Meet Olivia Amato – Famous Peloton Instructor and Social Media Influencer

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/05/2022

If you are a member of the Peloton community, you might see that there are numerous talented and famous instructors. However, who will be the suitable one for you? Who will give you the training style that you want? These are really hard questions, especially if you are new to this community.

If you are attracted by Olivia Amato, a gorgeous and versatile coach in Peloton, let’s find out if she is the one that best suits you in the article below!

Olivia Amato’s Personal Life – What Are You Interested In?

In this section, we will take a quick look at Olivia Amato’s personal life. How about her early life? What should you know about her social life and relationship? Check it out now!



Olivia Amato’s Childhood

Olivia Amato is proud that she is a New Yorker because she was born and raised in this magnificent city. Olivia revealed her passion and talent for sport at a very young age (while she was in high school and university) when she could play many sports such as lacrosse, track, hockey, and cheerleading.

Olivia Amato proved that she was a true athlete with impressive achievements in the sports she participated in when she was an all-state hockey player two times and a national track athlete at high school. 

When she went to university, Olivia became a member of a cheerleading team that gained an all-country championship.

Olivia Amato’s Biography

Here is general information about Olivia Amato:



Olivia Amato’s Social Media Accounts

Olivia is an influencer on social networks. Her social networking accounts have thousands of followers. Specifically, Olivia has 405,000 followers on Instagram. She also often shares photos at the gym and daily life on her Instagram.










Olivia Amato’s Hobbies

Olivia Amato has a puppy named Tobi. She often posted photos of her dog on Instagram and Facebook. Besides, Olivia also has a love for fashion and skincare. She also identified herself as a plant lover.



Olivia Amato’s Family and Relationship

Olivia Amato was engaged on September 9, 2021. She shared a selfie photo with her fiance Daniel Waldron and her sparkling engagement ring on her Instagram. In her post, she wrote: “Sharing a little bit of my happiness with you.”

Daniel Waldron – Olivia Amato’s fiancé is working in the finance field. He is an entrepreneur, an investor, and a broker. In addition, Daniel is also the co-founder of Alexander Nash – a tailor brand based in New York.

Olivia Amato does not share much about her family. All we could know is that her mother’s name is Vita Sarli Amato.



Olivia Amato on The Way of Becoming a Fitness Instructor at Peloton

In this section, we will see how Olivia Amato became a famous Peloton instructor today.

Olivia Amato’s Career Before Joining Peloton Team

At Fordham University, Olivia Amato learned the business and finance major. After graduating from the university in 2014, she started her financial career on Wall Street. There, she became a sales and trader in the equity field.

Why Did Olivia Amato Decide to Change Her Career?

Although the work in the financial sector is very stable, Olivia quickly realized that she was not suitable for this job. She loves to expand her relationships at work, but she doesn’t seem to be able to stand in a half-day sitting at a desk.

Therefore, Olivia has created a more interesting way to work combined with fitness. Instead of dinner with partners at luxurious restaurants, Olivia often takes them to the fitness studios to talk about work.

At the same time, Olivia tried Boxing. Finally, she became a boxing coach before quitting her job on Wall Street in 2016. This was also a turning point on Olivia’s career path before becoming a reputable Peloton instructor.

Olivia Amato’s Career at Peloton

Recently, Olivia Amato has worked as a fitness trainer at Peloton. She undertakes three main sections at Peloton, including cycling, strength, and tread. In addition, she is also the instructor of cardio, stretching, and outdoor classes.

After becoming a member of the Peloton family, Olivia is becoming more and more famous in the field of fitness. She not only has loyal followers but also gets the opportunity to cooperate with many famous brands, such as Puma.

Below is the total number of Olivia classes in each field:

  • Strength (145 classes)
  • Cardio (33 classes)
  • Stretching (28 classes)
  • Cycling (358 classes)
  • Outdoor (29 classes)
  • Running (277 classes)
  • Walking (68 classes)
  • Tread Bootcamp (43 classes)


All You Should Know about Olivia Amato’s Cycling Class

In this section, let’s see both overview and an in-depth review of Olivia Amato’s cycling classes!

General Information about Her Cycling Class

Cycling is one of the major training categories in Peloton that Olivia Amato takes care of. In total, she has up to 358 cycling classes. 



Below is general information about her riding classes:

Class Length 

Olivia Amato focuses on short and medium classes. She has no 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute classes. Here are all Olivia’s class durations that you can find:

  • 11 classes of 5 minutes
  • 15 classes of 10 minutes
  • 19 classes of 15 minutes
  • 93 classes of 20 minutes
  • 141 classes of 30 minutes
  • 79 classes of 45 minutes


Class Type

Amato’s cycling classes are quite diverse in type. Among them, Music and Intervals are the types with most classes. There are no cycling classes for Live DJ, Heart Rate Zone, Pro Cyclist, and Groove. Specifically, she has:

  • 1 class for Peloton Studio Original
  • 5 classes for Beginner
  • 39 classes for Power Zone
  • 135 classes for Music
  • 19 classes for Warm Up/Cool Down
  • 17 classes for Low Impact
  • 9 classes for Climb
  • 122 classes for Intervals
  • 11 classes for Theme


Class Language and Subtitles 

All of Olivia Amato’s classes are in the English language. In addition, she has 354 cycling classes with English subtitles and 86 classes with German subtitles. There are no classes in German and Spanish languages.



Class Music

Olivia Amato often combines many types of music in her classes. In particular, she uses the following music types in her playlists:

  • Electronic (119 classes)
  • Latin (1 class)
  • Hip Hop (18 classes)
  • Classic Rock (11 classes)
  • Country (11 classes)
  • Pop (89 classes)
  • Rock (29 classes)

There are no Alternative, Indie, and R&B music types in Olivia Amato’s spinning classes.



Why Should You Take Part In Olivia Amato’s Cycling Class?

Here are the three  most significant reasons for convincing you to join Olivia Amato’s cycling classes right now:

Olivia Amato’s Special Training Style 

Olivia Amato is considered one of the hardest trainers at Peloton. Thus, if you decide to join her class, you need to be ready for the high level of intensity and difficulty. Her workouts tend to push your resistance and fitness ability to the highest range.

In addition, you will get very little rest and recovery in Olivia’s spinning classes. If you are seeking the most challenging classes by Olivia, Power Zone training with high intensity and HIIT classes are the best way to go.

The Way Olivia Amato Motivates

Olivia motivates her students by helping them complete their own fitness goals in each training session. In her classes, you will discover your hidden energy and overcome your limitations.

Olivia Amato’s Classes’ Playlists

Olivia Amato knows how to use music to promote the spirit and energy of her class. Her playlists combine several high-energy music types such as hip hop, the 2000s, and rock music.

Olivia Amato’s Famous Quotes

Here is the most famous quote from Olivia Amato:




In short, Olivia Amato is not only an instructor with a large number of fans at Peloton, but she is also a great influencer on social networks.

With the physical foundation from a young age, Olivia takes on the coach role in many important fields at Peloton. So, if you are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced trainer who can help you conquer difficult challenges, Olivia Amato will be the recommended name.


1. Did Olivia Amato quit Peloton?

No, she didn’t. Olivia Amato is taking care of a wide range of fitness categories at Peloton. She now is a strength, cardio, stretching, cycling, outdoor, running, walking, and Tread Bootcamp instructor at Peloton.

2. What cycling shoes does Olivia Amato wear?

Olivia tends to use basic shoes for Peloton cycling. We can see that she usually wears Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoes during her spinning classes.

3. Where did Olivia Amato cheer?

Olivia Amato was a talented cheerleader at Fordham University.

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