FTP Test on Peloton: What is it and How To Calculate Your Cycling Performance

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/20/2022

FTP Test is an essential test for those who want to improve their abilities and achieve higher achievements. Thanks to the FTP Test result, you can both work out within your limits and still put your maximum effort.

At Peloton, FTP Tests are conducted in the form of Power Zone Rides, lasting for 20 minutes. Let’s explore this and much other interesting information about the FTP tests that Peloton has to offer.

What is an FTP Test?

According to the popular Peloton coach – Matt Wilpers: “FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and, put simply, is the amount of power a person can sustain for one hour.” In terms of Peloton, FTP is a measure of your body’s stamina and exercise capacity in one hour. Basically, the FTP test refers to the Peloton rides which last from 5 to 20 minutes.

FTP test is usually a 20-minute strength training session. How this is measured depends on many factors, but it is necessary to take the results of average wattage during the test without being affected by external factors.

For example, a 20-minute FTP ride test developed by Hunter Allen would be very demanding. The test lasts 5 segments, 5 minutes each. You should take the time to warm up well before you start working hard for the 20-minute test.


Peloton FTP Test

What are the benefits of the FTP Test?

FTP Test is essential for those who regularly attend a demanding cycling schedule with high intensity and long time. This function is to support bikers continuously, providing necessary health information for bikers throughout the training process. Here are 3 benefits you can clearly see when using this test.

  • Estimate your cycling abilities.

In the FTP test, you must squeeze out and put all your max efforts into your workouts. Thus the results will show you your limitations. Then, you have a chance to know more about your abilities.

  • Keep track of your cycling progress. 

FTP keeps your health stats up to date during the test. With each level you achieve, the FTP results will be higher. So you will also monitor your body condition while cycling.

  • Reduce overtraining.

Is it good if you always put your max effort into all sessions? This is really dangerous because you can faint, burn out, or get injured anytime. In recovery mode, you will know when you need to rest. Besides, tempo mode will be suitable for your regular bike session.

Why do you need to take the FTP Test?

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Peloton Bike or any other in-home bike on the market, FTP Test is still the most effective method to keep track of your cycling progress. Here are some reasons why you are excited about this function

  • FTP Test is the primary stage of doing Power Zone training.

Power Zone has two programs: Discover Your Power Zones (25 classes over five weeks) and Build Your Power Zones (16 classes over five weeks). You must define your Power Zone before you can improve this result.

  • Power Zone Pack challenges you.

The Power Zone Pack is a Facebook community of roughly 127,000 Peloton athletes (updated in July 2022). Here, members challenge each other. Thousands of riders with strong spirits participated and triumphed.

It can be seen that Power Zone training is a great force to motivate Peloton members to work harder and find out their inner abilities.


Discover Your Power Zones and Build Your Power Zones

Power Zone Classes

Power Zone Classes are different from other classes by focusing on the power outputs of each member to help them achieve their daily training goal.

There are seven different power zones in Peloton. Each FTP test result will reflect the different characteristics of the bikers and ultimately give an appropriate power zone.

The power zones will start from Zone 1 – Very Easy to Zone 7 – Max Effort. Here is a simple formula to calculate your expected power outputs for each zone.


Peloton Power Zone

What do FTP test results imply?

Each FTP result will give a suitable Power Zone for your ability and strength as follows:

Zone Name % of FTP Description
1 The Active Recovery <55% This is the limit at which you can function and work normally. But, again, do not put too much pressure on the body.



Endurance Zone 56-75% This level allows you to improve your strength and endurance, so you won’t exhaust yourself or deplete your body’s energy supply for a long time.



The Tempo Zone 76-90% You are completely in cardio mode. As a result, you exercise and expend energy very quickly. “High Impact Interval Training” can help you reach this zone.



Lactate Threhold 91-105% This is the area of ​​your body where you can work your most challenging and reach the limit.
5 Aerobic Capacity 106-120% Usually bike race surge with short training workouts.
6 Anaerobic Capacity 121-150% You have to put very high effort on this session with crit “burst”.
7 Sprint Power >150% You can attend the short but very high intensity workouts.

The FPT indexes provided are for reference only. You should still consult your doctor and consider your own health status.

How to take FTP Test on Peloton?

There are two ways to enter an FTP Peloton Ride.

Instruction 1: Enter via Cycling Class

Step 1: Choose the “Cycling” class.


Choose “Cycling” class

Step 2: Go to Length (class duration) and select 10-15-20 minutes.


Go to Length and select 10 15 20 minutes

Step 3: Go to Class Type, and tap “Power Zone”.

Choose- “Power-Zone”

Choose “Power Zone”

Instruction 2: Using searching bar 

Step 1: Enter the text “FTP” on the searching bar.

Step 2: Choose your suitable FTP Class.


Enter the text “FTP” on the searching bar

No matter which instructor you follow, you will see FTP Test Peloton Ride on the screen. Once you are done with all the above steps, you should choose the FTP warm-up ride before going for the 20-minute FTP test ride. After that, you will receive your own personal FTP score (Your Personal Power Zones).

