How to Move Your Peloton Bikes: An Easy and DIY Guide for Everyone!

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BY James Roland
Updated on 05/23/2022

It’s no secret that fitness device, especially giant ones like Peloton bikes, is a real challenge for moving. Either getting them to a new spot in your house, or relocate with them always nerve-wracking. No one wants to damage them, right?

So if you are in trouble with moving your Peloton bike, here are all the things you must know: how to disassemble Peloton bike, guide for DIY moving and transporting Peloton bikes and important notes to take down!

Can you move Peloton bikes?

Peloton bikes are listed as movable fitness equipment. But, it is not that easy to get it around because:

  • Peloton bikes are heavy and bulky
  • They are expensive and prone to damage and scratch
  • Damage from moving or transport may not be fixable
  • These damage may not be covered in guarantee

Therefore, even though you can move your Peloton bikes, there are must-know information and precautions to avoid these unwanted results.

Move your Peloton bike

Move your Peloton bike

This video will tell you whether it is hard to move a Peloton bike:

3 important steps you must do before moving your Peloton bike

You must not move a working Peloton bike with power and accessories on. It would increase the chances of damages to the bike and its parts.

Moreover, there are some helpful tools for taking apart your Peloton bike:

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Box-end wrench
  • Allen key

So, let’s get into the necessary steps before moving your Peloton bikes:

Removing the touchscreen

Disconnected the screen

Disconnected the screen

  1. First of all, switch off the power of your Peloton bike. You can turn it off by pressing the power button.
  2. Get to the back of the bike’s touchscreen and find the plastic clip.
  3. Get the clip opened and disconnect the cables for network, audio and monitors.
  4. Disassemble the rear back panel of the screen and find the mounting points.
  5. Take the screw and plates off with the screwdriver and carefully get the screen off.
  6. Follow the same steps in reversed order to re-install the screen when needed.

A helpful guide for removing the touchscreen:

Taking off the pedals

remove pedal

remove pedal

  1. Secondly, remove the pedals, starting with the left one.
  2. Find the gap between the pedals and the crank arm to locate the bolts.
  3. Place the wrench on the pedal’s bolts and turn clockwise, the left pedal will come off.
  4. Move to the right side and screw the pedal’s bolts anti-clockwise.
  5. Collect both pedals and bolts in safe place.

Here is how to take off your Peloton pedals:

Putting away weight and bottle holders

remove holders

remove holders

  1. Locate the installing bolts of the weight and bottle holders
  2. Use the Allen key or screwdriver to loosen the bolts
  3. Take off the holders and place them in safe place

Some other steps for bottle and weight holder’s removal:

How to move your Peloton bike across rooms?

If you want to place your Peloton on a new sport, you can try this easy guide:

Make the way for moving

Make sure that nothing is in the way between the old and new spot. Collect all the small and fragile objects on the way and put them away. This will avoid tripping over and breaking things when moving Peloton bike.

Make sure that the floor is clean and not slippery. No one wants to move a heavy indoor bike through a damp floor and get hurt.

Keep the space clean

Keep the space clean

Lift the Peloton bikes on the transport wheel

  1. To move Peloton bike across room, 2 adult’s strength is recommended. But you can do it yourself too.
  2. Stand on the back of the bike and hold the seat clamp.
  3. Slowly lift the bike’s seat clap off the surface onto the transport wheel on the front.
  4. If you get the help of a second person, that person should be positioned at the front and holding the handlebar for support and direction. But you can direct the bike from the rear too.
  5. Hold the bike by the bike seat clamp from the rear, and lift it by its front transport wheels. Then, move it to the place where you wish. Ensure that you move slowly, and avoid bumps, wall corners, and anything that may cause the bike a scratch or damage.
Peloton transport wheels

Peloton transport wheels

Place your Peloton bike on the new spot

  1. Slowly and carefully drive your Peloton bike to the designated spot.
  2. Make sure that you don’t bump into anything and keep an eye all the bike all the way through.
  3. When reaching the new spot, gently lower down the rear part to the surface.
  4. Do not drop the bike abruptly to avoid damage.
Lift the bike

Lift the bike

Re-install the accessories

  • After checking the bike and be sure that it is intact, you can re-install the accessories
  • For each piece of accessories, follow the reversed order of the removing guide to get it back on the bike
  • After re-installing, plug power in and check the connection of the touchscreen and other function
Put on the accessories

Put on the accessories

To move your Peloton bike for short distance, check out this guide:

How to transport your Peloton bike?

