Guide for using Peloton Heart Rate Monitor from A to Z

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BY James Roland
Updated on 05/27/2022

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor is becoming popular since people have been taking into consideration their health in recent times. However, many people find it difficult to identify what benefits that device brings to them and how they control their health.

So to learn more about Peloton Heart Rate and all the amazing things you need to know about that supporting device, let’s go through this detailed and fool-proof guide right here!

Introduction to Peloton heart rate monitor

What is a Peloton heart rate monitor

The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor is designed to connect with Peloton products to optimize your intensity or heart levels in every workout. Peloton Heart Rate Monitor is favored for its great use, ability to support maximum practitioners, and compact and convenient design.

Besides Peloton products, Peloton Heart Rate Monitor can be easily connected with equipment and apps. Then, it is a third-party machine and software to display body stats. Most heart rate monitors have an easy-to-read LED display that keeps you from being distracted while exercising.

Peloton Heart Rate Introduction

Peloton Heart Rate Introduction

6 Amazing things for you about the Peloton heart rate monitor!

Although Peloton Heart Rate Monitor is an increasingly common health support device, people might not identify some amazing things about it. A proper heart rate monitor with acceptable heart zone training could help you do workouts effectively.

  • Optimize workouts and efficiency: Heart rate is also an indicator of the quality of exercise as well as the number of calories burned. This device supports you in optimizing your exercise by notifying your workout stat.
  • Avoid overtraining and injury: When exercising, it is inevitable that when you exercise too hard. This device gives notice when your body is overloaded and needs to rest.
  • Avoid undertraining and stagnation: Contrary to the second benefit, a heart rate monitor motivates you to perfect your workouts in the best way.
  • Increase performance and speed: A heart rate monitor enhances your performance by providing how your body responds to exercises. Hence, you can increase the frequency and intensity of your workouts.
  • Increase endurance and fat burn: Thanks to the increase in performance and speed, your fat burn process will be faster because the calories consumed will decrease. At the same time, your body can still withstand it.
  • Maintain structure and motivation: When the indicators show that your body is still in a safe condition, you will be delighted with your training intensity. That is also the motivation for you to complete the exercise every day.
Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Guide for using Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Setup

Step 1: Open the Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Open the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor box.
  2. Check the equipment and instruction sheets included in the box.
  3. Make sure that you read the user manual thoroughly before using devices.
Open box

Open box

Step 2: Attach the Heart Rate Monitor to the body

  1. Attach the sensor pod to the chest strap or suitable body part.
  2. Adjust the strap to your lower chest when it feels comfortable.
  3. Make sure that the rope is fixed and firm.

The LED will be red and blue when the heart rate monitor works properly. If your screen doesn’t light up, your heart rate hasn’t been detected yet. Support the connection by moistening the electrodes with a small amount of water or electrode heart rate gel.

Chest Adjustment

Chest Adjustment

Step 3: Tap on the Bluetooth button on the Screen

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the touch screen of Peloton products to connect.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth button is on during your workouts.
  3. The picture below is when Bluetooth is off.
Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Connection

Step 4: Connect the Heart Rate Monitor with Peloton products

To connect the heart rate monitor, join a class or pick the “Heart Rate Monitor” button on the screen to bring up the Heart Rate Monitor connection modal.

To connect your Peloton goods, click the “Connect” button. Click the “Refresh” button if your product does not appear in the list.

Before connecting, please ensure you have correctly attached and positioned your Heart Rate Monitor.

No appearance in list

No appearance in list

Step 5: Engage in the Peloton Class

After connecting your Heart Rate Monitor, join any class to see metrics for your heart rate in the top left corner of the touchscreen.

Join class

Join class

How to Turn Off the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Turn off the Heart Rate Monitor Modal
  2. Remove the Heart Rate Monitor
  3. Clean the Strap

How to identify led indicator’s meanings

  • Flashing Red: The heart rate monitor recognizes your heartbeat. This light disappears in 30 minutes.
  • Flashing Blue: The heart rate monitor recognizes your heartbeat and connects with other devices via Bluetooth. The blue LED will flash until the heart rate monitor is pairing successfully, even if you connect to a Peloton product via ANT+.


  • Flashing Yellow: Your battery is low. It is time to change the battery.


How to replace the battery

  • The LED will flash yellow when the battery is low.
  • The battery door is located at the bottom of the sensor pod. Remove it by inserting a coin into the slot and turning it counterclockwise.
  • When the battery door is loose, remove it. The battery is located inside the battery door.
  • Wait in 20-30 seconds, then insert a new CR2032 3-volt battery with the side facing down.
  • Place the battery door on top of the markers. Insert a coin into the door slot and rotate it clockwise until the door is at the same level as the underside of the sensor pod.
  • Check the heart rate monitor to make sure the sensor is activated.
Coin Battery

Coin Battery

Safety information and warnings


  • Injury is straightforward to happen during exercise if you do not have a moderate intensity of workouts. Consult your doctor or PT before exercising.
  • The device may interfere with other implanted devices in your body (if any). Please ask your doctor.
  • The product uses a coin-shaped battery. Keep out of reach of children as they may swallow. If they are swallowed, take them to the nearest hospital immediately as batteries will burn in at least 2 hours.
  • The product will support the condition of your body. However, when there are signs of shortness of breath, stop exercising immediately.
  • Heart rate monitor is not a medical device. Indicators are for reference only. It is not recommended to use indicators to assess general health.
  • Use only the correct type of replacement battery. Others might pose a fire hazard.

Optimize your workouts with the Peloton heart rate monitor

Identify proper workouts method

Strive your heart rate

Strive your heart rate

Depending on their health status, mobility and preferences, people can choose from different forms of exercise with different intensity, frequency, and duration of exercise. There are the following basic types of exercises:

  • Basic physical activities: Walking, climbing stairs, exercises. For those who are physically weak or just starting to exercise.
  • Endurance exercises: Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, ball sports. Those who have good endurance and practice for a long time.
  • Strength exercises: Resistance exercises, jumping rope, pull-ups, push-ups, lifting exercises. For those who want to lose weight, increase fitness.

Strive in your heart rate zone

There are five heart zones. The higher the heart zone, the faster the heartbeat speed. If you spend more time doing workouts in the high heart zone, your body will sweate and shake. It means that you can burn more calories. Therefore, striving for your heart zone will enhance your workout quality.

Choose the best Peloton heart rate monitor

There are many types of heart rate monitors that you can choose from, such as armbands, watchbands, chest straps, etc…. So, choose a heart rate monitor that’s right for the sport you’re pursuing to optimize your workouts.


Peloton Heart Rate Monitor has integrated with many different Peloton products thanks to the basic design so that you can use it widely.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor will definitely be an indispensable product for those passionate about workouts and who care about their health.


Can I use the Peloton heart rate monitor for other workouts?

Yes. You can use Peloton heart rate to control your body in various workouts like swimming, biking, gymnastics, etc.

Can Peloton heart rate monitor alleviate overhard exercises?

Yes. Peloton heart rate shows heartbeat, then you can know your body reacting to the intensity.

Which heart rate zone in which you can burn fat most effectively?

The ‘fat-burning zone is 70 – 80% of your maximum heart rate.

What is the best Peloton heart rate?

The best heart rate zone can be in level 3 or 4 while your intensity stays at 70 to 90% of maximum heart rate.

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