Leveraging Your Workout By Connecting BlueHeart To Peloton

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BY James Roland
Updated on 09/24/2022

A quite common controversy has been sparkling over broadcasting users’ heart rates from the Apple Watch to the Peloton equipment. This happens as a result of mismatched signals between these two devices.

Now, with BlueHeart available on the App Store, Peloton users are able to keep track of their heart rates during workouts with just some simple steps. Keep rolling down this article if you do not want to miss out on such helpful information.

What Is BlueHeart?


Blueheart on iphone and apple watch

Broadly speaking, BlueHeart was developed by data.ai for the purpose of bridging the gap between the Apple Watch and most kinds of gym equipment and is also the first app ever to successfully do so.

By pairing BlueHeart with your Peloton Bike or Treadmill, you can take advantage of Apple’s advanced algorithms and close the rings by saving your training metrics to Apple Health.

How Does BlueHeart Function?

BlueHeart commits to following the specifications for a heart rate monitor administered by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The app transfers your heart rate measured on the Apple Watch to your iPhone, then to your Peloton equipment.

Yet, the weak connection between the iPhone and the Apple Watch may sometimes result in imprecise results. For this problem, we will suggest a solution later to aid you in fixing it. So, don’ worry and stick till the end of the article to find out what we offer you.

How Much Does BlueHeart Cost?


Blueheart poster

BlueHeart is free if you are willing to watch 30-second ads every time you launch the app.

However, in case you are setting up a Peloton live class schedule or exploring the Leaderboard to make it to the top, registering for ad-free access is a better option. Purchasing unlimited access to BlueHeart costs $9.99, while paying $6.99 will provide you with limited access.

HowTo Pair BlueHeart With Peloton

What To Prepare?

To begin this connecting procedure, you need to arrange the following things:

  • Any piece of the Peloton equipment (Bike, Bike+, Tread or Tread+)
  • Apple gadget (iPhone or iPad)- upto iOS 13.1
  • Apple Watch (2nd generation or newer)

Steps To Connect BlueHeart To Peloton

Pairing BlueHeart with Peloton does not take you much time or effort as it is truly simple. The next part will now illustrate the details for you.

a. Download The BlueHeart App


Blueheart on app store

You can easily find BlueHeart on the App Store. So, for this step, the only thing you need to make sure is that the app is already accessible on your iPhone/iPad and your Apple Watch.

b. Launch The BlueHeart App


Training options on blueheart

Just like any other apps, you launch BlueHeart by clicking on it. Then, two options will pop up on your device screens: run (if you are owning a Peloton Treadmill orTreadmill+) and spin (if you are using a Peloton Bike or Bike+).

After choosing the option you like, your iPhone/iPad will suggest launching the BlueHeart app. Proceed to accept the request and you will see a “Grab your water bottle!” notification appear.

Now that you are ready with the app, hit the “Start” button and go on to connect it to your Peloton equipment.


Clicking start to launch blueheart

c. Match BlueHeart With Peloton


Choosing to connect heart rate monitors

With unlimited ad-free access, just click the “Heart Rate Monitor Not Connected” button. Yet, with free access, you should wait for the ad to play and choose the “Heart Rate Monitor Not Connected” option afterwards.

The heart rate monitor will show up on your Peloton touchscreen under the name of either your iPhone username or “BlueHeart”.

At that moment, the app will carry on pairing with your Peloton equipment and you can grasp your heart rate metrics from both devices.


Choosing blueheart

Solutions When You Cannot Connect BlueHeart To Peloton


Connecting apple watch with peloton

As mentioned above, you may have to cope with connection issues between BlueHeart and Peloton from time to time. Below are some useful tips for you in case this happens.

  • Restarting all of your devices (iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, Peloton equipment)
  • Detaching BlueHeart from the heart rate monitor list on your Peloton equipment
  • Relaunching/Reinstalling the app

One point for you to notice is that your heart rate will still be measured on your Peloton equipment even when your iPhone deactivates. So, you do not need to take any action under this circumstance and just continue your workout sessions.

Does BlueHeart Pose Any Privacy Concerns?

The answer is: NO.

Thanks to Apple No-Tracking technology, your personal details will always be safe in the app. Thus, rest assured that BlueHeart is truly privacy-focused and all your information is kept private while using BlueHeart.


With only some taps, you can connect BlueHeart to Peloton and create a universal Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Doing so saves you not only time but also money. So, why not give it a try?


1. Is BlueHeart accurate?

The answer is: YES.

Research has been conducted to see whether BlueHeart works with high accuracy. Results generated by DC Rainmaker pointed out that the heart rates recorded by BlueHeart and by a wristband of another brand are nearly the same.

Yet, if you still want to use a wrist and chest strap instead, you’d better seek Peloton-compatible heart rate monitors to enhance your training effectiveness.

2. Which Apple Watch models should I use to pair BlueHeart with Peloton?

You can use BlueHeart on all series of Apple Watch, except for Apple Watch Gen 1, and match them well with the Peloton equipment. This occurs since Apple Watch Gen 1 cannot be upgraded to WatchOS 6 and above.

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