If you have to relocate with your belonging, you can use a transport service and get the help of the professional movers. However, if you choose the DIY option, call for help from at least one friend and follow these steps:

Choose the right transport truck

Any transport vehicle, for example van, truck and so on, is good for carrying a Peloton bike. But make sure that the storage space is large enough for the bike and your belongings, if any.

  • The height of the storage must be higher than the handle bars of your Peloton bike.
  • The floor space must be abundant so your Peloton bike won’t get squashed by other things.
Peloton moving truck

Peloton moving truck

Prepare your Peloton bike

For long distance travel, you should consider these to minimize the chances of damage to you Peloton bike:

  • It is a must to take off any accessory on the Peloton bike.
  • You should also wrap the bike with cover to avoid scratching and shock from the ride. You can use cover cloth, a blanket, bubble wrap or shock-proof materials, …
  • You can prepare some suspension strap or rope to tie the bike in place.
  • Using a buffer to line the floor space is also a good choice.
Screen removal

Screen removal

Lift your Peloton bike on the truck

Move the bike

Move the bike

Once your truck is done with preparation, follow the above guide to roll the bike to the truck’s side. You will need another person to load the bike.

  1. You should position the bike parallel to the truck’s storage door
  2. One person on the back will grab the seat clamp or seat post and one person on the front will grab on the underside of the handlebar
  3. Both will lift the bike off the surface at the same time and lift it higher than the space floor
  4. Push the bike onto the prepared floor and secure it

Be careful on the road

During the ride, try to keep a steady speed and avoid bumpy road. You should also check the bike from time to time to ensure no mishaps.

Load off and settle down

  1. When reaching your destination, you still need help to unload your Peloton bike from the truck. Remove all the suspension strap or cover off the bike, if any
  2. Both movers should stand on the truck floor on each side of the Peloton bike (head and back side recommended)
  3. You both should simultaneously lift the bike off the floor toward the truck’s door
  4. You must be careful and slowly lower the Peloton bike off the truck and on the ground
  5. Then, you can lift the bike on its transport wheel to place it in your new place

Once finished, remember to re-attach all the accessories and check the bike’s function!

Load off bike

Load off bike

Learn more on how to relocate with your Peloton bike here:

3 must-know notes for moving your Peloton bike!

Peloton bike’s transport insurance and guarantee

Peloton guarantees do not cover malfunction or damage caused by DIY disassembling or transporting from normal users. Therefore, be extra careful if you want to DIY your Peloton bike with taking apart and moving. Any harm caused by you will not be compensated from the company.

To make sure that the guarantees and insurance work, you can choose:

  • Calling for the Peloton service team for disassembling your bike with guarantees covered. These licensed technicians will make sure that your bike is taken apart and re-install properly.
  • Using the moving transport service from company with damage insurance for our bike. This is the safest way since the transport company will be responsible for any damage during the ride.

Call for help when moving Peloton bike

Help with moving

Help with moving

One person can move Peloton bike around, but as the bike weight of nearly 135lbs, you may not be strong enough to do it alone. So, you should call for your friends or family members to help with the moving.

Having extra pairs of hands and eyes will reduce the chance of hurting yourself and damage the bike in the process. Moreover, it will cost less effort and time.

Precaution tips for Peloton bike

Keep the accessories in place

Keep the accessories in place

  • Never leave the accessories on during moving, especially the pricey touchscreen.
  • Put all the disassembled parts in one place, with covers or container to avoid losing or damaging them.
  • Never overdo yourself when moving Peloton bike. You can take rest by lowering the bike on the ground for a moment and then lift it off again.


Can you disassemble a Peloton bike?

Yes, you can disassemble a Peloton bike into parts.

Is it hard to move a Peloton bike?

Moving a Peloton bike is quite simple, you can DIY.

Can I hire someone to move my Peloton bike?

Yes, you can hire trained movers to relocate your Peloton bike.

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