Peloton Barre Classes – Forming A Dream Tone And Ballerina Body

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/19/2022

While other classes like those on Tread or Bike only focus on 1 group of muscles, Barre Classes, under “Strength”, will train your local muscle groups and balance. Barre’s movements are pretty unique when inspired by dance moves, mostly ballerina.

Barre is low impact, but you’ll sweat, so don’t underestimate it. If you like fun, dynamic workouts set to the beat of the music, Barre Classes are opening for you to help form your dream-toned ballerina body. Don’t let other people make you think otherwise and jump into more specific information about Barre right here.

Does Peloton have Barre Classes?

Barre has been popular for many years, but when Peloton started, it just some classes under “Strength”. Since so many members asked, Peloton decided to open more Barre classes and officially launch in September 2020. It was a small collection, still under “Strength” but it offers members more Barre and allows them to dive deeper into the program.

The second collection of barre workouts was added to the Peloton app in early 2021, totaling 20 classes. Only two of the classes last a full 45-minute, while others can be 5, 10 to 30 minutes which is so easy to customize a personal Barre schedule yourself. The whole Barre Class is a combination of ballet and some pilates to tone up and may build your dream ballerina body.


Peloton Barre Classes

How to access Peloton Yoga Classes?

Like other classes under “Strength”, Barre is available on Peloton’s digital app and website. You can air-played the workouts from those onto your TV if you wanna join the class with a bigger screen. You do not need to buy any other Peloton Fitness Machines like a bike or treadmill to access the barre classes or any of the workouts, either.

Since Barre is still under “Strength”, you may find it difficult to look for the whole Bare Class list. Here is the specific instruction for you:

Step 1: Choose “Strength” class in the “Classes” Tab


How to access Peloton Barre Classes

Step 2: Choose the “Filter” tool on the right of the screen, under the “Classes” Tab

How-to-access-Peloton-Barre-Classes (1)

How to access Peloton Barre Classes

Step 3: Filter Class Type as Barre

How-to-access-Peloton-Barre-Classes (2)

How to access Peloton Barre Classes

Step 4: Filter the Length, Music, and so on for your class.

You can also choose between the two instructors: Ally Love and Hannah Corbin.

How-to-access-Peloton-Barre-Classes (3)

How to access Peloton Barre Classes

Step 5: Pick your favorite Yoga Class and get started.

How-to-access-Peloton-Barre-Classes (4)

How to access Peloton Barre Classes

What are Barre Classes’ Benefits

Some really underestimate Barre Classes, but only those who have already joined this type know that the exercises are more challenging day by day. Running, Riding or other exercises are all good for your health, but sometimes you forget to train small muscle groups. With some basic types of equipment and dance-inspired movements, Barre will take care of those muscles for you and offer many more benefits, such as:

  • Toning body and help with your postures.
  • Boosting the cardiovascular system.
  • Enhancing endurance and strength.
  • Low impact, which gives your body a well-deserved break.
  • Improve balance ability and fewer injuries.

Peloton Barre Class Benefit

Who should take part in the Barre Classes?

Barre helps people who want to lose weight, tone their muscles, and don’t like running or lifting weights since it’s low-impact and high-intensity at the same time. Barre workouts are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Even if you are pregnant, you can still do Barre since it is considered low to no impact, and the intensity is easily controlled and customizable. You can use additional equipment to help you with balance, like a chair.

If you have a kid or old family members, bring them to Barre classes. The movements are not too hard and even inspired by ballet, so they might find it fun to join. Barre will help to strengthen their body and flexibility.


Peloton Barre Class Participant

Peloton Barre Classes’ Overview

Yoga Instructors

Since it is just a small collection under “Strength”, only two instructors are in charge of Barre Classe. They are Ally Love – one of the first Peloton instructors and Hannah Corbin – an instructor with a phenomenal mindset. You may also recognize them as a Cycling Instructor too if you have the Peloton Bike. Hanna and Ally are both excellent instructors in both categories.

