How To Change Peloton Username: Quick And Easy Steps

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/10/2022

Peloton has grown big after one decade, with more and more new features added to the platform. But with that many new features, it is no surprise that some of us might be confused by how the platform works.

Let’s start with the Peloton username. Trivial as it seems, you can’t start your Peloton journey without it. Now, what happens if you don’t like your current username anymore? Simple, just switch to another one. The question is, how can you do that?

This article is a detailed answer to that question. It also includes guidelines on how to manage some other basic information, just in case you need to look them up as well.

How to Change Your Peloton Username

Rest assured that changing your Peloton username will not affect any of your current data.

After logging in to your Peloton account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the vertical three-dot icon at the left corner of your homescreen and choose “Preferences”


Step 1 change username

Step 2: Choose “Username” and type your new username


Step 2 changing username

Your username can’t be longer than 15 characters and can’t be anything other than letters and numbers.

You also can not use an already taken name. The Peloton will let you know whether or not your name has been taken the moment you enter your name.

Why Does A Peloton Username Matter

People of the Internet are no strangers to usernames. Combine a random phrase with a few numbers, and voila, your account is ready! This is the same on Peloton just as on any other social platform. Then, why should we pay attention to something so simple?

Let’s start with the number one purpose of Peloton users when they come to this platform: to exercise with others. So, what is the first thing about you that speaks to others? Your username. It is also the one thing you need to know about the others if you want to look them up.

So yes, usernames are important because they keep you functional on a social platform like Peloton.

With that in mind, your username deserves some effort. Think about how you want to “advertise” yourself. Do you want a simple and easy-to-remember name? Or do you want something remarkable and eye-catching?

Whichever username you choose, it should serve you in some particular way. If you still feel puzzled, check the below guideline for more detailed tips!


Get new friends on peloton

Tips For Choosing Peloton Usernames

Below are two ways you can create your username. Note that there will be pros and cons to each option.

Use Simple Names

The number one rule is to stay simple. If you look at the list of Peloton instructors’ usernames, you will see that most of them have very easy-to-remember names. This also explains the Peloton usernames of celebrities. Staying simple means followers will recognize them better.

This could be a great suggestion for your username. None of your friends will have trouble searching you up, and instructors will not hesitate to read your names out loud during their streaming.

On top of that, you also don’t have to worry about someone stealing your unique usernames, either. Sure, your real name only might coincide with many others. Yet adding one or more texts or numbers to your name will make it available immediately.


Simple username

Be Creative

But if you wantto be playful, do it. A quirky username idea will entertain your friends better than any basic ones. And don’t be surprised if you see strangers following you just by a quick look at your username!

However, one problem with having creative usernames is that once you change to another, you risk losing the old one forever. Someone might have an eye on your name and take it the moment you discard it.

Manage Other Personal Information

What To Do When You Lose Your Password

People forget their passwords all the time, and it’s no big deal. All you need to do is to access here and enter your email address. A message from Peloton will reach your mailbox right away. In this mail, you will find a reset link along with an explanation of how to change your password.

If you can’t reset your passwords with the above instruction, ask for help from the Member Support Team here.

How To Manage Other Basic Information

In case you need help updating other profile information, here are some quick guidelines.

Update Personal Information

Access “Preferences” with similar steps to when you change your Peloton username. This is where you make changes to other profile information such as email, location, birthday, etc.

Get Another Profile Picture

How about changing your profile picture on Peloton, you may ask? There’s nothing tricky about this, either!

Step 1: Press your “Username”.


Step 1 profile pic

Step 2: Choose the Camera icon. There will be two options for you: take a photo from your bike’s front camera, or upload one from your Facebook.


Step 2 profile pic


Changing Peloton username is as easy as a piece of cake. Whenever you feel like having a new name to change the mood, nothing can stop you from doing so.



Children on peloton

1. Can I have multiple users on one Peloton account?

Yes, but all of you can not log in or ride at once. You can still have two or more bikes on one Peloton subscription. Peloton also allows users to create different profiles for each household member.

A small reminder is that the maximum number of user profiles per account is 20.

2. Should I use my email address as a username?

Having email addresses as a username is indeed convenient in certain ways. For example, users remember their email addresses much better, and customer service will know how to reach out to you just by looking at your username.

Nonetheless, you should refrain from doing so. The reason is that criminals can use your email address to steal your other personal information.

3. Is my Peloton bike’s name different from my username?

No. They are the same.

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