Charlotte Weidenbach – The First Peloton Instructor is a Doctor

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/07/2022

It’s pretty common when Peloton instructors have fitness backgrounds but very rare to see ones who have a background in the medical industry. Charlotte Weidenbach is a Peloton instructor who is well known for her medic study foundation.

Being a trained doctor, she can take care of members very well. This is one of her outstanding advantages. Are you curious about her? Let’s learn more right here about this interesting instructor!

Who is Charlotte Weidenbach

From a member of Peloton fitness class, Charlotte passed the audition and became Peloton Cycling Instructor last year. She is also a Dr. Med. She uses her medical knowledge to lead the fitness class which makes her class so special apart from others.

Before diving into her Career at Peloton and Cycling class information, let’s have a look to see the overall picture of her below.

The Early Life of Charlotte Weidenbach

Charlotte was born and raised in Germany. She has four siblings who are little brothers and sisters. Charlotte is the eldest. As the big sister in the house, Charlotte always has to keep an eye on them as well as take care of them carefully.

Charlotte is getting older and older, while her younger siblings are growing up very fast. So it’s time for them to get out of the protection circle of the beloved sister, for Charlotte to really have time for herself. Now is the perfect time for her to learn to love and care for herself.

She chose to study medicine at university. Now, she has already graduated and not only completed the doctorate program but also wore the title of Dr. Med. She loves fitness and considers it as her medicine which helps her keep the positive energy and find true happiness in life.



Charlotte Weidenbach’s summary information

Full Name Charlotte Weidenbach
Birthplace Germany
Nationality German
Education Dr.Med Degree in University in Berlin
Marital Status Has a boyfriend
Previous Professions Dr. Med
Current Professions Peloton Cycling Instructor

Charlotte Weidenbach’s Relationship and Family


Charlotte’s family is living in Germany. She has a very good relationship with her family. Charlotte always shows her love by keeping checking on the other family members. She is in London now, but her family always takes time to visit her. On the most recent visit, Charlotte shortened the cycling class to spend more time with the family.

As the oldest of four siblings, Charlotte has always looked after everyone else. Being a big sister in the family with a medical doctorate degree, Charlotte Weidenbach is the pride of her family.




By scrolling through her Instagram, it can be noticed that Charlotte already had a boyfriend who seems to be German. They share the moment of celebrating “little Charlotte” becoming a doctor together.

Apart from that, their romantic relationship is quite private. There are only two photos of them on the Internet. The rest are Charlotte’s pictures of traveling, life sharing, and Peloton related.



Charlotte Weidenbach’s Interesting personality

Charlotte is such an energetic and positive person. She knows how to use as well as control her energy to work and do any life activities. This help to easily spreads it to everyone which makes their energy become more energetic and positive too. It would be nice to always be around someone with positive energy.

By being the eldest sister as well as a doctor, Charlotte is so caring and lovable. At home, she takes care of all family members well. In every Peloton cycling class, she carefully looks after everyone and keeps checking if they are in good health.

She is also a great motivator when she tries to push members to break their limits and reach higher fitness goals.



Charlotte Weidenbach’s motivation

“Fitness is my medicine”, Charlotte Weidenbach said, which so relates to her doctorate major. According to her, fitness has the special power to change people’s lives, including her. Maybe that’s why when she finished her study, she chose the path of becoming a fitness instructor.

She has been taking care of everyone since she was just a kid. Now, she still does the same in the position of Peloton Cycling Instructor. But after all this, she has a new motivation that is learning more about herself.

Specifically, she will try to explore more about herself as well as spend more self-time, taking care of “the one who always looks after other people”, which is Charlotte Weidenbach.



Charlotte Weidenbach’s hobbies

Besides being a Peloton fitness instructor, Charlotte has a lot of interesting hobbies such as music, books, and traveling. These may create the person who she is now, lovable and energetic.

  • Music: Music plays an important role in Charlotte’s daily life. It can be opera, rock, or tech-no music that bring Charlotte energy whenever she needs it. That includes both dancing to the sounds of her favorite DJ and relaxing on the couch to her favorite album.
  • Books: Charlotte never stops loving books. During her childhood, she would read for hours. She was so passionate about the books that she even got locked once in the library as she was hidden in a corner, reading Karl May. During her studies, she had to read even thicker books. On  every vacation, you’ll definitely find her somewhere reading. Gray’s Anatomy is not the book Charlotte gets lost in while lying at the beach, but The Alchemist does. This is her favorite book of all time.
  • Traveling: Charlotte travels a lot. Despite her busy life, she always has time for herself and happily makes a treat whenever she wants to. France is her favorite country.




Charlotte Weidenbach’s Social Media Account

Charlotte Weidenbach is not really a social butterfly. However, she has two social accounts and usually posts her daily life and all Peloton activities.





Charlotte Weidenbach’s Career Path

Before Peloton

Sport has always been part of Charlotte Weidenbach’s life. She danced ballet and Jazz Dance during her childhood and teenage years as well.

She is a doctor who used to work in the hospital for her study program. During this time, she has worked out a lot with her friends and found love for fitness. Maybe because of her positive energy and the urge to explore every interest in the world that after all her medicine studies at university, she chose to be a fitness instructor.



At Peloton

Charlotte became a Peloton Cycling Instructor in 2021. She is one of the instructors who can speak German and the only one with a medical industry background.

