Is Matt Wilpers The Peloton Instructor That You Are Looking For?

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/07/2022

One of the best things about Peloton is that you can always find out a coach matching your needs. If you are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Peloton instructor, Matt Wilpers will be the best choice.

So who is Matt Wilpers? How about his career? Is he a good trainer? What can Matt Wilpers bring to his classes? Let’s find the answer in the following sections of this article!

Everything about Matt Wilpers’ Personal Life

Matt Wilpers’ Childhood

Matt Wilpers was born in Ohio in 1983 and grew up in Marietta, Georgia. In high school, Matt played sports such as hockey, basketball, and baseball. His father even wanted him to become a professional baseball player. More especially, Matt Wilpers was born to ski. Matt’s childhood was associated with ski slopes.

When Matt Wilpers studied at Georgia State University, he started running, and he loved it. This can be considered an important milestone in his athletic process.

After graduating from Georgia State University, Matt got a BBA degree in Accounting and Finance. 

Matt Wilper’s Biography

Here are several details that you might be interested in Matt Wilpers:

matt bio

matt bio

Matt Wilpers’ Social Media Accounts

Matt Wilpers has quite a lot of social networking accounts. A large number of people also follow him. On his Instagram, he has up to 241.000 followers. In addition, Matt regularly updates his status on Instagram.


matt instagram

matt instagram


matt facebook

matt facebook


matt twitter


matt linkedin

matt linkedin

Matt Wilpers’ Family and Relationship

Matt Wilpers did not reveal much about his family. However, Matt shared that his parents invested a lot in him. Besides, he has a sister.

In terms of his relationship, Matt Wilpers shared the moment of proposing to his girlfriend – Jessica Li, in an article on Instagram.

matt relationship

matt relationship

Matt Wilpers’ Hobbies

Fitness is not only Matt Wilpers’ job but also his hobby. He is interested in cycling, lifting, and running. Besides, reading business, physical books, and traveling are also his favorite activities.

What Should You Know About The Career of This Senior Peloton Instructor?

There are many plot twists in Matt Wilpers’ career. See what he has gone through to become a famous Peloton coach like today!

What Did Matt Wilpers Do Before Peloton

Accounting is the field that Matt Wilpers studied at Georgia State University. After graduating, he became an analyst and auditor for several large companies, such as KPMG and Goldman Sachs.

Matt Wilpers has been a running coach at Mile High Run Club since 2008. In addition, he also worked in the NCAA Division as a competitor for 4 years.

However, Matt quickly realized that finance was not his forte. Therefore, he decided to study medicine at New York University in 2013. There, he took part in training fitness classes.

The Matt Wilpers’ Career at Peloton

Matt Wilpers’s career path completely turned in another direction when he received an invitation from Peloton. Matt quickly became a senior famous coach in the Peloton community thanks to his great experiences in training.

Nowadays, Matt Wilpers takes care of two vital workout sections in Peloton, including cycling and the treadmill. In addition, he also takes part in teaching strength and stretching classes.

matt at peloton

matt at peloton

In-Depth Review of Matt Wilpers’ Cycling Class

In this section, we will focus on Matt Wilpers’ cycling classes which are the main training session of this senior coach.

Overview of His Riding Class

In total, Matt Wilpers has 487 cycling classes. His classes are rich in content and training style. Let’s take an overview of Matt’s riding classes right now!

matt total class

matt total class

Class Length 

Matt Wilpers operates both short and long classes. However, if other instructors just have 60-minute classes, Matt takes care of extra-long training sessions, including 75-minute and 90-minute classes. These are outstanding features of Matt Wilpers’ cycling category.

