All you should know about Jess Sims: Top Peloton Instructor with excellent body fit!

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/05/2022

Jess Sims has always ranked to be among the top Peloton instructors. But have you known the reason why this used-to-be teacher made such a mind-blowing career change?

Let’s go and find out the story behind the celebrity Jess Sims with her life, relationship, Peloton classes, and interesting secrets right away!

Who is Jess Sims?

The Early Life of Jess Sims

Jess Sims

Jess Sims

Jess Sims grew up in a family full of love and sports. Her father was her coach and inspiration for playing basketball, and her graceful mother nurtured her into a compassionate one.

Her hometown is said to be in Northern Boston, Peabody, MA. She was born a star and leader of sports when she could play a lot of different sports, including soccer and basketball, throughout her undergraduate period.

A brief introduction to our favorite Peloton instructor:

Jess Sims’ Basic Information

To understand more about Jess Sims, you can check out this compilation of information here:

Full Name Jess Sims
Home Town Massachusetts City in the north of Boston
Birthday October 3, 1990
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 64 kgs
Shoes N/A
Ethnicity British
Education Trinity college
Occupation Peloton instructor, boxing instructor (former), Kindergarten teacher (former)

Social Media Account

Jess Sims is not only a well-loved Peloton instructor but also a social media celebrity with over 400 thousand of followers on Instagram. If you want to keep up with Jess Sims, you can check out her profile and work here:

4 Interesting Facts About Jess Sims

Jess Sims on radio show

Jess Sims on radio show

There is nothing about her romantic relationship:

Jess Sims is one of the hottest Peloton instructors, with a successful life and career, and she is also loved by her family, friends and colleagues for her kindness and goodwill. However, there is no single piece of information revealed on her dating or romantic interest till now!

Jess Sims use the mantra wall to keep motivated:

  • As a famous Peloton instructor, Jess Sims loses her inspiration and drive from time to time. She said that well-paid Peloton work is not her sole motivation.
  • She has a mantra wall that serves as a visual reminder and empowering to keep her going on. This is a simple and effective method that everyone can try.
  • Besides, she also takes the energy from her fan and followers. Jess Sims reads the posts and messages on her social media to recharge her power.

Jess Sims fell in love with culinary work:

  • She used to order take-out and spend little time in her kitchen because she felt cooking was too complicated.
  • But things changed, and she now finds that cooking gives her joy once she has mastered it. Jess Sims now cooks her meals a few times per week and have a great choice of healthy dishes.

The famous story of Jess Sims and donut:

  • If you are new to her Peloton classes, you may be wondering why everyone talks about donuts all the time. Actually, Jess Sims’s famous catchphrase is “I’m shiny; I look like a glazed donut right now.”
  • Jess Sims love sweets, and one time during her Peloton session, she slipped these sentences. Now, everyone associates her with a glazed donut.
  • She actually quite liked the catchphrase, and even posted on her social media funny pictures with donuts.
Jess Sims Peloton classes

Jess Sims Peloton classes

Jess Sims and Usain Bolt on the ride here:

Jess Sims’ Secret to Keeping Fit

How to get a fitted body just like Jess Sims? Let’s take a look at her daily diet to find out her secret!

Jess Sims does not define any fixed diet in her diet. She tries to eat whole foods and limits the intake of processed food. However, Jess Sims also eat whatever she likes!

  • Breakfast: she always drinks a lot of water and follows up with a nutritious meal for breakfast. Eggs, slices of bread, avocado, peppers, and fruits are her go-to. Sometimes she opts for smoothies from veggies and nuts.
  • Lunch: She eats a huge bowl of salad from different types of veggies, for example, cabbage, peas, or carrot, with dairy-free cheese. Jess Sims tops it up with shrimp or tuna if she likes it.
  • Snack: Jess Sims has a wide variety of snacks: matcha drink, apple and butter, a trail mix of nuts and so on.
  • Dinner: Jess Sims often cooks dinner herself. The typical meal would be seafood dishes, with green and carb of choice, normally her favorite banana pasta or baked potato.
  • Dessert: She is weak for dessert, and her most frequent choice is healthy-made chocolate chips, donuts, and carrot cakes.

The Career Journey of Jess Sims

Before Coming to Peloton

Jess Sims grew up with sports and fitness, though she initially pursued the education profession. She was a kindergarten teacher and then Principal in an academy.

Later, she got into higher education and pursuit a Master’s degree. Yet, in 2016, she quit her Master’s course to be a fitness coach in boxing and HIIT. Jess Sims said that she really found out her life-long passion only then.