Although Charlotte is still very young, she just finished her study last year and has been awarded her medical doctorate degree in April 2022. Peloton also posted this information and congrats to her, you can see it here.

Charlotte admires a lot of Peloton instructors, including the energetic Cody Rigsby and the passionate Cycling instructor – Robin Arzon. They are big role models for her at Peloton. These two keep encouraging and inspiring Charlotte to continue to succeed in the sports industry.

Charlotte admires a lot of Peloton instructors, including Cody Rigsby and Robin Arzon. They are big role models for her at Peloton. These two keep encouraging and inspiring Charlotte to continue to succeed in the sports industry.



Charlotte Weidenbach story: What makes this Dr. Med a Fitness instructor?

Sport has always presented in Charlotte Weidenbach’s life. As a doctor, she knows her body inside out but only through fitness did she also learn to love herself.

While studying medicine in Berlin, Charlotte accidentally stumbled into a cycling class and was immediately hooked by the positive energy created by an exhausting workout. First as a member, then as an instructor, she wanted more and more of it.  The day after Charlotte officially finished med school, she learned that she would move to London as a Peloton instructor.

Charlotte Weidenbach was incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to learn from and actually work with this many talented people at Peloton. A new city, new country, new people, and a new job is a lot.

People keep telling Charlotte how much they respect her courage. But she just knows that she is still getting to know herself.



Why you should join Charlotte Weidenbach’s Peloton Classes

All you should know about Charlotte Weidenbach’s Classes

Little do you know that Charlotte Weidenbach also has 3 Strength Classes, which are all about Arms & Light Weights. Besides, we will focus on her 162 Cycling Classes.

Class Type (updated in July 2022)

Cycling classes will help you improve your endurance and strength. Choose the type that matches your fitness goal.

  • Warm Up/Cool Down (13 classes)
  • Beginner (6 classes)
  • Low Impact (7 classes)
  • Music (80 classes)
  • Theme (1 class)
  • Intervals (41 classes)
  • Climb (14 classes)


Class Length (updated in July 2022)

Charlotte usually presents her fitness cycling lessons in 15-30 min classes. You can choose whatever class length is suitable for your health situation.

  • 5-min (7 classes)
  • 10-min (13 classes)
  • 15-min (32 classes)
  • 20-min (50 classes)
  • 30-min (45 classes)
  • 45-min (11 classes)
  • 60-min (4 classes)


Class Language and Subtitle (updated in July 2022)

Because Charlotte comes from Germany, all her Cycling Classes are presented in German. You can turn on the English subtitles in 14 classes. Otherwise, joining her class will be an interesting way to improve your German language skill.





Class Music (updated in July 2022)

Charlotte loves music. She believes that music brings everyone energy, especially when doing exercise. That is why there are many genres of music for you to choose from in her Cycling Classes.

  • Alternative (37 classes)
  • Classic Rock (1 class)
  • Electronic (63 classes)
  • Pop (41 classes)
  • Hip Hop (7 classes)
  • Rock (75 classes)
  • Indie (1 class)
  • R&B (4 classes)


Reasons for Participating in Charlotte Weidenbach’s Classes

Charlotte Weidenbach’s Special Training Style

On the bike, Charlotte’s energy is at its highest level. She can forget everything around her for a bit and that’s what keeps her going. Because of that energetic and positive energy, many members are inspired to be powerful in the exercise sessions just like her.

As an instructor at Peloton as well as a doctor, Charlotte Weidenbach will show you the combination of the knowledge from her studies with her passion by presenting the lessons along with looking after all members.

In Charlotte Weidenbach’s Cycling Classes, you’ll sweat, laugh, and celebrate together for future health. You will keep being pushed to limits because our Cycling Instructor believes that limits exist only to be overcome.

The Way Charlotte Weidenbach Motivates

Charlotte’s classes are always full of power. Charlotte will push you to reach your limits and even go beyond. That is the moment you get stronger. She inspires and motivates her members with her energy and lovely smile.

“Let’s find our limits and challenge them together” is Charlotte’s motto in class. She motivates her members by always communicating with them. She not only teaches them to exercise to improve their health and helps them reach their fitness goals l but also looks after them as a Dr. Med.

Charlotte Weidenbach’s Classes’ Playlists

As a music lover, Charlotte created an interesting playlist. It is her best method to push people’s energy to the highest level.



Inspiring quotes of Charlotte Weidenbach

Charlotte Weidenbach always inspires people in the role of Peloton instructor and a DR.Med. One of her best quotes is:




Charlotte Weidenbach is always one of the most special instructors at Peloton. With the background of a medical major, she created an amazing teaching technique that helps members better their bettering future health journey. Without any doubt, she will be more successful in the future.

What are you waiting for? Join your first-ever Cycling Class with Charlotte Weidenbach – The Cycling Instructor has a background in the medical industry right now!


1. Is Charlotte Weidenbach married?

No. Charlotte is not married yet but she is not single, either. She already had a boyfriend.

2. How Charlotte Weidenbach become Peloton Instructor?

She used to be a Peloton member when she noticed the Peloton audition. She passed the audition last year and soon became the Cycling Instructor here.

3. Is Charlotte Weidenbach still studying medicine at university?

No. She has already finished her studies in June 2021. After the defense of her thesis in November 2022,  she will officially wear the title Dr. Med. to her name.

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