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BY Jim Felt
Updated on 06/01/2022

Who is Jenn Sherman?

Jenn Sherman is the first instructor at Peloton. She was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 1969. She had studied at Syracuse University since the late 80s. In 1990, she graduated from her university with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Jenn expressed her passion for fitness and working out very early. She also shows her natural talent in this field. Jenn Sherman was married, and she had two children, her son – Evan (20 years old), and her daughter – Carly (17 years old). She often shared her happy moments with her family on social media.

Jenn with family

Jenn with family

Here is a detailed summary detail of her:

Jenn Sherman

Jenn Sherman

Jenn Sherman’s social media accounts:

Jenn Sherman’s Interviews:

The career of Jenn Sherman at Peloton

Before starting her professional spinning career at Peloton, Jenn was a certified instructor, and she planned to establish a spinning studio.

Jenn has started her career in Peloton in 2013 when Peloton is still a company that has not had great names and influence. At that time, she was the first instructor at Peloton, and now she became the oldest Peloton instructor at 52 years. 

Now, Jenn Sherman is one of the best and most famous coaches in Peloton. She and other guides led 4.4 million Peloton users through their classes. Starting from zero, up to now, Jenn Sherman has become a key guide in Peloton and received the love of thousands of people.

Jenn Sherman Peloton Classes

Most of Jenn Sherman’s classes are about cycling because she was passionate about this. However, you can still find some of Jenn’s strength or stretching classes.

Are Jenn Sherman’s Classes Good?

Before becoming a guide in Peloton, Jenn Sherman had a long time working as a professional Spinning coach. Besides, she is also the first instructor in Peloton. Therefore, Jenn has enough knowledge and experience to create professional and effective classes.

Jenn Sherman cycling classes are the best options for those who are looking for high-resistance exercises. However, if you are a beginner, you should consider it seriously before joining her classes since these come with a high level of difficulty.

Three reasons to join Jenn Sherman Peloton Classes

You can find many classes of other guides in Peloton. However, Jenn Sherman’s class will bring different experiences for the following reasons:

Having A Large Class Category

The first reason that you should join Jenn’s class is that she has a huge class category with rich content. As a longtime instructor, Jenn had 570 cycling classes. Besides, she is also a guide of 7 strength classes and 7 stretching classes. 

Thanks to that, you will have many different options when participating in training with Jenn Sherman. Each exercise with its own goals will help you practice more excited and effective.

Coming with Attractive Class Playlist

On the other hand, music is the reason why Jenn Sherman’s classrooms become prominent. A lot of Peloton users after joining Jenn’s class highly appreciated her playlist. In Jenn’s classes, you will be immersed in pop or rock lists of the 70s, 80s, 90, and 2000s.

Achieving Your PR Quicker

Finally, with Jenn Sherman’s classes, you can get your PR quicker. That is one of the most common comments about her class. Jenn knows the way to encourage people to achieve their goals. She has a serious and professional style of guidance, which is the direction of the practitioner to the high concentration is highly appreciated.

She will not entertain you or talk to you as much as you want because what she focuses on is the final result. Jenn Sherman created an extremely focused atmosphere for her classes.

Thanks to that, you will also be caught up in the enthusiasm of working out and achieving your PR in a way that you did not expect.

For all of the above reasons, Jenn’s classes will definitely be valuable options at the Peloton.

Jenn Sherman Peloton Cycling Classes’ Detailed Review

As I mentioned above, Jenn Sherman has up to 570 cycling classes. These could be considered a huge training resource for Peloton users. You can find both short, medium, and long classes with this instructor.

Class Length

In particular, she trains 5-minute rides (10 classes), 10-minute rides (20 classes), 15-minute rides (24 classes), 20-minute rides (151 classes), 30-minute rides (172 classes), 45-minute rides (145 classes), and 60-minute rides (49 classes). She does not have any cycling class for 75 minutes or 90 minutes.

In general, Jenn’s exercises can meet the needs of most practitioners. From those who just want to start gently within 10 minutes to those who prefer to work out with 1 hour-long exercise.

Class Language

All Jenn classes have the English language. Thanks to that, almost everyone can understand what she is saying. In addition, she also has 54 classes with subtitles in German. 

Class Type

In addition, you can choose a class based on the sort. For example, if you want to join the easiest classes of Jenn Sherman, you just need to click the “Easiest” option in the Sort tab of the Filter section.

Along with that, there are many other options for you such as New classes, Trending classes, Popular classes, Top-rated classes, and Hardest classes.

sort peloton

sort peloton

Class Difficulty

Jenn Sherman’s classes are not really suitable for newcomers because they are quite difficult and her instruction style does not give too many prompts for the practitioner. For example, she doesn’t provide a lot of framework at the beginning of the ride. As such, it will be hard for the beginner to know the level of difficulty of the class.

In addition, Jenn Sherman classes usually come with high resistance. She tends to increase the resistance with a high range. For instance, while other instructors will add just from 2 to 3 resistance for their workout, Jen will increase 5-10 resistance.

Although the above characteristics of Jenn’s classes may not be suitable for beginners and intermediates, they are useful for those who are used to training with high intensity or those who want to improve their level effectively in a short time.

As such, if you want to train in high difficulty classes or you are at an advanced level, Jenn’s classes will be your optimal choice.

Class Structure

Except for 5-minute cycling classes, all other classes of Jenn Sherman have the same structure. A typical Jenn class will consist of 3 main parts, including Warm Up, Cycling, and Cool Down.

Jenn class plan

Jenn class plan

Class Music

Each exercise of Jenn Sherman will come with a separate playlist. For example, the exercise “20 min Pop Ride” will have pop songs like Lush Life, Good 4 U, and Take It Easy.

Meanwhile, with the “30 Min Classic Rock Ride” exercise, you will hear songs like Friend of the Devil, I’m Got A Feeling, and Doctor My Eyes. This is the most special feature of Jenn’s classes, making them more attractive for Peloton subscribers.

For a more thorough review of Jenn Sherman’s classes, you can watch the following video:

Jenn Sherman’s class playlist

Jenn Sherman’s class playlists are unique. Let’s listen to a current music playlist of her class!

Jenn Sherman quotes

Besides the professional training attitude and positive energy, Jenn Sherman also inspired learners by her impressive quotes. Here are some famous inspirational quotes from Jenn Sherman:

Jenn Sherman quotes

Jenn Sherman quotes

Jenn Sherman quotes 2

Jenn Sherman quotes 2

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