Ally Love and Hannah Corbin both have dance backgrounds. It makes sense when Barre’s workout technique is inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Hope that Peloton will add more Barre instructors in the future to make the Barre program more diverse.


Ally Love and Hanna Corbin Peloton

Yoga Class Length

Peloton Barre Classes usually last from 5 to 30 minutes. There are a few classes that last for 45 minutes in a total of 125 classes. Actually, this allows members even easier to create their own schedules. It can be a 5-minute warm-up, then a 30-minute Barre, and finally, a 5-min Cool Down. Just remember to choose which one suits the best with your health situation and fitness goals.

(Update in July 2022)


Peloton Barre Class Length

How much time is enough or good?

Sometimes, Barre Classes don’t need to be any longer than 30 minutes. You can have another 5-minute to warm up or cool down and then a 30-minute Barre Class. When you have already experienced Barre for a period of time, you may find 45-minutes more suitable.

Don’t plan on taking Barre Classes every day. Since Barre focuses on burning out muscle groups, your muscles need some time to rest and grow. You can think of barre as a complement to your current fitness routine (not a replacement) and take classes three to five times per week to get the best results.

Barre Classes’ Language

Barre classes are only taught in English. Since there are only two instructors in charge of these classes, Ally Love and Hannah Corbin, the language is pretty limited. Maybe Peloton may have some Barre Instructor that can speak other languages in the future.

(Update in July 2022)


Peloton Barre Class Language

How about the music?

Besides the unique Fitness Program, music is an outstanding factor that brings excitement to members in every session. The Peloton Barre Classes are no exception. There are 6 genres of music are play during Barre, such as

(Update in July 2022)

  • Latin (6 classes)
  • Country (3 classes)
  • Electronic (17 classes)
  • Hip Hop (21 classes)
  • Pop (1 class)
  • Rock (2 classes)

Peloton Barre Class Music

Peloton Barre badges

Peloton badge is like a motivation for members to keep pushing them harder joining fitness classes. Like Leader Board after every Peloton Class, earning the badge is the competition. Peloton knows that so well, so it has created a new badge to get people to try out their all-new Barre classes in September 2020.

The new challenge is called the “Raise The Barre” with the goal is to taking any 6 barre classes anytime over the course of the 7 days. Any method of taking the barre classes will count, and 10 Barre classes are available to take at that point.


Peloton Barre Badge

Best Barre Classes for you

Ally and Hannah keep the breaks short, whipping through the reps of kicks, toe taps, bends, and more.  The whole program is very unique and fun but there are some classes that stand out the most in the total of 125 classes (Update in July 2022).

Music Classes

As you know, Barre is inspired by dance moves, especially ballet. That’s why music plays an important role in every Peloton Barre Class. You will keep getting stronger when moving to the beat of the music. Here are some of the best Music Barre classes for you:

Themed Barre Classes

Peloton Barre Classes are not boring at all when some are going on specific Peloton themes. How interesting when you can join a Disney Barre class or go back in the past with the 90s Barre ones. Let’s check it out!

Celebration Classes

How diverse the Peloton Barre program is when it offers members so many kinds of classes, even Barre Classes for Celebration days. Celebrate your day with the Barre list below!

Recommended Classes

Besides the outstanding Peloton Barre Classes above, we recommend you some other classes that hope you find suitable for your goal. These classes last from 10 to 45 minutes for all levels. Have a look to pick one for your Barre schedule today.

Peloton Barre vs. Pilates


Peloton Barre and Pilates

Usually, Pilates incorporates Yoga dynamics in strength training. On the other hand, Barre incorporates Pilates and some kinds of dance. Unfortunately, some really misunderstood these two definitions.

As mentioned, Barre has included some Pilates class exercises to improve your flexibility. Barre is cardio-intensive, and the choreography makes it more fun, but sometimes it remains relaxing movements like Yoga in Pilates. You’ll find it even more interesting when trying this combination, especially those who are Pilates lovers.

