Kendall Toole Instructor – An Influential Name in Peloton Community

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/05/2022

When you join the Peloton community, you will see many famous and high-influential instructors. Among them, Kenall Toole is one of the most reputable names.

Kendall is well-known because of not only her effective training ability but also her interesting personal life as well as her inspirational stories. Don’t miss out the following article, if you want to know more about this Peloton instructor.

Something You Should Know About Kendall Toole’s Personal Life

About Kendall Toole’s Childhood

Childhood is a difficult period in Kendall Toole’s life. She used to be an excellent high-school student with desirable achievements. When studying at USC, Kendall was still a prominent student.

However, behind the glory, Kendall Toole struggled to be able to overcome mental problems. She even intended to commit suicide when she was a final-year student.

Family truly became Kendall’s spiritual support during that dark time. She realized that her decisions were more influential than she imagined, especially for those beside her.

After the time she gave up the intention to commit suicide, Kendall Toole continued to spend three difficult months. She had to participate in high-intensity treatment sessions with dense frequency to be able to overcome mental barriers.

After graduating from college, Kendall Toole once again faced difficulties. She worked for a technology business that had a toxic environment. Therefore, Kendall decided to quit his job there.

However, that time was also when she was carrying a $200,000 debt from the university. As a result, she had to move back to live with her parents. Then, Kendall Toole started work as a boxing teacher at a gym to earn an extra fee. This was also the time when Kendall realized her passion for Boxing.



Kendall Toole’s hobbies

Boxing is not only Kendall’s job but also her hobby and intense passion. Kendall shared that she felt comfortable and strong when standing on the ring.

In addition, Kendall Toole is interested in playing instruments and singing. She usually plays the ukulele and sings when she’s free. Kendall also likes to share her hobbies on social networks.


kendall hobby

Kendall Toole’s Relationship and Family

The family is the most solid mental support for Kendall Toole, especially her father. He has added strength to Kendall to fight psychological issues. Since then, Kendall can become a strong and resilient girl.

Kendall shared that she respected her father because he was a person who was always ready to devote herself to work and help those around him.

Other Information about Kendall Toole


Kendall bio

Kendall bio

Social Media Accounts

Kendall Toole is an influencer on social media. She has up to 694 thousand followers on her Instagram and 33 thousand followers on her Twitter.


Kendall instagram

Kendall instagram


Kendall Twitter

Kendall Twitter


Kendall Linkedin

Kendall Linkedin


Kendall Toole on The Road of Fighting Mental Illness

Because Kendall Toole has witnessed psychological problems and understands their serious effects, she has tried to help people raise awareness about mental health.

Currently, Kendall Toole is in charge of the Ambassador of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). This organization specializes in helping people who have difficulty with mental problems.

With her knowledge and experience, Kendall Toole wishes to help many people overcome mental difficulties and improve the community’s understanding of mental health’s importance.

The Career of Kendall Toole at Peloton

Kendall Toole joined Peloton in 2019. After the first audition in Peloton, Kendall realized that she was born for this community.

With valuable experiences in professional cheerleading and fitness at the University, Kendall quickly adapted to the working environment at the Peloton studio.

As an instructor at Peloton, she also uses her stories about mental health to connect with the Peloton community.

At the Peloton, Kendall Toole is the instructor for strength, cardio, stretching, and cycling classes. Among them, Kendall mainly takes care of cycling classes.

Detailed Review of Kendall Toole’s Cycling Class

Kendall Toole has 522 spinning classes in total. This figure is not too large but enough to serve the cycling needs of most people participating in Peloton. So, let’s take a glance at her cycling classes!

kendall cycling class overview

kendall cycling class overview

Kendall Toole’s Cycling Class Overview

Class Length

Kendall Toole’s class duration is quite diverse, from short to long. Like almost all spinning instructors at Peloton, Kendall does not have 75 and 90 minutes classes.

Kendall focuses on operating medium-length classes. She has up to 211 30-minute classes. Along with that are different class lengths, including:

  • 9 classes of 5 minutes
  • 10 classes of 10 minutes
  • 31 classes of 15 minutes
  • 120 classes of 20 minutes
  • 139 classes of 45 minutes
  • 2 classes of 60 minutes
Kendall class length

Kendall class length

Class Type

Almost all cycling Kendall Toole’s classes are Music classes (up to 302 classes). In addition, she also takes care of other class types, including:

  • Beginner (9 classes)
  • Warm Up/Cool Down (14 classes)
  • Low Impact (31 classes)
  • Climb (13 classes)
  • Intervals (120 classes)
  • Theme (33 classes)

Kendall Toole has no Peloton Studio Original, Power Zone, Live DJ, Heart Rate Zone, Pro Cyclist, and Groove classes.

kendall class type

kendall class type

Class Language and Subtitles

All Kendall’s cycling classes come in the English language. Among them, there are 515 classes with English subtitles and 73 other classes with German subtitles.

kendall class subtitles

kendall class subtitles

Class Music

Kendall Toole usually uses Pop, Rock, and Electronic music in her classes. In particular, there are:

  • 9 classes with Alternative music
  • 77 classes with Electronic music
  • 6 classes with Latin music
  • 55 classes with Hip Hop music
  • 3 classes with Classic Rock music
  • 1 class with Country music
  • 135 classes with Pop music
  • 101 classes with Rock music
  • 3 classes with R&B music

She does not have any Indie classes.

Kendall class music

Kendall class music

Special Features of Kendall Toole’s Classes

Kendall Toole is not the most prominent coach of Peloton. However, her class has very attractive and special things, making her one of the most outstanding names in Peloton.

Extremely positive energy

Once a cheerleader at the university, Kendall knew how to stir the atmosphere of the training session. Therefore, her classes often have positive and dynamic energy, making followers forget the feeling of fatigue when practicing.

Moreover, Kendall wants to use that positive energy to help practitioners explore their hidden fitness abilities.

Cycling classes with high-level of difficulty 

A special pattern of Kendall’s riding classes is that her classes are quite difficult and most suitable for those who want to enhance their fitness quickly. As such, Kendall is considered one of the hardest instructors at Peloton.

In addition, HIIT rides, HIIT & Hills rides are the strength of Kendall Toole. Although these classes are not too long, they are challenging enough to reach your limit. 

Unique Mental Health Awareness rides

Kendall Toole has developed her unique class content. Kendall created special classes to raise the Peloton community’s awareness of mental health. She talks about mental health in these classes, listens to others’ mental problems, and shares her experience in this field.

Kendall mental health awareness ride class

Kendall mental health awareness ride class

Kendall Toole’s Playlist

Kendall Toole’s Inspirable Quotes

Here is the most famous quote from Kendall Toole:

kendall quotes

kendall quotes


To sum up, Kendall Toole is not merely a coach in Peloton, but she is also a great influential person in the field of health, especially mental health.

Kendall devoted herself to the Peloton community and the mission to help those who encounter mental illness. That’s why she is loved and respected by many people.


1. Where did Kendall work before Peloton?

Kendall Toole used to be a story editor at Snapchat, a production assistant, and a boxer working at a studio in Los Angeles before becoming a Peloton instructor.

2. Where in California is Kendall Toole from?

Kendall Toole is from Southern California.

3. Is Kendall Toole a good instructor?

Yes, she is. Kendall Toole is a famous Peloton instructor, and she has a lot of fans, especially young riders. Her classes are effective and easy to follow.

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