 12 months

Running belt: five years

Price Bike: $1,495

Bike Plus: $2,195

Tread: $2,495

Tread Plus: $4,295

Pros And Cons Of Peloton Bike And Treadmill

Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of each product compared to the other. Before buying anything, please check them carefully.

Peloton bike


  • Space-saving: This model takes up less space than its big competitor.
  • Lower cost: Even when you buy a Peloton Bike Plus, the cost is still lower than a Peloton Tread.
  • Good for endurance: Cycling exercise is excellent for strengthening your resistance and optimizing exercise economy.
  • Screen rotation: The screen of a Peloton Bike Plus can rotate 360 degrees, helping with your on-the-bike and off-the-bike exercise, such as yoga.


  • Special shoes: You don’t have many choices for shoes when practicing with this bike.

Peloton treadmill


  • Good for bones: Running is among the best weight-bearing exercises for your bones.
  • Effective glucose oxidation: You can balance the sugar concentration in your blood better with this workout machine.
  • No special shoes required: As long as you feel comfortable in your running shoes, go for them.


  • Safety: There are more risks when working out on this machine.
  • Price: If price is your top concern, you may prefer other options.
  • Space: You have to plan your space properly before placing this machine.
Each product has pros and cons

Each product has pros and cons

Which Should You Buy?

Each product comes with pros and cons. So, make your decision based on your requirement and preference.

A Peloton bike should be your to-go if:

  • Your budget is tight.
  • You aim to work on your endurance.
  • You don’t have enough space (particularly ceiling space) to accommodate a big machine.
  • You want to practice different off-the-bike exercises while watching the tutorial videos on the screen.
  • You worry about workout accidents.

Otherwise, you may like a Peloton treadmill because:

Choose the best for yourself

Choose the best for yourself


Peloton bikes and treadmills differ in construction, use, exercise, capacity, and health effects. However, since they are both Peloton products, you can benefit from their warranty, entertainment, and Peloton subscription no matter which you choose.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Have you made up your mind? It’s time to buy a Peloton workout machine and get fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you lose more weight with a Peloton bike or treadmill?

A Peloton treadmill can help you lose weight more effectively because you have to use more strength for running than for cycling.

2. Can you watch Netflix on a Peloton bike?

Yes. The bike has a built-in screen and Bluetooth connectivity. So you can easily connect your devices and stream your favorite movies on the screen.

3. Is a Peloton bike or treadmill more expensive?

A Peloton treadmill is more costly, particularly for the new models. Here are Peloton products’ price tags for detailed information;

  • Peloton Bike: $1,495
  • Peloton Bike Plus: $2,195
  • Peloton Tread: $2,495
  • Peloton Tread Plus: $4,295

4. Peloton bike vs. treadmill: which is safer?

A Peloton bike is safer because it requires less force. Moreover, you may lose your pace when running on a treadmill without enough attention. Then, you will slip or even fall out of the machine.

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