Peloton Disney Ride – A Special Program for Disney Fans

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 08/04/2022

Peloton has been updating the soundtrack playlists in every class by collaborating with many artists or digital music services like Spotify. As part of the Peloton x Spotify collaboration, Peloton has partnered with Disney to implement the new series named Peloton x Disney Ride to satisfy those who are interested in Disney music.

Let’s dive into this article to get more information about the Disney Peloton Ride.

Does Peloton have Peloton Disney Ride?

At first, Peloton had not announced any official Peloton x Disney series. They used to be “hidden” classes. However, Peloton recognized that the demand for music has been increasing day by day and many Disney fans have been taking part in Peloton classes. Therefore, Peloton decided to publish an official Peloton x Disney Spotify series in 2021.


Peloton Disney Ride

How to access Disney Ride on Peloton?

Searching classes with Disney soundtracks on Peloton is a little trickier than searching for other ones. Besides the classes having “Disney” on the title, there are many classes featuring Disney music without Disney tags.

Regarding the classes mentioning “Disney” in the title, you can do the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to your membership account.

Step 2: Click on the “Collections” icon on the dashboard.


Click on the Collections icon on the dashboard

Step 3: You visit the collection of Peloton x Spotify Series. Choose the Disney Ride Class you want.

The collection of Peloton x Spotify Series

The collection of Peloton x Spotify Series

You can also go to the search bar and type in “Disney Ride” but you cannot see enough Peloton Disney Ride classes by doing so.


Go to the search bar and type in Disney Ride

In addition, you should search for the following rides. These are not all rides featuring Disney music at Peloton right now, but somehow it might save your time on searching.


30 min Classical Music Ride CHRISTINE D ERCOLE

What are Peloton Disney Ride’s Benefits

We are familiar with music cycling classes including Hard Rock, Pop, Dance Music, EDM, etc. So what makes Peloton Disney Ride different from other ride classes? Let’s consider two advantages you can gain from that fascinating cycling courses:

Peloton Disney Ride satisfies your taste in music.

When riding a bike or working out to a song you don’t like, it’s easy to get distracted and quit the whole class. With Peloton Disney classes, Disney fans will surely enjoy listening to their favorite songs such as Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo from “Cinderella”, Can You Feel the Love Tonight from “The Lion King” or Let It Go from “Frozen”.

Peloton Disney Ride gets you motivated.

A good workout playlist contributes to the perfect workout set. Instead of searching for suitable classes based on the instructor, length, and class type, you can choose the kind of music that gets you motivated. If you are a Disney fan, you might find Peloton Disney Ride exciting.


Who should take part in Peloton Disney Ride?

Everyone can join the Peloton Disney Ride.

If you’re a Disney Fan, this is the class for you. Listening to multiple Disney songs throughout your workout time keeps you energetic the whole way.

If you’re not a Disney fan, don’t worry. Disney ride classes are designed in a variety of lengths and levels. Whether you’re a beginner rider or a professional rider, you can find a class that’s right for you.

In general, Disney music is very intriguing and entertaining, hence Peloton members can appreciate every moment of their session.


Peloton Disney Ride’s overview

There are 23 Disney Ride classes at Peloton at present (Updated in August 2022). The classes are specifically categorized by each filter as follows:

1. Peloton Disney Ride’s Type

Here are Peloton Disney Ride Classes categorized into four class types:

Class Type Numbers of Disney Ride Classes Suggested Classes
Low-Impact Ride  3 20 minutes Low Impact Ride
Theme Ride  1 30 Minutes Movie Buff Ride


Music Ride 18 30 minutes Disney Ride, 20 minutes Pop Ride, 30 minutes Disney Ride, 20 minutes House Ride
 Cool Down Ride 1 10 minutes Cool Down Ride


30-min-Movie-Buff-Ride-KENDALL-TOOLE (1)

30 min Movie Buff Ride KENDALL TOOLE

2. Peloton Disney Ride’s Instructors

There are 12 instructors in the Disney Ride Series until August 2022. You can refer to the list of instructors with their classes in the following table:

