All about Peloton Emma Lovewell and 3 Ways She Alleviate Anxiety 

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

Peloton has a diverse work culture because its instructors come from all over the world and work on different platforms. Therefore, it will not be difficult to come across coaches from Asia, Europe, etc.

Emma Lovewell is a Peloton cycling coach with two origins (Taiwan and United States) so her training style might be separated from that of other coaches. How are that differences? Read the article below to know more about this instructor..

Who is Emma Lovewell?

Emma Lovewell was born on October 25, 1987. She is 34 years old (in 2022) in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, United States. Although born and raised in the US, Emma Lovewell is actually an Asian American.

With a strong and strong body, Emma Lovewell’s workouts are always energetic, motivating her members to have quality and calorie-burn workouts.



The Early Life of Emma Lovewell

From a young age, Emma Lovewell lived in a multicultural environment, which greatly affected her life when growing up.

Emma Lovewell’s childhood was unhappy since her parents divorced when she was 12 years old. Emma’s mother also struggled with cancer early, but now she is cancer-free.

Recognizing her shortcomings in the family, Emma strives to improve the lives of herself and her siblings.



Emma Lovewell’s Summary Information

Full Name Emma Lovewell
Hometown Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, United States
Age 34 (in 2022)
Birthday October 25, 1987
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 56kg
Favorite People N/A
Hobby Play the piano, painting watercolors, cooking, gardening, adventuring, and traveling.
Favorite Foods Pizza, burger
Nationality The American
Education University of Massachusetts Amherst
Relationship Status In a relationship with Dave Clark
Current Job Personal trainer, DJ and Blogger
Previous Job DJ, Professional Dancer, Dance coach, Fitness model, and Pilates instructor.
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Net Worth Approximate $1-2 million in 2020

Emma Lovewell’s Relationship and Family

Emma Lovewell is quite necessary to get along with her mother. Her mother was born in Taiwan and moved to the US at the age of 19. She married Mark Lovewell and gave birth to Emma.

After Emma’s parents divorced when she was 12, she lived with her mother and treated her cancer with her older brother. After a long treatment period, Emma’s mother recovered. Emma regularly posts pictures with her mother on social networks.

Emma’s boyfriend, Dave Clark, is an operations manager at SoulCycle. They have been in a well-settled relationship. Dave gave Emma a hand when she was looking after her mother with cancer.

Although Emma does not give too much information about her boyfriend, she still regularly posts happy pictures with him. The first picture of them was posted in Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2021.

She wrote: “This is my Valentine. His name is Dave and he’s not on IG. He knows the way to my heart (food and plants) and is my support system. He’s now an expert Home renovator (my words, not his 😂) and the best cat dad.”



Emma Lovewell’s Unique Culture and Asian Racism

Emma shared about her life in school: “There were moments of feeling embarrassed that my mom didn’t speak English as her first language, or that we ate funny food when my friends came over for dinner, or a different lunch than the other kids at school. ”

Emma Lovewell is a girl with Asian blood, but her appearance is not Asian-oriented. She has light skin and European features. Therefore, she had to directly listen to insults about Asians from her friends at college.

“There were so many instances where people would say racist things about Asian people in front of me thinking that I was a white person and that I wouldn’t be offended, and that I would think their jokes are funny,” she reminded. “It felt like I was secretly Asian, and I was like an undercover detective.”

The climax of this prank came when Emma revealed her origins to her friends at school. She burst into tears and gave up on a prom when friends disparaged Chinese food and imitated Mandarin.



Emma Lovewell’s Hobby

Born in a creative family of entrepreneurs, Emma Lovewell was fond of many activities from a young age and turned them into hobbies. She often plays the piano and enjoys painting watercolors, cooking, gardening, adventuring, and traveling when she has free time. In particular, cooking is Emma’s biggest passion.

Emma Lovewell has always been proud of herself as a girl who has Taiwanese roots. Thanks to Taiwan’s heritage, she is supposed to do everything perfectly. Thus, cooking is likely to be an instinct Emma passed down from her mother.

It can be said that, born and raised in an area far from home, so for her, traditional food is exactly the way to direct her and her brother Alan to their homeland. Therefore, she learned to cook from her mother, and then it became her passion until now.

Emma said: “Around the time I was in junior high, my mom used to teach Chinese cooking classes on the Vineyard once a week.” So, she learned the simplest traditional Chinese food from her mother, from sweet-and-sour chicken to different types of stir-fries. This is also the inspiration that led her to build the Live Learn Lovewell blog about cuisine.



Emma Lovewell’s Lunar New Year

The celebration of the Lunar New Year is a mandatory ritual for Emma Lovewell. On this day, Emma’s family will prepare Chinese hot pots, noodles, and so many dumplings.

To symbolize luck and completeness in the coming year, Emma has prepared a lot of food and decorations in the house. Noodles bring longevity, dumplings are meant to express money purses for wealth, and fish symbolizes abundance.

Emma explains: “In Mandarin, the pronunciation for fish (yu) and abundance is the same. So that’s why you’ll typically see fish on the table. ”



Emma Lovewell’s Social Network Accounts

Emma Lovewell works very often on social networks. Therefore, her social networks mostly attracted a large number of followers and followers, namely: Instagram (594k followers), Facebook (123k followers), and Twitter (48k followers).

These huge numbers are the result of the intimate, positive, and helpful content Emma brings to everyone. She not only shares pictures of everyday people with her family but also has interesting recipes.



Below are Emma’s social networks accounts:

Some of Emma’s practices and videos on Youtube:

Emma Lovewell’s Career Path

What did Emma Lovewell do before working at Peloton?

After graduating from Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in 2004, she worked as a lifeguard at South Beach for her summer vacation.

