Complete Tutorial for How To Adjust Peloton Handlebars

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/30/2022

Handlebars play an essential role in Peloton members’ workouts. Peloton handlebars help participants keep their balance, so adjust an appropriate position of the handlebars to help you exercise more effectively.

This article will help you know how to adjust Peloton Handlebars and some notices when modifying this component.

What are Peloton Handlebars?

Peloton handlebars are the component that connects the members to the Peloton Bike or Bike+. This part enables participants to keep their balance during workouts. Besides, Peloton handlebars also support members to thrive in their training levels and improve their skills in using Peloton Bike and Bike+.


Handlebars keep you balance when riding

Original Peloton Bike vs Bike Plus Handlebars

Peloton Bike Peloton Bike+
Shape More rounded More square
Structure More tight Looser and more wobble
Other differences The Peloton Bike Plus handlebars are two inches closer to the seat stem than on the original bike.

Besides, Original Peloton Bike vs Bike Plus also has some remaining different features out of handlebars. However, these differences are not significant so each bike brings a unique use for members.

How is a Peloton Proper Form?

When using Peloton Bike or Bike+, members often have problems with adjusting the height and distance between the body and the handlebars.

An accurate Peloton form is when:

  • You can maintain a long spine while you’re riding.
  • You can keep your shoulders down.
  • You feel relaxed as you ride.

A tip to get an appropriate Peloton setup in Bike or Bike+ is that at first, you can put the handlebars to the MAX height in which handlebars will be closer to your body. From that level, you can slow down or lift up slowly until you have the most comfortable handlebars settings.

Adjusting the position of handlebars properly depends on many factors such as the body, your height, your arm length, or the size of the Peloton components. So, please modify their position properly before starting the workouts.


A Peloton Proper Form

5 Steps to Adjust Peloton Handlebars?

Step 1: Loosen the large L-handles on the front of the Bike.


Loosen the large L handles

Step 2: Stand in front of the seat to place your forearms underneath the handlebars.


Place your forearms underneath the handlebars

Step 3: Put down the handlebars a little to break the tension.

Step 4: Lift them up gently and hold them into place.


Lift them up gently

Step 5: Tighten the lever (crank arm in the original Peloton cycle or large knob in Peloton Bike Plus).


Tighten the lever

You can watch the video to see the whole procedure of adjusting Peloton handlebars.

Some Difficulties of Adjusting Peloton Handlebars

There are a few difficulties when adjusting Peleton handlebars for the first time.

The first difficulty is when you start by loosening the large L-handles, don’t be afraid of exerting hard force since the handle might be heavy.

The second one is if the handle can be stuck, forcefully pull the towards you and wiggle the handlebars to break the tension.

Top Form Design Adjuster

Top Form Design Adjuster (TFD Adjuster) is a tool for deep adjustment in handlebars. It allows the users to shift their handlebars to be 3″ closer or further away from the normal position.


Top Form Design Adjuster

This product targets two types of riders:

  • Riders are shorter and might have trouble reaching the handlebars.
  • Riders are unable to get a proper fit on their bike.

Handlebar adjustment will become much more convenient if the TFD is attached to Peloton Bike and Bike +. Here are instructions for TFD attachment in case you need:

Step 1: Remove the handlebars attached to the Bike by removing the four screws.


Remove 4 screws

Step 2: Take off the handlebars with the monitor attached out of the Bike.


Remove the handlebars and monitor

Step 3: Locate the Top Form Design Adjuster on the neck of the Peloton bike.


Attach TFD to the Bike

Step 4: Secure the Top Form Design Adjuster into the neck of the bike with the four screws.


Tighten screws again

Step 5: Put the handlebars and monitor back in the Top Form Design Adjuster.


Put the handlebars and monitor back

Step 6: Attach the handlebars to the Top Form Design Adjuster with the 4 new screws.


Tighten the screws again to finish


In conclusion, adjusting the proper Peloton handlebars supports you to have productive and relaxing rides, avoiding unforeseen injuries. Besides the level adjustment available on the Peloton Bike, you can also use the Top Form Design Adjuster to have deep modifications.


1. How do I know if the height of the handlebars is appropriate?

The handlebars are appropriate when:

  • You can touch and hold the handlebars properly.
  • You can maintain a long spine while you’re riding.
  • You can keep your shoulders down.
  • You feel relaxed as you ride.

Peloton handlebars level runs from A to MAX. A tip is that you should push it to MAX level and then lower it slowly until your body is relative to the handlebars.

2. What parts of Peloton equipment can be adjusted?

There are two components you need to adjust before riding: handlebars and seats. You need to adjust the position of the seat and handlebar height to be as fitting as possible.

3. What do I need to do before adjusting Peloton handlebars?

Before adjusting Peloton handlebars, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Watch your fingers! Don’t let your fingers get caught in any part of the Bike.
  • Loosen each knob entirely before adjusting positions
  • Tighten the knobs after adjustment.

4. Should I clean Peloton handlebars regularly?

Yes. You should clean Peloton handlebars regularly to maintain all the functions of your Peloton bike because it easily gets sweaty during your ride. Besides, you can use a towel to cover the handlebars after any workout. It helps your hands get away from tumbling when doing workouts.

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