How To Play Your Own Music On Peloton: Easy-peasy Method

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/23/2022

Peloton is one of the most popular names in the fitness equipment and treadmill world. It offers a massive number of classes while allowing members to customize many things to enjoy working out to the fullest. One of the customizable features is music.

More specifically, users can use a Peloton device and the massive speaker set to blast whatever music they feel fit for their workout. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to put your own music on Peloton for all your workout needs.

How To Stream Pandora While on Peloton

If your music streaming service of choice is Pandora, there are a few quick tips you can follow to turn your Pandora account into a workout music station.

Without using Just Ride mode

Step 1: Find the Settings

After the Peloton tablet is successfully turned on, look to the top right corner of the tablet. There, you should see a button that says Settings. Tap on the button.

Step 2: Go into Device Settings



In the Settings window that appears after you tap Settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen to find Device Settings. Choose it.

Step 3: Find the specifications about the tablet


About Tablet

In the device settings menu, there is an option with a small circular icon that says About tablet. Tap on it.

Step 4: View legal information


Legal information

In the About tablet window, you can view a lot of information like Status, Model Number or System Updates. All of this information is very useful, but for the purpose of playing music, we want to go into the Legal Information option.

Step 5: Go into details with system webview licenses


Peloton webview licenses

With the Legal Information, there are only three buttons: Wallpapers, Open Source Licenses, and Open Source Licenses. To play music, you need to choose the System WebView Licenses.

Step 6: Choose a homepage


Peloton homepage link

When you are in the WebView Licenses, you will see a list of sites that are licensed to be displayed in WebView. With each option, you will see a Homepage and a Show License option. Here, choose Homepage and you will be directed to the website of the license.

At this stage, you are nearly finished. You are now viewing a website and you can change the website address into Pandora.

Step 7: Log in to Pandora


Pandora music streaming peloton

The official address for Pandora is Log in to the website, then use your account to access the music library of Pandora, and start working out.

Using Just Ride mode

peloton-just-ride (1)

Peloton just ride

A popular trick among Peloton Bike riders that they have been using is to utilize the Just Ride mode alongside the Pandora WebView trick. With the Just Ride mode, you can listen to all the music you like with no distractions from classes or instructors.

Step 1: Find the More option

It can be a bit tricky for you to find the More option as the button is located near the bottom bar of the Peloton tablet. Inside the More button, you can find access to both Scenic Ride mode and Just Ride mode.

Step 2: Choosing the right mode

Both the Scenic Ride mode and the Just Ride mode are amazing, but they are built for different purposes and needs.

With the Just Ride mode, users are able to ride the Peloton Bike without any other distractions. This means no classes, no instructors, no visuals, none of that. The only information that will be displayed are your health statistics: Output, Resistance and Cadence.

Step 3: Set your ride


Peloton just ride metrics

In the Just Ride mode, set everything up for your run, including the levels of speed, resistance, etc.

After this, just restart from Step 1 and you can play your Pandora music while still having some sort of metrics to your workout.

Risks when streaming Pandora from your Peloton tablet


Risks with streaming pandora on peloton

As the name suggests, the WebView is just a testing feature. It is not out for public use yet, and all of the steps are just a workaround. Therefore, please be careful about what website you view and which applications you install on your Peloton tablet.

Third party applications that are not verified by Peloton can go against the Peloton Terms of Service and will likely null your warranty program.

The Peloton devices are yours after you buy them, what you do with them is all your decision. However, remember they are extremely expensive and if you don’t proceed with caution, you may end up damaging them. If this happens, you can use the Factory Reset mode to delete applications that may have damaged your Peloton device.

How to sync Spotify with Peloton


Spotify music to peloton

Spotify stands right now as the world’s most popular streaming platform, and it is no doubt that most Peloton users use Spotify. Here, we will also show you how to play Spotify using your Peloton device and sync your playlists as well.

Peloton now supports natively creating your own playlists while you are working out through the Like feature. Here, we show you how to add playlists to your Peloton account and Play your.