The burn is real in both Barre and Pilates. Having fun, relaxing as well as training your body strength will make you sweat, which is all for good. After the Barre sessions, you may even know more about Pilates and have some foundation in dancing, too.

Peloton-Barre-Classes (1)

Peloton Barre Classes

Beyond Barre

Barre Classes are all about dancing movements and low-impact with some basic types of equipment. So if you’re hoping barre class will completely change your physique, you should adjust your expectations and your workout. Some experts said the Barre program is perfect for an active recovery day and a good choice if you’re “already in shape” and tone your body but not too much like other Fitness Collections.

Some women might fear that lifting heavier weights will create bulk. It will only happen when you have a very strict plan of workout and nutrition. Of course, the lightweight in Barre Classes will not let that happen. When you eat healthy food and do Barre, your body will tone up and have shape, not will be bulk for women.

The most important factor, some consider to be more than exercise, is nutrition. Some people do Barre to have a toned body, but they forget about nutrition plans and healthy food. As a result, they will never reach their fitness goal and have a dream body. So the nutrition plan and Barre have to go together.


Peloton Barre Class

Necessary equipment/accessories need to have during yoga workouts

Prepare the suitable clothes

You don’t have to spend loads of money on clothing before your Barre class. All you have to prepare is comfortable clothing and easy to move in. It not only helps you to move better but also helps the instructor to notice if you do the posture wrong and quickly adjust it for you. Because you do exercises on the mat a lot, shorts are not recommended.

Below is the most recommended Barre clothing:

  • Tank Top
  • Sports bra
  • Capris
  • Ankle-length leggings.
  • Slip-resistant socks

Peloton Barre Classes Clothing


Actually, you don’t have to prepare any equipment to join some specific Barre Class since it is all about movements and balance. You can have a chair or anything that helps you more balance in the Barre sessions. In some Peloton Barre Classes, you may be required light weights from 1 to 3 lbs. So, in general, all you have to prepare are:

  • Yoga mat
  • A chair to help you balance
  • Lightweights
  • Pilates Ball
  • Resistance bands.

Peloton Barre Class Accessories

Possible risks/injuries

Since Barre is a low-impact program, getting injured in the classes is rare. However, if you are a beginner with an unreasonable Barre schedule as well as being distracted in Barre Classes, you may cause some injuries but not so badly. The main injuries you could possibly cause are likely to involve the knees, lower back, and shoulders, which are the most common since movements often require turned-out positions.

To avoid injuries, you have to focus on the Instructor and tell them immediately if anything is wrong. Don’t worry because you will always be instructed in detail by Peloton’s excellent instructors. Also, you must adjust your workout schedule to be more reasonable and suitable for your health situation.


Peloton Barre Classes have more and more members because of the unique fitness instruction from the two instructors having backgrounds in professional dancing. It not only strengthens your body but also helps you build a dream tone and a ballerina body.

This is a viable well-balanced workout that can get you in shape, and if you’re looking for something that targets your core and can go hand in hand with other rides, Peloton Barre Classes are for you. Barre Classes are available under “Strength” from your TV App, mobile App, and Bike or Tread touchscreen. So let’s just bring yourself on a mat and get started with attitude!


1. Is Barre safe?

Compared to other types of exercise, Barre is safe since there’s no major risk that can occur. If you cause injuries from a Barre Class, it will not too bad.

2. What are the disadvantages of Barre?

Barre classes can lack compound movements like squats or lunges which use multiple muscle groups and joints. The heart may not be challenged enough.

3. Will Barre help me lose weight?

You may want to add Barre exercises to your weight loss plan, but doing this type of workout alone probably won’t help you shed pounds. To successfully lose weight, you need to look at your entire lifestyle and choose another Fitness programs to reach your Fitness goal as soon as possible.

4. Is Barre considered HIIT?

Barre can be considered a HIIT workout. Peloton HIIT workouts are always bound to leave you sweating and shaking as the high repetition movement is designed to create lean muscle definition. The speed of this class can help improve your endurance and condition your cardiovascular system.

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