All about Peloton Instructor, Kirsten Ferguson, and How She Overcame Her Miscarriage

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BY James Roland
Updated on 06/22/2022

Peloton has a comfortable and creative working environment. The best Peloton instructors always rely on it to develop the content of their classes. Kirsten Ferguson is one such coach.

Kirsten Ferguson has a strong figure and an adorable training style. Her cycling classes have many students who all have favorable views of Kirsten. Not only that, Kirsten is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and thoughtful. She is always by the side of her members when needed.

Read the article below to learn more about this instructor.

Who is Kirsten Ferguson?

Kirsten Ferguson is a Peloton Tread Instructor. Her expertise is in running and walking, which support you to reduce weight effectively. Even though she’s only been in Peloton for about two years and doesn’t have as much fitness experience as her colleagues, Kirsten still receives a lot of love from the Peloton members.

Kirsten Ferguson used to be a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology so she has knowledge of fashion and clothes. However, she realized that fashion was not a fit for her soon after the internship course. So, she decided to turn to sports and joined the Peloton team on August 27th, 2020.

The Early Life of Kirsten Ferguson

Kirsten Ferguson was born and raised in Danbury, Connecticut, Northeast of New York City, United States. Kirsten’s mother is a single mother, which made her independent from a young age. She always tries to be a woman with “strong, independent woman vibes”.



Kirsten Ferguson’s Summary Information

Full Name Kirsten Ferguson
Hometown Danbury, Connecticut, United States
Hobby Being a silly mom, singing, dancing, doing gym, listening to music
Nationality The American
Education Fashion Institute of Technology
Relationship Status Divorced. The ex-husband is D’Brickashaw Ferguson
Children 2 little daughters, Eden and Emery
Current Job Peloton Instructor
Previous Job Marketer, Local Tread Instructor
Social Media Instagram, Facebook

Kirsten Ferguson’s Relationship and Family

Kirsten Ferguson decided to put off her job and get married. Her ex-husband is D’Brickashaw Ferguson, who has worked hard with her to bear two beautiful angels, Eden Grace and Emery Faith.

Kirsten Ferguson treasured her current family very much because she and her ex-husband had to try and put in a lot of effort to have these two miracle babies.

After nearly a year of treatment and painstaking together, the Fergurson couple was able to conceive and nurture their baby safely. This is a worthy achievement after a long life of pain and disappointment.

Kirsten Ferguson’s Hobbies

Kirsten Ferguson has many hobbies to reduce stress, such as singing, dancing, or listening to the most ratchet music she finds.

Besides, Kirsten Ferguson shares one of her interesting hobbies is being a silly mother. She considers her two daughters like little angels and a miracle in her life.

Despite her busy work, Kirsten always spends time with her family, especially with her two girls. She sees it as an opportunity to get close to her daughters.

However, she will not forget to take care of herself while still looking for interesting songs to refresh when her daughters are deep asleep. She also often goes to the gym when she finishes all her work.



Kirsten Ferguson’s Social Network Accounts

Kirsten Ferguson regularly shares her daily life and works on social networks such as Facebook (2,4k followers) and Instagram (62,2k followers). With her positive spirit, the content she shares always attracts a large number of fans to interact and comment. Here are two social media accounts you can visit:



Kirsten Ferguson’s Career Path

What is her motivation to become an Instruction?

Kirsten Ferguson shares her journey to motherhood: “It was one of the most challenging times of my life, but my faith in the Lord grew exponentially.” Kirsten needed to find a way to revise after a long and hard time, and she chose fitness.

She said: “Fitness helped me strengthen her body and soul during difficult times.” Therefore, she wants to bring my story to inspire practice in many people. Starting with a personal goal, Kirsten opens a community that loves fitness and tread.



What did Kirsten Ferguson do before working at Peloton?

Kirsten Ferguson worked for the NFL for seven years. She clearly defines her career goals and always strives in the process of working to develop to higher positions. She used to participate in the organization Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show – One of the biggest music shows Beyoncé.

After meeting D’Brickashaw Ferguson, she put off all her work and focused on being a mother.

Before working as a full-time employee at Peloton, Kirsten Ferguson has been a member of Peloton since 2015. She received a Peloton Bike while pregnant with Eden. She rode her bicycle while watching the baby at home. She found it very useful and rewarding.

After settling down as a mother, she returned to NFL Studio. Her colleagues endorsed her for running a cycling class on social media to share a healthy lifestyle. However, it takes a long time for her to make a decision because she is afraid of her public speaking ability and time to take care of her daughter.

Still, Kirsten tried and started running some cycling classes at a local studio. With her good skills and ability to inspire, her classroom attracts many students.



Kirsten Ferguson’s Career at Peloton

Kirsten Ferguson had the very strenuous year 2020 when so many incidents happened. The Covid 29 pandemic affected almost every aspect of Kirsten’s life. When it comes to job, her cycling classes have to cancel for social distancing. Back to the family, she and her husband also did not maintain a happy relationship as before and went to divorce.

However, a new opportunity unfolded as she quickly turned around in a cycling class. She opened live streams on Instagram Live, and the number of viewers really exploded. Finally, the Peloton notices her and sends her an invitation.

