6 Facts To Know About Christine D’Ercole Peloton Instructor

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

Christine D’Ercole is one of the most reputable Peloton instructors who has led an interesting and accomplished life. She has worked in a variety of industries and achieved success in each one.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the various aspects of Christine’s life and career. We will also explore what makes her such a successful Peloton instructor. So, if you are interested in learning more about Christine D’Ercole, keep reading!

Who is Christine D’Ercole peloton instructor?

The early life of Christine D’Ercole

As a child, D’Ercole loved ballet, but her thighs which were big did not allow her to follow this path. The young D’Ercole then decided to try acting, so she set her sights on Broadway and attended a performing arts high school before studying theater at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, D’Ercole moved to New York City to pursue her dream of being a theater actor.

Christine D’Ercole’s summary information



Full Name Christine D’Ercole
Birthday August 11, 1971
Birthplace Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Education Carnegie Mellon University
Marital Status Married
Previous Professions Bartender, bike messenger, model, and fitness instructor
Current Professions a Masters World Champion track cyclist, Peloton fitness instructor, author, and public speaker

Christine D’Ercole is well-known for being a Masters World Champion track cyclist, Peloton fitness instructor, and public speaker. Whether she’s leading a high-energy workout or sharing her tips for living a healthier life, Christine D’Ercole is always working to help others reach their full potential.

Christine D’Ercole joined Peloton as one of the company’s first instructors in 2016. Since then, she has become a popular figure in the Peloton community, with over 219,000 followers on Instagram (updated in June 2022).

Christine is a strong advocate for using fitness as a tool for self-improvement and has motivated countless people to lead healthier lifestyles. In addition to her work with Peloton, she also sells merchandise on her website.

Christine D’Ercole’s Relationship and Family



At 50 years old, Christine D’Ercole is engaged to her Peloton friend, Brian Hicks. It all started when she called out his username during her class, and he responded with a Facebook message.

D’Ercole had dated women for many years and identified them as gay, so she was surprised when she fell in love with a man. Their friendship began through their shared love of fitness and eventually turned into something more. On her 50th birthday, in 2021, Hicks proposed, and D’Ercole said yes.

D’Ercole is also a mother to her 27-year-old daughter, Victoria. She spends most of the time training, racing, and caring for her family in Allentown, PA where she recently purchased a Dutch Colonial home.

Christine’s father, Victor Charles, got a sickness and died in June 2022. Christine really missed her father, so she has, even more, appreciated her mother, Marjory Dercole, for being there and always supporting her. She is so grateful to her parents for giving her the creating ability that helps her get successful in life.



Christine D’Ercole’s Interesting personality

Christine D’Ercole is famous for her high-intensity workouts, focus on proper form, and belief that you can reach your goals by focusing on your breath and inner monologue.

Today, D’Ercole is a successful professional cyclist and has appeared in various stage and screen productions. She credits her success to her never-give-up attitude and believes that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.

Known for her mantra “I am, I can, I will, I do,” D’Ercole brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her classes, motivating her students to push themselves to their limits. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, you’re sure to find inspiration in D’Ercole’s classes.

Christine D’Ercole’s hobbies

Besides Peloton, D’Ercole is also interested in:

  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Fine wine
  • Scuba diving
  • Photography

Christine has also had a passion for cats ever since she was little. She believes that cats are unique creatures that bring joy into our lives. She enjoys spending time with her cats and watching them explore the world around them.



Christine D’Ercole’s Social Media Account

Christine has used social media to run promote her business, with over 219,00 Instagram followers and over 177,000 Facebook fans (updated in June 2022). The content focus on covering her rides, playlists, and future events, contributing to her social media presence remains strong. This is likely due to her wide variety of content and engaging personality.



Christine D’Ercole’s Career Path

Before Peloton

After her graduation, Christine tried to audition for roles, but it didn’t pay the bills, so she took jobs as a bartender and bike messenger.

In 2014, after several years of teaching in D’Ercole, she realized that the style here wasn’t quite the right fit for her. Then she found the potential opportunity with Peloton.

At Peloton

Christine D’Ercole is a professional cyclist and fitness instructor who has become one of the most popular instructors on the Peloton platform. A five-time national champion and Masters World Champion in cycling, D’Ercole is the only Peloton instructor to have won a world or national track cycling championship.

She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Equinix, SoulCycle, and Barry’s Bootcamp.

Christine D’Ercole brings her expertise to every Peloton class. With her deep understanding of both the science and art of cycling, Christine empowers Peloton Members to break through self-imposed limitations and tap into their authentic inner strength.

Why Should You Join Christine D’Ercole’s Classes?

It’s all possible when you make the jump into one of her classes. With years of experience in competitive cycling under her belt, she knows what it takes to get results and how to keep things interesting too.

You won’t be stuck in a rut with her at the helm. Instead, she’ll help you find new ways to reach your fitness goals and have a good time doing it.

So if you’re looking for a class that will challenge you mentally and physically while also providing some much-needed fun and excitement, look no further than her classes!



