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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 05/30/2022

Denis Morton is one of the most famous Peloton instructors. If you are looking for a Peloton instructor that is professional in both cycling and Yoga, Denis Morton might be considered the best one.

So how much do you know about him? How about Denis’s life and career? What are the reasons for you to attend his classes at Peloton? If these questions are on your mind, it’s high time to check this article!

Denis Morton – Who Is He?

Denis Morton is working for Peloton as a fitness instructor. Before joining Peloton, this man had a long time of experiencing several other jobs and other aspects. So, let’s see some details about his personal life!

How about Denis Morton’s Childhood?

Denis Morton was born in Floria, America, then he moved to California. Denis had a 16-month experience practicing Yoga when he was a 21-year-old teenager. This is also a solid premise for his future yoga career.

This family was seriously affected by a hurricane in 2004, and they had to move to another city (Los Angeles).

Denis Morton’s Hobbies

As a child, Denis was not like other children who loved watching TV because his house had no TV. Instead, he was interested in outdoor activities such as playing soccer, climbing trees, etc.

Until now, his hobbies seem to have not changed. In his free time, he often participates in outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, lifting weights, etc. Additionally, he also has other hobbies, such as reading books and playing instruments, etc.

Summary Information

Here is a summary biography of Denis Morton:

denis bio

denis bio

Social Media Accounts


Here are some interesting interviews with Denis Morton:

Denis Morton’s Path to Becoming A Peloton Instructor

Before Working for Peloton

After graduating from college, Denis Morton did a short-time job in the production department. Then, he became a 9-year-experienced massage therapist. 

He started his fitness career in 2005 in Los Angeles as an instructor at Soulcycle NYC, a studio in Texas. This was also the first stage on his proficient path.

Denis’s career advanced by leaps and bounds in 2017 when he decided to try with cycling field. After that, he always worked hard as a bicycle and yoga instructor.

While Working for Peloton

Denis Morton takes care of a lot of fitness classes at Peloton, including cycling, Yoga, meditation, and stretching classes. Among them, Cycling and Yoga are the two largest categories of this instructor. In particular, he has 492 cycling classes and 434 Yoga classes.

cycling class

cycling class

yoga class

yoga class

Denis Morton’s Class Review

Overview of Denis Morton’s Class

Recently, Denis Morton has been one of the cycling and Yoga instructors at Peloton and has a huge load of fans, though Denis is not the most famous Peloton coach. Maybe the reason is thanks to his long-term athletic experience and appealing training style.

About Cycling Classes: 

Below is general information about Denis Morton’s cycling classes:

  • Class Length: 

Denis Morton’s cycling classes are separated into different durations, including both short, medium, and long classes. Among them, 20-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute classes are the most. In addition, there are no 75-minute and 90-minute classes.

class length

class length

  • Class Type: 

Denis Morton is famous for Music cycling classes. Therefore, this type of class accounts for 230 classes out of his 492 spinning classes.

Along with them is other class types:

  • Power Zone (88 classes)
  • Beginner (6 classes)
  • Low Impact (33 classes)
  • Climb (15 classes)
  • Intervals (73 classes)
  • Theme (26 classes)
  • Warm-up/Cool down (21 classes)
class type

class type

  • Class Language and Subtitles:

All Denis Morton’s cycling classes come in the English language. Additionally, he has 480 classes added with English subtitles and other 76 classes equipped with German subtitles.

class language

class language

About Yoga Classes: 

Denis Morton’s Yoga classes usually come in medium-length (20, 30, and 45 minutes). These focus on training body parts such as the low back, core (core and obliques), legs (glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips), and shoulders. His Yoga classes are most suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Top 3 Reasons Make Denis Morton’s Class a Worthy Choice for You

You might wonder why you should take part in Denis Morton’s fitness classes since there are many other spinning instructors at Peloton. To help you answer this question, here are the 3 top reasons for making Denis Morton’s classes attractive:

The best option for chilling 

In case you are looking for some exercises that help you burn calories, but chillingly, Denis Morton’s classes are one of the most optimal choices. He often chooses music that is not too eventful as the ‘80s, classic rock, or country music for his classes.

In addition, A lot of participants also commented that Denis has a warm and gentle voice, making them feel comfortable practicing.

class music

class music

Rich and diversified content

As mentioned above, Denis owns a huge category in cycling and yoga classes. You can practice your cycling exercises or combine them with yoga exercises, both of them bring great results.

His cycling workouts include almost all types of rides, such as theme rides, HIIT rides, climb rides, and power zone rides. Thanks to that, you can choose the most suitable program easily.

Technical knowledge in his class 

Before becoming a coach in Peloton, Denis had great knowledge and 14-year experience in the two main areas he undertook: cycling and yoga.

When participating in Denis classes, you can not only practice effectively but also listen to sharing in-depth riding knowledge, which is beneficial for you in many ways.

Denis Morton’s Special Training Style

Denis controls his classrooms gently and naturally through fascinating storytelling and close sharing. They are the most outstanding features of his exercises, making many people feel excited about practicing.

Denis inspires by arousing each person’s inherent ability and helps them exploit that ability thoroughly.

For a more detailed review of Denis Morton and his class, watch the following video:

Denis Morton’s Famous Quotes

Here is the most famous quote from Denis Morton:

denis quote

denis quote


In conclusion, Denis Morton’s classes are worth trying at Peloton. If you are passionate about cycling and yoga, he will guide you in a very comfortable and pleasant way. Besides, a unique training style also helps Denis to be more popular in Peloton.


1. Is Denis Morton still a Peloton instructor?

Yes, Denis Morton is still doing his job in the Peloton. Now, he is not only taking care of cycling and Yoga class but also an instructor for other categories such as strength, meditation, and stretching.

2. Why does Denis Morton cut his hair?

Long hair was once a feature of Denis Morton. So when he cut his long hair, many people were surprised. The real reason was that he cut his hair to donate it to other people.

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