How to High Five on Peloton – The Ultimate 2022 Guide

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/31/2022

When working out in a real life gym, what makes it wonderful is the community, how an athlete can help another, and all the fun friends you can make at the gym. Peloton also tries to give its users this feeling, one of the biggest reasons why users love Peloton is because of the communities, how each user can interact with each other, and sometimes even the instructor can join in on the fun. One way Peloton has achieved this level of community success is through a feature known as High Five.

What is High Five on Peloton?

At its simplest, the high five is a tool you can use on Peloton when you want to encourage further other people that are working out alongside you. This feature is automatically enabled with both live sessions and on-demand classes. When you receive a high five, a notification will appear on your screen near the bottom left.

When creating this feature, Peloton was cautious enough to include a warning that in order to prevent high fives from being an intervention or disturbance, users should only send one high five per minute to another user.


Peloton high five demonstration

Can I See How Many High Fives I Received?


High five feed peloton

Currently, there is no dedicated counter in the app for how many high fives you have received from other users. However, a neat piece of advice from Peloton users is that you can count how many high-five notifications you have received. With the latest software update from Peloton, tracking how many high fives you have received is very easily done.

Besides, scrolling through your notifications to look for these high fives can be quite fun because instructors will sometimes cheer their students on by giving out high fives.

Who can High Five on Peloton


Peloton instructor giving a high five

As alluded to in the previous section, any member who actively uses Peloton workout sessions can use the high five feature. This has two scenarios that people join:

  • Active users in live classes

If you are working out in a live class with other people and an instructor, you can freely use the high five feature to give everyone some motivation. At times, you can even get a high five from the instructor to say how well you are doing in their class; how awesome is that?

  • Users who are in on-demand classes

With on-demand classes or workout sessions, you can only send and receive high fives from people who are also in that session simultaneously. In order to know how many people are currently in the same session with you, you can look at the Here Now section of the leaderboard and high-five people who are in the class with you. Since with on-demand sessions, videos are pre-recorded, you are not going to get any high fives from the instructor, sadly.

How to Give a High Five on Peloton

High Five in Live Classes

With every live class you participate in the Peloton application, you can see a leaderboard with everyone’s progress being shown in it. To high-five someone, please follow these steps below:

Step 1. Touch and scroll up and down the Leaderboard on the right corner of the screen.


Peloton leaderboard sample

Step 2. Choose a runner/rider’s profile image and click on that.


How To High Five on Peloton

Step 3. A hand icon will appear if you’ve high-fived successfully.

peloton-high-five-demonstration (1)

Peloton high five demonstration

High Five in an on-demand class

The On-Demand Class will be a little bit different from the Live Class on the display. So please follow these steps below:

Step 1. Touch the icon Leaderboard on the right-hand side to unhide the Leaderboard. You can skip this step if it’s not hidden.


Peloton leaderboard

Step 2. Choose the HERE NOW tab on the Leaderboard.


Here now peloton example

Step 3. Find someone you want to high-five and touch their profile picture.


High five here now peloton leaderboard

Step 4. A hand icon will appear if you’ve high-fived successfully

When to High Five someone


When to high five someone

High fiving someone is indeed fun, both in real life and on the Peloton app. But despite the fun name, this feature is packed with potential, waiting for you to discover. By high fiving someone, you are giving both them and yourself some needed motivation. Here’s how:

  • At the start of the class

This means that both of you are present, and ready to exercise. A high five here shows that you appreciate their commitment to get fit and stay strong and if you receive one back, it means they also feel the same about you. Sometimes, showing up for the workout session is hard, and if everyone is there, show people the love they deserve with a high five.

  • During a workout session 

Let’s set up a situation; you are in third place on the leaderboard, and you can see the person right behind you is a little bit tired and is showing some fatigue. A high five here can be incredibly helpful, as it gives them some fuel, sparking their ignition and keeping the competitive spirit high. Likewise, if you see someone above you on the leaderboard, you can give them a high five to say they’re doing a great job, and if they give you one back, take it as motivation, so you can try and beat them.

  • At the end of a workout session

This one is more straightforward than the other two. After a hard-working session, being recognized for all your effort can make you feel better about yourself, and it can also keep you coming back for more workout sessions later on. Giving people high fives at the end of workout sessions is also a nice showing of sportsmanship in real life.

Generally, these are considered to be the most proper and fitting times for a high five. And as previously mentioned, it is best to just high five once every minute. Don’t let your good gestures feel like a burden to other people.

High Five Etiquette on Peloton


High five etiquette

Like any other social etiquette guide, there is no official guideline for what you should or should not do with the high five feature on Peloton. However, most people can agree on certain rules:

  • Don’t give too many high fives to the same person 

There is a reason you can only high five each person once every minute, and that is to keep them focused and not let the high fives become a distraction from their workout. If you high five someone too much, you can be considered rude and not respectful of other people’s personal workout space.

  • If you get one, return one 

Athletes in the same gym are sometimes very close, so why not do the same with your Peloton workout buddies? If they are giving you a high five to boost your morale, why not give them one back to say you appreciate it and wish them the same? After all, it costs nothing to be a nice person.

  • Don’t take it too personally 

If you don’t see people being happy and giving you back a high five, don’t read too much into it, maybe they are just having a bad day, and they can’t be bothered to do anything else but to work out. This is just social interaction, and reading into it too much will do you more harm than good.

How you can get more High Fives


Public profile information

There is no secret sauce to get more high fives. These are given by actual people to other actual people. So the best way to receive more high fives is to be your most genuine self on Peloton.

What do we mean by this? Athletes will not high five random people with no information on Peloton. So your best chance at getting high fives is you must fill out all the necessary information in Peloton like your name, sex, age, where you live, add hashtags to your profile, and have a proper profile picture. All of these will lead to more people finding your profile. For example, people will be more likely to give you a high five if they see you live in the same city as them and do the same workout routines or have a cool, funny username.

If you want to update your information on Peloton, you can do that through the Profile Info section when you click on your name at the bottom left corner of the Peloton screen.


Peloton is a great workout app, and its high five feature is very wholesome if you know how to use it properly. For example, when you are working hard in your live sessions, the instructor can give you a high five to congratulate you on working so hard. By providing  other people high fives, we can all stay motivated together, plus, it’s a great way to make friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a limit on how many high fives I can receive?

Officially, Peloton’s statement regarding this issue is that a person can not give nor receive more than one high five per minute.

2. What is the “Leaderboard Name”?

Your Leaderboard name is like your username for Peloton. This name is used on the list of people in your workout session, and you can see/change this leaderboard name in your profile.

3. Can you High Five People with the Peloton App?

According to Peloton, at this time, the high five feature is only available with the Peloton touchscreen as well as compatible iOS devices.

4. Can Peloton Instructors Reach out to you?

No, they can not. Instructors cannot hear or see you while you are in your workout session. The only information of yours they are allowed to see is your progress and total output through the leaderboard.

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