Everything You Need To Know About Peloton Bike Maintenance (Latest Update In 2022)

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/30/2022

Peloton Bike must be a significant amount of investment for many people. Thus, regularly checking up on the equipment is a necessary process.

This article is going to cover all about Peloton Bike Maintenance, including its frequency, tools, and tips. Keep rolling down to gain a thorough understanding of the whole process.

Is Peloton Bike Maintenance Necessary?

peloton-bike+ (1)

Peloton bike+

Definitely YES.

Both generations of the Peloton bikes ask for regular and careful checkups to perform their best. Doing so saves you a lot of time and effort; otherwise, if you choose to take all the essential maintenance steps, you will need to work really hard on one certain day.

Rest assured that the Peloton Bike maintenance process is quite easy and simple. Unlike some other spin bikes, you can totally look after the Peloton bikes yourself.

This whole check-up thing with the Peloton bikes is vital because it allows you to:

  • Maximize your workout effectiveness
  • Minimize potential injury risks
  • Prolong the bike’s lifespan
  • Prevent severe malfunctions and damages

How Often Should You Do Routine Checkups?


Using peloton bike+

Now, you know that you need to take care of your Peloton bikes frequently. Yet, how often is “frequent” enough?

To answer this question, you may look at the table below for references.

Recommended Points Of Time What To Do
After every workout Properly clean the touchscreen and the bike frame
Weekly Tighten the pedals and the cleats.

Push the resistance knob down.

Monthly Check the bike seats, the handlebars, and the pedal tension.
Quarterly Identify odd sounds. Inspect the flywheel, the crank arm, and the pedals.
Annually Replace the pedals.

Peloton Bike Maintenance

With the aim of extending the Peloton bikes’ durability, you’ve got to treat them with utmost care and handling. The next parts will explain this in complete detail for you.


Just like maintaining any other spin bikes, doing routine checkups with the Peloton bikes requires proper tools. With the right tools, you can save time as well as enhance maintenance efficiency.

a) A Bike Mat


Bike mat

A bike mat is the most necessary thing in the whole Peloton bike maintenance procedure. Hence, investing in a high-quality bike mat is worthwhile despite the fact that Peloton does not provide users with this crucial stuff.

The mat acts as a shield, both for your floor and for your bike. More specifically, it prevents your bike from damaging your floor, and, vice versa, protects your bike from any dirt or dust on the floor.

One thing to note is that you have to provide the bike and the mat with enough space in your room. The suggested number is 24 inches (around 60 cm) on four sides of the bike.

b) An Approved Electronic Cleaner


Cleaning peloton bike

To prepare for the Peloton Bike maintenance, you should buy an approved electronic cleaner. The recommended electronic cleaner is a high-quality one and produced exclusively for use with LCD, Plasma, or other flatscreens.

As an electrical product may get broken if moisture gets inside of it, you should supplement your cleaner with a microfiber cloth. It is highly recommended that you ought to spray the cleaner on the cloth instead of spraying directly on your Peloton bikes.

Checking Bike Parts

After preparing all the necessary tools, you can now begin performing your routine checkups.

Below is everything you need to know about parts that need caring on your Peloton bikes. Just follow the instructions and you can get the results you want.

a) Pedals


Peloton pedals and cleats

Pedals are one of the most important things on the Peloton bikes.

After every 5 rides, you have to tighten your pedals with the Allen wrenches provided together with the bike. To tighten the right pedals, you need to screw them clockwise; and to tighten the left pedals, you need to do it anticlockwise.

Moreover, for them to be in good condition, you should change your pedals every year. When replacing them, you also have to seek the original Peloton pedals as substitutes.

b) Cleats

Cleats are of utmost importance for your Peloton shoes. Putting the cleats on your Peloton shoes is a pretty easy, yet vital process as it lessens your injury risks and enhances your workout experience.

For the Peloton cleats, you have to make sure that you use Look Delta and SPD-SL cleats. If you check and notice any looseness, just take the 4mm Allen key, also supplied in the bike package, to screw all the loose screws back.

c) Wheels and Belt


Peloton wheel and belt

The Peloton bikes apply belt drives, meaning you do not need to do any oiling or greasing and the belts can still operate smoothly without causing friction. As the Peloton wheels run with the assistance of magnets, they are also easily maintained.

Thus, all you need to do with these parts on your Peloton bikes is to ensure that they are functioning fine. Particularly, they do not make any odd or annoying sounds and any impairments should be handled with immediate repairs and replacements to avoid excessive damages.

d) Handlebars


Peloton seat and handlebars

Handlebars determine cyclists’ comfort and experience during workouts. Therefore, you should also pay constant attention to these parts on your Peloton bikes.

The Peloton handlebars can be adjusted vertically, not horizontally. Thus, when maintaining its condition, you may lift and lower it by following these steps:

  1. Loosen the crank arm (original Peloton Bike) or the large knob (Peloton Bike Plus) just above the water bottle holder.
  2. Sit on the bike, then gently pull or tilt the handlebars in your direction.
  3. Set the handlebars at any letter settings based on your personal preferences – from A to MAX.
  4. Tighten the crank arm (original Peloton Bike) or the large knob (Peloton Bike Plus) to secure your favorite handlebar position.

e) Seat

As regards the Peloton seat, there are two factors for consideration: its depth and its height. You can effortlessly adjust your Peloton seat in three simple steps.