Kirsten Ferguson went through many auditions both online and offline, before officially becoming a Peloton Instructor on August 27th, 2020. Peloton also contributed to discovering  other possibilities for Kirsten by giving her a try to teach Tread, and the results were very positive. So finally, she officially became a Peloton read Instructor.

Kirsten-Ferguson-with-collage-at Peloton

Kirsten-Ferguson-with-collage-at Peloton

Why should take part in Kirsten Ferguson’s Classes

All you should know about Kirsten Ferguson’s Running Classes

Kirsten Ferguson has 190 classes in total. Most of which are about running (113 classes). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of her running class.

Here is some general information about Kirsten Ferguson’s running classes:

Class Length:

Kirsten does not have 5-minute, 15-minute, or 60-minute running classes. Instead, she focuses on 20-minute classes (58 classes). In addition, she also has other classes as shown below:

  • 10-min (3 classes)
  • 20-min (58 classes)
  • 30-min (47 classes)
  • 45-min (5 classes)

As such, Kirsten Ferguson’s classes are most suitable for beginner and intermediate members. In addition, she has not worked at Peloton for a long time, so the classes are few and not diverse.



Class Type:

Here are Kirsten Ferguson’s Running Classes categorized into 6 class types:

  • Warm up/Cool down (3 classes)
  • Themes (5 classes)
  • Music (62 classes)
  • Endurance (2 classes)
  • Speed (5 classes)
  • Intervals (36 classes)


Class Language and Subtitles:

All Kirsten Ferguson’s running classes have the English language. However, she has 3 classes with German subtitles, and 113 classes are equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Although Kirsten Ferguson does not have as diverse classes as other instructors due to her working time, she has tried to add more music to her video. Her classes are multiplied as music as below:

  • Electronic (4 classes)
  • Hip-hop (60 classes)
  • Latin (1 class)
  • Pop (23 classes)
  • R&B (9 classes)


2 Reasons why Kirsten Ferguson’s Cycling Classes are interesting

Kirsten Ferguson’s Philosophy in Workout

Kirsten Ferguson has a maxim: “You are not alone. You can go through dark times and come out on the other side better for it, stronger for it, and changed. I would not be the instructor and the woman I am if I didn’t walk through what I did. And I’m grateful for it. ”

She is inspiring many Peloton members with her own story. She strives to help people stay active, determined, focused, and know they have support.

Kirsten Ferguson’s Bike Training Style

Kirsten Ferguson’s running class is always bustling and vibrant with the beats of her favorite hip hop and R&B tracks. Using lively tunes also helps students of Kirsten get sweaty and work hard.

Furthermore, how Kirsten’s health and wellness help students have comprehensive results. She said: “What I love about Peloton is its commitment to accessibility for health and wellness for all. I also look at our diverse group of instructors and I just smile because people from the black community can see themselves on our platform”.



How did Kirsten Ferguson overcome Kirsten Ferguson’s miscarriage to become a Peloton Instructor?

Like other women in the world, Kirsten Ferguson would love to have a baby after marriage. But unfortunately, Kirsten Ferguson had to struggle against many obstacles in her journey to pregnancy.

At first conception, Kirsten was diagnosed that it would be hard to have pregnant, and she had to deal with miscarrying at any time. So after thinking carefully, she decided to use medicine to pass the baby at home instead of applying D&C.

After the first miscarriage, Kisten’s body showed some unusual signs: Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation. She had to undergo surgery to deal with this issue. After that, she has to wait at least 6 months until her next pregnancy.

Six months of waiting seemed like a few centuries, and she had to struggle mentally and pray a lot. At that time, she only believed in God to be able to overcome the pain. She recalls: “But I now know, God wanted me to go through this so I could lean on HIM more. Trust in HIM more and believe that HE is the author of our story, not me. I had to release all of the. control over to HIM. ”

In the end, all efforts paid off. After six months of difficulties, she successfully conceived. She gave birth to Eden Grace on March 18th, 2015, and then her sister, Emery Faith on July 14th, 2016.

She thanked God: “Every day I thank God not only for these two miracle babies that he has given us but also for the journey it took for us to get here.”

The process of waiting and conception eroded Kirsten Fergurson’s life. So she decided to build a new route to improve her life. Peloton and Tread classes have brought her back to being a strong and confident woman.




Although having only been in Peloton for about 2 years and did not have as much fitness experience as her colleagues, Kirsten has received a lot of love from students and achieved some achievements while teaching at Peloton. She has demonstrated her seriousness and dedication to developing herself and the Peloton community in the US.

Attending Peloton walking classes are effective only when you practice them with the right skills. So before starting these sports, you should take time to research, find out what this subject is good at and choose a talented and suitable coach.


1. What is Kirsten Ferguson’s favorite music type?

She loves hip hop and R&B tracks.

2. Is Kirsten Ferguson’s Training session easy to follow?

She prepares classes in short lengths so everyone can follow these classes easily.

3. How many kinds of training does Kirsten Ferguson have in Peloton?

There are 6 kinds of classes Kirsten has Warm-up/Cool down (3 classes), Themes (5 classes), Music (62 classes), Endurance (2 classes), Speed (5 classes), and Intervals (36 classes).

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