At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, she participated in a breakdancing group so-called The Origins of Funk. After her bachelor’s graduation, she started to become a professional dancer at McDonald Selznick Associates in 2008.

Emma started her dancing career successfully when she collaborated with many famous people such as The Rolling Stones, Bjork, and Snoop Dogg. She also worked at Wilhelmina as a fitness model, collaborating with Ally Love (long before their epic Prince ride).

She was also the host of Fashion One International from 2012 to 2013. She worked as a freelance for an Event Management company as a producer. She was also a Pilates instructor at Flex Studio for about 2 years and a personal trainer for Manhattan studios.

In 2014, Emma was a fitness model for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. In 2017, she gained a personal trainer certificate from Plus One Health Manage Inc Company.

Emma Lovewell is also the founder of a blogger that specializes in food and cooking. She started creating content and updating the latest cooking knowledge on Live Learn Lovewell in 2016.



Emma Lovewell’s Career at Peloton

Emma Lovewell started working at Peloton as a instructor in 2017. She has a solid fitness background and used to be a dance coach, so she quickly catches up with the intensity of the work at Peloton. Her cycling class is one of the most intense sessions at Peloton, then members can reduce weight in her class  in a short time.

Emma did not take too much time to perform before the camera and in the gym without people because she had experience as a fitness model and host for many sports and health programs. Moreover, she also regularly builds fitness content on Youtube as well as on her social networks.



Why should take part in Emma Lovewell’s Classes?

There are many reasons to choose a cycling class by Emma Lovewell. The first is class diversity. Emma always builds a lot of exercises based on time, body parts, and music. The second is how Emma teaches.

Here is some information to help you consider taking Emma Lovewell’s class.

All you should know about Emma Lovewell’s Cycling Classes

Emma Lovewell has 729 classes in total and most of them are about cycling (622 classes). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of her class.

Here is some general information about Emma Lovewell’s classes:

Body Activity:

Emma Lovewell has diverse classes to suit each person’s needs. Along with that are:

  • Arms: Biceps (16 classes), Triceps (18 classes), Forearms (11 classes)
  • Back: Lats ( 5 classes), Mid Back (8 classes), Low Back (26 classes)
  • Chest (1 class)
  • Core: Core (129 classes), Obliques (42 classes)
  • Legs: Glutes  (110 classes), Calves (85 classes), Hamstrings (93 classes), Quads ( 109 classes), Hips (127 classes)
  • Shoulder: Shoulders (28 classes), Traps (10 classes)


The cycling classes make up the bulk of Emma Lovewell’s teaching videos on Peloton. We summarize these classes as follows:

Class Length:

Emma does not have 75-minute and 90-minute cycling classes. Instead, she focuses on 30-minute classes (259 classes).

  • 5-min (13 classes)
  • 10-min (14 classes)
  • 15-min (25 classes)
  • 20-min (151classes)
  • 30-min (259 classes)
  • 45-min (156 classes)
  • 60-min (4 classes)

As such, Emma’s classes are most suitable for intermediate members.



Class Language and Subtitles:

All Emma Lovewell’s cycling classes have the English language. Additionally, she has no classes with German and Spanish subtitles, and 608 classes are equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Music in Emma Lovewell’s cycling classes is diverse in genres. She can combine many types of music to motivate her members.

In particular, the music includes

  • Alternative (27 classes)
  • Classic Rock (10 classes)
  • Electronic (93 classes)
  • Latin (1 class)
  • Pop (161 classes)
  • Hip-hop (36 classes)
  • Rock (105 classes)
  • Indie (9 classes)
  • R&B (11 classes)


2 Reasons why Emma Lovewell’s Cycling Classes are interesting

Emma Lovewell’s Motivation to Members

Emma Lovewell shared: “I want people to feel lighter when they finish my class; whether it’s leaving behind a puddle of sweat, or letting go of negative thoughts or feelings. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to get stronger”. Emma motivates the students to forget all about fatigue and stress and focus completely on workouts.

Emma Lovewell’s Bike Training Style

Emma Lovewell has a very special training style. She doesn’t create rules for her members or goals that she must follow. Instead, she leaves members as comfortable as possible and chooses the right practice method.

She motivated her students with her optimistic spirit and a smile on her lips. Moreover, she combines training and entertainment in each class to push them to work hard.

Emma Lovewell’s Favorite Song Playlists

Being a dance coach and DJ, she can use flexible gestures to attract all eyes and bring vibrant energy into her classes.

With a passion for music, she brings it to her teaching style at Peloton and connects the heavy beats of her playlists to each ride she teaches. And then, he turns regular class workouts into a dance floor at home.

3 Steps Emma Lovewell alleviates anxiety


The first step is to determine how you really feel. Emma says: “I think awareness is everything. Acknowledging how you feel is the first step – and knowing that you’re not alone. It’s totally normal to have weird feelings. You could take that same advice into this new normal: prepare, do your research, and take slow steps. ”

Writing down

This next step will help you reduce anxiety in many situations and problems. Furthermore, writing will assist you in acknowledging your feelings.

Sharing with people

In the final step, she says: “If you hold your feelings in, you might sometimes feel shame around them, but if you share them with people, then you realize you’re not the only one going through this, and your friends are there to help and make you feel better. ”




Being a woman of many trades, Emma Lovewell is an enthusiastic and ambitious instructor. She always tries her best to support her students and build quality classes.

With extensive knowledge in all areas, especially culinary, attending Emma’s class not only gives you the opportunity to improve your health but also helps you learn about more diverse cultures.


1. Is Emma Lovewell in a relationship?

Yes, she is. Her boyfriend’s name is Dave Clark.

2. Is Emma Lovewell’s Training session easy to follow?

Emma Lovewell’s Training sessions are for all people.

3. What is Emma Lovewell’s birthday?

It is October 25, 1987.

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