In particular, Matt Wilpers is the instructor of:

  • 14 classes of 5 minutes
  • 13 classes of 10 minutes
  • 11 classes of 15 minutes
  • 73 classes of 20 minutes
  • 146 classes of 30 minutes
  • 119 classes of 45 minutes
  • 90 classes of 60 minutes
  • 9 classes of 75 minutes
  • 12 classes of 90 minutes
matt class length

matt class length

Class Type

Almost all Matt Wilpers’ spinning classes are Power Zone classes. Thus, if you are pursuing Peloton Power Zone training mode or want to try these exercises, Matt’s riding classes are the perfect option for you.

Here are Matt Wilpers’ cycling class types that you can choose:

  • 12 classes for Beginner
  • 304 classes for Power Zone
  • 7 classes for Live DJ
  • 75 classes for Music
  • 19 classes for Warm up/Cool down
  • 32 classes for Low Impact
  • 4 classes for Climb
  • 28 classes for Intervals
  • 6 classes for Theme

There are no classes for Peloton Studio Original, Heart Rate Zone, Pro Cyclist, and Groove.

matt class type

matt class type

Class Language and Subtitles 

English is the major language used in Matt Wilpers’ cycling classes. So all his classes come in English, and 475 subtitled English classes. In addition, you can also find out 128 other classes with German subtitles. 

matt class subtitles

matt class subtitles

Class Music

Matt Wilpers uses many types of music in his riding session. Here are all the music types that you can see in his classes:

  • Alternative (4 classes)
  • Electronic (40 classes)
  • Latin (3 classes)
  • Hip Hop (21 classes)
  • Classic Rock (7 classes)
  • Country (19 classes)
  • Pop (65 classes)
  • Rock (43 classes)
  • R&B (2 classes)

There are no classes with Indie music.

matt class music

matt class music

What Makes Matt Wilpers’ Cycling Class Outstanding?

There are many reasons why Matt Wilpers cycling classes become attractive to followers. The following part of this article will reveal the three most unique features of Matt Wilpers’ spinning classes.

The Way He Motivates

Matt Wilpers is an extremely suitable coach for beginners because he will not force you to practice with high intensity or high pressure.

He knows how to make training sessions interesting and comfortable. However, his classes still achieve the necessary effect and performance. Matt Wilpers motivates trainees by helping them discover their true potential and get what they want in each class.

The Special Connect in Matt’s cycling classes

Matt Wilpers connect with students naturally and openly. He always helps them feel comfortable and enjoy the fun of workouts instead of focusing on ranking or goals beyond their ability. Many people think this is his strength.

Moreover, he is always enthusiastic and energetic in every training session. You will receive that positive energy even if you are a screen from him!

He also often shares his useful fitness experiences in training sessions. This not only helps him connect with people more easily but also brings students beneficial knowledge about fitness.

The Coaching Philosophy of Matt Wilpers

Matt Wilpers believes that as long as people are comfortable, they will easily achieve what they want in workouts. Therefore, he never forced you to accelerate or increase the resistance level, which can make you exhausted after each class.

Instead, Matt Wilpers knows how to keep everything in control with just enough exercise intensity, duration, and energy for each class. He will advise you to lower the training intensity or rest if necessary.

Matt Wilpers’ Playlist

Matt Wilpers’ Famous Quotes

Matt Wilpers has many good quotes to encourage the spirit of his followers. Here are some of them:

matt quote 1

matt quote 1

matt quote 2

matt quote 2

matt quote 3

matt quote 3


In conclusion, Matt Wilpers is one of the best Peloton trainers for beginners. Fitness is his passion and life. Therefore, Matt always devotes his whole to the Peloton community and his fitness dream.

His training style, athletic experience, and coaching philosophy make his Peloton classes unique and impressive. As such, if you prefer a Peloton trainer with a gentle but unique training style, there will be no reason to refuse Matt Wilper’s classes.


1. Is Matt Wilpers a cyclist?

Yes, he is. Matt Wilpers now is taking care of hundreds of cycling classes at Peloton. He is also an enthusiastic rider.

2. What is Matt Wilper’s power-to-weight ratio?

Matt’s power-to-weight ratio is 3.87 w/kgs, according to a post shared on his Facebook.

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