All you should know about Christine D’Ercole’s classes

Christine has classes in 599 cycling, 13 stretching, and 18 strength. As you can see, cycling classes are the most popular ones. Let’s take a closer look at these classes. (The below information is updated in June 2022)

Class types

Christine D’Ercole offers you different types of cycling classes to suit your specific requirements and practise level.

  • Warm Up/Cool Down (20 classes)
  • Beginner (17 classes)
  • Low Impact (75 classes)
  • Climb (57 classes)
  • Intervals (35 classes)
  • Theme (50 classes)
  • Music (224 classes)
  • Power Zone (83 classes)
  • Heart Rate Zone (38 classes)


Class Length

You can choose to practise with Christin from 5 mins to 90 mins, but the most common class length is 20 mins, 30 mins, and 45 mins.

  • 5-min (12 classes)
  • 10-min (30 classes)
  • 15-min (20 classes)
  • 20-min (155 classes)
  • 30-min (179 classes)
  • 45-min (148 classes)
  • 60-min (50 classes)
  • 75-min (4 classes)
  • 90-min (1 class)


Class Language and Subtitle

Christine’s classes is in English language in which there are 589 classes with English subtiles and 93 classes with Germany subtitles.



Class Music

Music is an integral part in the classes of Christine, helping promote your mood. Let’s see some genres that she prefer using in her classes:

  • Alternative (52 classes)
  • Hip Hop (2 classes)
  • Classic Rock (8 classes)
  • Country (1 class)
  • Pop (127 classes)
  • Rock (147 classes)
  • R&B (1 class)


Top 3 Reasons for Participating in Christine D’Ercole’s Classes

Join in Christine class to experience the transformative power of cycling and emerge feeling stronger, more connected, and more alive than ever before.

Christine D’Ercole’s Special Training Style

In her classes, Christine provides clear instruction, motivating music, and a strong sense of community. All things she did come from her belief that at our core, we all have the power to effect positive change in ourselves and the world around us.

The Way Christine D’Ercole Motivates

As a former professional cyclist, she knows what it takes to push your body to the limit. And she also knows that the right mindset is just as important as physical conditioning. That’s why her classes are grounded in science, grit, and grace.

You can expect structured formats rooted in her 20 years of competitive cycling experience, set to playlists that push you farther than you can imagine. With her guidance, you’ll develop the strength, endurance, and mental fortitude to reach your fitness goals.

Christine D’Ercole’s Classes’ Playlists

Christine D’Ercole’s Classes offer a wide variety of playlists to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a workout playlist, a relaxing playlist, or something in between, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The playlists are updated regularly, so you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest songs. The playlist in Christine’s classes are featured by:

  • Ross-genre deep cuts
  • Empowering show tunes

Inspiring quotes of Christine D’Ercole



Her famous mantra: “I am, I can, I will, I do.” According to D’Ercole, the mantra works because it is empowering. Here is the meaning of each phrase:

  • “I am” reminds people that they are capable of anything.
  • “I can” tells them that they have the power to make their dreams a reality.
  • “I will” encourages them to stay focused and committed.
  • “I do” reminds them that when they take action, things will happen.

By repeating these four simple phrases, people can tap into their inner strength and power and achieve their goals.

The tough path to becoming a professional peloton instructor of Christine D’Ercole

She was told she was unfit to become a ballet instructor

Christine D’Ercole always wanted to be a performer. As a child, she dreamed of being a ballerina but was told that her thighs were too big. So she gave up that early passion and start the new stages in her life.



She tried theater

Christine had always loved the art, so when it came time to choose a high school, she decided to pursue her passion at a performing arts high school. And after high school, she studied theater at Carnegie Mellon University. Living in Pittsburgh, she got around the city on her bike – which only added to the experience.

People called her a nickname “LEGS”

Working as a bike messenger in Manhattan, Christine discovered the city’s bike messenger subculture. Despite the long hours and tough working conditions, being a bike messenger is an adventure, and Christine is grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it.

All of the bikers she knew had superhero nicknames, and Christine’s nickname was “LEGS,” in all caps. She said she was fast, her legs were thick, and she felt she would become less embarrassed about her thighs.

She became a mom at 27



At the age of 27, when Christine was pursuing a career to become a professional cyclist, she became pregnant. Though she had to put her cycling career on hold during this time, she did not find this to be a negative change.

Instead, she found herself relishing in the new purpose that her body had taken on. She felt things were happening magically throughout the pregnancy and deeply embraced the live-giving purpose of her body’s changes.

In conclusion,

Christine D’Ercole is an excellent example of how hard work and dedication can pay off. She has managed to build a successful career as a peloton instructor and continues to inspire others with her story. We should all strive to be like Christine and never give up on our dreams.


1. What happened to Christine D’Ercole Peloton?

She did once dream of becoming a ballet instructor, studied art school, and worked as a bike messenger before becoming a famous professional Peloton fitness instructor.

2. How old is Christine Ercole Peloton?

Christine D’Ercole was born on August 11, 1971 (age 51 – updated in 2022)

3. What is Christine D’Ercole recovering from?

In 2019, after noticing a spot on her nose, she took a test and realized that she had squamous cell carcinoma. Fortunately, her surgery then was a success, and now she lives and works in Manhattan. Now, she lives healthy with her family in Allentown city.

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