After Coming To Peloton

Jess Sims and Usain Bolt

Jess Sims and Usain Bolt

In 2017, Jess Sims was first contacted by Peloton to join in an audition for treadmill instructors. However, she was not ready at that time and declined the opportunity.

One year later, she met with Olivia Amato, a Peloton instructor who invited her to join Peloton again. After deliberation, she decided to call back to Peloton, and Jess Sims made it into the Peloton instructor team with her confidence.

After joining Peloton, Jess Sims was the first and only POC Peloton instructor, so she was afraid of not doing well in her classes. She tried her best and devoted all her effort to make her classes enjoyable and easy to follow.

Eventually, Jess Sims, with her charming teaching method, hit the status of fitness star with more than two million Peloton followers and trainees. She has taught countless people how to work out and appreciate themselves with her teacher’s heart.

You can watch her story here:

Jess Sims’ Peloton Classes

Why Should You Take Jess Sims’ Classes?

  • Jess Sims’ Peloton classes are all about motivation and effort. She uses her teaching skills to help trainees push through the workout with delicate instructions and kind-hearted encouragement.
  • You will feel empowered when joining her classes. She shows appreciation for all the trainees and keeps you going through the sessions with her story and chit-chatting.
  • Her classes are effective and fun to try. You should not miss her famous “glazed donut” warm-up session at all costs!
Jess Sims_ Glazed Donut

Jess Sims_ Glazed Donut

All You Should Know About Jess Sims’ Classes

Jess Sims Peloton classes(1)

Jess Sims Peloton classes

To get your bearings on how to start training with Jess Sims, check out all information about her classes here:

Class type:

  • Jess Sims teaches a wide variety of classes types at Peloton. She is a Treadmill Instructor, so most of her classes are on or off the treadmill, and she only teaches one cycling class.
  • Her classes include strength, cardio, stretching, cycling, outdoor, running, walking, tread Bootcamp and bike Bootcamp2.
  • Jess Sims has 970 Peloton classes in total. Most of her classes are strength sessions (301 classes), running sessions (168 classes), and tread Bootcamp (228 classes).
  • Her classes are suitable for all-level trainees.

Class length:

  • Jess Sims classes last up to one hour for the longest sessions, but a few classes last only five minutes.
  • Most of her classes have a time length of between 15 to 60 minutes. But around half of her total classes last around 20-30 minutes.

Class language:

  • All of Jess Sims’ Peloton classes are in English.
  • Subtitles in English (939 classes) and German (81 classes) are available for Jess Sims’ workout.

Let’s see what she thinks about Peloton classes:

Jess Sims’ Teaching Style

Jess Sims is a teacher at heart, so her teaching style is well-constructed and logically prepared:

  • Jess Sims uses upbeat music to make the classes’ tempo better.
  • She made small games, EMOMs, and AMRAPs to make it fun and refreshing.
  • Her classes are highly interactive and comfortable to follow, making them suitable for all levels.

Jess Sims’ Playlist

Inspiring Quotes Of Jess Sims

Jess Sims and her Peloton co-worker

Jess Sims and her Peloton co-worker

Jess Sims has a way of motivating and guiding people, so her quotes and saying are really inspirational:

  • “You don’t have to. You get to.”
  • “How do you do anything is how you do everything.”
  • “Never easy, always worth it.”
  • “The hardest part is over. You showed up.”
  • “No ego, amigo.”
  • “We can do hard things.”
  • “You’re allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same damn time.”


Being a teacher at heart and having the incredible courage to pursue her passion, Jess Sims is no doubt one of the best Peloton instructors you can ever have. Giving up the education profession to chase her fitness dream and becoming a POC pioneer in Peloton, Jess Sims the proof of the saying “Efforts will always pay off”.  Let’s take on her inspiration and power to fuel your steps on the workout right now!


1. What Nationality Is Jess Sims Peloton?

Jess Sims was born in a mixed and colored family, with an Italian mom and Black-Portuguese dad, so she is quite ethnically ambiguous. But her nationality is British.

2.Why Was Jess Sims Off The Peloton?

Jess Sims once ended her Peloton class sooner abruptly in April 2021 and causing a lot of attention and worry. However, she clarified that she was just burnt out and needed time to recuperate. Jess Sims was back on track shortly after.

3. Is Jess Sims Married?

No, Jess Sims is now single without any rumor about romantic interest or dating.

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