I am not from the U.S. but I am interested in selling your bicycles.

The Felt offices in Germany controls all international distribution. Please send an email to contact for details on becoming an international distributor.

I cannot find a local dealer that carries your product.  Can I purchase a bike online?

Please be aware Felt does not authorize the sale of bicycles online and any purchases made online will void your warranty. Our bicycles need to be assembled by an authorized Felt Dealer.

I cannot find a local dealer that carries your product.  Can I purchase a bike directly from you?

Felt bicycles can only be purchased from an authorized Felt dealer. We have an online store which offers softgoods and some small parts only. Visit our Dealer Locator for the closest Felt shop to you.

I am trying to find the right size bike in the B2.  I am 5’8″ and have a 29″ inseam. Would a 54 fit me ok?

All fitting issues are left up to your professional Felt dealer. Proper bike fit is very important and must be done in person and by a professional.

I have a 2005 Felt F35 that I have just re-painted; can you send me some replacement stickers?

The sticker kit that came on your bike is actually a water transfer sticker under the clear coat.  At this time we do not sell specific model replacement frame sticker kits. You can ask your Felt dealer to contact our customer service department for more help and advice.

I plan to purchase a rack for my car. What type of carrier will safely secure my bicycle?

With our aluminum and steel-frame models, most any rack on the market will allow you to transport your bicycle safely. With our high-performance carbon-fiber road frames, we encourage our customers to use racks that clamp the fork or hold the wheels. Bear in mind that carbon fiber does not respond well to point loads and anything that applies clamping pressure to carbon-fiber tubes has the potential to damage the frame.

I have heard that you should not put a carbon stay bike on a trainer – is this true?

The loads a trainer puts on a bike are quite different from those which the bike is designed to withstand on the road, particularly when it comes to tensile forces in the seat stay—which try to pull the dropout out of the seatstay.  However, Felt has been selling bikes with alloy dropouts bonded into carbon seat stays for four years now.  Some of these bikes have been used in trainers, and we have not encountered this problem.  Even so, we recommend limiting riding on trainers to in-the-saddle pedaling. Riding on rollers loads the frame in a similar way to riding the road; for that reason, we believe it.

I just purchased a new Felt.  How do I register it?

It’s easy—click here to register your new Felt bicycle.

All Felt Warranty has to go through a Felt dealer.  Take the bike to the Felt dealer and they will call our Customer Service Dept.

My dealer did not give me an owner’s manual when I purchased my bike—can you please send me one?

If your dealer does not have an owner’s manual for you, we have it available online to download.   Please go to our support page for PDF downloads of our owner’s manuals.

Felt does not have touch up paint available. We have found the best way is to visit a hobby shop and they usually have a wide variety of touch up colors. You can also check with your local bike shop as bikes usually come with a very small bottle and many shops save these. One other option is to use nail polish, which is an enamel paint and comes in a rich variety of colors.

Can you please send me a catalog?

There are three ways to get a Felt catalog:

  1. Visit your local Felt dealer and they may have one to give you for free.
  2. Visit the support page and download one for free.
  3. Purchase one from the online store (price includes shipping)