Instructors Disney Ride Classes
Jess King 30 minutes Disney Ride
Kendall Toole 20 minutes Pop Ride, 30 minutes Disney Ride, 30 minutes Movie Buff Ride, 20 minutes Low Impact Ride, 20 minutes House Ride
 Bradley Rose 30 minutes Disney Ride, 20 minutes Low Impact Ride
Olivia Amato 30 minutes Disney Ride,
Emma Lovewell 30 minutes Disney Ride, 10 minutes Low Impact Ride, 20 minutes Pop Ride
Camila Ramon 30 minutes Disney Ride [Spanish]
Ally Love 30 minutes Disney Ride
Robin Arzon 30 minutes Disney Encanto Ride
Christine D’Ercole 30 minutes Fantasia Ride, 30 minutes Classic Musical Ride
Sam Yo 30 minutes Disney on Broadway Ride
Leanne Hainsby 20 minutes Disney Peloton Ride, 10 minutes Cool Down Ride
Cody Rigsby 20 minutes Spotify Disney Hits Peloton Ride

3. Peloton Disney Ride’s Length

Disney Peloton Ride does not have upper-30–minute cycling classes. Instead, Peloton focuses on 30-minute classes (14 classes). In addition, they also have other classes, as shown below:

  • 10-min (2 classes)
  • 20-min (7 classes)
  • 30-min (14 classes)

30 min Disney Ride JESS KING

4. Peloton Disney Ride’s Language

All  Peloton Disney Ride classes are delivered in English with subtitles, except for one Spanish language session by Camila Ramon.

5. Peloton Disney Ride’s Music

Classes in Peloton Disney all feature Disney music as the background music. However, each song is taken from different albums, which are mentioned below:


15 minutes Low Impact Ride

Best Peloton Disney Ride

After being introduced for a while, Peloton Disney Ride programs have proven themselves to successfully assist participants in building a healthy and consistent workout routine.

We recommend the three best Peloton Disney Ride as follows:

1. 30 min Disney Ride by Leanne Hainsby

Do you miss the wildlife and natural melodies from legendary Disney movies like “The Lion King” or “Beauty and The Beast”? The 30 min Disney Ride with Leanne Hainsby will bring you back to your childhood with various famous songs like Circle of Life from “The Lion King” or You’ve Got a Friend in Me from “Toy Story”.


30 min Disney Ride by Leanne Hainsby

2. 20 min Spotify Disney Hits Ride by Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby is one of the most loved instructors at Peloton for his energetic and motivating teaching style. Combined with Disney’s unique soundtrack, this ride class by Cody Rigsby promises to make you unleash your inner strength to reach a new peak.


20 min Spotify Disney Hits Ride

3. 20 min Low Impact Ride by Kendall Toole

When taking 20 min Low Impact Ride by Kendall Toole, you will meet Mulan through the song I’ll Make a Man Out of You sang by Donny Osmond. Besides, the song How Far I’ll Go will take you on a trip to the sea with the little girl Moana.


20 min Low Impact Ride KENDALL TOOLE

Necessary Equipment for Peloton Disney Ride

As a whole, the equipment for the Peloton Disney Ride is quite simple and easy to prepare. Participants just need to have the equipment below:

  • In-home Peloton Bike
  • Heart rate monitor

Ways to make Peloton Disney Ride more fun

Personalize your workout plan by creating your own Disney stack.

Do you remember the Stack feature on Peloton? We recommend putting all the Disney Rides on one stack and completing them one day at a time. Thanks to that, you save time searching every day.

Wear a Disney costume or Disney-oriented gear.

Choose your clothes or equipment decorated with Disney features as a true Disney fan. You will look very amusing through each training session, which motivates you to improve every day.


An example of Disney Costume


In general, Peloton always strives to develop and provide classes with diverse sessions. Peloton Disney Ride is a prime example of what helps this get more members.

With the outstanding features of Peloton Disney Ride, we hope you can achieve good results and have fun on your training journey.


1. Are there other Disney-themed Peloton classes?

Yes. Peloton offers some Disney-themed classes like Disney-inspired Peloton classes. You can attend these classes: 10-minute Arms Toning Strength by Sam Yo or 45-minute Endurance Run class by Becs Gentry.

2. Are Peloton Scenic Rides available in Peloton Disney Ride?

Yes. Peloton Scenic Rides are officially available on Peloton now. You can access Scenic Rides directly on the Bike or Bike+.

3. Does Peloton feature Disney music for Run, Stretches, Strength, Yoga, or Cardio classes?

Yes. Peloton offers Run, Stretches, Strength, Yoga, or Cardio classes with Disney music. You can refer to the following classes:

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