This process is essential for your workouts on the Peloton bikes since it greatly promotes general functionality and optimizes your cycling performance.

f) Resistance Knob

peloton-resistance-knob (1)

Peloton resistance knob

Resistance, along with cadence, is listed as decisive metrics for indoor cycling. Thus, ensuring that the resistance knob remains in a good state is of utmost importance.

The Peloton resistance knob also works as an emergency brake. To check whether it is still operating smoothly, you’ve got to press the knob down after at least every 5 rides and your Peloton bikes should stop right away. If not, then you should search for any visible damage and get in contact with the Peloton support team.

g) The Bike Frame


Peloton bike frame

Regularly maintaining the Peloton bike frame helps reduce injury risks posed on your inner thighs while participating in high-intensity cycling classes.

To check up on this part, you may observe the frame’s surface closely and try to identify any scratch or damage. Alternatively, you can feel its outer by running your hand gently all over the frame.

After that, you should reach out for the frame bolted connections and screw every one of them with the Allen wrench.

h) Screen

peloton-screen (2)

Peloton screen

All the critical training metrics will be shown on your Peloton touchscreen. Hence, it is of absolute essence that the console should be in fine fettle.

If your screen ever starts to blink, you can adopt these approaches to stop the screen from flashing white. Yet, if it completely ceases operation, you can try these techniques to turn on your Peloton screen.

In case it is badly damaged and requires replacement, you can follow these steps to remove your Peloton screen and install a new one.

One point for you to note is that the console does not shut down automatically – it just switches to “sleep mode”. Thus, you should turn off your Peloton screen right after each class.

Moreover, since Peloton restricts the installation of irrelevant apps, you should never make attempts to download random apps on your Peloton devices.

i) Plugin


Peloton plugin

Plugins in the Peloton bikes play an important role since the equipment uses electricity to operate smoothly. You should examine to see whether your Peloton plugins are intact. If not, immediately change them to secure your safety.

Another point to note is that unplugging the Peloton equipment after working out helps reduce your electronic expenditure. Additionally, doing so also prolongs their life and protects your bikes from power surges.

Valuable Tips

In this part, we will offer some tips that can make your Peloton Bike maintenance easier and more efficient than ever.

a) Ensuring A Good Setting-Up


Peloton bike setting up

Appropriately setting up your Peloton bikes is the most essential part since it can lessen potential injury risks and boost your training effectiveness.

First, make sure that your mat has no fold in it and is completely flat. If the mat is not smooth, you should try to flatten it out or replace it with a new one to guarantee your safety.

Second, the Peloton bikes are built with leveling feet. You need to always check to see whether they are balanced on the ground. If they are wobbling, unscrew them to enhance your stability on the bikes.

Finally, remember that you can gain desirable fitness outcomes only when your seat and handlebars are suitable. Thus, feel free to modify the position of your Peloton seat and adjust your Peloton handlebars to find their ideal positions.

b) Only Using Original Parts For Replacement


Peloton bike+ 2

The Peloton bikes are designed in a special way and their parameters are different from other indoor bikes. If you ever try to force parts from other bikes into your Peloton ones, you may damage the installation points, thereby making them incompatible even for the original parts.

 c) Regularly Lubricating The Peloton Bike


Peloton pedals and shoes

You may find annoying sounds coming from your Peloton bikes. Such frictions are caused by dryness among interacting parts. This situation casts negative impacts on your Peloton bike performance.

Therefore, you need to regularly lubricate your Peloton moving parts, namely the pedals or the handlebars. For the Peloton bikes, you should buy high-quality dry spray-on lubricants as low-quality ones may badly damage your equipment.


Doing routine checkups on indoor fitness cycles like the Peloton ones is always simpler than on outdoor bikes. Yet, you still have to be careful and follow the appropriate steps.

There are various things that you need to pay attention to when maintaining different parts. Ensure that you keep them in mind and combine gently cleaning with your maintenance process to achieve satisfactory results.


1. Can I reach out for the Peloton maintenance service?

Definitely YES.

When facing issues that are out of your control and knowledge, you can contact the Peloton support team to ask for their instructions on what to do before their technicians come and fix your equipment. Besides, you can also spare a certain day annually to let your Peloton bikes be taken care of by the professionals.

2. How often should the Peloton pedals be changed?

Generally, the Peloton pedals should be replaced every year.

Please be noted that the warranty rules of Peloton do not cover the pedals against normal wear and tear. So, to replace your old Peloton pedals, you must order new original ones at the cost of $60.

3. Does using random cycling shoes affect the Peloton pedals?


You can freely put on other shoe brands and work out on the Peloton bikes. Yet, make sure that the cleats on your cycling shoes fit with Look-Delta or SPD-SL designs. Otherwise, they may cause damage on your Peloton pedals.

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