9 Facts about Kristin Mcgee – A Peloton Yoga Instructor 

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

Not all instructors at Peloton had the same childhood, but all of them  dream of becoming personal trainers or having fitness-related jobs. One of them has completely different work orientations. After going through many prejudices, she decides to become a fitness coach.

Kristin Mcgee, who starred in the yoga video series with Lori Trespicio from the Real World, is a celebrity yoga instructor at Peloton. Before her present shining talents, she was a pilates and yoga teacher at a local gym. However, Kristin used to want to be a dancer and an actor when she was a child.

Kristin Mcgee’s Personal Life

Kristin Mcgee’s Early Life

Born and raised in Idaho, US, Kristin Mcgee would love to become a dancer or actor when she was young. All her family members have been working in the entertainment industry, so she was inspired to become an entertainer also. When she was four, Kristin performed ballet, jazz, and tap.

Kristin Mcgee’s father’s rich vocals are the most powerful driving force that makes her become a Broadway star. So, from Pocatello, Idaho, where her parents sing every day, she moved to the Big Apple to make her dream come true.



Kristin Mcgee’s Relationship and Family

Kristin Mcgee’s married life was not smooth when she just filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Timothy O’Shea. However, her three children are her motivations: Timothy, Robert, and William.

Kristin Mcgee does not reveal much about personal relationships, family, or friends. Just know that she also has two brothers and a sister.



Summary Information about Kristin Mcgee

Full Name Kristin Mcgee
Hometown Idaho, US
Age 48
Birthday August 31, 1973
Birthsign Virgo
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 45-49kg
Favorite People Mom, Steve Martin, and Ayn Rand
Hobby Being a mom, cooking, writing, yoga, theater, music, dance, hiking, skiing, camping, and Pilates
Favorite Products Aura Cacia essential oils, hatch maternity yoga tanks toe sox, leg warmers
Favorite Food Pizza and Noodles
Favorite Destinations Sun Valley Idaho, Positano, and Amalfi coast
Favorite Books Chair Yoga, Sit Stretch, Strengthen Your Way to A Happier, Healthier You
Nationality American
Education New York University Tisch School of the arts
Relationship Status Married to Timothy O’Shea (recently filed for a divorce from the spouse)
Children 3 sons (Timothy, Robert, and William.)
Current Job Peloton Yoga instructor
Previous Job Pilates instructor, ACE personal trainer, actor, yoga instructor, author
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net Worth Approximate $5 million in 2020
Disease Diagnosed Anorexia (while in her 20’s)
Website https://kristinmcgee.com/

Outstanding Point in Kristin Mcgee’s life

Kristin was lucky to be talking with an MTV producer who joined her yoga class. At that time, Kristin was also participating in an acting career. After some discussion, the MTV producer chose Kristin Mcgee as the host, choreographer, and star in the first MTV yoga video.

Joining MTV’s shows, Kristin got the chance to meet celebrities like Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Leann Rimes, Savannah Guthrie, Emilia Clarke, and Jenifer Lawrence. She also got the chance to appear on the cover of ‘Pilate’s style’ three times and became an expert on HSN for the Pilates strength gym for seven years.

However, the moment she misses the most is when she starred in the movie ‘Kaitlin the yogaerobics instructor’. This is truly a unique opportunity as she indulges all her passions, including yoga, pilates, and acting.

Other Information

Besides being a Peloton Yoga Instructor, Kristin is also a well-known content creator and blogger in the health and beauty fields. Her Instagram has high engagement (nearly 150k followers) thanks to useful and regular posts, attracting a large fan base. On her Facebook page, Kristin also regularly shares everyday pictures with her three sons. Here are her social network accounts you should visit:



A few interviews to help you know more about Kristin Mcgee:

Kristin Mcgee’s Career and Journey to Become a Yoga and Pilates Instructor

What is her motivation to become a Yoga and Pilates Instruction?

Kristin began studying Yoga in the 90s while studying at the New York University theater program. At that time, she and her classmates regularly combined yoga and pilates during warm-up sessions.

After graduating, she officially joined a yoga and pilates class and quickly felt the connection between herself and the two subjects.

