How To Turn Off Peloton Screen: The 3 Easiest Steps

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/17/2022

Peloton has valuable home fitness equipment attached with a modern touch screen. Participants can finish all high-intensity workouts by accessing the Peloton app and live classes on a 21.5’’ 1080 HD touch screen.

Peloton equipment might go into sleep mode which takes much energy from the battery. Hence, it is better for you to switch off all power. Let’s read the article below to know how to turn off the Peloton screen.

Does Peloton Screen Turn Off Automatically?

No. When you do not use Peloton equipment for 20 minutes, Peloton screen does not turn off automatically. The Peloton screen will change to sleep mode. Therefore, as long as you are working out and looking on the Peloton screen, the touchscreen will be active.


Peloton screen

Why should I turn off the Peloton screen?

Save electricity.

Peloton Bike only uses 50 Watts of electricity in general. Although it is not too much, it is still recommended to turn off your Peloton equipment if you do not use it for a long time.

Make sure your security issue.

Peloton devices can store important health data as well as your personal accounts. Powering off your Peloton devices will help keep this information secure.

Sleep mode doesn’t always work efficiently.

If you do not turn off the Peloton screen when it is not in use, Peloton will put the screen into sleep mode to conserve energy. However, when using sleep mode, your device still has to use power. Hence, it can waste energy.

The 3 Steps to Turn Off Peloton Screen

Here is the turning-off procedure for Peloton equipment (applied in all products: Bike, Bike+, and Tread):

Step 1: Press the Power button on the back of the bike screen.

Step 2: The “Shutdown” option appears in the dialogue box.


Shut down button

Step 3: Tap on it and your device will go OFF.


Power button

Peloton Screen Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is an alternative to switching off your Peloton devices. This function is very effective if you need to update software or download any new system features overnight. It saves you a lot of time waiting to get ready for a new workout day.

However, this function is not recommended because the Bike or Tread will still be drawing a minimal amount of power. If you are trying to save money on electricity for your home, sleep mode is not a smart choice.

Moreover, Peloton Bike or Tread still has some technical bugs. It’s better to start a new workout with full power or take some fixing tips for common Peloton errors if necessary.

Therefore, sleep mode is not recommended for Peloton products.


Sleep mode

How Do I Adjust My Peloton Bike Screen?

You can adjust the Peloton touchscreen if the default position is not suitable. Here are some steps to help you adjust the position of the Peloton touchscreen:

Step 1: Find the touchscreen monitor and 4 screws to attach the monitor to the bike.

Step 2: Remove the back panel of the screen.


Remove the back panel

Step 3: Place the monitor mount in the correct position and align it with the touchscreen.

Step 4: Install 4 screws by using the screwdriver.


Install 4 screws

Step 5: Reinstall the back panel of the screen.

Step 6: Reconnect all cables including the monitor cable.

Step 7: Close the cable clip.

Step 8: Put the back panel back on the new screen.

Step 9: Plug in the device and start it up.


Put the back panel back

Top 5 Tips to Protect your Peloton Screen

The touchscreen on Peloton devices is considered the most exposed part of the user. So how can I protect it for a long time? Check out these 5 tips below:

  • Clean your peloton screen carefully with a soft cloth.

Clean the screen regularly

  • Avoid concentrated detergent
  • Locate your Peloton equipment in a place where small kids can not approach

Right location

  • Place Peloton equipment in a dry place and out of direct sunlight
  • Tap your peloton screen gently

Tap gently


By the end of this article, we hope you can make a reasonable choice when your Peloton equipment is not in use. Using a Peloton device is not difficult, you just need to carefully consult previous users and follow the manufacturer’s rules of use.

In conclusion, even if you turn off Peloton equipment completely or let it into sleep mode, you must always be careful with the cables, wires, and other electrical compartments.


1. What should I do if the Peloton Bike screen does not turn off?

When the Peloton Bike screen does not turn off, you should check the physical connections around the equipment and touchscreen. You should focus on power brick and power cords to find out any technical issues.

2. Should I turn off the Peloton screen instead of letting it into sleep mode?

You choose to switch off your Peloton device or let it into sleep mode depending on your usage. If you want to update software or download any new system features overnight, leave them in Sleep Mode. If you don’t use them for a long time, turn off all power.

3. Can you power off your Peloton equipment using a smart plug?

No. You can not power off your Peloton equipment if you have an ON/OFF Power button, which means that you can not use your Peloton screen with a power plug.

4. Should I unplug my Peloton equipment when it is not in use?

No. You should not unplug my Peloton when it is not in use. Unplugging and re-plugging the bike can actually cause technical problems such as firmware updates not being installed properly.

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