The Life Story of Jess King: An Interesting Life Outside Peloton Classes

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

Jess King is one of the most familiar fitness stars to all people. Regardless of her occupation as a Peloton instructor, her daily life has made her the headline on social media and news all the time.

If you are curious, let’s explore the life of Jess King before and after joining Peloton. Moreover, this article will tell you all you need to know about her information and Peloton classes.

Who Is Jess King?

The Early Life of Jess King

Get to know Jess King

Get to know Jess King

There was little information on the early life of Jess King, but we can assume that she was born into a family with a fitness orientation. Her mother, Ximena Bernales, was a competitive bodybuilder and also owned training & fitness studios.

Jess King learned and experienced the fitness world from her mother’s instruction, and later considered that fitness was in her blood.

However, we can tell that Jess King’s parents divorced when she was still a child. Also, she was the only child in that family. Her exact birthplace is said to be Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina of United States, but now she lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

Jess King attended college, and her major was in Fine Arts. After graduation in 2009, she worked as a Wynn Show Performer at the Wynn Resorts for 2 years. During this time, she learned more about her passion for dancing and gradually switched to being a dancer.

You can get to know her here:

Jess King’s Information

Jess King Peloton Instructor

Jess King Peloton Instructor

Here is a bit more personal information about Jess King that you could check out:

Full Name Jess King
Home Town Southern United States
Birthday May 29, 1985
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 52 kgs (approx.)
Education Coastal California University (graduated in 2009)
Marital Status Engaged (Sophia Urista)
Profession Peloton instructor, model, social media celebrity

Social Media Account

Jess King is also a social media influencer, so if you want to follow or connect with her, you can do so via

Interesting Personality of Jess King

Self-care with Jess King

Self-care with Jess King

In real life and off the bike, Jess King is a fascinating woman.

  • She takes fitness workouts seriously, but always mixes them with her own touches to hype it up. Her favorite workout moves are push-ups with various stances to get different results.
  • Jess King pays great attention to her mental health. She takes care of her mind by writing journals and taking mental therapy.
  • Sunday is her self-care day. She always spends her weekend “resting and recharging”, either by reading, drawing, or doing artistic things.
  • As a fitness coach, Jess King does not do micro-counting in her diet. She relies on what her body demands and makes her own diet to supply it, regardless of carb or calorie counting. However, she also doesn’t recommend other trainees to do so without dietary consultation.
  • Jess King has a straightforward personality. She considers herself famous but also deems herself a normal person with valid feelings and emotions. She frequently reads feedback and comment on her Peloton classes, and she strongly opposes anyone devaluing or falsely criticising her and her colleagues.

Let’s take a look into a day in the life of Jess King:

Jess King eating habit

Jess King eating habit

A Dramatic Personal Life of Jess King

Jess King Featured On TV and Social Media

Jess King and her co-workers

Jess King and her co-workers

Jess King has quite a good social media and TV coverage. She once appeared on So You Think You Can Dance and the production of Cirque du Soleil. Moreover, she was already famous as a dancer before becoming one of the most excellent Peloton instructors while having more than 9,4K followers on Facebook and 450K followers on Instagram.

We can see that Jess King is active on social sites, and then she uses these sites to promote her Peloton classes and program and also her own brand.

Jess King also airs the weekly workout program with DJ John Michael Di Spirito. “The Jess King Experience” is a lighthearted and fun dancing and partying workout, which many people love.

A Look into Jess King’s Personal Life

Jess King is a proud member of the LGBT+ community. She has been in a romantic relationship with the singer Sophia Urista, now her fiancée since their engagement in 2020. She expressed her love for her fiancée and determination to start a life together multiple times.

Recently, during one of her Peloton classes, Jess King revealed the news that she was now pregnant. The famous Peloton instructors happily shared that both she and Sophia Urista were looking forwards to building a family.

Jess King and her fiancee

Jess King and her fiancee

The Fitness Life of Jess King

Fitness Achievement Outside Peloton

Before making her name as a Peloton instructor, Jess King was previously known as a dancer. She was a participant in So You Think You Can Dance in the 2008 season. Even though Jess King was in the top 10, she was forced to quit due to her injuries.

Later, she was involved with the famous Cirque du Soleil. She performed as a lead dancer for its production of the Le Rêve in the Las Vegas shows. The series of shows were greeted with compliments and popularity, marking a milestone in her life.