Kristin did not hesitate to sign up for her teacher’s yoga class though she had attended the only course before. With her natural talent and serious practice, she was recognized in 1997 and started teaching yoga at the local gym.



Kristin Mcgee’s Career at Peloton

Kristin Mcgee signed with Peloton in 2018 after her popularity was on MTV. She always treasures her time working at Peloton because it has allowed her to meet so many people and improve their lives.

She shared about working with Peloton: “Connecting to our core is not just a physical process, but it helps us feel more connected to our core values, instincts, and true self. It also helps to reinforce our relationships. to a powerhouse that provides us the strength to do everything in life.”

As a mom, entrepreneur, author, and yoga instructor at Peloton, Kristin always tries to balance everything and perfect the job perfectly. To her, family is a sacred and noble thing. Despite her busy work, she always spends time with her three sons.



Why should take part in Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Classes

An Overview of Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Classes

All Kristin Mcgee’s classes are about yoga (748 classes). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of her class.

Here is some general information about Kristin Mcgee’s yoga classes:

Class Length:

Hannah does not have 90-minute yoga classes. Instead, she focuses on 30-minute classes (244 classes). In addition, she also creates other classes, including

  • 5-min (23 classes)
  • 10-min (124 classes)
  • 15-min (12 classes)
  • 30-min (244 classes)
  • 20-min (222 classes)
  • 45-min (100 classes)
  • 60-min (19 classes)
  • 76-min (4 classes)

As such, Kristin’s classes are most suitable for beginner and intermediate members.



Class Type:

Kristin Mcgee has diverse classes to suit each person’s needs. Along with that are:

  • Flow (390 classes)
  • Focus flow (144 classes)
  • Slow flow (33 classes)
  • Theme (21 classes)
  • Restoration (40 classes)
  • Family & Pre/Postnatal (70 classes)
  • Yoga Basics (23 classes)
  • Beyond the Pose (7 classes)
  • Yoga Anywhere (20 classes)


Class Language and Subtitles:

All Kristin Mcgee’s yoga classes have the English language. Additionally, she has 24 classes with German subtitles, and all classes are equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Music in Kristin Mcgee’s yoga classes is quite diverse in genres. She can combine many types of music to motivate her members.

In particular, the music includes

  • Alternative (23 classes)
  • Country (6 classes)
  • Latin (2 classes)
  • Electronic (22 classes)
  • Pop (152 classes)
  • R&B (3 classes)
  • Rock (34 classes)


Top 3 Reasons Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Classes are interesting

Kristin Mcgee’s Motivation in Workout

Kristin is always smiling. Her smile is a great motivator and keeps the class happy. Learning yoga and pilates will be much more appealing when Kristin often motivates her members by giving them challenges. She believes discovering their potential will help them feel more confident and fascinated.

Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Training Style

Accessible and fun yoga are two things Kristin has always pursued. Yoga or pilates are not subjects that everyone can practice because we need a long enough time to get used to and understand them.

Kristin takes time to search for good flow and schedule a great soundtrack to keep the pace moving. Meanwhile, she will take care of each specific movement and correct her members. She believes a down-dog a day keeps the doctor away.

Kristin Mcgee’s Soundtrack Playlists



Music plays an important role in yoga and pilates classes. Kristin has its own list of enchanting soundtracks. Throughout the teaching process, the song on her soundtrack list helps her members relax and alleviate their stress.


Attending yoga classes by Kristin Mcgee is so effective for you to improve your mental health. So before practice, you should take time to research, find out what this subject is good and choose a talented and suitable coach.

With her rich experience and ability to inspire, Kristin Mcgee is a talented yoga trainer who promises to improve your health through interesting yoga lessons.


1. What is the unique point in Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Session?

The unique point in Kristin Mcgee’s Yoga Session is diversity. Kristin always transforms her training style so that her sessions are diverse and unique.

2. Is anybody able to approach Kristin Mcgee’s training style?

Everyone is suitable for Kristin Mcgee’s training style. Kristin’s classes are so diverse that anyone can participate.

3. What is Kristin Mcgee’s job besides being a yoga trainer?

Besides being a yoga trainer, Kristin is also a content creator, actor, entrepreneur, and blogger.

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