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Since 2001

Feltracing was founded by Jim Felt, a man with a genuine love of speed…

…a man who designed his very first triathlon frame for Johnny O’Mara – the star of Motorcross at “The O-Show” – then got big successes in 1990

…a man who also built a frame for Paula Newby Fraser– the triathlon legend had won three Ironman competitions and got Easton’s sponsor. His design finally helped her bring home the fourth Kona Ironman that year.

In the past, he also designed custom bikes for Ironman strongman Wolfgang Dietrich, mountain bike legend John Tomac, and Ken Souza – a duathlon’s winningest athlete.

In 1994, Felt incorporated with Answer Products to launch his brand, starting a 7-year relationship until 2000.

During this time, Feltracing bikes helped Nutra-Fig rider Chris Horner win the Athens Twilight Crit, the Lancaster Classic, and a stage win in a two-man sprint against US Postal’s Nate Reiss.

In 2001, Jim Felt relaunched the Feltracing brand in conjunction with Michael Müllmann and Bill Duehring.

While Michael Müllmann is the owner of the European powerful importer and distributor Sport Import, Bill Duehring is his family’s 3rd generation to work in cycling. As their work is in both mountain bikes and BMX, they had naturally come into contact for over 20 years before the relaunching of Feltracing.

The expertise Müllmann and Duehring brought, along with his hand-picked team of product managers and engineers, helped the brand access resources that it lacked previously.

Their product lines were then expanded into a full line of commuter bikes, cruisers, MTBs, MBX, even road and tri bikes. The total number of models were up to 140 distributed in 27 countries.

This is what Feltracing used to look like
This is what Feltracing used to look like

A fresh vision for Feltracing

After years of expanding our product lines, we realize that there are lots of bike enthusiasts and beginner riders struggling in finding the right bicycle for their needs.

We guess that might be because of the overwhelming market these days – there’re too many options, along with myths and wrong advertisement of some sellers.

Whichever the reason, we really want to help our customers and readers by sharing our knowledge and experience in this field.

We understand that every rider wishes to find a bicycle that not only inspires them to get out and ride but also reflects their personal standards for quality, style, and individual personality. So our team feels proud that what we’ve learned throughout those decades can help you with that.



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