Jess King on the dancefloor

Jess King on the dancefloor

Working for Peloton

Jess King_s Peloton class

Jess King_s Peloton class

Jess King once admitted that her initial drive for joining Peloton was for money and fame rather than for fitness purposes. Before becoming a Peloton instructor, she had never been on a spinning bike.

During the meeting with the co-founder and CEO of Peloton, John Foley, Jess King only agreed to become a Peloton instructor when John offered to make her a celebrity. Jess King now gladly says that the deal’s outcome exceeded her imagination and brought her an exciting experience.

As she lacked an indoor fitness foundation at the start, Jess King made it up with her self-teaching and training. She learnt everything about the spinning bike, indoor fitness, and how to be a Peloton instructor.

She revealed that she trained meticulously, considering techniques, workout structure, and training atmosphere. Soon enough, her hard work paid off, and Jess King rose to be a Peloton star.

You can check out her diet for Peloton workout here:

Jess King’s Peloton Classes

Why Should You Take Jess King’s Classes?

There are a lot of reasons why Jess King’s Peloton classes are so popular, and here are some of them:

  • Her classes are real-life. Jess King always makes her classes feel real and close to the trainees personally. You can feel her energy and rawness radiating from your touch screens.
  • She has a way with words. Jess King knows how to motivate, fuel your move and help you break your limit during her classes.
  • You feel like she is speaking directly with you. Her instructions are clear, short, and on point, so it is really easy to follow her classes.
Jess King_s classes

Jess King_s classes

All You Should Know About Jess King’s Classes

Jess King has made a great number of Peloton classes in different categories. However, before selecting her program, you should know this basic information about her classes:

Class length:

  • Jess King’s classes have a large gap in length, with the shortest classes at five minutes and the longest ones are one hour. She has no class exceeding one hour in length.
  • Most of her classes last from 20 to 45 minutes. There is only one class of Jess King that last for an hour.

Class type:

  • Jess King has in total of 806 Peloton classes, including strength, cardio, stretching, outdoor, running, and walking.
  • The majority of her classes are cycling classes (605 classes) and running classes (100 classes).
  • Her classes are good for beginner and intermediate-level Peloton trainees.

Class language:

  • All of Jess King’s classes are in English.
  • Subtitles are available for her classes, with 777 classes dubbed in English and 98 classes dubbed in German.
Jess King on the bike

Jess King on the bike

Jess King’s Teaching Style

Jess King’s teaching style is hard to conclude because it is diverse and colorful. She uses different teaching approaches, mixing them together and customizing them.

  • Jess King always promises new things and surprises her classes.
  • But, she still keeps the ritual of doing push-ups with her back straight and full plank position.
  • Her taste in workout music is exceptional.
  • Her class strength derives from her belief that her trainees can do well.
  • Jess King offers a wide range of fitness programs with a specific purpose: process, nourishment, and movement programs.

Inspiring Quotes of Jess King

Jess King_s relaxing day

Jess King_s relaxing day

If someday, you suddenly lose your focus or purpose and don’t feel like getting on the spinning bike anymore, you can take these motivating quotes from Jess King to light up the fire in your heart once again:

  • “You are you and that is your superpower.”
  • “Get high on your own supply.”
  • “Be your own best friend.”
  • “You were enough from the beginning. You are enough right now.”
  • “Be your own fantasy.”
  • “You have the right to walk away from that which does not serve you.”


Some people may say that Jess King is definitely born to be a celebrity. With her straightforward and goal-driven personality, she proves to us that effort and passion can bring you great achievement. So let’s gear up and go to Jess King’s refreshing Peloton classes and change your lifestyle right away!


1. Is Jess King pregnant?

Yes, Jess King is pregnant and expecting her first child. She recently announced the good news in one of her Peloton classes back in May.

2. What is the Jess King experience?

The Jess King Experience is a Peloton program starring Peloton instructor, Jess King. The show teaches various dancing and party-style classes on the dancefloor around the world. Five destinations for the show are Ibiza, Berlin, Paris, Brazil, and London.

3. Who is Jess King Peloton dating?

Jess King has been dating Sophia Urista, the vocalist of the Brass Against band, since February 2015. In September 2020, the couple got engaged.

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