What happens after your FTP test

After your FTP Test, you have to update your average FTP score on your bike settings. You will receive information that you have done with your test, and do you want to adjust your FTP in your settings? Make sure that you say “Yes”.

The FTP score will be updated on your Preferences in your Profile (little gear sign above your profile pic on the bike table). At the same time, tap “Display Power Zones.” to make sure that the Power Zone Meter displays on the screen for every ride after.


Power Zone Meter displays on the screen

In case of not receiving any requirement to change your FTP setting, you can update your FTP score manually. To do this:

Step 1:  Visit the Stats page of your FTP test and take note of your average FTP score.


Visit the Stats page of your FTP test and take note of your average FTP score

Step 2: Click on your username on the left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click the red gear symbol, then navigate to the Preferences tab.


Navigate to the Preferences tab

Step 4: Click “Edit Power Zones” and “Custom Value.”


Click “Edit Power Zones”

Click-“Custom Value.”

Click “Custom Value.”

Step 5: Enter your average FTP score from your 20-minute FTP Test ride, and click “OK.”

Enter-your-average-FTP-score and-click-“OK.”

Enter your average FTP score and click “OK.”

Step 6: Select “Display Power Zones”.

Select-“Display Power Zones”

Select “Display Power Zones”

Strategies for the next FTP Test on Peloton

In order to improve your FTP score, you need some strategies to practice:

1. Overtraining is prohibited

Many people think that more is better. However, when it comes to workouts, it is not like that. Overtraining can lead to burnout and fatigue. All your efforts and improvement in Power Zone Classes can be undone if you don’t have the fitting training strategy.



2. Lower your intensity before the test one week.

We know that you always set yourself a reasonable training schedule with high-intensity exercises. As a result, you have a healthy body with muscle mass developed throughout  hard training. So, taking a little rest before the FTP test will be better because your body will be revived, and you will feel good at the test.

3. Absorb nutrients before an FTP Test.

You have to make sure you’re getting enough carbs and nutrients before exercising or doing FTP tests. This helps fill your glycogen stores and improves your average score. It is best to eat 4-6 hours before and have a snack about 2 hours before the FTP test. Then, take the test on an empty stomach.

4. Identify specific numbers and strategies.

Knowing your health status and scores through each test will help you come up with a more promising strategy when conquering new grades.

Besides, you should also build a valid strategy during 20 minutes of testing. Don’t push yourself too hard for the first 5 minutes, and then the last 10 minutes, you’ll be exhausted and drained. You should consult your coach for the best strategy.

5. Encourage oneself. 

This is a prolonged and laborious process, requiring a lot of patience and determination. Never think that you will stop. Always motivate yourself and believe that you can do it. Whenever you get discouraged, think about why you started.

6. Power Class is for you.

Last but not least, attending Power Class is the biggest and most obvious tip you have to take note of. These workouts help you improve your performance gradually to attain new achievements.


Three Notices when taking FTP Test on Peloton

FTP Test is a practical indicator to help measure your health status and ability to exercise with your bikes. However, bikers still need to note a few things below to get the most accurate results.

1. Take the FTP warm-up before the test.

In order to take FTP Test readily, warm-up is compulsory.

  • Firstly, warm-up is an expected element in this test.
  • Secondly, Peloton does not want you to get crazy to go into it cold with an intense FTP test.

FTP warm-up usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and you can choose one as long as it is suitable for you. But, as usual, a 10-min warm-up is the best.

2. Take the FTP every six weeks.

Experts recommend that doing an FTP test every 4-8 weeks is reasonable. You should retest your FTP four weeks after your first test. Afterwards, it is better to take the test again every 6-8 weeks. This is just enough time for you to improve your strength and abilities. You can completely change the intensity of this test, depending on the protocol you choose.

3. Take in carbs and nutrients before training.

Planning what to eat before an FTP test is a vital key in every FTP test or workout. However, there is no need to magnify the preparation for this side dish. Instead, just eat carb-containing foods to maximize your performance.


FTP Test Peloton combined with Power Zone Class gives you a chance to compete against yourself and customize your own bike classes with individual outputs.

There are many challenges you have to overcome, but you will find it much easier because you are doing workouts within your capable power zone. So, set yourself specific goals to complete perfectly.


1. Do I have to do a 20-minute FTP test on Peloton?

Yes, you have to take a 20-minute FTP test on Peloton. FTP test provide you with your accurate training zones, your limitation and workout ability, so you have fitting strategies to maximise your performance gains.

2. What is the average FTP of a cyclist?

According to recent research, a cyclist should have 250 to 300 watts as an average for a 20-minute FTP while 400 watts is the best result for professional cyclists. When you get higher FTP test score, your body will be fitter.

3. Is FTP Test good for beginner cyclists?

Yes, FTP Test is good for beginner cyclists. However, you need to take this test immediately to keep track of your fitness and cycling performance.

4. How often should you take the FTP test?

Doing an FTP test every 4-8 weeks is reasonable. You should retest your FTP four weeks after your first test. Afterwards, it is better to take the test again every 6-8 weeks.

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