How To Pause Peloton Class and 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use This Button

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/20/2022

Getting overwhelmed or intense while working out is quite common, and many people experience it. In Peloton classes, this is more likely to occur in high-intensity classes. Pause class to rest is an effective measure for this situation.

Do you know the complete information about the Peloton pause button? This article will dive into this. But, first, let’s start with introducing the Peloton pause button.

Peloton Pause Button Introduction

The Peloton pause button is designed to help members recover and revise after a tiring training period. This feature applies to on-demand workouts on the Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Peloton digital apps.

Members can pause the class while the class is in progress, except for pre-start or post-class. You can’t pause the classes when you are taking Live, Encores, Sessions, Just Ride, or Scenic classes.


The Peloton pause button

When will the Peloton pause button be available?

Before being rolled out at the Homecoming event in April 2021, many Peloton members who have high demand asked the company to add the pause button.

However, after Peloton announced to launch of this feature, much controversy broke out over the transparency and clarity of the membership rankings on Peloton.

In particular, people were concerned that class pausing could disrupt the queue. People who can pause classes and then return to training with more stable health might have better final performance and get a higher rank.

However, on-demand classes which are in the digital app are not in the competitive Here Now Leaderboard. Peloton does not capture the output of these classes, so the final result does not affect the ratings of individual members.


Peloton Leaderboard

Why Peloton Pause Button Important?

Although a new feature, the Peloton Pause Button shows it to be an effective and useful feature. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Allow the members to pause the class midway.

When practicing at home, you can get annoyed when the phone rings, the shipper comes to deliver, or your baby cries. The Peloton Pause Button will help you pause the class and resume class when you’re done with other tasks.

  • Support members to take a break to recharge.

With high-intensity Peloton classes like Cardio, HIIT, or Bike Bootcamp, it’s understandable that you’re exhausted halfway through. If you can’t make the effort to continue practicing, pause the class and come back when you’re ready.


Peloton Pause Button

How does Peloton Pause Button affect your Peloton Stats?


If you pause a class, your ranking on the leaderboard:

  • Will be moved out.
  • Be still displayed on the Here Now Leaderboard.
  • Will be updated on Here Now Leaderboard. However, your ranking will pass to the next person who has not paused.
  • Video, timeline, and aggregate metrics are not available when using this feature.
  • You can receive high five and responses for your performance.
  • You will be allowed a break from class for up to 60 minutes. After 60 minutes you have not re-entered class, the class will resume.

Workouts History

Pausing a class will affect your workouts history as follows:

  • Any class pauses are recorded in the workouts history.
  • Exercises with pauses can still help you earn personal records and achievements if you put in the effort.
  • Pausing does not affect streaks, challenges, badges, etc.
  • When the rating is removed, you will receive a notification stating that the reason is that you paused the class.

An example of Workouts History

How to pause a Peloton class?

On the Bike and Bike+

If you would like to pause the class, it is easy to follow the two below steps:

  • Step 1: Tap on the workout on the screen
  • Step 2: Hold on to the tap button to pause the class.

Hold on to the tap button to pause the class

Pausing will remove your rank from the Leaderboard so you should take into consideration this feature.

If you want to return to your sweat session, just tap on the screen again, and your class will resume.

On the Tread and Tread+

Regarding  Tread and Tread+ classes, you just have to do the same as you do with the bike classes. However, you have to notice that the “Tread Lock will kick in after 45 seconds of inactivity and the Tread belt speed is 0”, according to the Peloton regulation.

On the Peloton Live Classes

Currently, the Peloton pause button is only available for on-demand classes, so you cannot pause Peloton live classes. Although you can do this, it will affect a lot of other people participating in that Peloton live class.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use This Button

Considered a new feature and providing a more comfortable user experience, the Peloton pause button still faces some controversy and disagreement from users.

Below are three reasons why you should not use the pause button:

  • Prevent members from feeling part of a live group experience. 

The pause button allows you to take a break at any time. Therefore, other members will not feel the camaraderie in each classroom.

  • A way to cheat achievements on Peloton’s leaderboards. 

For example, some members may skew the outputs by taking a break before you return to class. From there, the output is much more outstanding.

  • Make you lazy and make no effort to complete workouts. 

Whenever you feel tired, you will immediately pause the exercise and then rest even though you can put in more effort to complete the workouts.

However, the above disadvantages can all be handled if each person has a sense of practice and is completely honest. After all, this feature is still very useful for those who can’t keep up with the class.

The-Peloton-pause-button (1)

The Peloton pause button


All in all, the Peloton pause button is a useful feature for classes as it helps members complete classes despite being distracted by chores or errands. However, this feature might raise some problems with queue fraud and reduce members’ efforts.

Therefore, it is better to use the Peloton pause button appropriately and effectively to achieve the desired results.


1. Will I lose my spot on the leaderboard for pausing a class?

Yes, you do. Your rankings will be moved out but still displayed on the Here Now Leaderboard. Additionally, you still have a chance to earn personal rewards and achievements despite using this feature.

2. Do you receive a high-five in a paused class?

Yes, you do. You still receive high-fives from other members who want to motivate and encourage you.

3. Do I have to reconnect the Bluetooth of headphones or heart rate monitor after pausing a class?

Yes, you have to reconnect the Bluetooth after pausing a class. When you would like to resume your class, the Bluetooth of headphones or heart rate monitor might be disconnected so you have to attach them again.

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