Mountain Bike Sizing: Chart + Right Saddle Height

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Choosing the wrong mountain bike size will make you feel uncomfortable and hurt you while riding. If you don’t want to face those issues, keep reading this post for a perfect size of your new bike!

It will give you the ultimate guides for mountain bike sizing. From that, you will definitely select the right size mountain bike for yourselves. Then, you can find some best mountain bikes under $500 right here.

Mountain Bike Sizing Chart

Below is a chart providing the recommended mountain bike frame size for your reference through the mountain bike sizing chart. Let’s go through it now!

The chart is right for most of the MTBs, no matter if they are the MTB under 500 dollars or the MTB under 3000 dollars.

Rider HeightSuggested Mountain Frame Size
Feet & InchesCentimetresFrame Size (inches)
4’ 10’’ - 5’ 2’’148 - 15813 - 14
5’ 2’’ - 5’ 6’’158 - 16815 - 16
5’ 6’’ - 5’ 10’’168 - 178 17 - 18
5’ 10’’ - 6’ 1’’178 - 18519 - 20
6’ 1’’ - 6’ 4’’185 - 19321 - 22
6’ 4’’ - 6’ 6’’ 193 - 198 23 - 24

Mountain Bike Sizing for Men

The mountain bike size chart below will show you the correct size mountain bike for men. Let’s learn more now!

HeightInside LegMen’s Mountain Bike Size
4’ 10’’ - 5’ 0’’ / 147 - 152 cm 26’’ / 26 cm 13’’
5’ 0’’ - 5’ 3’’ / 152 - 160 cm 27’’ / 69 cm 13’’ - 14’’
5’ 3’’ - 5’ 7’’ / 160 - 170 cm 28’’/ 71 cm 15’’ - 16’’
5' 7" - 5' 9" / 170 - 175 cm30" / 76 cm17" - 18”
5' 9" - 5' 11" / 175 -180 cm 31" / 79 cm 18” - 19"
5' 11" - 6' 2" / 180 -188 cm 32" / 81 cm19" - 20”
6' 2" - 6' 5" / 188 - 196 cm34" / 86 cm 20" - 22”
6'5"+ / 196 cm+ 36" / 91 cm 23" - 24”

Mountain Bike Sizing for Women

Among many bike size charts for women, this one below will show you suggested mountain bike sizing for women. Do not hesitate to figure it out now!

HeightInside LegWomen’s mountain bike size
4' 10" - 5' 1" / 147 - 155 cm26" / 66 cm 13’’ - 14"
5' 1" - 5 '3" / 155 - 160 cm 27" / 69 cm13” - 14”
5' 3" - 5' 5" / 160 -165 cm 28" / 71 cm 15” - 16"
5' 5" - 5' 8" / 165 - 172 cm 30" / 76 cm 17" - 18”
5' 8"+ / 172 cm+ 31" / 79cm 19’’

Mountain Bike Sizing Calculation

Mountain Bike Sizing Calculation

To find the matching size frame when selecting a mountain bike, it is essential to calculate your inseam length. Then, a mountain bike size calculator is needed Following are the helpful steps for that process. Let’s explore together!

Step 1: Prepare materials

The required tools include a measuring tape/yardstick, a writing pad/notebook, and a cutting board.

Step 2: Calculate your inseam

  1. Take off your shoes and stand on the ground level against a wall.
  2. Put the writing pad/notebook between your legs and push it as upward as you can.
  3. Calculate the distance from the top of the notebook to the ground level using the measuring tape.
  4. Note down the resulting number. It is the length of your inseam.

For a better understanding of the process above, please refer to this video:

Wrong Mountain Bike Sizing Selection: Noticeable Problems

Wrong Mountain Bike Sizing Selection Noticeable Problems

There exist different noticeable problems causing wrong mountain bike sizing selection. But the three biggest mistakes are the following:

Mistake #1: Choose too small or too big mountain bike size

It is not valid for all cases that a smaller-size mountain bicycle is more maneuverable. If you pick a too-small mountain bike, it may be unstable, uncomfortable, and more sketchy.

A too-big mountain bike won’t be able to provide comfort during your mountain biking to some extent. If you are not tall enough, you cannot control that big-size bike well. There will be no ease when riding.

Mistake #2: Choose the mountain bike size without referring to the length of the top tube

The top tube length tells you the horizontal distance from the head tube center to the joint of the top tube and the seat one.

It is a valuable number to determine the angle of the seat tube and know where the relevant seat post is going to be. When you ignore this dimension, selecting the wrong size for your mountain bike is easy.

Mistake #3: Find the mountain bike size without looking at the seat tube length

Find the right mountain bike size without looking at the seat tube length

The seat tube length is the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the joint of the top tube and the seat one. It helps you select the suitable mountain bike size for your body position before mountain biking. If you ignore this measurement, you cannot pick the right mountain bicycle.

Mountain Bike Sizing Measurement

The riding style is not enough to select a suitable mountain bike. Instead, it is advisable to focus on two measurements of the keyframe. These measurements are effective top tube length and seat tube length.

Top tube length

Top tube length

This dimension will regulate the bike fit and ease of your bicycle. Also, it handles your mountain bike to a significant extent. An ideal top tube length will limit the stretched or cramped feeling.

The example below shows two mountain bikes with different measurements of center-center top tube length. The blue one is 536mm and the orange one is 543mm. Nevertheless, the effective top tube is constantly 561mm. So you can compare two mountain bikes more consistently based on the effective top tube length.

Seat tube length

Mountain Bike Sizing Measurement

This measurement has a significant impact on the standover clearance between your mountain bikes and you. Also, it affects the standover height. In case you are beginning riders, you will stop and feet on the ground many times to get balance. A right seat tube length is essential in such a case.

Some brands use different options for MTBs seat tube length like 15, 17, 19, or 21 inches. Others use small (S), medium (M), and large (L). To know how long your seat tube is, you measure the straight line from your seat tube’s top to the bottom bracket’s center. Below is an example image:

Seat tube length

You can apply the measurement for many types of MTBs, including hardtail mountain bikes, full suspension mountain bikes, and more.

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