Hannah Frankson – One of The Best Peloton Instructors You Should Know

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 05/31/2022

It can be said that Peloton instructors will seriously affect your training experience at Peloton. Thus, choosing a suitable Peloton instructor will help you have a more effective and interesting workout.

Hannah Frankson is one of the most outstanding instructors at the Peloton. However, is her training style suitable for you? Are her classes effective and compatible with your workout level? If that is something you are wondering about, you might find out the answer in the following article.

What Do You Know about Hannah Frankson’s Personal Life?

How about Hannah Frankson’s Childhood?

Hannah Frankson grew up with the love of both her mom and dad in Essex in England southeast. As a little girl, she was taught to be proud of her own color. Thanks to that, she never witnessed racism in her primary school, even though she was the only black girl there.

Hannah’s love for cycling seems to have been raised since childhood. She regularly practiced riding in a park near her home.

How about Hannah Frankson’s Relationship and Family?

Hannah grew up in a happy family. She was very close to her mother, who helped her to have pride in her heritage from an early age. Moreover, Hannah’s mother always supports her in all activities and is mental support whenever she has difficulty.

More interestingly, her mom is also a participant in Hannah Frankson’s Peloton classes to support her. In terms of Hannah’s father, she didn’t share too much about him.

She experienced a broken love affair, and cycling helped her overcome that. Until now, Hannah has not been married.

Summary Information about Hannah Frankson

Here is general information about Hannah Frankson instructor:

hannanh bio

hannanh bio

Interesting Facts about Hannah Frankson

There are many interesting things about Hannah Frankson’s life. Below are some of them:

Hannah often shares about her life

Unlike other Peloton instructors who keep their lives secret, Hannah usually talks about her personal life with her fans and riders in her classes.

She does not show a perfect life. Instead, she shows everyone that she also has a lot of difficulties in life, like other people. That helped her eliminate the distance from the students. Moreover, Hannah’s daily stories also naturally create motivation for others.

Hannah has more hobbies than just riding

Hannah has romantic hobbies such as watching comedy and live music at night, visiting exhibitions, or participating in nightclubs.

Especially, she often talks to fans on social networks, and she loves it. It not only helps her build a friendly, open image on social networks but also attracts a large number of fans.

Other Information

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Hannah Frankson’s Career and The Journey to Become One of The Bets Peloton Instructor

What Did Hannah Frankson Do Before Joining Peloton?

Before pursuing his career as a coach, Hannah had a long time of training in the field of sprinting and triple jumping. She participated in the triple jumping team when she was 16 years old and then set a U17 record of all time.

hannah as triple jumper

hannah as triple jumper

In addition, Hannah Frankson also had a period of trial time with an acting career. In 2012, she played a role in the “Fast Girls” movie.

hannah - Fast girls movie

hannah – Fast girls movie

Hannah Frankson’s Career at Peloton

Hannah Frankson officially joined the Peloton team in November 2019. For the first six months after participating, she focused on developing the content and structure of the classroom.

Until now, she still worked hard and tried to discover the relationship between training and music to improve the effectiveness of training sessions. That’s why her class’s playlists are highly appreciated by participants.

Why Should You Take Part In Hannah Frankson’s Classes?

Hannah Frankson’s Classes – An Overview

Almost all Hannah Frankson’s classes are about spinning (651 classes). However, she is also the instructor of other categories, including Strength (33 classes) and Stretching (13 classes). Thus, we will focus on her cycling class in the next parts of this article.

Hannah cycling class

Hannah cycling class

Here is some general information about Hannah Frankson’s riding classes:

Class Length: 

Hannah does not have 75-minute and 90-minute riding classes. Instead, she focuses on 30-minute classes (301 classes). In addition, she also creates other classes, including:

  • 10-min (29 classes)
  • 15-min (46 classes)
  • 30-min (301 classes)
  • 20-min (181 classes)
  • 45-min (69 classes)
  • 60-min (3 classes)

As such, Hannah’s classes are most suitable for riders who are looking for medium spinning classes.

hannah class length

hannah class length

Class Type:

Hannah Frankson does not have classes for Peloton Studio Original, Power Zone, Live DJ, Groove, Heart Rate Zone, and Pro Cyclist.

She has 314 Music classes, and these are also the largest category of her spinning session. Along with that are:

  • Warm Up/Cool Down (36 classes)
  • Beginner (20 classes)
  • Low Impact (32 classes)
  • Climb (21 classes)
  • Intervals (198 classes)
  • Theme (30 classes)
hannah class type

hannah class type

Class Language and Subtitles:

All Hannah Frankson’s cycling classes have the English language. Additionally, she has 61 classes with German subtitles and 646 classes equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Music in Hannah Frankson’s riding classes is rich and diverse in genres. She can combine many types of music intelligently and effectively to boost the riders’ power.

In particular, the music includes:

  • Alternative (22 classes)
  • Electronic (331 classes)
  • Latin (1 class)
  • Hip Hop (119 classes)
  • Indie (1 class)
  • Classic Rock (4 classes)
  • Pop (399 classes)
  • Rock (17 classes)
  • R&B (98 classes)
hannah class music

hannah class music

Top 3 Reasons for Participating in Hannah Frankson’s Classes

Here are three reasons why Hannah Frankson’s cycling classes become prominent in Peloton:

Hannah’s Special Training Style:

Hannah Frankson’s instructions are easy to understand. Therefore, her classes are truly suitable for beginners. In Hannah’s cycling classes, you will be immersed in music and endless adventures.

The Way She Motivate:

Hannah Frankson motivated the members by reminding them to be proud of themselves and what they have.

She always creates challenges, from easy to difficult in exercises and encourages participants to overcome them. That way, Hannah helps people get a sense of victory, an important motivation in training.

Hannah Classes’ Playlists:

Music is a strength of Hannah Frankson. She knows how to use music to make training sessions uplifted and effective. Hannah creates many music playlists for her classes. Thanks to that, each spinning class brings riders a special experience and feeling.

You can be hyped with her EDM classes or chill with R&B classes. Depending on your music taste, you will easily find out your favorite Hannah cycling classes.

Hannah Frankson’s Famous Quotes

Below is the most reputable quote from Hannah Frankson:

Hannah quote

Hannah quote


In short, Hannah Frankson is one of the greatest cycling instructors at Peloton. She is one of the best Peloton instructors for starters and those who prefer music variety. Encouraging riders to achieve their own targets is the way she motivates them. And it always works.


1. Was Hannah Frankson an Olympian?

Yes, she was. Hannah Frankson used to train like an Olympic athlete.

2. Where does Hannah Frankson live?

Currently, Hannah Frankson is living and working in the UK.

3. Is Hannah Frankson leaving Peloton?

No, she is not. So far, Hannah has been working in Peloton as a spinning coach. She is one of the most successful and reputable Peloton instructors.

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