Step 1: Find where the music is stored

On the Peloton tablet, you will see a button that looks like a person. This is your personal profile. Click on that, and choose the Music option. A window will pop up along with all the songs you have saved during your workouts.

Step 2: Connect Spotify


Spotify peloton app

In the Music window, besides all the songs, there is another option that says Connect. The feature is designed to link a Peloton-verified music streaming service, in this case, Spotify. Click on Connect, and log in to your Spotify account.

Step 3: Authorize access

After logging in, Peloton and Spotify will ask you to authorize the link between these two applications. Accept the authorization, and then head on over to Your Library on Spotify to select which playlists you want to show up in Peloton.

Step 4: Enjoy your music

Having all your favorite playlists synced, the only thing left to do is enjoy them while working out.

How to sync Apple Music with Peloton


Peloton Apple Music

Apple Music is coming in close as one of the most popular music streaming platforms, especially with people who are using the Apple Ecosystem. Here, we will also show you how to sync your Apple Music account to your Peloton device.

Using the Track Love feature


Peloton track love

With the Track Love feature, users are able to see the songs that are played in a workout session. They can then decide if they like the songs or not, and then save them all in a playlist. Here is a guide on how you can make a playlist with liked songs during a workout:

  • On the Peloton tablet, go into Music section
  • In the list of songs, look for the small heart icon, which allows you to like and unlike a song
  • Click the heart icon if you like a song and want to save it to your playlist
  • The songs you like will be automatically saved to a playlist with the name [My Peloton Music by (your username)]

Using a third party service like ViWizard

Songs in Apple Music are coded as AAC, while normal songs are coded in MP3, WAV, etc. This is a restriction by Apple to combat again piracy. However, with a third party tool like ViWizard, we can overcome this limitation. ViWizard converts AAC into MP3 so we can import the songs and playlists we want to Peloton. Here’s how:

Step 1: Load the ViWizard with music


Add audio files

After installing the ViWizard client, choose Load iTunes Library and then sign in using your Apple Music account. Having signed in, you can then load the tracks you want to convert to the ViWizard client simply by choosing them or dragging them over from the iTunes app.

Step 2: Manage what kind of preferences and output format you want


Select output format

MP3 is the best audio format if you want to import songs to Peloton as it is widely supported. You can also set other preferences like codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate etc.

Step 3: Convert


Convert audios

The Convert button is the shiny one down at the bottom right of the ViWizard client. After everything is set up, click the Convert button and have yourself a little bit of patience. The time it takes depends mostly on how many songs/playlists you want converted.

Step 4: Use Google Drive to play the music you have converted


Google drive web

After the conversion process is completed, you can transfer these songs to a Google Drive folder. Once you are done, use the WebView trick we have shown you before to log in to Google Drive. Boom! You can now enjoy your Apple Music songs on Peloton with ease.

Casting guided classes to an Apple TV

If you want to take advantage of a bigger television screen or you want to enjoy streamed content while you are working out, here’s what you can do to cast content from the Peloton to a compatible Apple TV:

  • Choose Settings on the top right corner of the Peloton tablet.
  • Navigate to a setting called Cast Screen and then choose it.
  • With a compatible Apple TV device nearby, choose Apple TV to Miracast. You can now freely watch all of your classes on a bigger screen.


Music is as indispensable as your motivation for a workout session, and you should never underestimate the importance of music. With these methods, we have introduced to you how you can elevate your workout music.

Next time you work out, be sure to show up with the best of your music library, and rock on while exercising.


1. Can you change music on Peloton scenic rides?

The only way to change the music of scenic rides is to turn down the volume of the Peloton app and blast your own music.

2. Can you like songs on Peloton app?

Yes, you can! Through the Track Love feature, Peloton allows you to like certain tracks and later save them as their own playlist

3. Can you search for artists on Peloton?

Officially, no. You can only import songs and playlists you want, the Peloton app does not support finding artists natively.

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