Do I Need Special Shoes for Peloton Bike?

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BY James Roland
Updated on 08/04/2022

The most effective way to ride on a Peloton bike is by using reasonable tools and accessories. One of them is special Peloton bike shoes.

So what are special shoes for the Peloton bike? Does Peloton cycling require this item? What are the reasons for using them? Can you use your Peloton bike with other regular shoes? Let’s find the answers to these questions below!

What Are Special Peloton Bike Shoes?

You can generally understand special Peloton bike shoes as a specific type of shoes designed for both indoor and outdoor bikes. Below are several special features of Peloton bike shoes:

  • These shoes have a 3-screw hole structure to fit the Delta Look pedal system of Peloton and allow you to clip into the pedals.
  • They are designed with lace-up closures and rigid soles for better fit and durability.
  • Their uppers are equipped with comfortable materials such as nylon, mesh, or leather for the best breathability.
  • The interior of these shoes comes with a moisture-wicking lining to absorb sweat during your rides.

Special shoes for Peloton bikes will make your workouts more effective and comfortable with all these outstanding features.

Does Peloton Require Special Shoes?

Peloton bike does not require special shoes. In fact, you can use many types of shoes such as tennis shoes and running shoes for Peloton biking. However, the shoes you use need to be compatible with the Delta Look cleats of Peloton bikes.

In this case, the cycling shoes with 3-hole cleats are the best and special Peloton shoes we mentioned.

delta look cleats

delta look cleats

Do I Need Special Shoes for Peloton Bike?

Special shoes are not required. However, these items will benefit in many ways. Thus, the answer to the above question is definitely yes.

The Reasons Why You Need Cycling Shoes for Peloton

Here are reasons explaining why you should use cycling shoes for the Peloton bike:

Cycling shoes boost your metrics

Wearing cycling shoes is one of the most optimal ways to enhance your power transfer. In addition, they will create more grips when you ride on a Peloton bike.

In addition, the Delta cleat-look cycling shoes will allow you to tackle the momentum of the Peloton heavy-duty flywheel more effectively and engage more muscles with each pedal stroke.

As such, your rides will be faster. It also means that your metrics in the workout, such as power transfer, resistance, cadence, and overall output, will be more effective.

Cycling shoes make your rides safer

Unlike regular shoes, cycling shoes come with rigid soles. This feature will keep your feet in the right place when you ride. Thanks to that, you can pedal each stroke safely.

Moreover, because cycling shoes are equipped with detachable cleats, they will be more secure when not in use. Regular shoes which do not come with cleats might cause injuries on your feet if you slip on the pedals.

Do I Need Peloton Shoes?

Actually, you do not need Peloton shoes because Peloton shoes are only one of the best footwear for Peloton bikes. They are affordable, long-lasting, and more importantly, most suitable with standard feet.

Peloton brand shoes

Peloton brand shoes

Moreover, Peloton shoes are not the only choice for Peloton bikes. You can use other shoe brands such as Shimano, Adidas, Brooks, and Sidi with Peloton, as long as you feel comfortable.

Are Regular Shoes Compatible with Peloton bike?

Regular shoes will be compatible with the Peloton bike if you have toe cages, also known as toe clips. This accessory will support you in attaching your regular shoes to the Peloton Pedals. Now, there are many brands on the market producing high-quality Peloton-compatible toe cages, including Peloton.

Peloton toe cages

Peloton toe cages

Do Other Shoes Work with Peloton Bike?

In case you do not have cycling shoes for Peloton, you can still use other types of shoes with this indoor bike only if they fit Delta Look cleats.

Sneakers and Toe Cages

As I mentioned above, if you want to use your sneakers for Peloton riding, you will need toe cages. This item can help you clip into the Peloton pedals. If you use your sneakers without toe cages, your feet can slip off or get some injuries relating to exercises.

If you do not know how to assemble the toe clips, you can watch the following instruction video:

Alternate Cycling Shoes and Pedals

You can change the Peloton pedal system to others, as long as your pedals come with 9/16 inches threat size. This size is the most common size of pedals on the market, so you will easily find an alternative for Peloton pedals.


In short, you will need special shoes for the Peloton bike if you prefer a more comfortable, secure, and operative spinning process. Special shoes, more specifically cycling shoes and Peloton shoes, will protect your feet from the pressure of the pedals and injuries when cycling.

You can also use normal shoes or other types of shoes with Peloton bikes, as long as those shoes are designed to be compatible with the Peloton pedals.


1. How do I choose my Peloton shoe size?

Peloton shoes come with unisex shoes. Therefore, to find the right size, you will have to change the size to men’s or women’s size. Check the following table to have precise Peloton shoe conversion:

Peloton shoe size chart

Peloton shoe size chart

2. Do I size up or size down with Peloton spin shoes?

You should size up your Peloton spin shoes for the best comfortability and fit. You need to leave some room in the toe area for wiggling your toes.

3. Do Peloton shoes come in half sizes?

No, there are no half sizes for Peloton bike shoes.

4. What cycling shoes brands are compatible with the Peloton?

There are many brands manufacturing shoes that can work with Peloton bikes. Some famous brands on the market include Nike, Adidas, Sidi, Vitatalpa, Shimano, Tommaso, Lake, Venzo, TIEM, Bontrager, and Brooks.

4. Are cycling shoes required for Peloton? 

No, Peloton bikes do not require cycling shoes to work. However, cycling shoes will be the best option if you want to achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

5. Will any cycling shoes fit Peloton? 

No, the Peloton bike will be only compatible with cycling shoes that are equipped with three-crew holes. If your cycling shoes have 2-crew holes, they will not pair with the Peloton bike.

6. Can you use a Peloton without the shoes? 

Yes, you can ride Peloton bike without shoes and use the Peloton barefoot. However, you have to replace the stock Peloton pedals before doing that.

7. Do you need cleats for Peloton? 

Yes, you do. You will need cleats to attach your shoes and clip into your Peloton bike.

8. Do you need clip in shoes for Peloton?

Yes, you do. The Peloton shoes need to be slipped into Peloton pedals to work.

9. Can you wear Peloton shoes with other bikes?

Yes, you can. Peloton shoes are designed to best work with Peloton bikes. However, you can also wear them with other exercise bikes or outdoor bikes as well.

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